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The boiler does not work after the gas supply has been shut off

The gas boiler suddenly stops working and does not turn on. What can be the reasons?

Owners of gas boilers often call us with a request for advice in this situation: The gas boiler has suddenly stopped working. Let’s look at a few situations where this can happen.

Boiler Breakdown: What you can check.

As a result of a voltage drop in the network, for example, after a lightning strike, the boiler has gone into protection. Can be treated simply by resetting the error, everything will work again.

The boiler board or other electrical elements of the boiler are damaged due to the same reasons. Specialist diagnostics and replacement or repair of damaged parts.

Continual instability of voltage values, for example. too low or high voltage. It is necessary to measure the values in the electrical system and install a voltage regulator.

Gas supply or low water pressure. Check the gas pressure and pressure.

If you notice that there has been a blackout, several possibilities are possible: all of the previous ones with instability, spikes, an error or damage to the board. But there is another option. very common: during electrical repair work on the mower line has changed phase AC. Almost all boilers are phase-dependent, so all you need to do is flip the plug in the socket and reset the error.

There is a problem with the circulation of the heating fluid. This can happen if the return filter is clogged or there are other obstructions. In this case, the boiler is blocked by the circulation pump.

Stale draught is disturbed. Strong wind in the coaxial chimney, chimney clogging and icing can be the cause of blocking the boiler by draught.

So, we have analyzed most of the reasons that can suddenly lead to the fact that the boiler suddenly stopped working / does not turn on. If this happens, check the error code on the display, gas and water pressure, chimney condition, turn the plug in the socket and reset the boiler error. If all of this does not help, you need to call a master gas boiler repairman. Well, of course, to avoid such problems, regularly carry out maintenance and install a voltage regulator.

Automatic restart of the boiler after turning off the gas

During the heating period, the gas is sometimes turned off. This is a fact.

For different reasons. This would not be a problem, no longer than a couple of hours, the gas supply is usually turned on. If it were not for one small detail. the majority of household gas boilers after a temporary gas shutdown does not start itself.

If you are away at the time and your home heating system does not have an automatic backup, the heating system, and by the same token, the water system comes to an end. The house cools down, the boiler and piping freeze and burst, freezing water destroys expensive plumbing fixtures and plumbing equipment walled in the walls.

Why the boiler does not restart after a gas outage?

The fact that the boiler automation does not control the presence of gas. It controls the presence of the flame in the boiler combustion chamber. If there is no flame, after three ignition attempts the boiler enters emergency mode. Regular boiler automatics can not determine why there is no flame, and in order to protect against dangerous situations, such as ignition electrodes start in a gassy room, the boiler enters into an emergency mode, to exit from which requires manual restart by man, after checking the room of the boiler room.

How to determine if my boiler starts on its own after a gas outage, or if a manual restart is required?

It is simple. If your boiler is a floor standing boiler with a supercharged external burner, it will restart because supercharged burners are equipped with gas pressure controls. The other boilers are not. And unfortunately, neither will yours if you have any wall mounted boiler or floor standing atmospheric boiler operating on a natural chimney draft.

What to do?

The good news is that the situation is not hopeless. You just need to modify the boiler‘s gas circuit by installing a gas pressure switch on the gas pipe.

It is safe?

Yes, it is completely safe. Gas pressure switch is made by the famous German manufacturer Kromschroder, has all necessary certificates and permits. On premium heating equipment, this device is installed as standard or is included in the recommended package.

How it works?

Gas pressure switch is set at a minimum pressure that corresponds to the minimum pressure specified in the manual on your boiler, at which the boiler remains functional. If the pressure in the gas supply line drops below a critical minimum, or the gas is completely cut off, the relay will cut off power to the burner of the heating boiler. The boiler will remain in standby mode, will not go to the accident, the boiler pump will work, providing circulation in the network to protect the pipes from freezing. After turning on the gas, the boiler goes into operating mode and starts independently.

Is the installation of the gas pressure switch an unauthorized intervention in the boiler??

No, the relay is installed in the standard socket of the boiler, in the gap circuit of the room thermostat 220v, or, if such a thermostat is not installed, instead of it. Installation of the minimum gas pressure switch is an absolutely legal measure for additional safety and viability of the heating system, which does not affect the warranty of the heating equipment you have installed. Contact us and you can leave your home in complete peace of mind, even for a long time!

How to solve the problem of a boiler shutdown due to lack of gas

All gas boilers, including such little automated boilers such as AOGV, for example, have one feature in the program of their work. They stop working if there is no gas. And if, when restoring power supply boiler will start and continue to operate in normal mode, the lack of gas is perceived by the control program as a reason for an emergency stop.

Such programming can not be considered wrong. Lack of gas leads to the inability to ignite the flame and the boiler stops because gas problems always require the attention of the operator. On the other hand the problem may not exist, it just happened that turned off the gas for repair or connection of equipment, or in severe frosts with high consumption just dropped gas pressure in the line.

If this happens when you are at home, the situation is easy to fix. go to the boiler and press the reset button. And if you are not in the house at this time. Boiler stopped, the house can freeze, which means freezing of water in sanitary appliances and mains. The consequences of such freezing. expensive repairs. What to do in this case?

Does your Boiler keep needing a reset or lock out? How to fix it.

You should install a relay of minimum gas pressure (some models are equipped with this device at the factory) if your boiler is not equipped with such a relay.

How this relay works? If the gas pressure drops, the relay contacts will trip and turn the boiler off. Everything seems to be the same. the boiler has stopped. But there is a big difference. when the gas supply comes on, the boiler will start without assistance. The relay gives the command to stop the boiler for another reason. The boiler automatics perceives this cause not as an emergency situation, but as a normal one, because it comes from the opening of the thermostat, but not from the absence of flame. That is why the boiler does not “go to malfunction”, but stays in the normal mode, waiting for a command from the room thermostat to turn on.

Connect the minimum gas pressure switch in the circuit of the room thermostat, in series with the thermostat if installed. If there is no room thermostat, the relay is turned on instead of the room thermostat jumper.

Pay attention: the boiler AOGV and any other boiler with a pilot burner (start-up with piezorozhig ignition) can not be equipped with a relay of the minimum gas pressure. A manual restart will be required after the gas comes on.

The gas boiler does not ignite or does not turn on?

Almost every modern home is heated with gas, which involves the use of a gas boiler. This is the kind of equipment that should work without failure and be in good working order. But any appliance tends to break down and malfunction, which tends to happen in the harshest cold. Why does not the gas boiler turn on, hobbyists try to find on their own, which is categorically not recommended.

Repair of gas equipment should be handled by qualified professionals trained to work with gas-hazardous equipment. Only they can find the reason why the gas boiler does not turn on, and provide one hundred percent safety to the occupants of the house.

What are the causes of fading of the gas boiler?

The gas boiler does not turn on due to the influence of external factors and breakage of the equipment.

boiler, does, work, supply, shut
  • Bad draft of the chimney
  • low pressure values in the main line
  • faulty gas meter capacity
  • lack of electricity
  • Ignoring maintenance of the gas boiler, leading to clogging of the filter
  • draughts in the living space
  • Low supply air
  • Breakage in the heating system

Modern equipment is installed in such a way that at the slightest failure of its circuit breakers are triggered, the operation of the boiler is suspended and the gas boiler does not turn on. Automatics can fail in the following cases:

The more complex the design of the gas boiler and the more functions in it, the higher the percentage of failure of parts, resulting in the automation blocks its operation and does not ignite the gas boiler.

The most popular faults why a gas boiler won’t turn on are:

  • Extended duration of burner ignition, caused by clogging of the sensor’s photocell. To eliminate the fault when the gas boiler fails to ignite, it is necessary to clean the sensor and repeat the ignition.
  • Malfunction of the draught sensor, which results in blocking the gas supply to the burner and nozzles. Repair involves cleaning the sensor. Practice shows that in most cases this part must be replaced.
  • Breakage of thermocouple, which results in burner failure when the regulating wheel is turned down during ignition. In this case the part must be replaced as well.
  • Failure of the coolant pressure sensor. In emergency situations, when the gas boiler does not ignite, it is possible to connect the contacts directly. Repair involves replacement of the part.
  • Display breakage. Indicates that the controller fuse has broken, the gas boiler does not turn on, and it requires replacement. Sometimes this malfunction occurs as a result of improperly set phase. To fix this problem it is necessary to pull the plug and insert it by the opposite side, previously turning it upside down.

As you can see, there are many problems. And to find the reason why the gas boiler does not ignite can only be a specialist.

For what reason can not turn on the heating boiler

Wall mounted gas heating boilers are a good budget option for private homes and apartments, because they do not cause problems during installation and operation. Despite the long service life of most units from time to time break down. Most often the problem is in the fading of the burner, but sometimes it is difficult to understand the cause of the problem. In most cases, the owner of the boiler can fix the problem on their own. It is worth examining in advance the most common causes of problems and find out what you can do in each case.

Furnace not fire up, Faulty Ignition Sensor


In order to turn on the gas boiler, you need to be well aware of its structure, as well as system features.

The first thing to consider is the design of a standard AHV.

  • A boiler equipped with a self-contained gas heater. This is a tank, which is located in a casing.
  • The pipe that is located inside this tank. It burns gas, which heats the water. The products of combustion, which are formed inside, go outside through the chimney.
  • Heating appliances. For example, in the heating system circuit runs hot water. Then there is its circulation through all the pipes. When the water cools down, it is sent back to be heated. The whole thing is a closed gravity heating system.
  • An expansion tank that is installed on top, above the gas boiler. It allows the water, which expands when heated, to come out on top.
  • Pump. It is placed behind the gas boiler, which allows you to efficiently pump water through the entire system. The speed of movement of the heat transfer fluid through the system can be increased and decreased. All these processes are controlled by automatics.

Such heaters have both disadvantages and advantages.

The following points can be noted among the advantages.

  • AGVs are safe and reliable in operation, completely independent of electricity, have the ability to install locking automatics.
  • Composed of different types of water heaters. This includes both floor and wall-mounted structures.
  • Such units are quite simple, they are easy to repair and maintain.
  • They do not cost a lot, in addition, such models are very economical.

Among the disadvantages we can highlight the fact that it is quite bulky equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to build or allocate a separate room for it. The size of the AHV directly depends on where it can be placed: some boilers can be placed against the wall or hung on it, in which case the boiler room can also be used as a pantry. Large heater will occupy the entire room.

Frequently, faults are indicated by an error code on the display. All modern models of Vaillant, Baxi, Ferroli are equipped with self-diagnostic system. Each brand has its own codes and their meanings. If the display does not show the characters, then you need to look for the cause of the problem yourself.

Failures of wall and floor units can be caused by external and internal factors.

  • Insufficient gas pressure in the main line;
  • Chimney problems;
  • Power surges in the network;
  • Drainage, low room/boiler room temperature.

Internal factors are breakdowns of electronics. sensors, wiring, as well as individual components. pump, heat exchanger.

Step-by-step instructions for starting a gas boiler

Independent start of the boiler is carried out after a long downtime outside the heating season, shutdown of the burner by automation or fading during wind (if autostart is missing), also after any repair work. Initial start-up of a new gas boiler should only be carried out by a specialist who will put a corresponding mark in the boiler certificate. Without it the boiler warranty is invalid.

Nevertheless, even the start-up of a previously configured boiler is not such a short process, according to the rules of operation of hot-water boilers requires a more thorough approach: the correct filling of the system, air release, pressure testing and monitoring of indicators. All this is done to avoid malfunctions and emergencies during the heating season.



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