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The dishwasher is buzzing and there is no reason

Why the dishwasher does not turn on: the causes of the malfunction

How insulting is it when you load the full basket of dirty dishes, you press the treasured button, in the hope of going to drink coffee, but the faithful assistant refuses to work. over, categorically!

What’s the matter? The reason may turn out to be a stupid absurd, for example: for some reason one of your households pulled out the cord from the network Or, having slightly shifted the machine during cleaning, somehow put the same cord under it and it broke out from the fact that it was transmitted by a large weight technology.

It happens that the matter is not in the typewriter at all, but in a burned out outlet to which it is connected.

If so, then everything is not so bad. In the first case, you just need to insert the fork into the outlet, replace the cord in the second, and in the third, retake the unit to another power source.

But, there are breakdowns and worse and the repair comes out. more expensive. If the first three reasons are not your case, still keep Stihl and only Stihl. You will always have time to call the master, and it has not yet been harmful to conduct diagnostics on their own.

We present you a list of the main reasons why the dishwasher is not launched:

  • The cord is interrupted in an inconspicuous place
  • The lock on the door is faulty
  • The “Start” button is faulty
  • The fuse burned
  • Water does not enter the chamber
  • Blocked block of software control
  • Burned a motor or relay
  • The pump was clogged
  • Passed the water supply hose

In general, these are the main causes of breakdowns. over, the third of them accounts for the burned fuses.

And now let’s look at more details of these popular malfunctions and it is possible to independently determine why the dishwasher does not start and the reasons for this.See also. Bosch dishwashers error codes

Frequent causes of breakdowns of the dishwasher Bosch

If the problems with work began after buying a machine, pay attention to the settings. Is work organized correctly? The correct connection of communications, pouring and drain hoses matters.

What breakdowns happen more often than others:

  • The technique does not start. Indicators do not burn on the panel, the system does not respond to keystrokes.
  • The defense “Aquastop” is triggered. The reason for the leakage of water in the pallet or malfunction of the float sensor.
  • Water does not merge or does not get. The point is filters, tracts. Malfunction of circulation pump or pump.
  • The program hung after the start of the sink. Holes of openings for water intake, electronic control breakdown. Luke’s malfunction is also possible.

Problems can be manifested by error code on the screen. The electronic board is associated with all nodes through wiring. If one of them does not answer, does not respond to signals, self.diagnosis starts. You will find the decryption of the code in the instructions or in the publication “Code of errors of the dishwasher Bosch”.

  • E01/F01. electronics failure, breakdown on the case of Ten.
  • E09/F09. the operation of the heating element is impaired.
  • E3/F3. water is not poured into the bunker.
  • E22/F22. Filter blockage.
  • E24/F24. E25/F25. Problems with the drain of a spent liquid.
  • E15/F15. the Aquastop system worked.
  • E27/F27. voltage surges in the network are recorded.

Some malfunctions are eliminated with your own hands. Do not rush to call the master right away, figure out the reason for the breakdown of the dishwasher. If, after excluding blockages and errors, the car does not start normal work, then start repairing.

The dishwasher does not turn on. the reasons and solutions

What to do if the dishwasher does not turn on? Sometimes breakdowns occur, which can be eliminated with your own hands, the main thing is to know how. Do not rush to call the master, read our article and try to correct the situation yourself.

You are trying to turn on the Bosch, Electrolux, Siemens, Gorenje machine, but nothing happens? Light bulbs and indicators do not burn, the control panel does not respond to keystrokes. What to do: first to check the availability of electricity on the network.

To do this, connect another device to the outlet. If it does not work, then there is no voltage. this happens in houses with an old wiring. Sometimes stresses are simply not enough to turn on the technique, so it is recommended to install difavtomats and stabilizers. Wait, perhaps electricity will appear soon.

Also inspect the network cord, often it suffers during transportation of technology. The heavy case can be put on the cord, and it is transferred or interrupted. As a result, a dishwasher may not only turn on, but also a short circuit when connected to the network. If the machine is knocked out, then the reason is also in the contacts of the network. Therefore, before starting installation, carefully check all the components.

The network cord during breakdown cannot be repaired. A complete replacement is required.

If there is no damage outside, you can check the insulation as follows:

In addition to problems with an electrician, the reason that the PMM “Whirlpool”, “Siemens”, “Electrolux”, Beko and other brands may not turn on, maybe:

  • Failed door lock. Until the door is tightly closed, the sink will not begin.
  • The start button (flooded, fell) broken).
  • The capacitor burned out. This happens with a strong voltage jump.
  • Problems with the control module. If the block breaks or burned out, the technique will not turn on.

How to find and eliminate a problem, read below.

The dishwasher turns on, but does not start

Another type of problem. the technique turns on, but does not work and does not start the washing process. At the same time, you can see the error code that the self.diagnosis system highlights on the scoreboard. Also PMM “Bosch”, “Indesit”, “Hans”, “Ariston” can squeak or buzz. There were probably problems with water fence.

If the program begins normally, the “brush” indicator burns on the control panel, which means the washing process.

If it’s not a sucker, then the problem may be in the filling valve. Why does the dishwasher do not get water and what to do with it, read in our article.

What to do to eliminate a problem

Problems in the dishwasher of any brand (Ariston, Hansa, Beko) can be eliminated independently. The main thing is to act consistently. Immediately check if the camera door is normally blocked.

Checking button “Start”

Visually inspect the control panel. If the traffic key or the detergent got into the connectors, you will need cleaning and replacing. Disassemble the panel and check the contacts of the button multimeter. If necessary, replace the part.

Replacement of the capacitor

As we already wrote above, unstable tension can ruin not only nerves, but also the technique. Due to a sharp difference, the capacitor could burn out. It is necessary to check and replace the element:

  • Remove the decorative lower panel under the door.
  • Remove the fasteners of the pallet.
  • Open the hopper door, unscrew the drainage filter and pull out the sprayer.
  • Put the dishwasher on the back wall.
  • Remove the screws and remove the pallet (simultaneously disconnect the wiring, if any).
  • Find the capacitor. The part is attached to the circulation pump.
  • If you do not see the traces of the bog externally, then check the element with a multimeter.
  • Also inspect the wiring and make sure that the contacts are in good condition.

Electronic block problems

Management malfunction. serious breakdown. At the same time, the technique either does not turn on at all, or works with failures. The module can break after water leak. For example, when transporting, you did not remove the remaining water from the car, and it got on a fee. Voltage surges also affect electronics.

You can only inspect the part on your own, but only the master can talk about repair or replacement. How to get to the control unit:

  • Open the camera door;
  • unscrew all the bolts around the perimeter;
  • Cover the door and remove the outer panel;
  • Disconnect the wiring from the module, first photograph all the connectors.

If burnt parts are visible on the surface of the board or wires, it means that repair is needed urgently. Take the detail in the service for diagnosis.

So in stages check all these details. If you can’t find a breakdown on your own, it is better to contact a specialist.

How to restore the work of equipment?

First, inspect the PMM case for damage. Next, try to restart the system. Perhaps, after a sharp power outage, there was a failure:

Cable problems and outlets

Do not discard power problems from accounts. Make sure that:

The cable itself rarely breaks. This happens when transporting or rearrangement of technology. The cord can accidentally be transmitted by furniture or the dishwasher itself. Copper veins inside are damaged and electricity does not get into the machine. Damage to insulation is also a serious reason for replacing the cable. After leaks of PMM Beko, Gorenje, Hansa, damaged wires can lead to close and fire.

Inspect the plug at the time of the pogar. If its body melted, replacement is required. Check the condition of the outlet. Podgars are not visible outside? Connect another household device to it. If it does not work, a new outlet is installed.

The capacitor malfunction

This part is also called a network filter of interference. During voltage drops on the network, it smoothes interference. Therefore, a pure sinusoid is fed to the details, which prevents their combustion. When the filter takes a “blow”, he himself can suffer. Therefore, the first rule is a visual inspection of the part.

The capacitor is in conjunction with a circulation pump, so you have to disassemble the case a little.

  • Dismantle the base panel.
  • Depending on the model (“Bosch”, “Electrolux”, “Indesit”, “Hans”) Remove the mounting of the side panels of the pallet.
  • Turn the body to the side.
  • Dismantle the pallet.
  • There is a filter near the circulation pump.

Also inspect the rest of the wiring. Damaged elements must be eliminated.

Damage to the launch button, electronics

The button can stock up with a strong effect when turned on. The hit of liquid detergents contributes to the sticking of the key. Sometimes its contacts are oxidized, so the module does not receive a signal about turning on. Check and replace the part.

Diagnosis of the control module is not an easy task. Masters use a multimeter and alternately nickname all the Simistors. It is important to make the correct diagnosis to fix the electronics. Therefore, we recommend contacting the service center.

Problems of the filling system

The dishwasher “Siemens”, “Whirlpool”, “Ariston”, “Beko” turns on, but does not work. At the same time, the car can buzz, water is not filled into the bunker. What to do:

  • Open the tap and check the pressure in the water supply.
  • Unscrew to the end the shut.off valve.
  • Inspect the pouring hose. He should not be overheated, too much.

Disconnect the hose from the body. Clean it and the filter from garbage. Check the fill valve. When burning its coils, set a new part.

Press the hatch denser than the door. As soon as the electronic lock works, the water will begin to flood into the bunker. If the lock does not work, then it needs to replace. This is a simple repair. Remove the bolts around the perimeter of the inside of the door, disconnect the outer panel. Take out the lock, remove the chips. Put a new detail.

Now you know what to do if you are faced with a similar problem. It is better to leave electronics malfunctions to eliminate a specialist.

High.quality repair

The desired effect after repairing the dishwasher so that it can last a long, long years, can only be achieved with the help of professionals. Nobody knows the device of household appliances, as the team of masters of the service center of Vostok-Polyus. Our account has already hundreds of most difficult tasks and satisfied customers.

  • free diagnostics;
  • high.quality repair;
  • replacement of worn parts with original spare parts;
  • long.term guarantee for the full range of work performed;
  • The current system of discounts and bonuses.

Our service center finds an individual approach to each client and makes maximum efforts for the effective and quick restoration of your household appliances.

Buzzing when turning on

If your dishwasher is new and buzzes first several times, but does not work when you start it, this sound should not always cause anxiety. Why? In new models, there may not be water for the beginning for a long time. This is the cause of the buzz.

In other cases, this is due to prolonged non.use of technology. Add a little more water and turn on the dishwasher. After some, she will stop buzzing during work.

Samsung dishwasher grinding noise. FIXED

  • Check the fork and outlet. Try connecting another small device to the same outlet and see if it works. If so, then the problem is in the dishwasher, and not in the current system.
  • Check if the door is closed correctly.
  • Check if the door latch is broken. Most door latches are made of plastic, and if they degraded to such an extent that they cannot hold the door closed, then the dishwasher will buzz when turned on when turning on.
  • Try to restart the dishwasher. Instructions on how to do this, you can find in the user manual.
  • Was there a jump in the tension? Remember the device again by pressing the reset button.
  • Other components that may prevent the inclusion are the thermal fuse, the door switch and the main control panel. Checking the state of these components will require you to remove the control panel, so it is best to contact a professional.


District wear for the circular pump causes a breakdown in about half of all cases of malfunctions. The bearing is a small graphite ring and is very vulnerable to constant loads on the equipment. Subject to everyday use, the maximum life of the bearing is 2-3 years.

Important! In new generation dishwashers, bearings are much more vulnerable than in early versions. Consider this circumstance in your plans.

As soon as the lumbering life expires, the pump will begin to seize, and the machine. publish a nasty rumble. At first, this circumstance does not affect the performance of the dishwasher, but over time, the pump will get worse cope with the task of pumping and supplying water. This means it’s time to start repairing equipment.

The pump is repaired according to the following scheme:

  • Disconnect the machine from the network
  • Remove the pallet to get to the pump
  • Unscrew the clamps and remove the chip
  • Gently disconnect the pump from the wiring and pull it out
  • Gently disconnect the block with the heater. Keep in mind that it is well screwed up and in order to remove it, you will have to make efforts. Try not to damage anything when extracting the part, be careful.
  • Having removed the impeller, pull out the anchor with pliers or forceps

Ready! You got to the bearing. Now you should carefully extract it, preferably using a tweezer. We have to check the integrity of the rubber laying. When the gasket wears out, it loses its elasticity, and a powdery coating is formed on the surface. Since rubber gasket is most likely to be intact, but the bearing will have to be replaced in any case. Ready! Now you can collect the machine in the reverse order.

The disabled dish is buzzing

Most often this is a problem with the heating element. If your heating element is not in working condition (but it is still hot), check the thermostat of a high limit (a device that prevents excessive heating of the dishwasher).

A faulty thermostat with a high limit can lead to a shutdown of heat before your dishes are completely dry. Usually you can find your high limit at the bottom of the bath of the dishwasher, right behind the access panel. Use a multi meter to check the device. Finally, check your rinseum dispenser to make sure that it is not empty and is correctly dosed. I won’t dry out without a rinseum.

High thermostat

Why is a dishwasher buzzing, how to fix it

The dishwasher is buzzing? Do not miss this “signal” of the technique about problems. You need to urgently check the system and find out the cause of the noise. The breakdown can be quite serious, so we will gradually tell you how to check the car with our own hands.

After turning on the device, noise is heard or, conversely, there is complete silence? This may have their own reasons:

  • When turning on, the car is buzzing and does not gain water. Check the presence of water in the tap. Twist the shut.off valve: perhaps it was accidentally blocked.
  • Press the bunker door denser. With the door open, the cycle will not begin, and the water will not enter the chamber. This is done to protect against leaks. The technique can make a rumble, but not work, or squeak during work.
  • Pour or packed a flood hose. Check the correct connection of the hose: it must be located smoothly, without excesses. Disconnect it from the body and inspect it on the blockage.
  • If the equipment began to buzz during operation, check the installation of the machine, as well as the location of the dishes in the baskets.

The reasons for the most difficult breakdowns, when the car is buzzing, cracking, but does not work, are:

If the noise level rises, immediately turn off the PMM from the network and start checking.

Checking and restoration of the dishwasher

You need to start inspection with details that could clog in the process of washing. This leads to the fact that Bosch (Bosch) dishwasher, Ariston is noisy and creaking during launch.

Sprayer and impeller

If you have a built.in technique, before starting work it is better to pull it out of the closet and turn it off all communications.

  • Open the bunker door.
  • Remove baskets for dishes.
  • Remove sprayers and rinse under running water. Clean the nozzles with a toothpick.
  • Remove the drain filter and mesh behind it. Clean from garbage under the crane. Doing this after each sink, you can avoid blocking.

If a crack is heard during work, this is a pump. Normally, she should work quietly. But if solid items or fragments of dishes get into the impeller, work can be blocked.

  • Seam the water from the seating of the filter;
  • pull the damper to the side, and then to yourself;
  • Check the impeller: putting on gloves, clean it from garbage.

Fabric valve

When typing water, the car is noisy, but the flow does not enter the bunker. What does it mean? Most likely, the bulk valve has broken. When turning on, you can even hear clicks, as if the part is trying to work.

There is an element in the lower part of the case. It is not difficult to replace the valve: it is enough to twist the screw, disconnect the wiring. To check the mechanical part, the operating voltage is supplied to the part to check whether the valve opens or not.

To diagnose the electronic part to the contacts, the probes of the multimeter are connected and the resistance is measured.

Pump bearing

With frequent operation, the bearing of the circulation unit quickly wear out. This will take only 2-3 years. As experts note, the more new model, the more weak graphite bearings.

Due to production, the pump begins to make noise and buzz. Therefore, do not delay the repair.

  • Disconnect the car from the network and communications.
  • Open the door and remove the baskets from the tank.
  • Remove the drain filter.
  • Unscrew five screws around the filter.
  • Turn the dishwasher “on the back”.
  • Unscrew the pallet (if any).
  • Loosen the clamps and remove the nozzles and hoses from the block.

You can start disassembling the circulation pump:

  • Disconnect the heater block.
  • Remove the impeller and anchor.
  • Using a tweezer, take out a bearing, as well as a rubber gasket behind it.

Install a new bearing and fold the block in the reverse order.

When the circulation pump works and does not turn off, the problem is in the control board. The Simistor, which controls the unit, does not work. This means that the board cannot give the signal to the pump on the shutdown.

You can inspect the electronic module yourself, but the master should engage in diagnostics and repair.

Drain pump

Having checked the circulation block, you understand that something is buzzing in the car again. If the noise begins when draining water, then you need to remove the pump. How to disassemble the dishwasher. you already know.

Disconnect the drainage pump from the unit and measure the resistance by the multimeter. If the resistance is in order, then disassemble the part and check each element. The pump is not expensive, so there are no difficulties in replacing.

After diagnosing and replacing faulty parts, collect the car back. It will help you

How to restore the dishwasher?

Start with the exclusion of blockages and other problems. Eliminate them is the easiest way with your own hands. The machine, for example Ariston, when turned on, began to buzz, which this means? It is necessary to check the pressure of water in the highway and the condition of the fence hose:

  • Open the crane and make sure that there is normal pressure; If it is reduced, wait for the feed restoration;
  • Twist the shut.off valve, open it all the way;
  • Inspect the fence hose: it should not be pushed or transferred, then the liquid will not be able to enter the system.

Then disconnect the hose from the body, take out the filter set with pliers. Clean the details from the blockage.

Go to the electromagnetic valve. Clean his holes from garbage if he buzzes, but does not work.

The dishwasher squeales during operation? This can be a signal from the self.diagnosis of the machine. Count the code and see its decryption in the instructions.

The proper operation of the device will help prevent the appearance of noise and hum. Machines that are produced abroad are not designed for water quality in water pipelines. The filter is quickly clogged with garbage. Therefore, we recommend installing an additional filter in front of the filling system.

Problems of the circulation pump

A small bearing rotates on the pump shaft of the pump. It is made of graphite material, so over time wears out. In this case, the noise level rises, an unpleasant rumble is heard. The only way to eliminate it is to replace the bearing. To do this, dismantle the engine of the dishwasher:

  • Disconnect the car from the network and communications. The built.in dishwasher is extended from the niche;
  • Turn the body over on the side;
  • Remove the lower panel;
  • unfasten the wiring of the leak sensor if necessary;
  • turn off the wires from the engine;
  • Eliminate the clamps and remove the nozzles from the places;
  • take out the pump;
  • Turn off the heater block. It can be attached on latches or screws;
  • Then dismantle the impeller and anchor;
  • Put the bearing with tweezers and take it out of the hole. Its rubber gasket is also subject to replacement;
  • Now you can assemble the device and put in place.

Malfunctions of the drainage pump

Why is the cracking when typing water is heard? When starting the dishwasher, it works out the laid cycle and proceeds to the drain of the liquid. If the pump is cracking, perhaps an extraneous subject fell into the impeller.

  • Clean the part of the blockage;
  • Remove the water with a sponge from the hole;
  • Remove the protective cover;
  • put on gloves and clean the impeller from garbage.

If the procedure did not help restore the work of the equipment, then proceed to dismantle and replace the pump. In most models, the node is in conjunction with a circulation pump. Therefore, you can get to it described above. Then:

  • turn off the wiring chips from the pump;
  • Eliminate the clamps of attaching hoses;
  • Remove the hose from the place;
  • Take the pump and take it out;

If desired, you can disassemble the pump to check what is the cause of the breakdown. It is possible to replace the gaskets, impeller or other elements.

Look more details at

To avoid clogging of the drain tract, consider the manufacturer’s recommendations:

  • Clean the dishes before loading from food residues.
  • Do not overload the bunker.
  • Use quality detergents.
  • Hot normal, clean filters after each sink or at least once a week.

Do not forget that the dishwasher should be installed in level. Disorders during installation lead to malfunctions during the operation of the equipment. Good repair!

The reasons that the dishwasher does not start

High.quality household appliances serves for a long time, but sometimes problems happen to it. It is not always clear why the dishwasher turns on by itself. Most likely, the Aquastop protective system worked. It is better to call a specialist who is well versed in the device of all modern models, such as Bosch, Electrolux, Hansa and others.

The capacitor of the recirculation pump burned

One of the reasons why the dishwasher does not work can be a burned or broken capacitor, without which the engine will not start. It is changed to a new.

Burned relay or motor

With these breakdowns, the water is poured, after choosing the necessary mode, the equipment is squealing, the sink does not include. The device is disassembled, the relay and the engine are checked by the multimeter. Faulty parts rewind or put new.

The control unit has broken. causes and symptoms

This is one of the most unpleasant reasons why the dishwashers are not launched, since the control module is expensive. Block is a kind of computer. It contains an algorithm of work and all programs. If it breaks, then after turning on, the indication lights up and the error is immediately displayed. When pressing any button, error codes are displayed. The device may not respond to pressing them, sounds appear that there were no before. The specialist should be engaged in the replacement.

The lock on the door is faulty

Loose a closed door is one of the reasons why the dishwashers do not turn on. If there are no external obstacles, the problem is in the castle. The tongue of the lock may fall, then its screwdriver is returned to its place. When breaking the mechanism, replacement is required.

The fuse burned

Blocked capacitors in PMM often violate the work of the equipment. Its serviceability is checked using a multimeter. Change if there is obvious damage or there is no resistance.

The control panel does not turn on

The machine cannot turn on if the buttons:

Disassemble the front panel, on the back are checked latches and bolts. Only the master should change the buttons or reflash the module.

Closes the protection machine

Voltage jumps lead to this. Therefore, it is recommended to install a stabilizer. If a protective machine is knocked out when the equipment is turned on, there may be reasons:

The failure of the launch button

The button control panels, although they are considered reliable, they also break. Modern models of dishwashers are equipped with sensors. who fail all at once. The fact that they do not work can be judged if the machine is loaded when turning on, but it requires choosing a program to start washing. Also, no process cannot be launched or when you press the sensor, nothing happens. If a partial breakdown has occurred, then certain functions can be launched. With a good control unit, the equipment is restored.

Spoiled network voltage filter

This filter takes all interference and loads on itself. When failing, it is changed. The part is not repaired, because after that there is no guarantee in protecting the machine.

Damaged cord

If the power supply is present, then check the wire. To do this, turn off the dishwasher and inspect the cable. which should be intact, have no cliffs. With the help of the multimeter, separate places of the wire are checked, since contacts can be violated inside it. Instead of damaged cords, new.

TOP-6 of the most reliable dishwashers according to experts reviews

Bosch SMV25BX01R


built.in completely;

capacity. 12 sets;

Moika and drying class. a;

water consumption. 10.5 l;

noise level. 48 dB;

programs. 5;

Dimensions. 59.8x55x81.5 cm.

Bosch SMV25EX01R


built.in completely;

capacity. 13 sets;

Moika and drying class. a;

water consumption. 9.5 l;

noise level. 48 dB;

programs. 5;

Dimensions. 60x55x82 cm.

Dishwasher Motor Buzzing? Fix it in one minute.



built.in completely;

capacity. 9 sets;

Moika and drying class. a;

water consumption. 8.5 l;

noise level. 48 dB;

programs. 3;

Dimensions. 44.8x55x81.5 cm.

Electrolux ESL 94200 LO


built.in completely;

capacity. 9 sets;

Moika and drying class. a;

water consumption. 10 l;

noise level. 51 dB;

programs. 5;

Dimensions. 45x55x82 cm.

Electrolux eea 917100 L


built.in completely;

capacity. 13 sets;

Moika and drying class. a;

water consumption. 11 l;

noise level. 49 dB;

programs. 5;

Dimensions. 60x55x82 cm.

Electrolux ESL 94510 LO


built.in completely;

capacity. 9 sets;

Moika and drying class. a;

water consumption. 9.9 l;

noise level. 47 dB;

programs. 5;

Dimensions. 44.6x55x81.8 cm.

How to repair a dishwasher with your own hands

If, after included in the Network, the PMM has issued an error code on the display, try to reload. How to reset the system and restart the dishwasher:

If, after rebooting, PMM started without an error code, then there was a failure in the system. You can continue the work.

Repair needed? Before disassembling the car, look at the scheme of its device.

Solving problems with the filling system

Water does not enter the tank? Consider how to rectify the situation.

  • Cross the water supply in the car and turn it off from the network.
  • Disconnect the pouring hose from the body.
  • Check it for a blockage.
  • Pull the filter skeleton. Rinse it under the crane. With strong contaminants, leave the filter soak in a solution of citric acid.
  • Diagnose the filling valve.
  • Call electric coils with a multimeter.

In case of malfunction, install a new valve. How to do it:

  • Free the tank of the car, remove the baskets and remove the sprayer.
  • Pull the filter and remove the water with a sponge.
  • Turn the car to get access to the bottom.
  • Remove the front panel below, unscrewing the mounting screws.
  • Disconnect the valve wiring and unscrew the mounting bolt.

Checking the circulation pump

The circulation pump in the dishwasher serves to pump water. Thanks to the pump, water enters the rod, and washing dishes begins. If you notice that the engine (pump) is noisy, buzzes and does not spray water, then he needs a replacement.

  • Open access to the bottom of the machine, as described above.
  • Unscrew the lower panel if it is in your model.
  • First you need to disconnect the drain pump.
  • Tear off the screw of its mount.
  • Take the pump clockwise.
  • Disconnect the engine wiring.
  • From the inside, the engine is attached with a clamp. Press it to disconnect the engine.
  • Remove the clips from the hoses that are attached to the pump engine.
  • In total, you need to disconnect three hoses.
  • Remove the spring clamp from the old pump and install it on a new.
  • Drive the assembly in the reverse order.

Elimination of a malfunction in the drain system

When water does not leave the car, the dishes are performed poorly, check the system for the blockage:

At the bottom of the tank is the drain filter. Pull it and the metal mesh after.

Eliminate the remaining food and garbage. Putting on gloves, check the pump impeller. Block blocking is possible.

Replacing the drain pump is easy. See the description of the replacement of the circulation pump.

Replacing the level sensor

A level sensor or press start in a dishwasher monitors the amount of water in the tank. Its electronic or mechanical part may break, the tube clog. Therefore, before replacing, check the device for serviceability, clean the pipe from the blockage.

Pressostate from the bottom of the car is located. The device looks like a box from which the pipe comes. Unscrew two fastening screws, disconnect the clamp and the pipe. You can check the part by blowing into the phone. If clicks are heard, then the working sensor is. The electronic part is checked by a multimeter.

Diagnosis of the heating element

The flow heater serves to heat water when washing dishes. If the heating does not occur, you need to check the wiring and connectors of the heater, it is located under the bottom of the PMM “Hans”. In the case of burning, its parts need urgent replacement. The heater contacts are nicknamed the multimeter.

  • Castle Ten is connected to the pump.
  • Unscrew the pump mount, handle clockwise, remove from the seat.
  • Disconnect the rubber heater.

Make the installation in the reverse order.

Search for a leakage place

To eliminate the leak, you need to establish the reason for its appearance:

  • Inspect the tank of the dishwasher.
  • Check the density of the door closing, the quality of its seals. In case of violation of integrity, the gum easily changes to a new.
  • Violation of the seal on the drain pump also leads to a leak. You need to change the seal or the pump entire.
  • Check the joints of the pouring and drain hoses. When leaks, the connection is pulled up. If the hose itself flows, you need to replace.

In conclusion, we will tell you how to use the dishwasher correctly.

How to avoid a breakdown of PMM

Following the instructions will allow your technique to serve longer. Follow simple rules:

  • Clean the dishes of food residues well.
  • Carry out the correct installation of equipment. Often the reason for the lack of water is incorrect connection.
  • Install a protective machine for expensive devices. This applies to the dishwashers and washing machines “Hans”. The automaton turns off the power when overloading on the network.
  • Use high.quality detergent.
  • Check the density of the door closure.
  • Carry out the dishes, following the instructions.

The breakdown is easier to warn than to repair. Show care for your technique, and she will take care of your dishes.



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