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The beretta gas boiler does not turn on what to do

Beretta boilers and their codes

This article contains all likely malfunctions and options for their elimination, as well as errors for Beretta boilers (Beretta). All information is read in the following order: code. name. possible malfunction. If you have any additional questions, please leave them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to this article.

  • Beretta Ciao
  • Error code A01. flame error
  • Error code A02. error of the maximum thermostat
  • Error code A03. error of the thermostat of smoke gases
  • Error code A04. error of hydraulic pressostat
  • Error code A05. NTC sensor error
  • Error code A06. NTC heating sensor error
  • Error code E011. the appearance of false flame
  • Adj error code. Electronic settings error minimum and maximum power
  • Beretta City
  • The green light blinks with a frequency of 1 time in 3.5 seconds
  • Blinking a bulb with a frequency of 1 time in half a second
  • The green light blinks quickly, with a frequency of 1 time in 0.1 seconds
  • Green lamp is on continuously
  • Red diode is ongoing continuously
  • The red bulb blinks
  • At the same time blinks a green light and red LED
  • The yellow indicator burns

Beretta Ciao

Beretta Ciao boiler is equipped with a liquid crystal display, on which not only modes of operation are displayed, but also possible options for damage. There is no expectation mode.

Error code A01. flame error

This malfunction code appears in the absence of flame. Two characters are displayed on the display. Flashed flame and bell.

Error code A02. error of the maximum thermostat

The device stopped at a malfunction of the maximum thermostat. A call is displayed on the display.

Error code A03. error of the thermostat of smoke gases

Stops according to the readings of the thermostat of smoke gases. A call is displayed on the display.

Error code A04. error of hydraulic pressostat

The unit stops according to the testimony of hydraulic pressostat. On the display symbol call.

Error code A05. NTC sensor error

It signals about the breakdown of the NTC sensor of the DIS. On the display symbol of the call.

Error code A06. NTC heating sensor error

She shows that the NTC heating sensor is faulty. On the display symbol call.

Error code E011. the appearance of false flame

Means the appearance of false flame. On the display symbol call.

Adj error code. Electronic settings error minimum and maximum power

This malfunction code shows problems in the electronic settings of the minimum and maximum power. On the display symbol call.

Inclusion of the waiting regimen 88 degrees. The symbol blinks the call. Damage associated with blocking the boiler at the signal of the smoke removal press start. In this case, the symbol blinks the call. A breakdown associated with a stop of the device due to hydraulic press stratum. In this case, the symbol blinks the call.

Operating mode showing the presence of sensors, measuring the temperature per street. The thermometer burns on the display.

The operating mode showing that the unit supplies water to the DIS. A value of 60 degrees and a crane sign are displayed on the display.

Operating mode showing that the device is working on a heating system. A temperature of 80 degrees and the “radiator” sign are displayed on the display.

Mode in which the operation of the device is aimed at counteracting the freezing of the system. Snowflake is on fire on the display.

The boiler mode shows that the flame is present. A sign flame burns on the display.

If you are 100% not sure of what the problem is and that you can solve it. immediately contact the service center for diagnosis and eliminate the malfunction.

The main malfunctions of the Beretta gas boilers

The design of Beretta boilers is a reliable and strong engineering solution, taking into account all the loads and impacts on the parts and units of the unit.

The most likely malfunctions arise in the most critical nodes experiencing maximum temperature or dynamic loads.

According to experts, the number of the most common malfunctions includes:

  • Lack of flame on a burner causing a boiler operation blocking. This problem is most often found, since it can be caused by various reasons, from clogging of the nozzles of the burner to the cessation of gas supply in the highway.
  • Refusal of management fees-partition of parts or failure due to condensation. This is one of the most unpleasant problems for the user, since replacing management fees is a very expensive procedure.
  • Disconnecting the boiler due to exceeding the permissible pressure of smoke gases. Here the reasons can be either clogging of soot or the appearance of ice at the exit of the chimney, and an increase in wind, creating excessive pressure in the chimney.
  • The failure of any self.diagnosis sensor. The boiler control system perceives such situations as the emergence of an equivalent error and immediately takes appropriate measures.
  • Low water pressure in the supply pipeline of the heating circuit. If the feeding does not help solve the problem, then a leak or failure of the expansion tank is possible.

IMPORTANT! The listed problems relate to the most common, but this does not indicate their obligation. any chance is possible during operation, and the described situations may not appear at all.

Common breakdown of Beretta boilers

According to gas workers involved in the repair and adjustment of Beretta gas boilers, several basic malfunctions that occur most often in the equipment of this brand:

beretta, boiler, does, turn

Statistics collected by experts do not mean that in each boiler of the Beretta brand, just such problems will occur.

Perhaps problems will not appear at all for a long time, or completely different malfunctions will occur for other reasons. Each problem or failure in Beretta gas boilers has its own code designation, which is displayed by the control system on the LCD display.

It is necessary to pay attention to malfunctions and problems during the operation of the Beretta gas boiler and eliminate them in a timely manner in order to avoid more serious breakdowns

The identification of malfunctions is due to the system of self.diagnosis, which makes it possible to instantly determine the problems in their occurrence and take appropriate measures.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the Beretta model CIAO 24 CSI should include:

  • Efficiency, reliability, stability in work.
  • Resistance to external influences, preserving a given mode of operation.
  • The ability to provide the house with thermal energy together with the supply of hot water.
  • Automatic mode of operation that does not require constant attention of a person.
  • The presence of a self.diagnosis system notifying the owner about the appearance of problems.
  • Compactness, attractive appearance.

The disadvantages of the unit are considered:

  • Excessive sensitivity of electronics, the need to connect external protection devices (stabilizer).
  • Streetness to water quality. It is extremely difficult to flush the Bittermic heat exchanger, and the replacement is expensive, so you need to install softening water filters.
  • The need for service, the quality of which is not always at the proper level.

The disadvantages of the Beretta boiler CIAO 24 CSI can be attributed to the design features, since they are characteristic of all similar units. This does not reduce their negative action, but allows you to more correctly relate to their presence.

Features of the operation of gas boilers “Beretta

The instruction manual for the Beretta gas column says that this is a complex self.regulating system, the main work of which is to convert gas into healthy heat, to heat the room and heat water. Proper work with the device involves a full adherence to the prescribed instruction that goes together with the boiler.

After the installation of flooring or wall equipment, the engineer should check the first ignition before supplying gas so that the communications correspond to the technical characteristics of the boiler, the system of removing smoke with air fence, the gas pipeline, corresponded to the characteristics of gas pressure in the gas pipeline. Otherwise, the display will blink and give an error.

Subsequently, operation on the manual can be carried out by the user. To switch the boiler mode to heating in an enhanced mode, you need to turn the switch button to the left in accordance with the picture, which means winter. To switch to the “summer” indicator, you need to turn the lever in the opposite direction.

Attention! The ignition is obliged to be produced in a dry room at a temperature regime over 0 degrees. To turn it off for a long time, you should transfer the button to the shutdown mode, close the tap of the fuel supply pipeline and block the water through the hydraulic system. It is also recommended to drain water from the system.

Error A01 Boile Beretta

In the beret boilers, the A01 error (or A01 in Russian) indicates the problems of the ignition system (lack of flame, malfunction in the control board). This may be the result of the following reasons:

  • one. The flame detection electrode is polluted. You can clean the electrode of the incapacitated soot on your own.
  • 2. Lack of gas supply. Violation of the supply in the main gas pipeline or simply closed gas crane (open).
  • 3. Violation in the operation of the gas valve. Only a qualified specialist can adjust the valve operation of the valve
  • four. The reliability of connecting contacts on the ignition unit is impaired. Corrected independently. Disconnect, clean, connect.
  • 5. The failure of the relay included in the system of control of the functioning of the ignition unit, gas valve, fan. This problem is eliminated exclusively by a specialist. The reason can be both in the relay itself and in the electronic board.

Error A02 Boile Beretta

If the beret’s boiler displays error A02 (A03), then in this case, problems with the temperature violation. Usually occurs in the case of a sharp drop in pressure in the system of circulation of the coolant. The reasons may be as follows:

  • one. Falf in the circulation pump. The operation of the pump may be disturbed due to contamination. After several inclusions, he can earn in normal mode. It is not recommended to disassemble it yourself. The specialist should do this. Only he will determine the cause of the malfunction and will repair the pump or replace it.
  • 2. A malfunction of the temperature sensor. This malfunction is eliminated only by replacing the part.
  • 3. Violation of the integrity of electrical connections by the sensor. It is necessary to check the integrity of the insulation of the wiring and check the reliability of the contacts.

Error A03 Boile Beretta

On the bereta boiler display A03 error, problems with removing combustion products. This may be related to:

  • one. Clogging the combustion channel of combustion products. This situation rarely arises, there is practically no gas burning residues. But the reason may be the appearance of ice at the output of the pipeline system due to freezing condensate. A strong wind can also cause difficulty in the removal of combustion products, which entails a thermostat operation, disconnecting and blocking the boiler.
  • 2. Lack of air supply, in case of compulsory smoke removal. The main malfunction is a fan breakdown. You will need a replacement.

Error A04 Boile Beretta

On the Beretta boiler display, error A04 signals the absence of optimal pressure in the heat exchange system. Error is similar to the error a02. The only difference is that this code indicates primarily the problems within the system of the boiler itself. The appearance on the display of such an error may be as follows:

  • one. Clogging the contour of the heat exchanger inside the boiler. Long.term operation using rigid water leads to the formation of scale on the internal surfaces of the heat exchanger. The addition of chemicals to the circulation system of heat supply helps to remove it.
  • 2. The manifested leak. Sometimes the master will be able to repair the heat exchanger on the spot (patch up). Otherwise, you have to replace.
  • 3. Violation of the tightness of the contour of the heat supply system. Such problems can be eliminated independently using the tool and sealing material.
  • four. Malfunction in the operation of the circulation pump. The pump replacement is required.
  • 5. Poor wiring contact with pressure sensor. It is eliminated independently (clean and connect).
  • 6. Damage to the pressure sensor. You will need a replacement.

The instructions attached to all models of Beretta boilers indicate most beret boilers’ mistakes with a description of possible problem situations arising during operation. In addition, the display displays the working parameters of the boilers. For example, comparing the code of the Bereta City boiler error and the parameters of working functions, the master is able to determine the problem block, node on the spot or eliminate the cause that does not require complex repair work. Qualified masters should deal with problems related to described errors. Only a master who has practical experience in servicing gas boilers of various brands and models can comprehensively diagnose and determine the specific reason for the appearance of errors on the display.

Repair of the boiler Navien Baxi boilers errors
Installation of the heating system in the house Errors of gas boilers
Gas boilers with installation Replacing heating radiators

Turning to us, you agree with the terms of the “user agreement”. the contract of the Offer!

User manual

The proper operation of the Beretta gas equipment includes compliance with precautions:

  • You can not use the device for other purposes and touch its surface with your wet hands.
  • It is categorically impossible to close or less space for ventilation of the boiler, since these holes are a necessary condition for proper operation.
  • If there is a smell of gas, it is necessary to turn off all the devices, block the gas supply crane and ventilate the room.
  • Before carrying out any cleansing work with the boiler, you need to turn it off from the network.
  • It is forbidden to store combustible materials with a place near the boiler and try to repair it yourself.
  • You can not stretch and twist the wires that come out of the device, even if the device is disabled.

In addition, the management states that it is forbidden to store the unit in an unheated room at a temperature below zero degrees.

Error codes and decryption

Consider the main codes of errors (pictures) of Beretta boilers:

The code Decoding
A01 Stop boiler due to lack of flame on the burner
A02 The boiler is blocked by the thermostat signal (overheating)
A03 Exceeding the permissible pressure of smoke gases
A04 Low coolant pressure in the heating circuit
A05 DED temperature sensor refusal
A06 Refusal of the temperature sensor of the heating circuit
A07 The thermallele does not open
A11 Parasitic flame (flame is recorded on a shut.off burner)
A24 Fan failure
Adj It is required to configure the upper and lower limits of the boiler power
E33 Improper phase accession and power supply neutral
E35 Denial of pressure relay
E37 False flame, chimney problems
E38 Short circuit of the smoke sensor
E39 Smoke sensor
E40 Unstable supply voltage
E42 A short circuit of the pressure sensor of the straight line of the heating circuit
E43-44 Closing of contacts or short circuit of the pressure sensor on the back line of the heating circuit
E46 Overheating of the coolant
E48 The fan is different

Type A mistakes require the restart of the boiler, and the errors of the E “E” disappear after eliminating the cause without the need to restart.

Beretta gas boilers error codes

We do not recommend fixing the boiler yourself. Tell our specialist an error code so that he takes the necessary tools and spare parts with him. This will help to eliminate the malfunction as quickly as possible.

To resume the operation of the boiler, transfer the operating mode switch to the position, wait 5-6 seconds, then again transfer it to the desired position. After that, the boiler start automatically. Comment. If you cannot resume the normal operation of the boiler, call a service specialist.

Standby mode
Switched off switched off
Lack of flame blocking A01
Blocking for a malfunction of the control board A01
Maximum thermostat lock A02
Press.resistance blocking of smoke removal A03
Hydraulic Press Press Blocking A04
NTC DIS sensor malfunction A06
NTC heating sensor malfunction A07
Simulation of flame A11
Electronic configuration min. And Max. Power Adj
Waiting for ignition 88 ° flashes
Disconnecting by the press.start of smoke removal blinks
Disconnecting on hydraulic press stratum blinks
Activated the function of preheating ders P
Request for preliminary heating of the hot water P flashes
The presence of a street temperature sensor
Request to the work of the contour 60 °
Request to the work of the heating circuit 80 °
The presence of flame

Baxi error E01. Troubleshooting. Fault e 01. Boiler

If any malfunction occurs in the boiler operation, a flashing code will be displayed on the display, and the symbols are reset and/or. The following table describes various malfunctions.

Non.land Code of malfunction symbol symbol symbol

Blocking due to lack of flame (D) ten Yes Yes
False Flame Simulation (D) eleven Yes Yes
Maximum thermostat (d) twenty Yes Not
Thermostat of the burner (D) (for mix c.S.I.) 21 Yes Not
Smoke thermostat (D) (for CAI.) 22 Yes Yes
Pressostate smoke removal (D) (for MIX C.S.I.) thirty Yes Not
Pressostate smoke removal (t) (for mix c.S.I.) 31 Not Yes
Insufficient pressure in the heating system (D) 40 Yes Not
Insufficient pressure in the heating system (t) 41 Not Yes
Water pressure sensor (D) 42 Yes Yes
Electronic board (D) 50-59 Yes Yes
The temperature sensor of the hot water 1 (t °) 60 Not Yes
Temperature sensor in the heating system (T) 71 Not Yes
Low temperature thermostat (t) 77 Yes Yes
  • (D): The malfunction causes the final stop of the boiler
  • (T): temporary. In case of this malfunction, the boiler is automatically trying to resume the work.
  • (°): only for an external boiler-accumulator with a sensor. The malfunction code is displayed only when the boiler is in standby mode
  • : If there was a fault of “insufficient pressure in the heating system”, follow the heating system to add a recharge procedure
  • Type A errors that can be turned off only by pressing the Reset button
  • Type E errors that disappear after the reason that causes them disappears

Error code reason for verification and elimination

And 16 INTERNAL ERROR Replace the main board (Master)
And 18 INTERNAL ERROR Replace the main board (Master)

The following are errors that disappear automatically. If one of the errors below occurs, the red light indicator lights up.

Error code reason for verification and elimination

E 23 INTERNAL ERROR Replace the main board (Master)
E 24 INTERNAL ERROR Replace the main board (Master)
E 26 INTERNAL ERROR Replace the main board (Master)
E 25 INTERNAL ERROR Replace the main board (Master)
E 32 No subordinate (Salve) Make sure that two.pole switches on individual units are in the “ON” position (included).
E 34 Error 50 Hz The frequency in the power supply network is not equal to 50 hertz.
E 02 NTC1 will open (NTC1: the sensor at the output of the boiler) The sensor on the supply pipeline in the primary circuit is not connected or there is a cliff in it.
E 04 NTC3 will open (NTC3: DIS sensor) DHW sensor is not connected or there is a cliff in it.
E 18 NTC1. short circuit (NTC1: the sensor at the output of the boiler) Short circuit on the sensor of the supply pipeline in the primary circuit.
E 20 NTC3 short circuit (NTC3: DIS sensor) Short circuit on the sensor.

If an error will occur on a subordinate board (SLAVE), which must be dropped manually, you must press the Reset button on a subordinate boiler.

Error code reason for verification and elimination

  • Make sure the gas valve is open.
  • Make sure that a spark is slipping between the two electrodes.
  • Replace MSVA (water entering the diagram).
  • Replace the subordinate electronic board (SLAVE).
  • Check the fan.
  • Check the electrical connection of the fan.
  • Replace the fan.
  • Make sure that the water consumption in the circuit of each unit has the correct value. In each unit, the consumption should be 2 m3/hour.
  • Replace the water pressure relay (setting 500 liters/hour).

Codes of errors on the boiler display

On the LCD display, which almost all models of Beretta gas boilers are equipped, information about the operating mode of the equipment, as well as errors and malfunctions arising during operation, are displayed.

Most of the failures are eliminated when the boiler reboot. But if the problem has not disappeared after the reboot, it is necessary to check the details and nodes indicated below.

The BOARD of the gas boiler BURNED down-simple repair.

We tried to collect the most complete list of errors.

A01. there is no flame on the burner, 5 unsuccessful attempts of ignition.

  • the presence of gas in the highway;
  • position of the lock valve of the boiler;
  • adjust the gas valve;
  • clean the burner with nozzles;
  • the electrode of the ignition, if necessary, clean the contacts;
  • ignition relay;
  • Change the subordinate fee.

A02. overheating of the thermostat.

  • thermostat, the integrity of the wiring to it;
  • clean or replace the circulation pump;
  • At low pressure in the circuit add fluids.

A03. smoke removal violation.

  • the presence of traction;
  • Clean the chimney of the gas boiler, if necessary, put the ice at the output;
  • clean or replace the fan, check the contacts;
  • smoke sensor, its contacts.

A04. a decrease in water pressure in the system.

  • the presence of leaks;
  • pressure sensor, its contacts;
  • circulation pump;
  • the presence of blockages in the system;
  • Change the subordinate fee.

A05. Damage of the hot water supply of hot water supply.

A06. breakdown of the temperature sensor NTC heating.

A07. does not open the thermallene.

A08-A10-internal error of the subordinate board.

A11. flame simulation (fire on the disconnected burner).

A12, A15. errors on the subordinate board.

A16, A18. errors on the main board.

A20. fire remains after closing the gas valve.

A24. fan malfunction.

Adj. Min and Max Settings Min.

E02. NTC1 sensor is not connected.

E04. NTC3 sensor is not connected.

E18. short circuit of the NTC1 sensor.

E20. short circuit of the NTC3 sensor.

E23-E26-errors on the main board.

E32. no subordinate (Salve).

E33. the phase and neutral are incorrectly connected.

E34. RESET button error when pressed more than 7 times for 30 minutes.

E35. failure of the pressure relay.

E36. error on the subordinate board.

E37. Fire failure.

E38. A short circuit of the smoke sensor.

E39. no contact with the smoke sensor.

E41. error on the subordinate board.

E42. a short circuit of the sensor on the supply pipe.

E43. no contact with the sensor on the supply pipe.

E44. a short circuit of the sensor on the return pipe.

E45. no contact with the sensor on the return pipe.

E46. overheating of the sensor on the supply pipe.

E47. overheating of the sensor on the return pipe.

E48. overheating of the smoke sensor.

Sometimes there are situations when errors are not shown on the display of the Beretta gas boiler, but other signs of malfunctions in the operation of equipment appear.

Such signs include the appearance in the room with a boiler of the smell of gas or burning, the belated operation of the boiler burner, as well as a noticeable difference between the heating of the boiler and the temperature of the batteries. These manifestations of malfunctions should be taken with no less attention than the codes on the display.

Popular breakdowns and their elimination

The lower the serial number of the error, the more often it occurs during the operation of the Beretta boiler.

Consider the most common errors and possible ways to eliminate them:

  • A01. Blocking due to lack of flame. There are several reasons. problems with the supply of gas in the trunk line, the gas supply crane into the boiler is blocked, the nozzles of the burner are very clogged. Find out if there is gas in the line, clean the burner and nozzles.
  • A02. Overheating of the heat exchanger indicates a lack of water. Check the operation of the circulation pump and the pressure of the OS, add the liquid to the system.
  • A03. High pressure in the chimney indicates blockage of the output of ice, hoarfrost, accumulation of soot. Weather factors are possible. a strong gusty wind.
  • A 04. The drop in the pressure of the coolant can be caused by a lack of fluid. Check the system for leaks, if detected. eliminate.
  • A05. Problems of the thermoresistor of the DHW line are eliminated by the replacement of the sensor.
  • A06. The thermoresistor of the heating circuit, failed, is subject to immediate replacement.
  • E33. It is necessary to change the electrodes in a plug of power. Beretta boilers are phase dependent, do not work when the phase wire is incorrectly connected.
  • E46. Exceeding the permissible temperature of the coolant indicates the problems in the circulation of the liquid. Check the operating mode of the circulation pump.
  • The symbol of the “bell” flashes (bell, p). This is a signal from the chimney pressure sensor indicating an obstacle to the yield of smoke, the formation of ice or hoarfrost at the output of the pipe.

The beretta boiler error reset is carried out by pressing the shutdown button and re-turning on the boiler after 5-6 seconds.

What indicate indicators?

In some models of Beretta gas boilers, such as Beretta City, the appearance of failures in the operation of units can be judged by signals of red, yellow and green indicators.

Indicators are two or three light diodes located on the central panel, which begin to flash with different intensity when a particular failure appears.

The blinking of a green indicator can mean the following:

  • 1 time/3.5 seconds. the equipment is transferred to the standby mode, the fire is extinguished;
  • 1 time/0.5 sec-the boiler is stopped due to a breakdown;
  • 1 time/0.1 sec. the unit is switched to the auto.regulation system;
  • The indicator burns and does not flas it. the boiler works fine, the fire burns.

Beretta City can independently stop due to a breakdown in cases of signal from pressure sensors and smoke removal.

The boiler can suspend the work for 10 minutes, during which the correct parameters should be restored. During this time, the system will automatically conduct scanning. A detailed guide on how to check the readings of the sensors of the Beretta gas boiler should already be laid down in the self.diagnosis system.

The inclusion of the red indicator occurs in the following cases:

  • The indicator burns and does not blink. if after suspension the work of the boiler is not established, the unit goes into emergency mode;
  • The indicator flashes. the operation of the maximum temperature sensor. Sometimes the error can be eliminated using the operating mode switch.

Simultaneous blinking of red and green diodes occurs in the event of a breakdown of the NTC sensor.

The yellow indicator is ignited and continuously burns when the pre.heating of the coolant in the circuit is turned on.

To eliminate all the above.described non.advantages of Beretta gas boilers, it is strongly recommended to use the services of masters of authorized service centers and organizations with which a contract for servicing gas units and the supply of blue fuel have been concluded.

Independent intervention in the complex design of boilers can lead to an even more serious breakdown, which will result in expensive repairs and long.term stopping of the autonomous heating system.

The main series

City boilers are produced in nine variations with various performance and configuration. It is equipped with one or two heating contours with a maximum power of 24 and 28 kW with combustion chambers of both open and closed type. Natural and liquefied gas are used as fuel. Tound boilers are also produced with heat production of up to 50 kW with one or two contours. The cost of the boiler unit depends on the configuration and power.

Technical characteristics of the City 35 CSI model:

  • heating of the room with an area of ​​up to 350 m2;
  • heat.exchanging apparatus. separate type; for the heating circuit. copper, for hot water supply. steel;
  • combustion chamber. turbocharged type;
  • Efficiency. 93%;
  • power. 37.6 kW;
  • Water heating. 20 liters per minute;
  • Weight. 42 kg.

CIAO boilers are produced only with two circuits with both open and closed combustion chambers. The equipment is equipped. A distinctive feature of this series of boilers is the option of protection against freezing of the coolant. In the event that the coolant has cooled up to 5 degrees, automatic water heating in the system begins.

Technical characteristics of the model “CIAO 24 CSI N”:

  • heating a room with an area of ​​up to 240 m2;
  • fuel consumption. 2.78 cubic meters per hour;
  • power 24 kW;
  • Efficiency. 92%;
  • combustion chamber. closed;
  • ignition. automatic;
  • Dimensions. 74 x 40 x 34 cm.

Novella series boilers are made with an open combustion chamber, piezo.Zhizhig, and energy.dependent. Produced only in the floor with one contour. They are equipped with a heat exchange device made of cast iron and a two.stage burner of stainless steel. Thermal production of equipment. from 90 to 280 kW.

Technical features of the Novella 45 RAI model:

  • combustion chamber. open;
  • performance. 45 kW;
  • fuel. natural gas;
  • fuel consumption. 5 cubic meters per hour;
  • Weight. 154 kg.

Boiler boilers with a heat production of 28 kW are equipped with closed or open.type combustion chambers. A distinctive feature of the boilers of this series is the presence of a built.in boiler with a volume of 60 liters with a heat exchanger apparatus. In the configuration with the boiler there is a circulation pump unit. The equipment is equipped with an option to freeze the coolant and burning device.

Exclusive models are installed in closed heating contours with compulsory circulation of the heat media in the system with four functioning modes. The capacity of the equipment lies in the range of 16. 35 kW.

Technical features of the Exclusive 24 CAI model:

  • The number of contours is two;
  • heat production. 26.7 kW;
  • Efficiency. 90%;
  • combustion chamber. open type;
  • Dimensions. 33 x 80 x 40 cm.

The Fabula series represents a double.circuit boiler unit with a built.in boiler, which provides a large volume of hot water without interruptions with a heating room. The boiler can be a capacity of 80, 90 and 120 liters. Maximum performance. 43 kW with combustion modulation. The heating circuit is equipped with a heat exchanger apparatus of cast iron, while the hot water supply circuit is made of steel with a magnesium anode, which provides reliable protection against the formation of scale. The advantages of this series include reliability and high quality of the assembly of parts.

Characteristics of the Fabula 31 Cai 80 model:

  • power. 31 kW;
  • The coefficient of useful action is 90%;
  • 80 liter boiler;
  • weight. 125 kg;
  • Dimensional dimensions. 135 x 45 x 79 cm;
  • fuel consumption. 3.5 cubic meters per hour.

Your Idrabagno 11 column has a radiator?

This is a common breakdown, which is caused by the quality of the water.

But everything can be corrected by not a complicated set of tools at hand, namely we need:

  • soldering iron
  • solder
  • sandpaper (preferably with fine grain)
  • solvent (for degreasing surface)
  • rosin (to protect the surface from oxidation).

Before you start repair, do not forget to block the gas and water valve suitable to the device. Most often, the fistulas are formed on the front side of the apparatus, in this case you do not need to turn it off from the column. If it formed on the back of the column, you will need to remove the radiator.

The first stage of the repair. drain all the water that is in the tube, can be carried out by opening a crane with hot water, then unscrew the nut of the pipe from cold water at the entrance to the column, so the remaining water will flow out. If you do not, you will not be able to achieve the necessary power temperature, since part of the heat will take water in the pipe.

Using a sheet of sandpaper, process the place of leaks, we advise you to carefully view your radiator for small green interspersed this is the first sign of the beginning of the fistula, make the same stages of repairs with them so as not to return to it again.

The next stages is to degrease the surface and remove particles of dust and dirt, for this you need to take a piece of clean fabric moisten it in the solvent and treat the required surface. You can make soldering with any solder at hand if it is not there, you can easily purchase in any radio market.

Use a soldering iron in which the ration temperature is at least 170 degrees. Turn on the soldering iron into the network and wait until it warms up, in the meantime, process the surface with rosin, is done so that there is no oxidation on the pipe and provide high.quality soldering. Then, with the help of a soldering iron, melt the solder (tin) and apply it to the surface. To ensure high.quality repair, the applied solder should be about two, three centimeters.

Scale formation in the heat exchanger.

This can be determined if the water in the column does not warm up enough, or a small pressure of water at the output of the apparatus, although the pressure in the water line is strong enough. This breakdown is associated with the low quality of tap water, more precisely with its rigidity.

This problem leads to a significant increase in gas flow rate for heating. It is possible to reduce the deposits by reducing the set heating temperature, when heated more than 70 degrees, it occurs much faster. In order to repair your device, you can resort to stores to remove plaque, which are expensive, it is also not recommended for their frequent use, or use a solution with a citric acid of 100 grams of acid per half liters of water.

Cleaning can be carried out in two ways:

  • Using a special apparatus. This is a tank with a pump mounted in it that drives off the cleansing fluid inside the heat exchanger. It is connected to the radiator tubes at the input and output. Water circulates inside for an hour dissolving the resulting plaque.However, not everyone has the acquisition of such a device due to its high cost, there is a cheaper method.
  • Drain the water from the system, remove the radiator, prepare the tank filled with one third with water. Immerse the radiator into it and fill it with a reagent with a purchased or prepared or prepared independent. Put on fire and boil for half an hour., Then turn off the fire and let stand for an hour. Rinse the radiator if the pressure changed, then the plaque has gone, if it remains small, repeat the procedure again.

Beretta Ciao 24 Cai

This device is designed for attaching to the wall, it has two circuits for heating. the heating contours and hot water supply, while the burning chamber of open type. What are the main advantages of this equipment? We indicate the following list.

  • There is an informing display.
  • Power can be adjusted smoothly.
  • Automatic adjustment of the temperature regime of the coolant.
  • The circulation pump has three speeds and is protected from failures.
  • The ability to reconfigure equipment to liquefied gas.
  • The thickness of the wall of the heat exchanger is increased on the latest models.
  • The installation has an ionization type flame control.
  • Water pressure controls the hydraulic press station.
  • There is also a smoke removal control.

In order to understand how this unit works, we give a brief instructions for this double.circuit gas boiler of a wall type of beretta.

  • The operating modes are displayed by special icons on the indicator panel of the unit.
  • To activate the operation of the equipment, you need to turn on the power, open the gas valve, configure the room temperature controller and set the Winter or Summer mode according to the situation.
  • The disconnection is made with a special button “Turning off”.

The described device has some relative disadvantages. We list them below:

We figured out this model, and now we will study another model.

Wall Beretta City 24 CSI

Power 24 kW, and the area of ​​heated room can reach 240 m2.

  • copper primary heat exchanger;
  • protection against freezing and overheating;
  • automatic diagnosis of equipment errors;
  • The heating temperature of the coolant is adjusted automatically;
  • power is adjusted smoothly;
  • freezing protection and blocking the pump.

As you can see, in this model, the function is similar in the previous model. Now we will briefly bring the instruction manual for the described gas boiler of Beretta.

  • The indicator panel also uses icons, conditional images are deciphered in a technical passport.
  • It is possible to connect the remote control.
  • Installation rules are described in detail on the pages of a technical passport.
  • The passport indicates the connection diagram to the horizontal coaxial chimney, which must be purchased separately.
  • To start the equipment, fill out the system with water, turn on the power, open the gas valve, set the regulator to room temperature. Turn on the mode “Winter” or “Summer”.
  • The equipment is turned off is carried out by the shutdown button.

Detailed leadership also indicates error codes. That is, these are encrypted malfunctions that can show Beretta’s dual.circuit gas boiler on the indicator panel. However, we will talk about them now in more detail.

Comparison and problems

The given table includes information about the faults of a particular gas boiler of Beretta among consumers. Let us sign what you can try to do with certain problems with your own hands.

  • Among the malfunctions of the Beretta gas boiler, breakdowns can be found in which the unit does not turn on. Most likely, the reason is either in the absence of water or in the absence of power supply. The worst alignment is a breakdown of the system board. Only the service service will help here.
  • Blocking is possible due to excess pressure of the chimney, but this can happen due to a strong street wind.
  • Classification of sensors, automation must determine the.
  • The equipment may not turn on also due to condensate in the chimney, the latter must be checked, among other things, if the unit does not turn on.
  • There are cases of equipment failure due to hoarfront at the output of the chimney. The sensor is triggered, as a result, the equipment does not work.

Here are the main problems that can be encountered during the operation of the described boiler equipment.

How to choose a boiler

All models from the Italian brand are compact and silent, they do not bother the owners at all. They have a stylish design, boilers fit perfectly into modern interiors.



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