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The best boilers for heating your private house


Occupying an intermediate place in calorific value between coal and wood, this type of fuel combines their advantages:

  • Provides practically complete combustion with a minimum of solid residue in the form of ash;
  • Has a relatively low temperature of the exhaust products of combustion;
  • allows you to fully automate the heating system, including the supply of fuel from the hopper into the combustion chamber, and does not require daily maintenance.

If we talk about the prospects, it is one of the most attractive types of fuel. renewable and environmentally friendly, which when burned does not harm the environment.

The best boiler for heating your home. Which one should you choose??

The question of choosing a boiler for heating a private home is faced by every homeowner. Because the comfort and microclimate of your home depends on the choice of heating system. The choice of boilers for heating in the market is great. To make the right choice it is necessary to understand how much you have to pay to maintain the right temperature in the house, especially in the winter time. Everyone wants to find the best boiler for heating their home. But what is laid down in the parameter of the best you have? Price, durability, efficiency or something else? Let’s try to identify the best in each criterion.

Two-circuit or single-circuit boilers?

It refers more to the wall-mounted models. The recommendation here would be simple. If you have a small house with one bathroom and kitchen, then take a two-circuit boiler and use hot water from it.

The main problem of two-circuit boilers is their small capacity. Such a device can provide one hot water point at a time. If there will be several of them at once, there can be problems. For example, with a suddenly cold shower. Everyone has been, everyone knows and does not want to repeat. That is why it is better to put a boiler.

Rating of the best gas heaters

The correct choice is determined by several criteria. And most of them are interrelated. Let’s list the moments that deserve special attention when choosing.

  • Thermal capacity. It is determined based on the objectives of the heating system. It is best to make a calculation of the required capacity and choose a boiler, focusing on this indicator.
  • Installation place. Some devices need an insulated firebox, others are allowed to be mounted on the wall of the kitchen or corridor.
  • Equipment layout. There are wall and floor models. The first. compact and lightweight, mounted on the wall. Floor-standing appliances. massive and bulky, installed on a flat solid surface.
  • Number of operating circuits. If it is one, the device only heats the room. There is equipment with two contours. The first is used for heating, the second heats water for household needs.
  • Burner type. There can be two variants. Open varieties are less effective. They burn oxygen and require connection to a complete chimney with natural draught. Closed burners use forced air supply, hot gases are exhausted through the coaxial chimney.
  • Heating type. There are two types of gas boilers. Convection boilers burn fuel, the smoke is directed to the chimney. Their efficiency is within 90%. This is the traditional type of heaters. Condensing devices work differently. They use the heat from the combustion of the coolant and that which is obtained by condensing the cooling water vapor. As a result, their efficiency can exceed 100%
  • Energy dependence of the heater. Especially important if there are frequent power outages. In such cases, the house is left without heating.
  • Additional functionality. To ensure the safety and convenience of operation of the equipment, additional systems can be built into it. This always increases the price of the boiler.

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It is worth paying attention to the manufacturing company. It is better to choose products of well-established brands and buy them in specialized stores. Buying equipment from an unknown manufacturer will cost less, but the operation is likely to be very disappointing.

All gas equipment is produced in strict accordance with high safety standards, because the blue fuel is potentially dangerous. This applies to both competitor and budget versions. But the first ones usually have a multistage auto-diagnostics systems and the most effective automatics. This should be taken into account.

Rating of solid fuel boilers Top 9 boilers

Modern solid fuel boilers for heating a private house or cottage are quite efficient and reliable heating appliances, which, in the absence of natural gas, show the highest economic indicators. Another common application of solid fuel boilers is a backup source of heat for a private home, the main heating system of which operates on natural or liquefied gas.

A variety of technological solutions, different types of solid fuel and different principles of combustion create a lot of inconveniences for unprepared consumers in choosing the optimal option of heating equipment for solid fuels. Engineers of the company Teplomatica have prepared a small rating of the best solid fuel boilers, which will help the future owner of a private house to make an informed and justified choice.

Rating TOP-10 best combi boilers for heating

Place Model Price
Small to medium heat output models up to 30 kW
#1 Teplodar Kupper OVK 18 18 kW Ask the price
#2 Teplodar Kupper PRO 28 28 kW Check price
#3 ACV Delta Pro S 25 26 kW Learn the price
#4 Protherm Bison 30 NL 27.1 kW See price
#5 Buderus Logano G125 WS-25 25 kW Learn more about the price
High power models from 30 kW
#1 Teplodar Kupper PRO 42 42 kW Check price
#2 Sime 1R6 FREEST 64.8 kW Learn the price
#3 Ferroli Atlas Evo 47 Learn the price
#4 Sime 1R7 FREEST 74 kW Check price
#5 Lamborghini Calor EL DB D N EVO 32 Find out the price

How to Choose the Most Efficient Boiler | This Old House

Besides the fuel consumption characteristic, there are several criteria that influence the economical parameters of the boiler. This refers to the service life, efficiency of the device, materials, etc.


Parameter efficiency of gas heating boilers has a direct correlation with their service life. The longest operating life and reliability are considered gas units with a heat exchanger made of cast iron. These boilers are designed to last up to 50 years. But, the disadvantage of this material is its brittleness, hence, it is necessary to be very careful when moving it. Only with careful and cautious operation can you achieve long life. In addition to the required care, it is also important to avoid temperature fluctuations, for example, cold water should not be allowed to get on the surface of a heated heat exchanger, as this can lead to cracking.

Floor standing units, in which the contours are made of steel are not as capricious as the ones made of cast iron. But, they are more susceptible to corrosion, hence their service life is shorter.

Availability of accessories

An important parameter that affects the service life is the availability of spare elements on sale, as well as their quality. It is recommended when purchasing a unit to find out how easy it is to find the necessary components. That is why it is logical to choose necessary details for more known and popular brands.


Regarding the country of manufacturer, the most durable devices are considered German, Italian and Slovak production. Similar equipment, produced by domestic firms, often has a shorter life, although they have a better adaptation to the operating conditions in Russia and besides, they are lower in cost.

Scheduled inspections

There are users of gas boilers, who as a matter of economy do not turn to service, or do not regularly carry out routine checks. However, this is a big mistake, because during the operation of the boiler, various situations can occur, such as shifting the focus of the burner. This leads to the appearance of fouling, and then there can be small malfunctions. If they are not noticed and not corrected in time, it can lead to an increase in gas consumption and reduce the performance of the boiler. This is a good example that it is not worth saving on routine inspections.

The efficiency of the unit

An important indicator, which should be emphasized during the selection of economical gas boilers for a private home. the efficiency factor.

For example, for floor gas appliances efficiency = 85-90%. Lower values are inherent in cheaper units, which are equipped with a single-stage or two-stage burner.

Boilers with smoothly varying capacity are considered more effective. The heat generated by the combustion of the fuel begins to heat the heat exchanger with the coolant. After the residual heat is discharged via the chimney into the atmosphere.

The amount of heat that is lost can be calculated by measuring the temperature of the flue gas. Cost-effective is considered a device in which the heating of smoke is up to 100-150 ° C. If the temperature is higher than 200°C, the unit is not economical.

The gas unit for housing with the highest economic parameters is considered a condensing boiler, which has a special technology for extracting heat from the formed condensate. Condensing boilers have an efficiency of over 100%.

Given the various criteria that directly influence the economic performance of gas-fired units, a number of models can be identified that have the necessary economic quality.

The climate in Russia is harsh and unpredictable. In most regions winter lasts 6-8 months, and the temperature outside drops to.30 0С. In practice, this means that neither in an apartment, nor in a private home, you can live without heating, even with very thick walls.

If high-rise buildings, built on standard projects, often connected to the centralized heating system, the owners of cottages have to buy and connect a reliable electric or gas boiler (AOGV), to solve problems with the installation of radiators and wiring pipes. And it is important to choose the right model of heating unit, calculate its capacity, determine the additional functionality. The price of equipment is not less important.

The most popular are electric and gas boilers, including condensing boilers. The advantage of the first ones is that the installation of any model can be done independently. No permission to connect to the network is required. But there is a significant disadvantage. significant costs for electricity in the winter. If you use such a boiler to heat a large area cottage, the resource companies will charge tens of thousands.

Gas boilers (single and double circuit) are more expensive. If the house is not originally gasified, you will have to obtain permission to cut into the pipe. But there are advantages. The price of gas is lower than that of electricity. The initial cost will be repaid within 2-3 years. Do not forget that most of the models of modern heating boilers are two-circuit. They are designed, including for obtaining hot water. You can do without installing a boiler of direct or indirect heating. The reliability of such equipment is at a proper level.

Top 15 best wall hung gas boilers: Rating 2021-2022 by price/quality and what two-circuit model to choose for a private house

The key element of a heating system in a detached house is the boiler.

In many ways, the quality of the device itself, the efficiency of its work affects the temperature of the air in the room, the total cost of paying for heating.

Wall-mounted boilers have a major advantage over other similar heating equipment: they occupy a minimum amount of free space.



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