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The drain filter in the washing machine does not open

How the problem manifests itself?

At the beginning of filter cleaning does not cause difficulties. It is sufficient to pry open the drain cover, located at the bottom of the front side of the housing, and unscrew the plastic part with a round top. The main thing is to be prepared for the fact that the water remaining after washing will pour out of the vacated hole and have time to put a container or a rag under the jet.

Please note! Manufacturers recommend cleaning the drain catcher at least once every 2-4 months.

drain, filter, washing, machine, does, open

But not all owners of washing machines observe the rules of operation. Therefore, it is not uncommon for users to encounter a “blocked” filter after opening the hatch. We are talking about the following situations:

  • The handle does not turn the lid, and gives the impression that it is welded to the body;
  • The knob turns, but not all the way through, and stops at half a turn or a quarter of a turn;
  • the part has unscrewed but still cannot be removed from the hole.

Most often block the filter accumulated items: lint, hair, hair, paper, baby socks and other small items. Particularly dangerous are long hairs that get wrapped around the walls of the part and the pump impeller. Another reason is excessive scale on the threads of the catcher, which has a superglue effect. All of this is common if more than 6 months have passed since the last cleaning.

Foreign objects in s, small debris, hair and threads do not disappear without a trace after loading things into the drum. It all goes through the drain filter, pump and at best goes down the drain. It also happens that debris clogs parts and blocks the pump. The problem is accompanied by the following signs:

  • the machine does not fully drain the water;
  • operation stops and error code is shown on the display ;
  • Water flows out of the tank slowly and intermittently, with the pump humming, crackling sound is heard.

The filter should ideally be cleaned once a month. If the user follows the instructions, then there is no problem. the element is easy and straightforward to reach. It is sufficient to open the panel:

  • Samsung”, LG washing machines. “Zanussi “,” Candy “,” Atlant ” the filter is hidden behind the small door under the door. Press the door with your hand or pry it open with a screwdriver to gain access to the part.
  • in Bosch machines the element is concealed by a long decorative panel at the bottom. On earlier models, the cover is mounted on hooks. set them horizontally with a screwdriver and remove the panel. In the latter models, the latches are pressed with a slotted screwdriver and the door slides to the side.
  • Ariston and Indesit Cwm’s also have a closed panel. Just squeeze the lower and then the upper latches and pull out the filter.

Important! Some washing machines (especially the vertical type) do not have a drain filter. This is where the pump, hoses and tubes are cleaned.

Fix the washing machine (The most common fault, clogged filter or pump)

Now you can move on to cleaning the elements. But there are problems here too. The following section will help you solve these problems.

How to clean the drain filter in a washing machine: step by step instructions

Cleaning the drain filter is one of the preventive operations, which should be carried out periodically. over, there is nothing complicated about it, tell us how to remove dirt and foreign particles step by step.

All coarse debris, dirt and fibers from wool are trapped in the drain filter. Because of this, not all the water can drain out of the machine, and the clothes after spinning remain a little damp. To avoid this happening, you need to regularly clean the drain filter, which is in every washing machine. We will tell you where the filter is located in the machines of different manufacturers, as well as show you by example how to clean it.

How to clean the filter in a washing machine?

The washing machine belongs to the class of complex household appliances, which means that during its operation there may be many different problems. in the water supply, drainage, power supply, electronics, etc.д. Even if you have purchased an appliance from a reliable, well-proven manufacturer, it does not mean that the washing machine will always work properly. After a few years of active use, malfunctions occur even in the highest quality models.

One of the most problematic places of any washing machine is the system of draining and dialing water. This is where a large proportion of breakdowns occur. In this article we will tell you what happens when one of the filters gets clogged and how you can solve the problem yourself.

What to do to access the filter

First of all, you need to disconnect the water supply from the washing machine, and the appliance itself should be disconnected from the mains.

Then you have to wait approximately 15 minutes. Some models have nodes that are de-energized after a specified period of time.

Next, the drain hose is disconnected from the sewer. It is recommended to drain the water that remains in it. For this purpose, you can put the hose in a basin or lower it down low.

Refer to the washing machine manual to find exactly where the plug for the water filter is located. In many models, manufacturers place it on the front side at the bottom behind the false panel of plastic. To pull the panel out of the grooves, you need to pull it gently toward you. If you use force, you can easily break the fasteners of the cover elements. The lid is set aside. Now you need to find the filter cover with a round shape.

Prepare in advance a rag, give it the shape of a roller and put it in a semi-circle shape in the place where the filter is located. This should be done in case there is a little water left in the filter, which, when you open the cover, will leak onto the floor.

How to take out the filter?

There are 2 types of filters in Bosch washing machines.

  • The first one is at the connection point of the machine with the water hose. It is a metal mesh that protects the motor from possible impurities from the water supply. It can be silt, sand, rust.
  • The second is under the front panel of the washing machine. This filter drains water during the washing and rinsing. It holds items that can come off your clothes or fall out of your s.

Bosch washing machine drain pump filter stuck. Avantixx Vario Perfect Eco Silence Drive

To remove the filter screen where the water supply to the machine is located, simply unscrew the water hose. You can easily remove the filter screen by prying it out with a pair of tweezers.

The second filter is hidden under the front panel. And in order to clean it, you need to remove it.

Depending on the model, this opening may be concealed under a dedicated trapdoor or trim panel.

In machines with top-loading type the drain hole may be located on the side panel.

The drain filter hatch is a dedicated panel located in all models of Bosch machines in the lower right corner. It can be either square or round.

drain, filter, washing, machine, does, open

The dummy plate is a narrow strip located on the bottom of the front panel. You can remove this cover by sliding it off the hooks. To do this, you need to lift the panel up.

To remove the desired part, you need to remove the panel from the latches by pressing on the top of it. Then you must unscrew the filter itself, for which you must turn it counterclockwise 2-3 times.

In case the part is difficult to unscrew, you need to wrap it with a thick cloth. That way your fingers won’t slip off the part and you can easily remove it.

Washing machine Pump Filter stuck wont open Jammed removing coins screw and bra wires etc

I can not pull the filter in the washing machine what to do

Hello. I have a problem, I can not remove the filter in a washing machine Bosch, advise what to do?

The cause of this problem is a foreign object blocking the screw plug of the cochlea. It can be staples, as well as bones from the bra, etc. д. You have to unscrew the drain pump and remove any foreign objects to avoid breaking the plug

First method. use a tool if the filter cover does not unscrew There is a handle on the filter cover or hole plug. Try turning it with pliers or pliers. Be very careful not to break the filter.

Second way. tilt the machine back and tap the filter cover with your hand This method is good for all three problems:

When the filter does not turn at all, twist, but only a quarter turn or a half turn, unscrew, but not take out. Tilt the machine back 45 degrees (better against the wall) and tap with your fist or palm on the filter lid and next to the body. Foreign objects (coins, brassiere bones, hairpins, socks, etc.) could have been lodged in the filter.д.), locking the filter, will change its position and stop blocking its unscrewing or pulling out.

The third way. dismantle the drain pump, clean the volute and unscrew-unscrew the filter Also works for all three “troubles” with the filter:

When the filter does not spin at all, turn, but only a quarter or half a turn, unscrewed, but not pulled out. The method is complicated, so proceed with it if the first two options did not help remove the drain filter. Your goal is to get to the snail with the drain pump, disconnect the pump from it (sometimes it is more convenient to do it by removing the snail glass itself) and clean the filter through the hole that was created.

drain, filter, washing, machine, does, open

Cleaning the filter of the washing machine

Drainage filter. part of the water drainage system in the washing machine. It is usually located at the bottom of the unit, in front of the drain hose. Water is cleaned of small debris, hair, and hair before it passes through the hose.

Over time, the pump filter gets clogged, the water cannot pass through it. The washing cycle is forced to end with an error, the drum is not emptied. Cleaning the filter is simple, does not require the intervention of a repairman.

Recommendations for washing machine maintenance

The drain filter of an Ariston Margarita 2000 washing machine or other model should be cleaned at least once every two to four months. If the equipment is used daily, for example, in a family with several children, then the maintenance of the device should be carried out every month.

On the regularity of cleaning the drain filter affects the type of fabrics that are washed in the machine. For example, lint and wool products are washed more often in winter and autumn. These materials contain lint, which quickly and seriously clogs the drain filter, which means it needs to be cleaned more often.



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