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The built -in refrigerator creaks when opening

The guides of the built.in refrigerator creaks

The fastest way to eliminate the creaks is to lubricate the upper and lower hinges with special means. After lubricating the details with these specialized means, you need to work on the detail back and forth until the noise disappears. Products recommended for lubricating the refrigerator doors:

  • Paraffin wax (not candle wax). The form of wax, which includes combustible shale, oil and coal, is called paraffin wax. It is a colorless solid substance. With an increase in temperature in excess of 37 ° C, it begins to melt. The temperature of its boiling is above 370 ° C. The connection is soluble in the gasoline, ether, but this cannot be done in water. Paraffin wax burner is a good insulator, since the current does not miss. Most often it is used to lubricate the rubbing surfaces and electrical insulation.
  • Petrolatum. The product is prepared from paraffin resin of deciduous origin. They are cleaned, bleached using special drugs. Vaselin. viscous, transparent, colorless substance without smell. Cable to attract moisture. It is not washed off with water. It perfectly fulfills its purpose, softening the course of hinges, but there is enough of it for a short time. Plus can be called accessibility, petroleum jelly is always at hand in any house.
  • Mineral oil. It is created from oil using technical plant cultures. The production process is quite simple, so the price of mineral oils is low. Stagnation occurs at low temperatures. You can find on sale mineral oil for household needs in practical packaging, in a plastic container with a comfortable nose. The package is about 100 grams.

Using each of the products, you need to take into account one moment. the better the substance, the less often you have to repeat the procedure.

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Stages of lubrication of the refrigerator door when creaking

Advice! Wipe the area over the door seals with a thin layer of petroleum jelly. Lubricants help to extend the life of the seals.

The sequence of elimination of the problem includes several stages:

  • Remove all products and other items stored on the door of the refrigerator. Open the door and lift it to the hinges to open a sufficient section of parts for lubrication. It is advisable to acquire an assistant, because the part of the refrigerator may be cumbersome.
  • To lubricate the door loops, use the already specified list of funds. You can purchase them in a household appliance store or in the market. Use only lubricants designed specifically for such procedures, since other oils can be leaked into food, destroy its aroma or even harm.
  • Apply a small amount of lubricant to the bottom of the hinge, raising the door as far as possible. Pull to the bottom of the hinge with a small screwdriver with a flat head to evenly distribute the petroleum jelly.
  • Press a little, then apply a small amount of lubricant to the upper part of the hinge. Use a small screwdriver to straighten the petroleum jelly as far as possible along the hinge.
  • Open and close the refrigerator door several times to make sure that the creak is no longer repeated. If the door is still creaking, you will need to remove the door from the hinges and carefully grease these loops with petroleum jelly.

One thing should be remembered: some minor creaks arise as a result of the normal operation of the refrigerator. For example, creaks during the first days after the start of operation of a new device. Also, a faint creaky sound can occur due to a worn door seal-a strip that is usually made of rubber material.

She prevents the appearance of scratches on metal parts. Replacing the seal entails the removal of the existing material. For this, it is necessary to use high.temperature glue.

If the door on the refrigerator emits too strong a creak, then it can be regarded as a “critical signal”. In this case, one lubrication will not be enough, it is better to contact the master and as soon as possible. After all, there are problems that do not solve yourself. In order to prevent and prevent an irritating creak, lubricate the refrigerator doors every 2-3 months.

How is the installation?

That’s the most interesting. To begin with, prepare the project and show it to the master when buying a built.in refrigerator. The model that you liked will not fit into the kitchen or will go too deep into the wall. After approval, the regulations of work and the amount of the service are discussed. The whole procedure implies a stroke in the wall, processing of edges, isolation, installation, fixing, summing up communications, final finishes.

First, last the wall and process the place for the refrigerator. The more smooth the surface will turn out, the less temperature losses will be and the more the refrigerator will work without failures. The contact place is processed with a grinding circle, polished and sealed with gypsum mixture. If the distance from the wall to the refrigerator is too large. thermal losses are inevitable, and if too small, the insulation layer will not fit and losses are formed.

After processing on the wall using glue-cement or construction glue, isolate. In this case, you need to buy gluing on an epoxy basis. Some powerful mixtures react with insulation and corrode it.

When the insulation is performed, you need to make holes for electric cables. They should not be made “back”, otherwise the wire will break or expose a layer of isolation during the extension.

Next, you need to place the refrigerator into the camera (into the box), gradually connecting the wires. The ideal length of the wires is such that in the connected state the refrigerator can be completely removed without disconnecting from the network. This will quickly fix it and return to its place.

After installation, you need to install wall limiters and fasteners to exclude the chance of the refrigerator out of the hole, as a result of the temperature difference. This is possible in the hot season, when the temperature of the wall changes, the compression and expansion of the material occurs. The pressure in the refrigerating chamber changes, which can provoke the rejection of the refrigerator outward. For this reason, it is recommended to fix it using special wedges. When the box is fixed, you can proceed to the next point.

After all the above procedures, the installation site can be processed and decorated with decorative elements to hide the consequences of installation. REFERENCE! Seven times measure cut once! It is necessary to observe this proverb, otherwise the furniture standing nearby will not allow to close the refrigerator tightly, and even the slightest gap will lead to corruption of products in the summer.

Ready! Now there is a large refrigerator in the kitchen, which almost does not take space and contains many products. At the same time, the general kitchen interior and design did not undergo large changes.

The price for the installation will depend on the price of the refrigerator itself, since in the process it can be damaged, no one will risk for the sake of a small amount. Standard. 10% of the cost of the refrigerator itself, although you can agree on a discount, if the configuration is not very difficult.

If there is no need to deepen the device with a cabinet into the wall, the refrigerator is simply inserted into an empty cabinet and the doors are connected. But there are also disadvantages. a separate refrigerator also occupies a useful place in the kitchen. This is especially noticeable when opening, since large doors block the passage.

REFERENCE! If the clock for the refrigerator is not prepared properly, it will be affected by mold.

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How to fix a loose adjacent refrigerator door

You can diagnose the fit density using a thin strip of paper 5 and 20 cm long. You need to attach it to the rubber seal, close the door and try to stretch. This procedure is done around the entire perimeter of the seal. In places where it adjacent loosely, the paper stretches easily. To eliminate the loose fit of the refrigerator door, there are several options, depending on the location of such areas:

To change the seal, you need to act as follows:

These malfunctions of the door can be eliminated to any home master.

The refrigerator door creaks. what to do and how to lubricate?

The refrigerator door can make an annoying squeak, like any other device. Lubrication inside the hinges, after a certain period, is erased. This leads to the fact that the sound of the contact of the metal parts when opening and closing the door creates a considerable noise.

Why the refrigerator door creaks? How to eliminate the problem?

In most doors of the refrigerators there are two loops: one is located on top and the other below. The freezer department also has two hinges, but they usually require less lubrication, since the freezer does not open quite often. Updating the lubricant allows hinges to slide smoothly, which allows you to calmly and just open the refrigerator.

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What to do to eliminate an unpleasant rattle?

The fastest way to eliminate the creaks is to lubricate the upper and lower hinges with special means. After lubricating the details with these specialized means, you need to work on the detail back and forth until the noise disappears. Products recommended for lubricating the refrigerator doors:

Paraffin wax (not candle wax). can also be used on door pads.

Vaselin. recommended for hinges, door pads.

Mineral oil. oil refining product.

Using each of the products, you need to take into account one moment. the better the substance, the less often you have to repeat the procedure.

What to do if there is a damaged seal

Consider how to restore the gum on the refrigerator if it leaves the door a little:

  • If the gasket is slightly crumpled and there are no cracks on it, then a hairdryer is used for repair. At the same time, the seal is not removed from the door. The gap is heated to about 70 ° C and slightly stretched. Then the refrigerator is closed until it cools completely.
  • To return the elastic properties of old rubber, it needs to be softened. For this, the gasket is carefully removed from the door. Pour boiling water and leave in the water until it cools. Then thoroughly dried and installed in place. This method is considered more effective.
  • If the gasket departs no more than 2 mm, then the gap is closed with paper. Cut a strip of the required width and lay voids or glue it on a double.sided tape. This will help get rid of the problem for a couple of weeks.

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To restore tightness, the refrigerator door to the other side is outweighed. This option is suitable for models in which this possibility is provided. But it is not always effective. the probability of recovery is about 50% and depends on the period of use of the unit.

How to reanimate an elastic band on the door of the refrigerator with more serious damage? With noticeable cracks on the gasket, glue is used. He must be elastic and reliable. Apply the glue “Moment”, “88”, silicone adhesives (for example, Tytan Professional, RTV 118Q and others.).

The longitudinal rupture on the sealant is sealed with tape. Such damage is not particularly dangerous, but it requires taking measures to avoid further consequences.

In case of wear of the elastic band on the household device, it is necessary to carefully remove it without damaging the surface of the refrigerator. Since factory gums are a whole part, it will not be difficult to remove it with your own hand. You just need to put the corner with a clerical knife and peel off from the body.In some cases, you need to remove the door from the body so that it is easier to peel the elastic band.

After diagnosing problems associated with the performance of the refrigerator, many have the question of what to do if the elastic band does not fit tightly. Below are all kinds of ways of combating this problem.

Replacement of elastic bands

As described above, you can completely replace the sealing gum. This method is suitable only if the damage is numerous.


With small defects, you can use the glue “moment” or “supergli”. Any shoe glue can serve as an alternative. The effect will be short.lived, but will help to wait a waste of money on a new elastic band.

The door overexposure

Another way is to outweigh the door to the other side. Not all models allow such a procedure.

note! With severe damage to the rubber gasket, the doors overpasses will not give any effect.

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Boiling water will help

Remove the seal from the door and put in boiling water. The gasket should stay in the water until completely cooled. After that, it is necessary to allow the rubber material to dry and attached back to the door. This procedure will help to reanimate the rubber that begins to dry out.

The gap in the refrigerator is determined using a regular sheet of paper. To do this, you need to insert it into the gap and move. If the sheet moves freely, then it is necessary to replace the elastic band, otherwise everything works correctly.

In some cases, you can quickly restore the seal for the refrigerator with your own hands. Of course, if the seal is torn or rotted, you have to change it. If the sealing rubber is slightly deformed to restore it with your own hands, you can use this method: to heat the deformation place with a hair dryer, change the shape with your fingers and press the door strongly, holding it so for some time.

But sometimes it’s enough to simply adjust the refrigerator door, with its loose adjoining. There is no need to change anything in this form, only to adjust. When there are cracks in the design, it is worth checking how they formed.

What can not be used

If the refrigerator door begins to grind, many try to get rid of the creak faster and for this purpose use products that are not quite suitable for this purpose. So, fats of organic origin are used as a lubricant. oil, fat. This cannot be done categorically, since there are quite a lot of water in the products, which in the future can cause corrosion of metal loops. Fat and oil exacerbate the problem, because due to rust, the creak will only intensify.

You can not use vegetable oil for lubrication. at low temperatures it quickly thickens and the effect is leveled. Dirt accumulates on it, dust settles, mold may appear. It should be remembered that the above means (petroleum jelly, mineral oil, paraffin) or special ones can be used as lubrication, they produce quite a lot of them today.

How to grease the door lock

The door care is not only in the timely lubrication of loops in order to prevent the creak, this applies equally to the door lock. If you lubricate it regularly, you are unlikely to encounter a jamming or jammed castle that is difficult or impossible to open. That is why you should not forget about the regular lubrication of locks.

But still, than to lubricate the lock for its optimal work? In principle, lubrication for locks and door loops is often the same means. So, for lubrication of sulovadic locks, dry grease of lost graphite is usually used, which falls asleep inside the disassembled lock or directly into the keyhole.

Machine oil, universal silicone lubricant, or previously mentioned liquid for caring for various WD40 mechanisms are well suited for lubrication of cylinder locks.

To grease the lock, the door well must be pre.processed with a cleaning product: pour the product inside and turn the key several times. After cleaning, a slightly lubricant is poured into the well. it is more convenient to do from a cylinder with a spray, equipped with a thin plastic tube.

What to do if the door is sticking

The first thing you should do if the refrigerator door is poorly opened is to wait. If your technique is working, in a minute the problem will be removed. over, a tightly adjacent sash suggests that the products are stored correctly and you will not need replacement of sealing rubber for a long time.

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If you open the device again in 5 minutes, this indicates a suction in a drainage system. To eliminate it, take a long toothpick or a hard wire of 20 cm and lower it into a drain hole. If independent cleaning has not helped, contact the master. He will conduct professional cleaning with special tools. Without them, you risk damaging the internal parts of the system.

Often the cause of the tight stroke is the seal. With the closest washing of the technique, pay special attention to this zone: wash the elastic band with a soft fat.giving agent, thoroughly rinse it with a soft sponge. It is not recommended to rub it with hard brushes or use strong reagents. Remember that rubber materials wear out in 5-8 years, so it is often easier to replace the seal than to try to reanimate it and risk the temperature regime of the entire system.

Sometimes you may feel that the door opens and closes very tightly. This suggests that the loops are tightly tightened during assembly and they need to be lubricated and relaxed if necessary. If you are not sure that you can do it yourself, it is better to invite a specialist from Lenbyt.



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