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The boiler Deluxe does not heat water

Why the water heater does not turn on: the main types of failure and repair

If the water heater does not turn on, then this is a serious problem in homes where the boiler performs the main function of the hot water system. There are several reasons for this. Some are serious, where you can not do without the intervention of a specialist, others are less serious, and you can deal with them yourself.

The most serious breakdown. FET (electric tube heater) burned out. It generates thermal energy, with which the water is heated.

But there are different situations why the water heater does not turn on.

The heater doesn’t turn on and doesn’t heat water, but the light goes on

The design of the water heater on its control panel is an indicator. a light installed under the red cover. When the appliance is powered on, the light bulb lights up. Its purpose is to indicate that the water heater is energized.

If the lamp on the panel of the water heater lights up, but it does not heat water, does not turn on, it means that the power supply to the heating element is broken. This is the first one. And here there are three options:

  • The thermostat, which stands between the electric heating element and the voltage source, is not working. In this case, it’s a socket.
  • Loose contact of wires on the thermostat or on the heating element.
  • Wires inside the water heater are punctured. Reasons: factory defect, there was a high load, which the insulation of wires could not withstand.

The second is that the heating element itself does not turn on. Electric current flows to it, but the heater does not produce thermal energy. There are two reasons:

  • If the new water heater does not turn on due to the heating element, it means that the latter was installed in the boiler with a factory defect.
  • The heating element burned out.

In the last case there is one reason. the tubular device is covered with dirt and scale, its tubular insulated covering is corroded, water got inside and it caused a short circuit of the coil made of nichrome wire. The latter is the main part of the heating element, which generates heat energy.

boiler, deluxe, does, heat

There is another reason that applies. the human factor. Simply forgot to turn the thermostat, that is, turn its knob to the minimum. In this position, there is no power supply to the heating element. The handle should be moved a little to the side of maximum. But it is not necessary to set and turn on the thermostat before this value, it can cause overheating of the water inside the water heater.

The heater does not turn on and does not heat water, and the lamp does not light

If the water heater does not turn on when the lamp is on, when the lamp is not lit, the causes of the situation increase. To those already described are added others:

  • the bulb itself has burned out;
  • A break inside the supply cable;
  • The problem in the plug or in the socket;
  • breakage in the wiring circuit from the switchboard to the socket;
  • Something happened to the circuit breaker or RCD.

Leaking tank

A leak in the tank can also be a reason why the water heater does not turn on. A frequent place of leakage is the installation site of the heater. In almost all brands and models of storage boilers, and this is Oasis, Polaris, Termex, Electrolux and others, the electric heating element is mounted in the bottom of the device. Therefore, the water on the heater presses the entire mass.

To prevent it from leaking, a rubber gasket is installed between the inner tank and the heating element. Over time and under the influence of hot water, the rubber loses its elasticity. This becomes the cause of cracks, dents and other flaws in the seal.

Even the smallest defect becomes a place of water leakage. It will get on the contacts and wiring under the cover. There is a short circuit. Here’s why the water heater stops turning on afterwards.

Wiring damage

With the internal wiring everything is clear. It stops switching on the heating element if water gets on it. But there is another reason. bad contact. This is often overlooked.

Under the cover of the water heater there are several contacts:

There are different types of contacts, too. Usually use two, as in brands of boilers Ariston, Electrolux, Thermex. It’s the screw contacts. Location. on the contacts of the thermostat. In the latter are inserted square nuts, on which the washers are put, connected to the wires by soldering. Washers are tightened to the nuts with screws.

The second are split insulated contact pairs. They are usually installed on the electric heater. Zanussi uses all pairs of contacts except for the ground wire. A screw connection is installed here.

In the context of damaged wiring, we should also talk about the cable running from the switchboard to the socket where the water heater is turned on. This rarely happens for one reason. the wrong cable cross-section was selected, and it does not match the load that the water heater creates. For example:

If a cable of 1.0-1.5 mm² was used in the supply circuit, it will hold a 50-liter appliance. powerful water heaters will create a heavy load, from which the wire insulation will start to melt.

The end result is a short circuit, which will cause the breaker in the switchboard to blow out. The cable will have to be replaced with a new one, taking into account the power of the water heater.

Heating element

The heating element stops switching on due to 2 reasons:

  • Water gets inside the tubular structure because the metal of the tubes has corroded, causing the nichrome coil to short and break.
  • A thick build-up of dirt and scale formed around the tubes, causing the appliance to overheat and consequently the nichrome coil to melt.

Faulty socket

In order to turn on the water heater in the socket, you must correctly select the latter. To do this, you need to pay attention to the inscriptions on the housing when buying. There is a value for the amount of current the socket can handle. For a water heater it is 16 amps.

The most common socket failure is poor contact with the pins of the plug. This usually happens because the spring that supports the contact plate of the socket is loose. If the contact in it is bad, it begins to release a large amount of heat energy, which makes all the elements melt.

How to fix the breakage

The most difficult thing is to change the heating element for a new one. How to do it correctly:

  • Disconnect power to the water heater. the plug is removed from the socket.
  • Drain water from the internal tank. one of the consumers connected to the boiler is opened: a faucet, tap, etc.
  • Pay attention to the cover, under which all of the electric elements of the heater are located. It can be common, covering the whole bottom. Then the hot and cold water spigots will pass through it. Or it can be small in size. the water pipes do not pass through it.
  • In the first case, you will need to remove the protective caps from the spigots: red and blue.
  • The lid is removed. Usually it is held by 1-2 screws that need to be unscrewed.
  • After release all electrical elements from the wires connected to them. the thermostat and the heater. We disconnect the contacts.
  • The thermostat is also removed if it interferes with the removal of the electric heater. If there are no obstacles, then there is no need to touch it. Both variants are found in different brands and models of water heaters.
  • The heater itself is fastened with 5-6 bolt fasteners. The studs are welded to the boiler body, the cover is put on them and props up the heating element from outside. It is a kind of fastening product. The lid itself is attached to the body of the water heater with nuts. They must be unscrewed to remove the cover.
  • The heating element is pulled out of the tank.
  • Installation of the electric heater and its connection to the power supply is performed in the reverse order.
  • After assembly it is necessary to fill the tank with water and turn on the water heater in the socket. Set the temperature at the thermostat and wait for it to work, that is, shut off. Checks if the shutdown went correctly. To do this, the set temperature is compared with the temperature of water, which is shown on the water heater thermometer.
  • If everything is normal, and the water heater turns on and off in time, it means that the repair was carried out correctly.

The water heater does not heat water

The main function of the boiler is to heat water and, if necessary, supply it to the pipeline. Water heater operation depends on many factors. voltage in the network, water quality, etc. д. One of the most common faults is when the boiler stops heating water.

There can be several reasons for incorrect operation of the boiler. from the damage of electrical wiring to the failure of the heating element.

For determining the cause of failure, one should thoroughly inspect the water heater. So, first of all, you should pay attention to whether the light is on, which signals the operation of the boiler. If the light does not turn on, you should check with a tester whether 220V is coming to the “ends” of the thermostat.

If the water heater is supplied with 220V with thermostat button turned on. disconnect the heater from the network and remove the thermostat. The part should be tested I/O for phase and “line” 0 by turning the thermostat control. If the part does not turn on the phase or 0 line. it must be replaced.

If the light is on, but the boiler does not heat water or heats very slowly, it means that the problem is caused by a ruptured heating element. In this case it is necessary to drain the water heater and replace the broken part.

The heating element can break down for two reasons:

  • From a large amount of limescale on its surface and non-operating thermostatic protection button;
  • Due to lack of water in the heater due to a faulty safety valve.

The most common reason that the heater does not heat water, is a failure of the electronic module. It is not recommended to repair or replace such a part by yourself. Also the reason of such failure can be triggered by the emergency shutoff valves. They can be triggered by a large amount of scale formation on the heating element or when the boiler is turned on to the maximum temperature.


If the diagnostics showed that the current is coming to the boiler, it is necessary to disconnect the device from the network and find the thermostat button on the thermostat. The thermostat should be pushed in until it clicks. If after this procedure, the boiler began to work normally. in the near future should carry out preventive maintenance water heater. to clean the heating element from the formed scale and / or replace the anode.

The faulty thermostat can be easily replaced with your own hands. It is practically impossible to repair it by oneself (in water heaters Polaris, Atlantic, etc.).д. electronic thermostats with a complex device are used). Only thermostats that are installed on Ti-Tech and Ariston water heaters can be repaired at home.

The most common cause of failure of the thermostat is high humidity. When buying a new thermostat, there are some details to consider:

Failed heating element can be replaced by yourself. Heaters firms Real, Ariston and other brands are very easy to disassemble. they can be easily cleaned at home.

To replace the electric tube heater it is necessary to turn off the water supply to the boiler. This can be done by turning off the tap or disconnecting the water directly from the riser.

The next step is to drain the water from the heater and disconnect it from the mains. After that use a screwdriver to remove the protective cover from the boiler. In some cases, to replace parts, the heater will need to be removed from the wall.

Then you must disconnect the wires, taking a picture of the whole scheme, which will facilitate the process of connecting the boiler. Now you can unscrew the nuts, with which the heating element is fixed. When replacing the heating element you must pay attention to the fact that the contacts must remain dry.

Together with the heating element the anode that protects it from corrosion usually needs to be replaced. Be sure to check the integrity of the rubber gasket located between the tank and the heating element. If you find dents and tears it must be replaced.

To install a new tube heater, follow all of the above steps in reverse order. Before you turn on the water heater, you should check it for leaks. Only after the device is checked for leaks, it can be plugged in.

Even the most reliable water heater can fall into disrepair due to mains outages and poor water quality. If you follow the rules of its operation and timely preventive maintenance, it will serve for many years without damage.

The water heater does not heat water

Lack of hot water in the water heater can be associated with both improper distribution of hot water direction in the hot water system, and with the malfunction of the water heater itself.

The water heater malfunction may be due to a bad electrical connection between the thermostat and the heating element. Repair the water heater in this case is: check the connection thermostat with terminals TEN.

When you turn on the water heater triggered protection in the thermostat of the water heater.

If the protection was triggered the first time you turn on the heater, reset the circuit breaker by pressing the appropriate button on the thermostat. If protection works repeatedly, check thermostat and heating element, maybe they are faulty. FET and thermostat can not be repaired, they need to be replaced by new ones.

Also the lack of hot water can be due to faults in the electrical circuit. Repair of the water heater in this case boils down to checking the electrical circuit: whether there is power on the terminals of the thermostat? If not, you need to check the whole circuit. The problem may be related to the failure of automatic circuit breakers.

Replies to ” The water heater does not heat water

Good afternoon. I have this problem the water heater is plugged in. socket is working. But on the heater does not work lights and does not warm water

Hello, check everything. thermostat, thermostat protection, FET.

Hello. Please tell me why the Polaris horizontal water heater does not work. The light bulb is on, the heating element works, but the water heats up only to 20 degrees. Thank you

Hello ! Please advise me I have an el.Polaris titanium FD-80 on the display shows 89 degrees, and in fact the water is cold ten new (my version of that thermostat is defective and does not give the command to heat). What part needs to be replaced ?

Good afternoon. Your version, I think the main one, first I would check the thermostat. And the control board.

The relay did not work, the water heated on and off the toggle switch. I watched TV and did not turn off the boiler on time, knocked out the protection of the counter. After turning on the light is on, but the boiler does not work. The boiler is a huge horizontal, hanging from the ceiling, no access to it without removing. We hung it with a repair shop. What could have happened and what parts to look for?

Hello. One of two things, either the heating element or the relay. You need to disassemble the water heater, remove parts, buy new ones, and install them in place. If you change both the heating element and the thermostat, it is almost 100% warranty of serviceability of your heater.

Hello. We have a vertical water heater ATT 100 liters does not heat water. buttons work. burns red. and the water is not heating. What could have happened to the water heater.

Hello. The defect is related to the control board.

Where is the control board? It can be repaired by ourselves ?

Hello, I have a water heater REAL-THERMO, 50L, worked properly for 6 years, in the last week has become something like hissing sometimes or softly inside, and today does not warm water, although the lamp is lit.Tried to turn off, drain the water through the faucet throttle.the water and increase the heating temperature, but no reaction.It means that the heating element is broken or something?

The board is generally unrealistic not only to repair themselves, but also in the conditions of the workshop. Yes, and find a new one is a pain in the neck! Practically unrealistic.

Natasha, protection knocked out most likely, it is a small button on the thermostat. Sizzling because of the scale build up. There is no way to drain the water through the hot water tap, the check valve must be unscrewed. Could be the heating element. One of two things to check

presented a storage water heater TIMBERK FS1 50V. When connecting the nozzle to the outlet pipe with hot water, the tube in the heater turned and I took it out. Will it affect the performance of the water heater and whether the water will leak ? Igor

If the tube is not cracked, insert it back and connect the pipe. If it does not drip, you are fine.

Hello I have an Electrolux EWH-80SL boiler does not light and does not heat, what can be?

Hello. It could be everything! First you have to make sure there’s power to the water heater. And then. check the protection on the relay, the relay. TEN. These are all possible causes.

Water heater Ariston SG 80 cleaned the tenor from the scale, turned on, it works, and the next day does not work, the red light does not shine, what to do prompt? All wired seems to be correct

The boiler company isea worked the other day made the water drain from the boiler, on the trace.Day turned on, it took in water and heated, but when you open the hot water tap, the water did not go.Can you tell me what caused this??

Hello. Apparently, some faucet was blocked. The water heater itself can not give out such a defect

Thank youIt all turned out to be in the pre-safety valve.For some reason, it’s out of order

Good afternoon. The Electrolux EWH 50 water heater has stopped heating water. But the red light is lit. The problem is the thermostat?

Hello! The indicator light is on and the light meter is “ticking”. If the meter “winds”, but the water is cold. then suddenly opened the hot water tap on the riser to the neighbors!

advise polaris water heater for 80 liters.the water heater is not heated, the indicator light is on.After reading various Комментарии и мнения владельцев, tried to remove the heating element, which proved to be problematic. Only managed to clean some of the scale off, but did not remove it. After reinserting the heater also does not work, began to leak. the button on the thermostat (small, red) is depressed. what must be done? If you change the heating element, how do you remove it??

Hello!Water heater Termex rzb80 when turning on the first tenor heats the water to a maximum of 20-22 and triggered RCD when turning on the second tenor RCD works immediately

Greetings. So there is no water in the water supply or the tap is blocked somewhere. The boiler can’t have that effect.

Hello. I suspect a faulty RCD.

Hello. I should have taken it all the way out. It’s not easy because the hole is narrow and limescale can be very tight. That’s how you pull it out, you torture yourself, you pry it gently with a screwdriver. Is the water leaking because the gasket was not tightly seated on the flange?

Good afternoon. Turned off the electric titanium two hours later turned on. The light on the power button is on after 8 hours the titanium is not heating. Did not touch any taps. I took apart the on-off switch and there are three wires from the thermostat, one wire carries current and the others do not. Boiler inox 80 liters. Maybe a new tumbler or something else?? Hello. I’m guessing it blew a fuse.

I also can’t find the button on the thermostat to reset. Does my model have one?? Reply. The button is separate, should go on a circuit to the thermostat, if I’m not mistaken.

hello please advise please titanium is leaking near the heating elements and almost does not heat water all day heats up only to 40 degrees what is the reason. Thank you

Hello. If it leaks, you need to check the joints of the flange and the tightness of the housing. If it’s not warming up, adjust the heat. Also in this case, there may be a defect in the heating element and the thermostat.

Hello.The flow-through gas water heater Midea model JPD24-12V worked fine for three years, but now heats no water. What could be the reason? Thank you in advance.

Hello.Ariston water heater, works 1,5 years.The light is on, but the water does not heat. What is the reason?? Thank you.

Hello, yesterday I bought and put the water heater EDISSON worked exactly one day, the indicator light is lit, and the water does not heat, what can be

The thermal protection device has acted

This happens when the temperature sensor or the formation of scale. When the control board receives a signal that the water temperature exceeds 90 degrees the thermal protection trips and shuts down the heater. If the heating element is off and the protection does not turn off, you can do it manually.

  • Unplug the appliance.
  • Drain the water from the tank.
  • Take out the heating element. To do this, you need to unscrew the bolts or flange nuts.
  • Take out the heater. If it becomes encrusted, you need to clean it in the same way as the tank walls. Read: “How to Clean the Water Heater”.
  • Thermostat button may be in the base of the thermostat, but it is better to see the instructions to your model. Press the button to turn it off.

Breakage of the pressure sensor

Such malfunction is characteristic for the flow-through appliances. As soon as the pressure in the system increases, the membrane stretches, including the switch. The latter contributes to the supply of current to the heating element. If the membrane is damaged or stretched it is better to replace it with a silicone one.

It also happens that the boiler does not turn off. There can be many reasons: stuck start button, broken temperature switch or temperature sensor. To avoid sticking and burning elements, do not forget. first turn on the water, and then the electricity.

Faults of the water heater: why it does not work, repair with your own hands

The quality of technology and proper installation does not guarantee the absence of failures. Faults of the water heater can be eliminated with your own hands. The main thing is to determine the breakage correctly. In our article you will learn how to do it without calling a master.

To understand why heaters fail, you need to understand the principle of their work and the purpose of the basic elements. Regardless of what type of boiler you have. storage or flow-through. Their design is similar. The only difference is the brand, design and capacity of the tank.

The design of the heater tank is quite simple. It consists of two parts: internal and external. Between them lay a layer of thermal insulation. polyurethane foam. The body includes two nozzles: one with the dissipater on the end serves to pump cold water, the other. the hot water.

In devices of flow-through type there is no storage tank, and the heaters have a large capacity.

The presence of the thermostat allows you to set the desired temperature of heating.

Most boilers are equipped with a magnesium anode. Which protects against corrosion. The anode needs to be periodically replaced, then the heater and the boiler as a whole will last much longer.

Breakdowns do not just happen, there are reasons for this:

  • Power surges in the network.
  • Long-term neglect of service.
  • Incorrect installation or connection of the appliance.
  • Scale and corrosion on parts.
  • Untimely repair.

To determine the cause and exact location of the malfunction, diagnose the parts.

How to repair the boiler with your own hands

Consider the main malfunctions and ways to fix them.

Leaking heater

The most common malfunction of electric boilers is considered a leak. Occurs due to corrosion of the tank, with the failure of individual elements. Most often it is:

What to do if the tank leaks? Do not fix the leak yourself: it can lead to irreparable consequences!

Why you can’t repair the tank:

If the warranty period has expired, it is easier to buy a new boiler. Further it is recommended to pay attention to the material of the tank. It is also necessary to change the magnesium anode more often.

Hot Water Boile

It happens that the leakage comes from under the flange that secures the heater. Then you need to drain all the water, take out the gasket and assess its condition. If it is damaged or worn, replace it. Not to miscalculate with a new gasket, take the old one to the store.

No water heating

If instead of hot water flows cold, the heater is broken. In addition to the lack of hot water, the circuit breaker may blow out when the boiler is connected to the mains. Trouble with the heater is caused by corrosion and scale.

It is recommended to periodically replace the heating element with a new one. Even if you continually descale the element, it can cause damage and bare contacts. Then not only will the RCD short out, but the water from the faucet can be electrocuted.

How to understand that the scale is completely covered by the FET:

To be sure that the heater is broken and does not work, will help diagnose:

  • Drain the tank.
  • Open the lid of the heating element.
  • Measure the voltage on the heating element terminals with a tester (220-250 V).
  • If everything is OK, set your multimeter to the resistance measurement mode.
  • Unplug heater.
  • Disconnect heater terminals.
  • Place the probe on the multi-meter probe.
  • If there is a breakage the readings will tend to infinity.
  • If the part is functional, 0.68-0.37 ohms will appear on the screen.

Additionally check that there is no current leakage to the housing:

  • Place one probe on copper pipe and the other on the contact of the heating element.
  • If there is no leakage, the screen will show 1.
  • If there is, the tester will give values with a minus sign or, on the contrary, too great.

Test the heater the same way for both flow and storage models.

The heater cannot be repaired, it must be replaced. It is important to choose the right part for your model, so it is better to write down the number of the element or go to the store with it.

The water temperature is above normal

If the water is too hot, the problem is in the thermostat or the thermostat relay. An additional sign of failure is the lack of heating, when the thermostat does not turn on the heating element. To diagnose and repair, the thermostat must be removed.

  • Disconnect the water heater from the mains.
  • Drain all the water.
  • Remove the tank from the wall.
  • Remove the lid (vertical models have the lid at the bottom, horizontal models have the lid on the left, “Termex” models have the panel screw in the middle).
  • The thermostat is marked in yellow in the picture. Disconnect the contacts and take them out of the housing.

Now you can check the part for proper operation. The easiest way:

Diagnose with a multimeter as follows:

  • Set the handle of the tester to its maximum value.
  • Measure the resistance on the contacts.
  • If the multimeter does not work then it is not repairable and you should replace it immediately.

Boiler does not turn on for a long time, often shuts down

This also indicates a problem with the heater. Due to the scale, water can be heated for a very long time, the power consumption increases, since the heat removal is disturbed. To avoid damage, timely change the magnesium anode, which cleans the water from impurities.

  • While the appliance is working, the surrounding equipment is also heating up. This happens when the plug is designed for a higher power consumption than the socket, or the contact between them is broken. It is better to call an electrician to check and replace.
  • Weak water pressure. Need to check if the cold water is pumping properly. Inspect the faucet, it may be the cause. If everything is alright, check the safety valve. Clean it from dirt and scale.
  • The boiler does not turn on at all. The appliance still does not work after repair? Need to check the electronics and the main board. This work is better to entrust a specialist.

Now you are aware of the main problems of boilers. Carry out preventive inspections, install water filters, clean the heating element in time, then you will not have any problems.

Why the water heater does not heat water, it does not heat well

Boilers allow you to use hot water on a daily basis without worrying about the utilities. But technology is not immune to breakdowns. What to do if the water heater does not heat? It is necessary to look at the signs of failure and to find the reasons. Many devices are equipped with a self-diagnostic system, which facilitates the task by displaying the error code. How to fix the problem, read below.

If the technique badly heats water, but the lights are lit, check the main faucet. When it breaks, the equipment can work fine, but the hot water goes to the neighbors.

You may have forgotten to close the valve. Feel the riser: if it’s warm and the water in the faucet is cold, it’s the valve. Turn it off or replace it with a new one.

Appliance takes a long time to heat water? Make sure that you do not drain the content before it reaches the right temperature. How much the water heater heats? Depending on the volume. from 2 to 4 hours. It is also important what voltage is supplied to the device.

Regardless of the brand of boiler. “Ariston” or “Termex”, the cause of poor heating could be scale.

If not timely maintenance inspection, lime scale affects the walls of the tank, all parts, including the heating element. The thicker the “crust” becomes, the harder it is for the element to give off heat. The heating time is gradually increasing or the heating element burns out.

To prevent this from happening, read the publication “How to clean the water heater” and act according to the instructions.

Boiler won’t hold temperature? The reason could be a leak in the tank. There are two parts, the insulation is between them. The tank needs to be inspected and repaired.

Indication does not light up, the appliance does not heat water. What’s wrong?? You need to check what voltage is coming to the device. Press the plug firmly against the outlet, it may have come loose. Also check the mains cable. do this:

  • Take a multimeter or an indicator screwdriver.
  • Put a feeler gauge or screwdriver in the “phase. If there is a signal, the cable is working. At the same time at “zero” and “ground” it should be absent.

Then, check the socket for malfunction. To do this, connect another device to it. It is working? The socket is functional.

Another option: the voltage in the socket is not enough for normal operation of the boiler. Check the circuit breaker RCD, it may be knocked out.

After checking it turned out that everything is normal with the network? Then the problem is in the appliance.

boiler, deluxe, does, heat

Self-diagnostics and repair

First of all check the thermostat, which regulates the temperature. Put the tester’s probes on its pins and check if voltage is being applied to them. The numbers are displayed on the screen? So, there is voltage. Activate the thermal protection button. If the temperature exceeds 95 degrees the fuse is triggered and the heating is turned off.

After turning on the thermal protection the part did not work? Then the thermostat has to be replaced.

Failure of the heating element also leads to similar consequences. On average, it lasts up to 4 years, but if you do not change the magnesium anode and do not clean it, the operating time is shortened. How to diagnose the heating element, we told in the article ” Heating element replacement “.

The failure of the heating element affects not only the scale, but also the inclusion of the boiler without water.

There is a problem with the flow heating element? Check the power supply again, since this type of equipment is more powerful. If the power consumption is more than 5 kW, you must install a circuit breaker for 30A, if the power consumption is more than 7 kW. 40A. If these rules are not followed, the element will not last long.

The problem may have occurred when the pressure sensor did not activate in time. The pressure in the system is too high, the sensor does not work, the heating element burns out.

Which leads to a broken pressure sensor? It has a diaphragm. During the water supply, it stretches and triggers the sensor. When it is stretched or damaged, the part does not work in time. It is better to install a silicone membrane for replacement.

How to fix some common problems with your boiler

When buying a flow heater, pay attention that the element was in a protective bulb. Salts in contact with water rapidly corrode its surface.

Now you know what to do if there is a problem with the heating. To get rid of them, it is important to install the technique correctly and operate according to instructions.

Boiler does not heat water well

Poor water heating in the boiler is caused by the heating element in 90% of cases. The thermostat has a maximum life span of four years. Over time there is lime scale on its surface, which reduces the heat output. Sometimes there is an open or short circuit. This can only be determined using a multimeter. And be sure to pay attention to the condition of the thermostat!

Average boiler warm-up time is two to four hours, depending on tank size. If it heats half of the set temperature, there is a functional problem with the equipment.

Mixer clogging

The liquid flows in a weak trickle if there is a blockage in the mixer spout. The pressure will be equally bad for both cold and hot water. A number of procedures must be performed to correct the problem.

  • Turn off the riser to turn off the water.
  • Carefully remove the faucet.
  • Unscrew the spout from the general body.
  • Remove the strainer and rinse it under running water. If there are deposits of salt or thick impurities, let it soak in a special cleaning solution.
  • Thoroughly rinse the spout and clean the insides of the faucet with a washer.
  • Assemble the faucet in reverse order and install it in place. Do not forget to open the riser pipe.

This procedure may take some time, alternatively the clogged faucet can simply be replaced with a new one. Specialists recommend replacing worn out parts every few years to avoid serious damage in the future.

Electric water heater does not heat water

A typical defect of an electric storage water heater can be. The boiler is on, the water heating indicator is on, the electric meter is winding a disk, everything seems to work, but the water in the water heater is not heated. What is the reason?

Most often, before installing a boiler, the master will decide how to connect the water heater. Most often the connection is made to the existing system of cold and hot water. Naturally, in order to ensure that the heated water does not flow into the hot water riser, the tap at the inlet must be securely blocked. But some time after the start of operation, one of the tenants or a “plumber” decides to do some housework and starts to open/close the incoming taps. Or the owners shut off the cold water, and then opened not only the cold but also hot water, and the neighbors suddenly got a sudden communism. free hot water began to arrive.

Of course, the lack of hot water can be caused not only by an open faucet, but also a defect in the water heater itself, but this is rare, and such cases are worthy of a separate consideration.

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I have an 80 liter Amina electric storage water heater. Worked very well for 3 years, then burst the hose inside and flooded the electrical part. The heater started showing EE. Called a master, he changed the electrical part, changed the tube, replaced a heating element. it was heavily clogged with limescale, and the second washed. I cleaned the limescale inside with my hand. It was fine. But before my water heated very quickly, but now it takes longer. In 1-1.5 hours. to 50 degrees. It used to get to 70 degrees in one hour. I plugged it in and it read 70 degrees, I left and the water was boiling fast but it was making a noise inside like an electric kettle. The water heated up well. But after that, it heats up longer, though it no longer makes noise.

Plugged in the electric water heater today, and it heated 4 degrees in 1 hour. Probably burned out the heating elements. How to determine without a master and the device?

The heater “Gorenje” 80 liters in operation for 5 months works fine but all the time the display shows the heater fan failure 2 (dry) that with it, what to expect. Thanks right away for the answer.

Maybe there is something wrong with the electrical circuit?

Lyudmila. on the electric meter! Measure the readings. And after an hour of “work” check. it should be more by 1.5.2 Kilowatt! If the readings do not change. the water heater is defective. Well, you need to check the protection, if anything, look for more.

Lyudmila, now apparently all is normal. From the fact that heated quickly, the water heater is out of order.

Good afternoon! I have a 2006 Ariston “Best” series storage water heater (titanium enamel, “touch” control). Suddenly stops heating water; when you press the power button, you do not hear a click of the heater. The red “coil”. heating process indicator. is constantly blinking (and not permanently lit as usual in the heating process), the water heating level indicator does not blink (usually blinking during heating), does not respond to pressing the buttons “/-” and generally does not light up in any way. You can see a picture of this mess here: http://www.e1.ru/fun/photo/view_album.php?ID=217124pic=b8df8326da12357f35ff9cd50b4179b3 (this photo and the next two). I took the cover off, took out the thermostat. no “reset buttons” found on it. Didn’t find any on the control board it is connected to either. Could you please tell me what could be the problem?? Or just go to the service? Oh man, it worked fine for 5 years under warranty and then died three months later.

Hello! So the warranty is 5 years on the tank! The electrical is under warranty for 1 year! Do not buy water heaters with electronic control. I’m lucky it worked for 5 years. Not with our power grids such “bourgeois” water heaters. The boards are on fire, there are really no safety buttons. I think the problem is in the board. By the way, did you turn the plug upside down and put it in the socket upside down?

Thanks for the reply! About the warranty misunderstood, now look more accurately. Really warranty 5 years only on the tank. About “Don’t buy water heaters with electronic control”. at that time it was the best option in terms of money Or rather, I didn’t have enough money for stainless steel, and with enamel there were only such electronic Best.

“I think the problem is in the board” Can you tell me approximately how much the board itself, if it is available or available to order? I called the service, I sounded the following prices: call the master. 200. diagnostics. 300. the cost of replacement of the board (if the case in the board). 750. plus the cost of the board. That’s the one they couldn’t answer. And I’m counting, is it not cheaper to get a new heater at all At one time I took this one for 4 100, now analogues are about the same, but they will be new, not 5 years old.

“You didn’t turn the plug upside down and put it in the socket upside down?”Mm, that’s important? But it doesn’t seem to be upside down at all. This time, when it broke, exactly as usual stuck. The wire is not native, directly to the pins in the heater was new, 5 m in length about.

“Not with our power grids such “bourgeois” water heaters.”My house is new (when I bought the heater it was 2 years old), and I live in Yekaterinburg I don’t think anything has burned up to now

You’re welcome! If I could be of any help.) About water heater models: models with electronic control are very easy to fail, usually there is no card, or you have to wait for 3 months. Don’t take it as an advertisement. today I was asked about this model GARANTERM ER 50 V. should I buy it? I answered. it’s a classic boiler, a lot of spare parts, you can repair it yourself. And it’s cheap. not too shabby to throw away.

About the board. I just assumed, you need to look alive, at least visually assess. whether there is no burnt parts, the smell of burning? These signs are usually evident. If the boards are not available (and it’s almost 100%), there is no need to call a master. The price, of course, on a broken water heater surprised. it should be more expensive! Yes, you’re right. it doesn’t always make sense to repair the old one. what if the tank leaks in a month?? The final conclusion is up to you. take or not take a new. Well, do not despair strongly. it still 5 years, and its lifetime of 7 years. In my practice, similar models in 2 months and threw them on the trash)))

About power supply: ingenious boilers and water heaters like to supply strictly phase to phase terminal, zero to zero terminal. This is in spite of the variable voltage. Look at the plug of any washing machine or your water heater, for example. there is necessarily a hole for the eccentric outlet pin not to mix phase and zero, you are in the Euro outlet wrong plug will not put in any way.

About the power supply: it’s good that your house is new, the mains are new. that’s why the water heater has worked for 5 years.

The problem with the water heater Gorenje TGR 100N does not heat water, the lamp is always on. Pressing the red pipit dims slightly.

Hello. If the indicator light is slightly dimmed when turned on, it means that the heater turns on, the power decreases slightly. Check whether the faucet on the riser with city hot water is closed. It turns out that the water heater is flailing, and the water is flowing down the riser.

Hello. I have an Ariston storage water heater 100 liters of indicators are lit when you turn on a click is heard, and the electric meter does not work and the water is not heated. The new one only once heated water.

Hello. Apparently the protection circuit is working.

Good afternoon! Please tell me the reasonthe water heater has not been drained.Then the room cooled to a temperature of zero degrees. There was no power Then the temperature in the room got higher than zero. The power came on. there was little water pressure started draining the water-it seemed to be warm drained all the water. and the water heater was on and worked without water for several days then the water heater was full of water. the indicator light is on. But the water does not warm tell me something burned in it or it is out of order how to find out Thanks in advance for the answer.

The electric water heater does not heat water

A typical defect of the electric storage water heater can be. The boiler is on, the indicator of water heating is lit, the electric meter turns the drive, everything seems to work, but the water in the water heater is not heated. What is the reason?

Most often, before installing a water heater, the technician decides how to connect the water heater. Most often the connection is made to the existing system of cold and hot water. Naturally, in order for the heated water does not flow into the hot water riser, the tap at the inlet must be securely closed. But after some time after the operation someone from the tenants or a “plumber” decides to behave themselves and starts to open/close the inlet taps. Or the owners shut off the cold water, and then opened not only the cold but also hot water, and the neighbors suddenly came communism. free hot water began to arrive.

Of course, the lack of hot water can be caused not only by an open faucet, but also a defect in the water heater, but this is rare, and such cases are worthy of a separate consideration.

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Hello. I’ll describe the problem: The lamp is lit, the counter runs, the hot water line is blocked, and the water is not heated (a little warm after five hours (the counter flails all this time)) Tried to close the access of cold water from the mains, heating only the one that is already in the tank. everything is fine, the heating is on. Should open fresh cold water supply.Temperature is dropping fast. Everything is assembled according to the diagram, the valve is correct. DeLuxe 3W50V slim heater. Please tell me what else to check, but my head is broken. Can hot water go into the “cold” line due to a defective OEM valve. The heater is new. Thanks in advance!

Good day. Check again: didn’t you mix up the inlet and outlet during installation? Just wrote an article describing this problem.

The water heater has been working properly for over 4 years. After a strong thunderstorm, the water began to beat electricity, and the water heater stopped heating water although the light bulb is on. Heater is earthed, plug and pipes are not heated. In what the reason of a failure?

Good afternoon. In no case do not switch on the water heater, it needs repair. It is not possible to repair it by oneself. most likely, the heating element is broken on the case.

Hello! Ariston water heater worked properly for 3 years. There were problems with the cold water inlet in the heater (the filter in the water inlet system into the heater is clogged), after the problems were eliminated the heater stopped heating water. Power on, light on, something inside the heater makes a noise (as if heating), but water is not heated. What could be the problem? Thank you

Hi. Did you accidentally during the repair opened the common faucet on the hot water riser? A very common mistake. people close the common cold tap, and then open both the cold and hot water taps. all your heated water goes along the riser to the neighbors.

Hello! At our house Ariston heater does not heat water, the light is on, the noise comes from the heater as if heating water, but the edge of the hot water is cold water, or if you keep the heater on all day is slightly warm and that soon finishes, please tell me what to do what can be the reason and how to repair it?!

Afternoon. Check to see if the common riser faucet is closed and if your hot water is leaking to your downstairs neighbors. This is the most common cause of this malfunction.

Hello!Help, please, I want to buy a storage water heater, what company is preferable from your experience.Thank you.

Hello!What company is better to buy a storage water heater, advise please.Thank you.

Hello. By firms can not orient, sometimes, even a firm that produces a not very good boilers, sometimes offers good products. I can advise you not to take water heaters flat shape, with electronic control (with a display). The simpler, the better, it will last longer. I would not recommend Termex, Etalon. They’re the most common complaint.

hello please tell me please, I have a boiler Edison 15 liters, first stopped working (lit) indicator of heating water, a couple of days boleir at all stopped heating water and now does not work, explain what is it?

Good afternoon. Your water heater needs repair. Repair it is realistic.

Hello! I live in a private house, bought a water heater Ariston, installed, all indicators are lit, but the water is not heated!

Hello. Accumulation electric water heater Amina, worked well for over a year. Then the grounding button on the heat shield often actuated. As indicated in the manual disassembled, cleaned of limescale, etc.д. The problem is not solved. Have noticed if you remove the ground all works without any problems, and with grounding almost immediately shuts down. What could be the reason?

Hello. You have a flow-through water heater? But, in any case, there may be a problem with the ground itself, you need to check it. Neighbors, electricians did not mess with the polarity reversal?

Hello, I bought a new tank Gorenje GBFU 120 EDD (V9) heats water, but noticed that twice as long as stated in the passport. According to the passport. two 1kW heating elements. It feels like they are actually 2x500W. I tested the tens, both are working. I measured the meter reading, about an hour the tank consumes 2500W (at the same time in the apartment was off).And another thing, in economy mode, the temperature should be heated to 55 degrees and the tank should turn off.Mine heats up to 52 and shuts off. When I set the maximum temperature of 75 degrees, the tank heats up to 68 degrees and shuts off.Tell me what it may be?

Good afternoon. Did you pay attention to what temperature of the incoming water are factory measurements? By standard, at 20 degrees Celsius. If you don’t live in Central Asia, the water temperature is supposed to be 2 to 6 degrees Celsius at the most. Accordingly, you need to heat not from 20 to 55 (35 in total), but from 5 to 55 (50 degrees in total). Plus, the reference parameters of any apparatus are 10-20% different for the worse. And 3 degrees difference is normal, the error of the water heater itself and the error of the thermometer and give the difference.

Yes, there are special formulas for calculations by substituting the values in which you can get and the time of heating and water volume at the outlet, etc.д.So, I heated tap water, at that time was 5 (measured with a thermometer) to 55 degrees, heated from 55 to 75 degrees.Substituting the values in the formula, I determine the heating time. The actual heating time was different from the calculated time is almost 2 times.Т.The tank took twice as long to warm up. Whatever the error, they can not be very large.And the second, in economy mode, my water is heated to 52 degrees instead of 55.Measuring the water from the faucet with a thermometer, the water temperature was found to be 52 degrees. It’s just that if I put the max. temperature of 75 degrees, and the water is heated to only 68 degrees, then I’ll just get at the output a smaller volume of water at, say, 40 degrees, rather than at 75 degrees. And the tank is eating instead of 2000 watts.20% more (2500W)

Good afternoon.The water heater is an electric Ariston.Recently, the heating there is a short-term squeak, like air blown through clenched lips, and the more heating, the more frequent the squeak.Please advise what is the reason or not worth paying attention to it.Thank you.

Hello. Probably, the tank is clogged with limescale. Basically, apart from the sound, you should not be bothered with anything else.



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