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The burner does not burn on a gas stove

Why does the oven rotate in a gas stove: the main reasons and ways to solve them

Gas stoves, and in particular oven cabinets, are particularly reliable. You can still meet products with experience of 50 years that have been successfully working. Alas, not all the owners of technology are lucky. Like any other oven, gas can fail and break. If your oven:

  • lights up, but goes out when you let go of the handle or button;
  • lights up, but spontaneously goes out during operation;
  • Fire does not burn, even if you bring a match

Note! If the oven manages to light with a match, but the auto.paper does not work, study the article “The electrical adjustment of the gas oven does not work, and it does not light up”.

The oven is turned off after the handle is released

Common breakdown-a malfunction in the system of warning of gas-control gas leakage. How to combat automation works? To control the presence of flame on the burner into the design of the burning device, a thermocouple and an electromagnetic valve are introduced. Thermocouple from heating can create a current for magnetizing the winding and valve core and core. In the case of a flame attenuation, the thermocouple is cooled into the flame zone and the flow of the current on the valve stops.

At the time of cooling, the electromagnet is not in strength to hold the valve and, under the influence of the return spring, blocks access to gas. The disconnection by a characteristic metal click is accompanied. To eliminate the breakdown of the thermocouple and the EMK valve are checked under load by the multimeter.

The reason has crushed the tip of the thermocouple.

The excitation of the EMF occurs by heating the adhesion of the thermocouple, which is located at the base of the tip. The effect of open fire destroys the place of soldering. The case is painted, the contact weakens and ultimately destroys.

In this case, solder the dumped wire. The rations are cleaned and pounded additionally. After soldering, the thermocouple under heating is checked by a multimeter for current production. This repair will delay the replacement of thermocouple for 6-7 months. From the practice of repairs: if the oven does not work due to a broken thermocouple the best solution will be to replace it. Thermocarda is a universal part and interchangeable. Suitable from any grades of plates. In installation, the main criterion is the seat and height of the installation above the burner.

The reason for the break in the winding of the electric valve.

The thermoelectromagnetic valve serves as a safety device, called the gas disconnecting when the flame is extinguished. It consists of: electromagnet, copper winding and valve-process. The main malfunction belongs to the breakthrough of the winding. The valve is a non.combination part, in the event of a breakdown, you will need to replace.

The layout of the thermocouple and the valve of the operator is connected by a threaded or spike-puzzle connection. In most cases, the automation of the plate does not work due to the weakening of the contact. In most cases, the repair is reduced to the capture of the connection. Read more in this article.

Why the device does not turn on

The functioning of the slab (oven, the hob) is based on several processes: the supply of blue fuel and the appearance of a spark. Therefore, there can be many malfunctions associated with the operation of the device. At the first stage, it is worth determining why it does not turn on, for example:

  • There is no gas intake;
  • ignition does not work;
  • the oven is not ignited with a prolonged or frequent press of the button;
  • When the regulator is released, the fire goes out;
  • The spark is formed, but the gas does not enter the burner.

If you can’t light a flame, while the sound of gas is not heard, check the shut.off valve on the pipe. If it is in an open position, then the formation of a cork is likely. Then in anyone the case you can’t do something yourself, block the fuel supply and call specialists.

Clarification of the causes of the problem

If the burner burns poorly on the gas stove, then first it is necessary to turn off the equipment from gas and electricity. Inspection and repair of the hob is allowed to be carried out exclusively after overlap the supply of gas fuel.

It is impossible to neglect elementary security measures here.

It doesn’t matter or not the smell of gas in the kitchen or not. it doesn’t matter that any manipulations for the maintenance of gas equipment should be performed only with open windows and good natural ventilation of the room

Many modern gas stoves are equipped with electronics and automatic ignition systems that require power supply. Often, inexperienced home masters, when working with a hob on gas, forget about this feature of this device. As a result. ignition of methane vapors from sparks. Therefore, before starting the repair, it is recommended to disconnect not only the stove itself, but in general all electrical appliances in the kitchen.

Problems with gas stove burners arise due to:

  • incorrect operation of electric valve and/or thermocouple;
  • scored with fat and soot in nozzles;
  • malfunctions of candles of ignition;
  • long break in the maintenance of gas equipment.

Owners of private houses and apartments where the gas stove stands, are required to conclude an agreement for regular verification of the equipment in question with a specialized organization. Without such an agreement, the gas will not be supplied to the consumer.

And gas workers should come at least once a year, checking the performance of the hob and, if necessary, immediately repairing it. All other calls are paid separately.

If problems with the stove have arisen between the regulatory checks, then you will have to either call the wizard again, or repair it yourself

over, if, with independent repair of firewood and other devices of the hock panel, they will be damaged, then without gases, a faulty device is prohibited to turn on. Even on condition that the stove is more or less efficient, then, with an annual check, a gas company’s specialist will reveal a breakdown and immediately block the gas until the shortcomings are eliminated. And these are inevitable additional expenses. Plus, they may also be a fine.

It is recommended to take on the repair of a gas stove with your own hands only if you are sure that you will do everything right. There are no particular difficulties in these works, but you can break something by negligence or ignorance.

  • Flame of not due to blue. not enough oxygen or gas on the nozzle enters too large.
  • The burner does not ignite. with soot, the spray holes are clogged or the thermocouple or candle is faulty.
  • The fire goes out-gas supply is blocked due to faulty gas control or problems with a gas pipe.

Cleaning or replacing burners on a gas stove yourself can. But if a problem place is a counter, a gas pipe (cylinder) or an external gasket sensor directly, then it is better to abandon the arbitrariness.

In such a situation, you should seek the help of gallows responsible for the serviceability of the VKGO and VDGO.

Pros and cons

Modern gas stoves according to EU standards should be equipped with ignition and, which is interesting for customers, this process does not affect the price of plates.

Among the advantages of slabs with electric canvage, experts distinguish the following:

  • No need to buy matches and lighters.
  • Increased safety in cooking, as the ignition protects the user from burns that may occur during the outbreak of gas.
  • Fast adaptation of users when switching from an electric stove to a gas.
  • Increased fire safety due to the lack of matches in the kitchen.
  • Sanitary-hygienic attractiveness in the form of a clean slab.

Thus, the pluses are enough for the hostess to enjoy the technological innovations of the new stove, with the built.in faint. However, in fairness, the shortcomings should be noted:

  • The need for power supply, in the absence of which auto.zero will not work.
  • Additional eyeliner is required to the stove.
  • The risk of ignition of the stove with small children, in this case, it will not work to remove it like matches, only one thing remains as protection. to control children in the kitchen.

The reasons for the breakdown

Why the gas stove doesn’t work? There are two of the most common causes of poorly working electric lighting:

One of the reasons for a poorly working electrical adjustment of a gas stove is fat buttons. It is very simple to solve the problem: it is enough to clean and dry the components of the hob, all the buttons in order to repair the electric lighting of the gas stove caused by pollution.

Another possible cause of breakdown is a crack or bursting ceramic isolation on a candle of ignition. The polluted candle of ignition can fail if pollution is scored on it. The candle can also stop working due to impaired tightness or oxidation of the rod made of steel. In addition, the element can crack due to inaccurate circulation. In this case, the spark begins to beat aside. The only way out of the situation is to replace the candle of ignition.

When combating a spark generation block (inciting transformer), the button that you press on does not create a spark. If the piezor.Zhizhig does not work on a gas stove, it is easier to buy than to repair it. It is realistic to repair this element, but too expensive. it is cheaper to purchase a new.

During washing the slab, very often water falls into the contact site of the inclusion buttons. High humidity creates all the conditions so that for some time these contacts are oxidized, become stiff and break. In some cases, the opposite occurs. the contacts can stick together and not work correctly. It is easy to solve such a problem with a non.working auto.bank. there is enough cleaning and drying, after which the performance of the hob will be restored.

How to repair piezoelene

To independently eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to find out the cause, and then, begin to eliminate it.

Clarification of the reason

Often you have to deal with the fact that the electric set.looking for one burner does not work. This means that the search for faults should be carried out along the path of electric current to a faulty piezo element.

First of all, external inspection is carried out. The presence of foreign objects on the surface of the contacts should be excluded.

ATTENTION! When examining the ceramic surface of the element, it is advisable to use a magnifying glass to convince in the absence or presence of cracks.

If the piezoelectric element works, and the gas does not light up, the burner is turned on by means of another source of fire and carefully observe the combustion process. If the fire is dull or with a yellowish shade, then the cause of the malfunction is poor.quality formation, due to the need to serve the supply gas channels and conforms.

Defect revealed during examination, eliminated by replacing the broken element. To detect hidden malfunctions of the wiring of an electric network of a gas stove, a tester is used. By measuring the voltage, at the time of turning on the button, the operability of the tested area of ​​the circuit or control unit and the current emergency response is revealed.


After examining the available elements from the outside and the need for the need for the study of the internal part of the stove and the repair, it is necessary: ​​it is necessary:

  • Remove the upper cover of the stove or gain access to the bottom of the hob, cut into kitchen furniture.
  • After the diagnosis and detect a faulty piezo element, it is unscrewed from the inside. For this, sometimes a light tapping with a wooden object is required so as not to damage the ceramic case.

IMPORTANT! Before you remove the sparking element, you need to check the density of the contact with the network. The malfunction may be due to the oxidation of the contact surfaces.

After installation, check the operability of the slab and fix everything in its original places.

ATTENTION! The cause of the malfunction of the sparking element is often fat at its contacts. To eliminate such a drawback, you need to clean these surfaces using sandpaper.

If a malfunction of the control unit or contact wires is detected, they are replaced by faulty parts, after which the stove is checked.

Security measures

When carrying out work on disassembling the upper part of the plate or hob, you must turn off the electricity, then block the gas supply. When checking the operability of the stove in disassembled form after the repair, the connection of electricity and gas is performed in short.term mode. A full connection of the slab to the required communications is carried out after all assembly work is completed.

Having skills with a screwdriver and an electric tester, everyone can independently identify and eliminate the breakdown of the hob with electric lighting. The performance of household appliances serves as a guarantee of a good mood, especially after performing repairs with your own hands.

The burners of the stove burn poorly, sometimes they go out

This problem is caused by a violation in the pressure of the gas supplied. If a problem is observed on one burner, most likely it is necessary to replace the nozzle. If all the burners are burning intensely, it is required to adjust the cylinder gearbox or a centralized fuel supply system. In any case, the malfunction should be eliminated by a specialist with appropriate qualifications.

The burner of the gas stove is very noisy when

The problem occurs in case of violation of the balance in the supply of gas and oxygen. In old.style slabs Such a malfunction is eliminated by the regulation of the air damper. New plates require replacement of cutters.

  • Old.style gas stoves cranes can be clogged with excess lubricants. They can be disassembled and cleaned. In modern plates, this malfunction is not found.
  • If the taps turn with difficulty, Most likely, fat and dust are praised on rotary mechanisms. Remove the taps, rinse the adjustment handle and all the details of the taps with a soap solution, dry and set in place.
  • Sometimes turning the cranes is difficult due to a lack of lubrication. Disassemble the tap, clean it of pollution and the old lubrication layer, apply a new layer in a thin layer.
  • Cranes cranes turn when turning on In case of damage to the rotary mechanism. Having removed the crane handle, inspect the condition of the seat. On the side where the crane rod includes a small metal plate. If it fell out, the diameter of the hole increased. the tap is turning. You can make a new part from the canry jar. In some cases, it may require a replacement of handles or taps.

Having decided to lubricate the cranes of the gas stove, remember that you can not use ordinary machine oil. A special, heat.resistant lubricant intended for gas equipment is required.

A gas stove burns badly

When buying a gas stove, many consumers hope for its long and uninterrupted work. This household appliance works in extreme conditions, thermal loads constantly affect its working bodies. Over time, this impact will lead the bottom to various problems, in particular, the burners will begin to burn hard, hiss, make a crack.

One of the most widespread misunderstandings arising in the gas stove is rightfully considered interruptions in the work of the burner. This is expressed in a change of flame color, flame size growth that comes out of the burner or, conversely, a sharp decrease in it. Clamps on the work of the burner include such as the separation of the flame. In addition, with a set of some circumstances, the working device begins to make sounds that should not be. The gas stove is generally almost silently working.

As a rule, any malfunctions are caused by a number of reasons, among which we can name the most models of gas plates of domestic and imported production. Among them, we highlight the following:

  • The design of the device is broken.
  • The gas sleeve is damaged.
  • Air-gas mixture deficiency.
  • Low gas pressure.
  • The burner is incorrectly selected.

What if the burner burns poorly and makes sounds

All models of gas slabs are equipped with burners. In fact, this is the main working body necessary for cooking.

The Building of the Brown, is a gas crane outlining and takes part in mixing and preparing gas fuel, necessary for normal operation. This node is most susceptible to thermal exposure from the side of combustion fuel. Sooner or later, the details of which the burner consist of are subject to deformation, the density of the cover of the cover to the burning body is lost and the result of this is a violation of the combustion regime, that is, the air begins to flow through the resulting cracks. This leads to a breakdown of flame. In the process of combustion, soot begins to be produced, and the fiery ring around the burner can change its color to red. The consequence of deformation is also that there is a generation of sounds, which should not be by definition.

We must not forget that over time there is a decrease in holes (nozzle). This occurs from the formation of a carbon fiber due to the hit of the particles of food, fat, and detergents. If the polluted burner can be washed, then the deformed must be urgently replaced.


If we are talking about replacement, then it is best to replace all the burners.

What to do when a gas stove burns poorly

As noted above, if the burners work with an interruption, it is necessary to understand why this is happening and already based on this, make a decision either about washing or replacing the burner.

Is it possible to fix the breakdown on your own

In fact, with any difficulties it is best to contact specialists. But still some operations can be performed independently. For example, rinse the burner from accumulated dirt, which has a negative effect on the process of combustion of gaseous fuel.

How can you rinse the burner? The flushing operation looks as follows:

  • Remove the grill from the surface of the slab, which closes the faulty burner.
  • Remove a cutter (cover) from the surface of the burner and pull the burner itself.
  • In order to get to the nozzle, it may be necessary to turn out a few screws. However, it depends on the model of the plate.
  • Surely a certain amount of garbage has accumulated under the burner, which must be removed.
  • Flushing the burner and the details that make up its composition. This will need to prepare a washing solution. It includes 10 parts of any dishwasher and 1 part of the water. The components of the burner make sense, hold for some time in this composition. The duration of soaking is determined by the degree of pollution. For thoroughly processing the cutter, it is advisable to use a toothbrush and toothpick. After all the details are washed, they must be thoroughly dried.
  • The nozzle also needs to be washed, to clean the holes, you can use a toothpick.
  • After all the details have been dried, you can perform the feed assembly and installation of the nozzle and burner to the place.


Use sewing needles is unacceptable for cleaning holes in the nozzle. They break quite easily and can just get stuck in a snot. It will be problematic to get it from there.

If an electric ignition is installed on the stove, then it can also cause unstable operation of the burner.

How to Fix Low Flame on Gas Stove

If, after completed cleaning, the flame still does not burn stable or does not work at all, then perhaps the reason lies in the electric ignition. You can find out quite simply. To do this, turn off the light in the kitchen, and in the dark, press the ignition button. If the spark has a yellow or orange color, then, most likely, it will require a replacement of the entire entire. This device cannot be repaired.

burner, does, burn, stove

The burner of the gas stove is poorly or not completely works? This can be easily fixed

Sooner or later, everyone who uses a gas stove is faced with the fact that the burner of the plate burns weakly or not completely, or does not burn at all. The burners in the photo below both are included in the maximum.

YouTube | Gas master

The situation is unpleasant and immediately inspires thoughts about the call of the master and the costs accompanying him. Do not rush to call the master, because often this problem can be solved independently, and literally in a couple of minutes!

Most often, the problem is that one of the gas output holes were clogged in the stove and you just need to clean the nozzle. And to do this, you do not even need any special tools.

In order to gain access to Sopl, the gas stove needs to be opened, that is, to disassemble its table. There is nothing complicated: the burner needs to be removed, and unscrew the table cover. If you have a hob, then you do not need to disassemble the table, just raise the burner.

YouTube | Gas master

When you lift the table, this picture will open up to your eyes: around the hole of the burner a halo from the remains of once cooked dishes and detergents. Under each of these holes is a nozzle, you need it.

YouTube | Gas master

Now we take a needle or pin with a ball at the top, bend it with the letter “g” and clean the nozzle, moving the pin up and down and from side to side. It is advisable to clean the hole when gas output, then the garbage will go outside, and not fall inside.

YouTube | Gas master

We check the result of the work: insert a burner without a table. Everything burns perfectly! We collect the table and rejoice at a regularly working stove and money saved on the master.

YouTube | Gas master

And below you can watch a video on how to independently clean the nozzle of a gas stove.

The gas stove does not turn on the button

Speaking of the inoperative condition, the button should recall. The first reason for the ignition of burning is the elementary bay of important elements with water while washing a gas stove or a hob.

To check this option, it is necessary to wipe the elements under the burners and handles dry (do not forget to turn off the power supply of the plate).

The backup is also leading to non.work. pollution of the mechanisms. If after pressing the button of the ignition of the burner does not light up, you need to turn off the stove from electricity and wash all important elements. How to do it right read below.

Instructions how to clean the jacks, electric fires and electrodes of a gas stove

Important! All cleansing works must only be carried out with the power of power, since many elements are energized.

How to replace electric fire on a gas stove

The mechanisms are cleaned, the fog and fat are removed, and some burners still do not want to ignite?

We will figure out why the electric lighting button on the gas stove may not turn on the nozzle.

There is an electric light near each burner. Over time, cracks may appear on its surface, which lead the current from the spark of spark to the ignition to the base of the burner. That is, the burner ceases to ignite.

Check this simply simply verbally check whether the spark appears on the electrode of the electric carpet when trying to light a non.working burner. To fix the problem, it is necessary to replace the non.working electrode.

Pierces the wire responsible for electric fire. It is also checked as a non.working electrical engine, you can verify accuracy when removing the top panel of the gas stove or after removing the gas hob panel.

To correct this defect, it is necessary to replace the wire, usually it comes with the electrode.

Important! All work with unscrewing the upper panel, replacing electric heat and wires should be carried out only with the power of the power and blocked the screw on the gas pipe. All work should be carried out only by a specialist, since this work is explosive.

burner, does, burn, stove

Electric light does not work

Evidence of a non.working.working.based ignition electrical system is the result of a simple check: the burners are lit from the matches, and in abstract. the gas does not light up in any of them.

  • The firing button failed. it is either defective, or has worked out its entire resource;
  • The automatic lighting unit as a whole does not work. when you press the button, it does not give out a spark.

If you do not light up the burners from the electric light, then call the linime, its experts will replace faulty elements.

If none of the candles in the automatic lighting unit produces sparks, then the block must be changed.

How to fix gas stove burner not lighting /low flame

If only a fire does not light up in one burner, and when pressing the spark button, but weak (comparing with other burners), and even aside directed, then the candle is to blame. But in such cases, it often manages to reanimate it by cleansing the covering part of the dirt. Nar, the remnants of food, detergents. all this carefully remove.

Sometimes the wire sticks to the dirty surface of the candle housing, and electricity breaks through the insulation. again, you need to clean the body and release the wire.

Do not forget: Clean the steel core of the candle from the oxidation film.

You won’t believe it. not a flame breaks out of the nozzle of the burner, but a stream of water. This was convinced of this all the porch, convened by the wife of the miserable, who decided to engage in the stove and the placed pipes in a not.adequate condition. instead of gas, connected the water supply.

Comrades! Be responsible. Do not check fate working with gas equipment.

If the cleaning did not help, then the problem is the insulation of the wire or candle. Then call Lenremont, its master will replace the candle with the wire.

In private houses, the wire between the button and the firing unit is often damaged, because of this sparks there is not any burner.

You can find out about other breakdowns in gas equipment, their detection and repair on other pages of the Lenremont website, or call the indicated phones and get operational advice.

In all cases, you can leave a request on the site.

Video to help you

Automatic ignition. find the cause of the malfunction and eliminate:

You can independently diagnose the problems that arise with your gas stove. We hope. this article will help in this. As in independent elimination of breakdowns and malfunctions. This will allow you to save on paid repairs.

In cases agreed in the article, as well as in doubt that you can do it. contact, Lenremont will always promptly come to the rescue.

Know: if necessary, get a consultation. feel free to call or write to us. We will not only answer all your questions, but also make professional diagnostics of your gas stove and problems that have arisen.



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