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The best electric vegetable and fruit dryers

Best Electric Vegetable and Fruit Dryers

Household dehydrators (vegetable and fruit dryers) are designed for quick and gentle drying of various food products. With their help, you can effortlessly prepare healthy desserts and spices at home, process crops from the garden and garden for the winter, cure meat, fish, etc.д. Our rating includes the best models of household dryers, suitable for everyday use.

Right away let’s break down the question: Is it worth buying a dryer for fruit? Inevitably before buying will fight two feelings: a useless thing and money for another toy; a useful device for harvesting and getting vitamins all year round.

In many forums, they write that if you have your own garden, whether it’s a cottage or a private home, the dryer will certainly come in handy. It comes in handy once a year during the preserves season. After that it needs somewhere to put away, and this is a place that is always in short supply in the kitchen.

In general, we can highlight the following points:

best, electric, vegetable, fruit, dryers
  • If you buy a dryer, be sure to read the recipes. You will be pleasantly surprised that in addition to drying apples can be very much.
  • If you do not have your own vegetable garden, or rather a garden (apples, pears, berries), then there is not much point in an electric dryer. Since there won’t be a lot of billets, and the electric dryer takes up a lot of space when stored.

Top 10 best dryers for fruit and vegetables in 2021

Experts note that for preservation of nutrients, micro- and macroelements in fruits and vegetables it is better to use drying. Modern kitchen appliances are multifunctional, allowing you to dry not only vegetables and fruits, but also other foods, including: mushrooms, berries, herbs, loaf.

Spectr-Pribor ESOF Vetorok-2

  • Form. cylindrical.
  • Transparent case in light colors.
  • The presence of thermostat.
  • Total volume of drying chamber. 30 l.
  • One time loading. up to 12 kg of the raw material.
  • Number of drying trays: 6.
  • Diameter of each pallet. 40 cm.
  • The overall dimensions are 47.5×40.5×39 cm.
  • Weight. not more than 5.6 kg.
  • The total range of drying temperature: 30 70 ° C.
  • Lower tray temperature: 52 70°C.
  • Drying time range from 2 to 30 hours.
  • Continuous running time of the dryer. up to 10 hours.
  • Drying efficiency not less than 80%.
  • Service life. at least 10 years.
  • Nominal power consumption. not more than 0,6 kW.
  • Nominal voltage 220 V.
  • Protection against electric shock. class II.
  • Operation mode. continuous S1 in accordance with GOST 183-74.
  • Included insert to collect fat when drying meat/fish.
best, electric, vegetable, fruit, dryers

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Opened the rating electric dryer for fruit and vegetables Vetorok-2 production of the Russian company Spektr-Pribor. The model has high production characteristics, increased displacement and power. This device is designed to dry not only fruits and vegetables at home, but also berries, mushrooms, medicinal herbs and so on. In addition, the device allows you to cure meat and fish, cook all kinds of chips, breadcrumbs and even homemade noodles.

Drying efficiency is at least 80% of the mass of the original product. The exact value depends on the type of food to be dried, the drying temperature, which can range from 30°C to 70°C, and the drying time, which can range from 2 to 30 hours. In a user-selected mode of operation the device maintains its temperature automatically by the thermostat. Average value of power consumption in such situation doesn’t exceed 300 watts.

The device is made in a transparent casing in a light-colored design. The dryer is equipped with six trays, each with a diameter of 40 cm. This design allows you to load up to 12 kg of material at a time.



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