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The effect of laser hair removal on reproductive function

About myths and truth of laser hair removal

Depilation is the removal of the hair rod located above the surface of the skin: that is, it is shaving, tweezers, chemical hair removal, wax, shugaring, electric depalat, thread depilation. But unwanted hair continues to grow, and this is a lifelong “struggle” and a high risk of growing hair, post.traumatic pigmentation, coarsening of the skin and the risk of secondary infection.

Myth or is it true that any such methods enhance hair growth in the end?

Please tell us more about the reasons for the appearance of ingrown hair. And is it possible to still fight this problem at home?

What is the difference in hair removal and depilation? To whom it suits? Which is more effective?

It is necessary to distinguish between depilation and hair removal. Depilation is the removal of the hair rod located above the surface of the skin: they are shaving, tweezers, chemical hair removal, wax, shugaring, electric depalat, thread depilation. But unwanted hair continues to grow, and this is a lifelong “struggle”.

The methods of depilation are essentially always injured by the surface layer of the skin. the epidermis, protecting itself, it increases the layer of dead cells, which leads to unpleasant consequences: hair survey, post.traumatic pigmentation (dark spots in the place of ingrown hair and irritation), coarsening of the skin).

Laser hair removal is the most modern and comfortable for the patient the method of radical hair removal in any area of ​​the face and body. One procedure removes up to 10-25% of unwanted hair and immediately solves the problem of skin irritation and growing hair. The laser beam rejuvenates the skin in the epilation zone, removes pigmentation and even thin dilated capillaries.

The procedure itself, such as laser hair removal, in our clinic takes no more than 15 minutes. And even after the first procedure, the hair does not grow for more than 1 month.

What types of lasers are used when hair removal to remove hair

When hair removal, several varieties of laser can be used.

Rubine laser is very effective for light skin and dark hair color. His ray penetrates under the skin shallow. In the process of thermal exposure, unwanted vegetation is eliminated in about 5 sessions.

Aleksandrite laser is considered one of the most effective devices. It is used in large numbers of salons, since its effectiveness is quite high. If the procedure is carried out according to all the rules, then there are no painful sensations and complications are practically excluded.

The peculiarity of the diode laser is that it is able to penetrate into the deep layers of the epithelium, which achieves the maximum effect. However, in time the procedure is more long. Effective when working with any type of hair.

The neodymium laser allows you to achieve the most persistent and long.term (up to 5 years) epilation effect. Its main distinguishing feature is that the action of the beam is directed directly to the hair follicle and the vessel that nourishes it.

This is very painful

The question is whether laser hair removal is painful, all who plans to remove unnecessary vegetation. Initially, the procedure was carried out using ruby ​​lasers and really was very unpleasant. Now clinics are used by popular Alexander lasers equipped with cooling systems. Thanks to such systems, the process in the worst case delivers light discomfort.

Much depends on the individual setting of equipment in accordance with the patients and skin of the patient. An experienced cosmetologist will select such parameters that hair removal is as effective as possible, but there are no unpleasant sensations.

Of course, everything is individual and depends on the height of the pain threshold. Someone does not feel anything at all while removing hair with a laser, and someone feels a slight burning sensation and tingling.

For the most sensitive, application anesthesia is provided. cream or gel, which are applied to the processed area shortly before hair removal. As a result, the sensitivity of the skin decreases, and the effect of the laser does not cause unpleasant sensations.

Watch this before getting laser hair removal!

All types of hair removal suggest the destruction of hair follicles (unlike depilation, in which only hairs above the surface of the skin are removed). For example, shugaring, vaxing, homemade epilators tear out hairs with a root, and during electro.power, each hair is burned with current. These are very painful procedures, and in comparison with them, laser hair removal is almost painless. The cooling system does not allow the skin to overheat under the influence of the beam. As a result, there is no discomfort even when processing the most sensitive areas, for example, a person or a bikini area. about pain relief during epilation.

Is laser hair removal harmful in intimate places for women’s health

It is necessary to return to the origins of information about the dangers of laser hair removal in the bikini zone. The laser is used in cosmetology relatively recently. The first laser devices that used ten to twenty years ago were, to put it mildly, imperfect. When exposed to the skin, they behaved quite aggressively. Often women received burns, and the procedure itself was sensitive and unpleasant.

Today, talk about trauma and danger to the health of the “deep bikini” procedure, which includes removing the hair from the pubis, between the buttocks and even from the labia, is simply ridiculous! According to experts, now it is one of the most painless ways to hair removal. If discomfort is still felt, there are painkillers and gels, as well as cryogenic nozzles that will fully remove unpleasant sensations.

Perhaps you also heard “horror stories” that laser hair removal is harm to the health of women, which leads to infertility. And that allegedly is not recommended to do this procedure to unborn women to exclude the risks associated with the conception of a healthy child.

These rumors can be commented on by a well.known saying about “heard ringing”. Indeed, there are recommendations of doctors about the inappropriateness of laser hair removal in connection with the planning of pregnancy. But these recommendations are not related to the harmfulness of the procedure and not because the laser is a danger to the reproductive system. Just doctors pity your money that can be spent in vain.

The fact is, a huge impact on hair growth in the intimate zone has a level of sex hormones. The organisms of pregnant women are shaken by the hormonal revolution, as a result of which all the hair removed from the pubis and from the perineum can return to their former place, leaving no trace of hair removal.

Studies of doctors destroy myths about the dangers of laser hair removal during puberty, until the first birth and after menopause. Doctors repeatedly wrote and talked about the benefits of this modern method. Therefore, to questions like “laser hair removal. is it harmful to health”, feel free to answer: nothing more than daily communication with a computer or smartphone.

Advantages of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal: contraindications and side effects for women

If you ignore the contraindications, after laser hair removal there are burns, allergies, rashes or other complications. Contraindications are divided into two groups: absolute and relative.

Absolute contraindications to the laser hair removal procedure

Hair removal by a laser is prohibited in the presence of absolute contraindications, such as:

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  • oncology, tumors (an increase in unwanted cells is possible);
  • diabetes (the procedure provokes sugar levels);
  • immune and dermatological chronic diseases;
  • individual intolerance to the laser beam;
  • Taking sulfanilamide drugs and antibiotics (with the use of drugs, the sensitivity of the skin increases).

Light or gray.haired hairline is a contraindication for processing all types of lasers except neodymium. Aleksandrite, ruby ​​equipment better removes dark hair containing melanin. It is not advisable to expose the Alexander’s rand to be tanned or dark skin, since light spots are possible.

Sometimes the age of up to 18 years is attributed to contraindications. Young people do not develop hair follicles, often there are inflammation on the skin. Hair removal of some zones is allowed from 13 years old.

Relative contraindications to the laser hair removal procedure

In the presence of relative contraindications, sessions must be coordinated with a dermatologist, gynecologist or therapist. The resolution of the attending physician is required in the following cases:

If You’re Considering Laser Hair Removal, Use This Safety Checklist

  • wounds, scars, abrasions, burns, irritation, tattoos or birthmarks in the zone of exposure;
  • seasonal allergic reactions, pigmentation disorders;
  • respiratory infections in the active phase;
  • cardiovascular and endocrine diseases;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • Epilepsy, mental illness.

The resolution of a dermatologist is necessary if the patient sunbathed two weeks before the procedure.

Contraindications to laser face hair removal

The following contraindications can become an obstacle to hairy removal in the front area:

  • oncology, diabetes, acute viral infections;
  • chronic skin diseases, pigmentation disorders;
  • herpes, moles, varicose veins, wounds and other damage;
  • saturated tan obtained within two weeks before and after processing;
  • dark skin, strong tan, insufficient contrast between the color of the hairs and the skin (restriction acts when using Alexander and ruby ​​lasers).

Laser hair removal of the upper lip has the same contraindications and consequences. If there is a lot of hair over the lip, the cosmetologist will advise the patient to contact the endocrinologist.

effect, laser, hair, removal, reproductive

Are there any contraindications for diode hair removal?

Diode laser removes any hair in the phase of active growth. It is most effective when processing light hairs on slightly dark skin. A ray easily copes with the ingrown or hard hair rods in hard.to.reach places.

Diode laser hair removal has standard contraindications and consequences. The procedure is prohibited in the presence of oncology, epilepsy, a tendency to scarring tissues, when taking antibiotics. There should not be varicose veins, herpes, fungus, allergies, wounds and abrasions, numerous moles in the zone of exposure to the laser.

Advantages of laser hair removal

To date, laser hair removal is the best option from existing.

Here are its main advantages:

  • Painlessness. During the procedure, there are no discomfort, patients can only feel a slight tingling. For maximum comfort, anesthetic creams are used. When using Move, it is possible to do without such drugs. this is the great news for those who are allergic to painkillers and their individual components;
  • Security. With laser hair removal, the integrity of the skin is not violated. Classic methods involve remote processing, and when Moveo is hair removal, the tip of the device glides over the surface of the epidermis without penetrating inside. Thus, the risk of bringing the infection is completely absent. The beam is shallow (a maximum of 4 mm) penetrates the skin and affects the hair follicles exclusively, without damaging the surrounding tissues;
  • Efficiency. The skin after the session of Alexander’s hair removal immediately becomes smooth, and hairs (hair follicles) fall out for two weeks. Since the follicle is destroyed, new hair is no longer growing. As other follicles wake up, vegetation appears again on the skin, which is completely removed for several sessions. After that, you can forget about the problem of hair over at least a couple of years. Sometimes the follicles are no longer restored, and the result remains forever-especially when the supporting sessions are held every 6-12 months;
  • Quick result. The session takes a minimum of time, depending on the technology and area of ​​the site. from 2 minutes to an hour and a half, if you make the legs completely;
  • Lack of rehabilitation. After competently performed by the Alexander Laser, there are no burns, bruises, inflammations and damage to the skin. There is no need to change the usual lifestyle, it is enough only to use aggressive means to care for epilized skin and avoid thermal procedures within a couple of weeks. Also prohibiting a tan, but if you opted for Moveo hair removal, you can safely take sunbathing.

Speaking about laser hair removal, usually implies processing by the Alexander Laser. This species is more effective than ruby ​​and diode, and more pleasant neodymium and ruby.

Laser hair removal myths

There are many myths around laser hair removal. Consider the most popular of them:

  • The procedure is painful. Most lasers cool the skin, which eliminates unpleasant sensations. Hair removal with wax or epilator is many times more painful.
  • Does not remove hair forever. To maintain the effect of smoothness, the procedure is enough to carry out once a year.
  • Can only be done after childbirth. Of course, after the birth of a child, the hormonal background changes, vegetation may appear, but after the restoration of hormones, the hair will fall on its own and the treated area will remain smooth.
  • It provokes hair survey. After the procedure, a small point remains on the skin, but it is easily removed with a scrub. Since the follicle is destroyed, this excludes the possibility of hair growing.
  • Before the procedure, the hair should be long. In fact, 1 mm is considered the optimal hair length.

Laser hair removal is an effective procedure for removing unwanted hair. In order for the result to be as high.quality as possible, you must seriously approach the issue of choosing a salon and a cosmetologist.

The network of laser hair removal of infinity has rich experience.

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The procedure is carried out on modern devices that meet all safety standards.

Experts have a higher medical education and work experience for at least 3 years. Trusting the infinity salons, each client can be sure that the procedure will be carried out safely.

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