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The best hair dryers for your hair

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best hair brush hair dryers: features, which one to buy, price, pros and cons

Hair dryer-brush is a modern device for drying and styling your hair at the same time. Some models are able to add volume to curls, straighten or, conversely, curl them. Additional styling attachments are included with the device. Today the choice of such devices is quite wide, so it is difficult to buy a really good quality hair dryer.

Many hair dryers have several modes, including a gentle or cold air supply, so as not to dry out the hair. The devices differ in power, the number of modes of temperature and air flow, the number of nozzles, the functions performed. In this article I will describe in detail the best hair dryers of different brands, I will tell you what to pay attention to when choosing this device.

  • Rating of top 10 hair dryers brushes for hair
  • Braun AS 530
  • BaByliss 2735E/2736E
  • Philips HP8664 Volumebrush
  • Philips HP8656 ProCare
  • Polaris PHS 1002
  • Scarlett SC-HAS73I10
  • Rowenta CF 9520
  • Polaris PHS 0745
  • Polaris PHS 1202
  • VITEK VT-2296
  • A comparison of the best products
  • Top Lists
  • The best device in the price-quality ratio. Philips HP8664 Volumebrush
  • The best hair dryer for ease of use. Polaris PHS 1002
  • The best budget device. Polaris PHS 0745
  • Design and principle of operation
  • How to choose a hair dryer-brushes

Top 7. Polaris PHS 1002

Ceramic coated nozzles have the big advantage of being safer. Combined with ionization it is a great solution for those who want to see their hair healthy.

  • Medium
  • Country: Russia
  • Power: 1000W
  • Modes: 6
  • Nozzles: 2
  • Automatic rotation of the nozzles: yes
  • Cord length: 1.8 м
  • Weight: 630g

Inexpensive, but not a bad hair dryer-brush with all the necessary options. Features six modes. three positions for temperature and airflow. The kit includes two nozzles with different diameters. Ionization function keeps hair from getting electrified, improves styling. The automatic bidirectional pivoting function helps to quickly curl the ends or give a fuller volume to very short hair. Overall functionality and quality, this is an excellent budget option. Users are happy with it, but they classify the lack of cold blowing as a disadvantage. Some have complained about breakage of the automatic rotation function.

  • Convenient in shape, feels good in the hand
  • Many modes, you can adjust the power and temperature
  • The nozzles automatically spin, making it very easy to twist the hair
  • Ceramic coating nozzles, ionization, does not dry out the hair
  • Not a bad ratio of price, quality and functionality
  • I have heard some complaints about the rotation feature breaking
  • There is no cold air blow, only warm or hot air
  • The nozzles become too hot

best hair dryers

Review of the best according to the simplerule editors.ru. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, it is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to purchase. You should consult a professional before buying a hair dryer.

The hair dryer-brush allows you to dry and style your hair beautifully, create a touch of volume and even airy curls in a matter of minutes. But the main thing is not to make a mistake and make the right choice among a large assortment. What criteria you need to pay attention to when choosing, and which hair dryers-brushes are the best in their segment. tell our experts.

Galaxy GL4408

High-quality, very economical styling tool for every hair length. Short strands are suitable for 2 brushes 28 mm and 20 mm, which can be used to form curls and make light waves. And the tongs allow you to create elastic curls without serious overheating on a long cloth. The device has a low power of 900 watts, but it has 2 temperature modes, 2 speeds of airflow. This is the best solution among the budget devices for styling, curling hair. The build quality of the device is very high.

best, hair, dryers, your

Even at a low cost, all the heads look reliable, are well fixed, and serve faithfully for the warranty period of 2 years. And this is quite a long time for a cheap model. The hair dryer brush has a 1-length rotating cable.7m, curl-proof. There is a cold air blowing mode, but in fact it is a little warm. The device has a compact size, weighs only 533 g, easy to work. The only disadvantage of the hair dryer is the lack of ionization. But even without it, your hair won’t frizz after styling.

The best hair dryers for long hair

Hair dryers-brushes are versatile devices with which you can create a curly volume, form soft curls, straighten unruly hair. The devices combine two functions: a styler and a hair dryer. Usually devices with brush heads are used for short haircuts, but there are also universal models. They can be used on any length of hair. However, these devices are not suitable for a full-fledged quick drying. The styling of hair is at the heart of what we do.

When choosing a hair dryer-brush for long hair is important to focus on the initial state of their strands. If your hair is fine, porous or damaged, you may prefer a device with cool air, ionisation and protective coatings on the bristles. But even the safest devices can aggravate your hair, so use them with heat protection.

TOP 5 Best Hair dryer in 2022 [ Buyer’s Guide ]

The owners of thick long curls are more suitable devices with no nozzles without rotation. The fact that rotating brushes can tighten the strands and tangle them. And laying on the static devices, judging by reviews, even more comfortable. Choose a hair dryer-brush based on your own needs. You not only need to style your hair, you also need to dry it? Then look no further than the 1000-1200W model with detachable nozzles. Of course, they can not fully replace a regular hair dryer, but with these devices drying takes less time than with hair dryers of 600-800 watts.

Rating of the best hair dryer-brushes

Dyson Airwrap Complete

Dyson Airwrap Complet. the best hair dryer for curling hair. Powerful model (1 300W) with a large set of nozzles. The kit includes a full 8 accessories that can be used to curl, curl, volume, or straighten strands: cylindrical with a diameter of 30 and 40 mm, a round brush to give volume, comb with soft and stiff bristles, concentrator. Hair is attracted to the surface of the nozzle with a stream of air, no need to use tongs or thermal gloves. Equipped with smart temperature control to protect your hair from overheating. Ionization function removes static electricity, so hair after styling looks smooth and well-groomed.

BaByliss AS200E hair dryer

BaByliss AS200E. the best blow dryer with rotating nozzle. Power rating of 1 000 watts, even for long hair. The model has ionization and cooled air blowing capabilities. The kit includes 4 ceramic sprayed nozzles: a 50mm brushing, a 20mm round brush, for straightening and concentrated air. You can store the entire kit in a handy bag. The cable, which has a swivel base, is 1.8 metres long.

Rowenta CF 9520

Rowenta CF 9520. Blow-dryer with a rotating nozzle. The high power (1 000 W) allows you to dry your hair quickly. Comes with two ceramic-coated brush heads 40 and 50mm in diameter. The bristles are made of synthetic material. The hair dryer has two modes and function and ionization, which helps remove static charge. The 360-degree rotation of the cord is 1.8 meters, which provides convenience.

Rowenta CF 7819

Rowenta CF 7819. the best hair dryer for straightening hair. Average Power of the hair dryer is 1 200 W, which gives you fast results. It offers two modes of operation, in addition there is a cold air blowing function, under the influence of unheated air the form of styling is more stable. Comes with three ceramic-coated attachments: 38mm brush, concentrator, and straightener with pliers and tines. The shape of the nozzle allows you to get perfectly smooth strands.

Philips HP8657 ProCare

Philips HP8657 ProCare is the best hair dryer with a diffuser. Approximate Model Power. 1 000 W. The set includes five attachments to create different styles: concentrator, retractable teeth brush for volume, comb to straighten, diffuser to create waves. Equipped with EHD technology, it heats the surface of the nozzle evenly and prevents the formation of particularly hot zones. It protects strands from overheating. It has ionisation for gentle hair care. Negative ions release static making hair look silky and shiny.

Braun AS 330

Braun AS 330 is the best budget hair dryer. It’s a low-power model. only 400 watts. It has two operating modes to set the airflow rate and temperature. Reverse rotation function, which lets you release the finished strand without disturbing its shape. Comes with three heads: volumizing with hollow teeth, big-diameter brush, and small-diameter brush. Ceramic coating on the nozzles protects the hair from overheating.

The table of participants in the rating hair dryers for hair brushes 2022

The sixth place is taken by Remington AS7051. The appearance of this hairbrush is close to the classic: a solid black handle and pink buttons that draw the eye. It looks stylish, but the tool may not be suitable for travel: its weight is about 500 grams, it is quite bulky. But there are also advantages, such as a special button for easy disconnection of the nozzle. Ceramic coating with tourmaline heats evenly and protects the hair from overheating. Thanks to him, it is possible and ionization.

There is a separate button for cold air and a solid 1.8 m long wire, which has a special loop for hanging the tool. Power is standard. 1000 watts. It comes with a brush head (50mm) with different bristles, a detachable brush (30mm) with retractable bristles for curling hair, a thermal brush (21mm) for small curls, a concentrator and a heat-resistant storage pouch.

  • The weak power. 1000 watts.
  • The hair dryer sucks the hair into the nozzle, which is very unpleasant.
  • It overheats too much.
  • No automatic nozzle rotation.

You should not expect much from such an inexpensive hair dryer, but for a tool with five nozzles in the kit is very good. This hair dryer has three temperature settings and two speed settings. It is not enough for some people, they claim that the first mode does not dry anything, and the second mode burns the hair. Maximum heating temperature. 130 ° C. Suitable for women with karez. Long hair will be difficult for this hair dryer brush to cope with.

Top 15 best hair dryer brushes for styling hair

Beautiful styling is a real art, transforming unattractive bunches of hair into luxurious silk with playful volume. But you can learn the spectacular techniques yourself without frequent visits to your hairdresser. The best hair dryers let you create elegant styles, make drying your hair easy, tidy up, and look like a red carpet celeb.

TOP 15 best hair-brushes: Rating 2021-2022 and what model with a rotating nozzle choose for hair volume

Hairdryer-brush is much more convenient and functional than a classic device.

The main advantage is the freedom of one hand while styling hair with hot air. Now in stores there are dozens of different models with different functionality.

This allows you to buy the right device at a reasonable price, but on the other hand complicates the choice.

The review presents the rules of choosing a suitable hair dryer, taking into account the main characteristics, as well as the features of popular models.



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