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The dishwasher turns on but does not start

You try to turn on a Bosch, Electrolux, Siemens, Gorenje machine, but nothing happens? The lights and indicators are not lit, the control panel does not respond to keystrokes. What to do: First of all check the presence of electricity in the network.

To do this, connect another appliance to the socket. If it doesn’t work, it means there’s no power, which can happen in homes with old wiring. Sometimes the voltage is just not enough to turn on the equipment, so it is recommended to install a difusers and stabilizers. Wait, perhaps the power will come on soon.

dishwasher, turns, does, start

Also inspect the power cord, it often suffers during transportation of appliances. A heavy case can be put on the cord, and it gets jammed or interrupted. As a result, the dishwasher can not only not turn on, but a short circuit can also occur when you connect it to the network. If the machine knocks out, then the cause is also in the contacts of the network. Therefore, before you start the installation, carefully check all the components.

If the power cord is broken, it cannot be repaired. Complete replacement is required.

If no damage is found on the outside, you can check the insulation this way:

In addition to electrical problems, the reason why the Whirlpool, Siemens, Electrolux, Veko and other brands of washing machine does not turn on, can be:

  • Defective door lock. Washing will not begin until the door is closed firmly.
  • The start button is broken (stuck, sunken).
  • Capacitor burned out. This happens if there’s a power surge.
  • Problems with the control module. If a power supply breaks down or burns out, the appliance will not start.

How to find and fix the problem, read below.

Dishwasher turns on, but won’t start

Another type of malfunction. the appliance switches on, but doesn‘t operate or start the washing process. At the same time on the display you can see the error code, which the self-diagnostic system displays. Bosch, Indesit, Hansa, Ariston can also make a beeping or humming noise. There are probably problems with water intake.

If the program starts normally, the “Brush” indicator on the control panel lights up, indicating the washing process.

If it is not a clogging problem, then the problem could be in the inlet valve. Why the dishwasher does not draw water and what to do about it, read our article.

The dishwasher doesn’t start

If the dishwasher won’t start, it could be because of external factors like a lack of power or water, or an internal problem that requires a specialist to fix it.

  • electronic control module failure
  • damaged wiring
  • Pump malfunction
  • Start button malfunction
  • relay burnout
  • blown fuses

Engine repair, electrical circuitry repair or replacement or firmware change needed

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Why the dishwasher won’t start?

You plugged the appliance into the socket, pressed the start button but the Bosch, Electrolux, Siemens, Ariston dishwasher doesn’t respond? No indication on the control panel. What’s the reason? There are a number of problems that you can check and fix with your own hands. But there are some complicated failures, when it is better to appeal to a master.

Here’s a basic list of problems where the program won’t start:

There is another kind of breakdown. When the machine turns on but does not start the washing process. At the same time, the display may show an error code, the technique beeps, the “brush” indicator lights up. The main problems in the water system:

It also happens so that the cause of failure are wiring and control module. Always call for service in such situations.

The dishwasher will not start

The dishwasher doesn’t react to pressing the start button, when you press “Start” only the light comes on or all the lights start blinking at once. The causes of why the dishwasher doesn’t turn on, and the lights aren’t on or flashing, can be manifold: among them are both simple and you can fix them yourself (a problem with a socket or power cord), and complex, which can only be repaired by a qualified professional, for example, faulty control module.

What to do if LG, Indesit, Samsung, Bosch, AEG, Beko, ARDO, Candy, LG, Samsung, Ariston, Indesit, Bosch, LG, Ardo, Zanussi, Candy, Siemens, Whirlpool, Electrolux dishwasher does not start. further in this article we will tell you how to clarify the root cause of the failure, and what is better to do in such a situation.

Modern dishwashers are equipped with many features to protect against accidental external factors and improper use of the device, so if the dishwasher does not turn on or buzzes, but does not work, the causes may be as follows

  • prohibition of switching on in case of insufficient or unstable mains voltage;
  • Blocking of start-up in the event of door not being closed properly;
  • problems with water supply or drain are detected;
  • The electronics have detected a leak;
  • The “child-proof” function has been triggered;
  • system check and shutdown of the machine in case of serious engine and sensor malfunctions.

Our customers are most often concerned about the following problems:

If your Bosch dishwasher doesn‘t turn on at all, it’s likely that the reasons are as follows:

First, check whether there is electricity in principle and whether the “dishwasher” is plugged in. The plug may be loose, or someone in the household may have pulled it while you were away.

Secondly, it could be a problem with the outlet itself. Check the outlet with any small household appliance, such as a hair dryer.

Third, the “circuit breaker” (fuse) in which the socket the dishwasher is plugged into may have blown.

Fourth, there may be something wrong with the very electrical cord that connects the dishwasher to the mains. This option is unlikely if the dishwasher has been running for a long time, and is more likely the first time it is connected. The plug is sometimes loose and the dishwasher doesn’t turn on because of the lack of contact. Worse, if the electrical cord has been jammed. In that case, you’ll need to replace the wire.к. it could be a hazard.

If, however, there is nothing wrong with the electricity, the wire and the outlet, and your dishwasher has an indication on the display but won’t start, check the following:

First, check the display to see if the indication lights up to indicate any errors, such as no water supply (error code E24). It could be due to insufficient water pressure, a kinked or clogged water inlet hose or filter. Consult the manual to decipher the error code on the display and follow the instructions.

Secondly, the door may not be closed properly or something has happened to the door lock. the door does not fully latch when closing, which means the dishwasher does not start the program. In such a case, we recommend that you contact a Bosch Service Centre or the nearest authorised service outlet.

The other reasons why the dishwasher doesn’t turn on can be attributed to technical faults: e.g. a fuse failure, malfunction of the program start button, the control module or the appliance motor. But according to the statistics such cases are extremely rare. In the event of technical problems or malfunctions, contact your Bosch Service Center for a thorough diagnosis by Bosch service technicians. It saves you time and money.

The round-the-clock Bosch support phone number: 8 (800) 200 29 61.

KitchenAid dishwasher has Power but will not start troubleshooting repair

How frustrating it is when you load a basket full of dirty dishes and press the cherished “start” button, hoping to go for a cup of coffee, but your faithful helper refuses to work. over, categorically!

What’s wrong?? The reason can be absurdly stupid, for example: one of your family members for some reason pulled the cord out of the network Or, when cleaning the machine, he somehow pushed the same cord under it and it broke because it was crushed by the great weight of the machine.

Sometimes it happens that the problem is not in the machine at all, but in a burned out socket, to which it is connected.

If so, then all is not so bad. In the first case, you just need to insert the plug into the socket, in the second case replace the cord, and in the third reconnect the machine to another power source.

But, there are worse breakdowns and the repair is more expensive. If the first three reasons are not your case, still keep STIHL and only STIHL. You can always call a master, but it never hurts to make diagnostics by yourself.

Here’s a list of the main reasons why your dishwasher doesn’t start:

  • The cable is broken in a hidden place
  • The lock on the door is defective
  • The start button is defective
  • Fuse blown
  • Water not coming into the chamber
  • The program control unit is broken
  • Burned-out motor or relay
  • The pump is clogged
  • The water inlet hose is kinked

In general, these are the main causes of failure. And a third of them are blown fuses.

And now let’s take a closer look at the signs of these popular malfunctions, and maybe we can independently determine why the dishwasher doesn’t start, and the reasons for it.

Dishwasher Won’t Start — Dishwasher Troubleshooting

See also. Bosch Dishwashers error codes


Before figuring out why the Bosch dishwasher won‘t turn on, you should check the communications to which it is connected. It will be very frustrating if you have to call a master and disassemble the device, and the cause will be a banal violation of the flow of electricity or water. Also in some cases, the automatics do not allow the system to be switched on to avoid negative manifestations. Therefore, frequent reasons for not starting the dishwashing cycle are:

  • water leakage;
  • heavily clogged filter;
  • opening of the door;
  • problems with its lock;
  • burnout of condensers;
  • Damage to the button on the control panel, wire and command processing unit.

Normally, the dishwasher should lock with a typical click. In its absence, it is necessary to look whether it really closes or not.

Sometimes the problem is indicated by a special indicator. But to understand this, you will have to carefully study the manual and technical passport for the device. If this problem has nothing to do with it, you need to inspect the filters, and if they are severely clogged, clean them out.

When there are leaks, most often it doesn’t take long to find the cause. The appliance will indicate the problem with its own internal indicators. To get to the bottom of this, again, you have to read the manual. Sometimes you have to check the capacitor, and before that, turn the dishwasher off. There shouldn’t be any water or current flowing into it when you check it.

A lot more problems occur if there’s no indication. In this case, not only to run any programs, but also to find out information about the state of the device is not possible. The power cord should be checked first. Sometimes the cause of the problem is that it is trivially bent, jammed, or that the plug is not inserted into the outlet tightly. Damage to the insulation is a very serious thing and requires immediate replacement of the cable; you must also carefully check the plug and socket.

Occasionally you find the brush blinking on the panel and the dishwasher isn’t working again. precisely, it hangs and needs to be restarted. Simply turning the unit off and on again is not enough. It is necessary to reset, and how to do it. we will tell further. When the system beeps and does not turn on, most likely filter failure, lack of detergent, damage to the heater.

If the appliance hums instead of working normally, you can assume:

  • water disconnection;
  • kinking of water hose;
  • Installation errors;
  • problems with the drain pump;
  • malfunctions in the circulation pump.

Troubles of the dishwasher condenser

Failure of the condenser is associated with two causes: poor quality equipment and unstable power supply with surges in the network. the dishwasher condenser is located on the circulation pump, it is not easy to reach it. To do this, it is necessary to remove one of the panels of the device body. Built-in equipment will have to be dismantled first.

The repair is quite complicated:

  • it is necessary to disassemble the unit to get to the place where the condenser is installed;
  • A special device will help to determine the problem;
  • Broken capacitors cannot be repaired, they must be replaced;
  • It is not easy to find the right parts for your machine model;
  • it is important to understand the cause of the failure of the device to prevent future breakdowns.

When repairing dishwashers, it has been observed that condensers last a long time and don’t break for no reason. The exception are inexpensive models, on which manufacturers economized in manufacturing. In this kind of technology, any device can fail at any time.



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