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The air conditioner in the car after refueling is poorly cooled

Air conditioning resuscitation on their own: Instructions “Drive

It came warm. and it turned out that the “condo” in your car Zahanandril. We tell you how to restore the normal operation of a useful device.

All problems can be divided into two parts: either the air conditioner does not turn on at all, or it seems that it is cold inefficiently.

The air conditioner is useful not only in the heat: when glass fogs out in rainy weather, it effectively dries them.

The air conditioner does not turn on

Most cars have an indicator of the air conditioner. If it does not light up (or does not go out, like some Renault), then alas: the condo definitely does not work.

There are indirect signs of air conditioning performance. The most obvious is the receipt of chilled air from deflectors. In addition, when operating the cooler:

  • a idle speed is slightly increased;
  • In weak cars, especially without turbocharged, the motor begins to pull worse;
  • Sometimes when turned on from under the hood, a rather loud click is heard;
  • On some cars, a fan immediately wakes up under the hood, a blowing capacitor of the cooling system.

After making sure that the air conditioner definitely does not want to work, we find out the reason.

Air conditioning system: 1. receiver; 2. capacitor; 3. pipeline from the compressor to the capacitor; 4. valves for refueling and release of refrigerant; 5. high pressure pipeline; 6. refrigerant pressure sensor; 7. low pressure pipeline; 8. evaporator; 9. compressor; 10. gearbox.

Air conditioning system: 1. receiver; 2. capacitor; 3. pipeline from the compressor to the capacitor; 4. valves for refueling and release of refrigerant; 5. high pressure pipeline; 6. refrigerant pressure sensor; 7. low pressure pipeline; 8. evaporator; 9. compressor; 10. gearbox.

And with too low, and with excessively high pressure of the refrigerant, the pressure sensor may prohibit the compressor.

Low pressure. a consequence of the leakage of tubes, hoses, seals, heat exchangers and the compressor itself.

The prostrate of the refrigerant is likely on age.related cars where the tubes pass along the spar. Aluminum is an electrochemical tread in relation to steel, but itself intensively corrodes. It is necessary to wash this place, dry and treat with anticorus.

The prostrate of the refrigerant is likely on age.related cars where the tubes pass along the spar. Aluminum is an electrochemical tread in relation to steel, but itself intensively corrodes. It is necessary to wash this place, dry and treat with anticorus.

High pressure can form after unskilled system refueling with an overdose of the refrigerant. At first everything works, but if the car stands in the heat, the pressure may exceed the permissible value.

There are also small dirty tricks of the dealers of machines that drive into the system along with a small amount of refrigerant compressed air. This amusement is popular in winter, when the condo should still not work, but it is not easy to understand the reason.

The air conditioner is a climatic system that provides air cooling in the car salon. It functions thanks to the refrigerant, which circulates through the closed system of air conditioning. Regardless of the brand of the car and its cost, the design of the air conditioner is one and differs only by some constructive elements. But the principle of work is always one.

Despite the technological perfection and simplicity of the air conditioner itself, they still break. The most frequent malfunctions of the car air conditioner here we will consider.

The heat regulatory valve of the air conditioner

conditioner, refueling, poorly, cooled

The main malfunctions of the air conditioner:

The reason for the unstable work of the ventel may be:

  • mechanical damage to the expansion valve;
  • improper adjustment;
  • system pollution from the inside;
  • can also occur if there is water or air in the system.

Car conditioner pressure sensor

Having identified at least one of these breakdowns in the work of an autocontroller, you need to check all the elements of the system. To ensure as much long and stable operation of the air conditioner and protect yourself from elementary malfunctions of the air conditioner of your car, you should adhere to several recommendations and tips:

  • In the cold season, when there is no need to use the air conditioning, for preventive purposes, you need to include climate control for cooling once or twice a week for 10-15 minutes. In order for the compressor shaft seal, gaskets and rings are lubricated and the oil does not dry out of inaction.
  • When the air conditioner is launched, follow a simple rule. you need to turn on the air conditioner only after the salon is fully warming up. the “torpedo” should not be ice to the touch. Only then do the air conditioning sensors and the entire system begin to work correctly.
  • When washing the car, it is necessary to rinse and blow the air conditioner condenser (but very carefully, so as not to bend the thin ribs of its cells).
  • It is advisable to refuel the refrigerant in a specialized car service, where there are qualified specialists and the necessary equipment. Since you need to clearly observe the refueling technology, use high.quality freon and know the gas tanks of both freon and oil into the compressor.

The drainage hole of the condensate removal was cleaned.

Toyota Camry 30 I turn on the air conditioner from it runs condensate and under the feet. what to do

DOBR DEN.The compressor is not fed 12 in.Diagnostics throws the refrigerant sensor pastang.and directly submit 12 V on the compressor everything works.fuses and relay checked everything normally.ML350 W163.You can still immediately unscrew the sensor without late.Sensor 4 Contact.thanks in advance

Need diagnostics! The return of liquid refrigerant is impaired. There are several problems:. low oil level. compressor breakdown. compressor jamming or others.

Good afternoon, please tell me, the error flies to the instrument panel. a simple refrigerant! What is the reason ?

If it has not been served for 6 years, then at least you need to refer it, but it is better that the service is full of service, including full re.referery. Since anything could happen to him during such a time (up to resort), and maintenance is provided once every two years.

Hello, Ford Focus 3. air conditioning does not cool the salon. Since 2012 I have not been involved in air conditioning. Tell me what the reason can be. Thanks.

In addition to the described problem in the discharge from the Chevrolet manual, there may simply be a compressor shaft:

Hello! Chevrolet Lacetti, a year and a half ago, the air conditioner compressor began to publish a knock. at first they even assumed that it was knocking on the engine valves (very similar), then just turning off the air conditioner determined that the knocks disappear. Knocks something inside the compressor. Khilly is fine, there are no complaints about the quality. I was in diagnostics with four specialists. they drained the system, added butter, checked the amount of the refrigerant. they say everything is normal. Replaced the pulley bearing (so, just in case). nothing helps. Experts say: works. and don’t touch. Yes, it performs its function perfectly, cools perfectly-at a temperature overboard 36 after a 1st hour at a maximum of cooling in the cabin, you can freeze. But I don’t like this knock at all, especially since I will make a decision to sell a car. and this is the only drawback. Tell me. treatment only by replacing the compressor, or there may be options? Thanks.

It will not be possible to make a more accurate diagnosis, since you either block the air conditioner in the system, or the compressor does not work well. In turn, you will have to change, starting from the valve. It is possible to catch up with something metal on the highway, no, no, and there will be a deposition somewhere (to pay special attention to the expansion tube where the filter is with the valve), but this is only a one-time measure, all the same, if the highway is clogged, there will be no cold. For example, for example, that tube where the valve is located is primarily promoted and pulled out for cleaning (if possible, they change the filter, not clean). After all, all the garbage is most likely there. Try it, and then buy, change.

Good afternoon. My daughter Mercedes W168. This summer they noticed that the air conditioner is poorly cooling when the engine operates at idle. Когда авто на ходу, или держать газом высокие обороты его работа улучшается. Replaced a salon filter and a belt of hinged units. Contacted the service where there was an automatic station for refueling air conditioners. The refrigerant was pumped out, the system was bucked up, and a new. The refrigerant was 270 grams, downloaded 550 grams. During diagnosis, only one problem was found, high pressure in the system is normal, but for some reason the low is higher than the norm. After replacing the refrigerant, the air conditioner did not work better. The temperature in the nontulation of ventilation at idle 17 degrees, if you keep the speed of 2500, then it becomes 11 degrees. “Experts” say that there are three options for a malfunction 1. Valve; 2. Dnuery filter; 3. Compressor. over, an accurate diagnosis can only be made by replacing all three of these spare parts. I don’t want to change all three details at once or in turn. Is there a way to make a diagnosis more accurately?

Why does the air conditioner not turn on?

The main reasons why the air conditioning in the car does not work in the heat:

  • The system has insufficient refrigerant pressure. For the effective operation of the air conditioner, the manufacturer calculates the required amount of gas and oil gas gas (designed to lubricate the compressor). If the gas is not enough, pressure reduces in the system. In order not to damage the compressor, the circuit of turning on the electromagnetic coupling and the carcontrationer in this case will not even turn on the circuit of turning on. On cars with a compressor of constant rotation, the control unit will register low pressure in the system and also block the inclusion of the air conditioner;
  • Malfunction of the electrical components: fuse, relay, wiring, control unit, electronic part of the sensory equipment, compressor clock winding. Also, you should not discard the violation of contact due to sprinkled or bent pins, oxides;
  • The clogging of the throttle, breakdown of the PVP, which regulates the number of freon coming to the evaporator. In this case, the circulation of the refrigerant through the system is disturbed;
  • mechanical breakdown of the pressure sensor, the switch in high/low pressure, the sensor of the number of revolutions of the compressor shaft;
  • Violation of the clearance between the clamping plate of the electromagnetic coupling and the pulley compressor. The forces of the electromagnet in this case are not enough for dense adhesion of the coupling with a pulley. If the system is equipped with the sensor of the number of revolutions of the shaft, then the electronic engine control unit (ECU) will see the mismatch of the required and actual parameters. In order not to damage the system, the control unit will block the inclusion of the air conditioner;
  • Compressor failure. In the event of garbage, corrosion or continuous work without oil, the compressor wedges, before which he managed to drive chips into the system.

Let’s look at the malfunctions in which the carcontration is turned on, but is weak.

  • Insufficient amount of refrigerant. A characteristic feature is a hissing sound from the torpedo when the air conditioner is turned on. Often in such cases there is an unpleasant odor indicating the presence of bacteria, fungus on the honeycombs of the evaporator.
  • The clogging of the evaporator. When the air conditioner is turned on, air passes through the cooled evaporator, and condensation forms on the honeycombs. Since the salon filter cannot completely clean the air of dust and litter, over time, a mud raid appears on the honeycombs. If you do not monitor the condition of the salon filter, dust, sor and fluff from the street will very quickly lead to clogging the evaporator’s honeycomb. As a result, a smaller amount of air passes through the evaporator, and the salon cools worse in the heat. Mandatory attribute at the same time. an unpleasant, musty smell of deflectors.
  • Clumped capacitor. Unlike the evaporator, the honeycombs of the capacitor suffer from stones and dirt that falls into them when driving at high speed. Bent and clogged honeycombs prevent the passage of air through them, as a result of which heat is disturbed. If the capacitor is not cooled enough, pressure increases greatly in the system. When the fan performance is not enough, the air conditioner to maintain the integrity of the system will automatically turn off. Often in such cases, the engine temperature rises in the heat.
  • Low performance of the air conditioner compressor. Due to the large leaks in the injection section, the compressor cannot create sufficient refrigerant pressure, as a result of which the air conditioner is poorly cold. The reason for the malfunction in a large number of hours worked or operation with insufficient oil. Poor lubrication leads to the formation of bullying on rubbing pairs, wear of Teflon seals.

Damage 3. The failure of the air conditioning compressor

The compressor winding or electromagnetic valve, as well as wiring and fuses that protect these electrocaples, may fail.

On many old cars, the air conditioner compressor drive is carried out by a separate belt. He can weaken, start slipping. The compressor in this case will not “drive” the refrigerant.

Well, you cannot exclude the internal breakdowns of the compressor that will require its repair or replacement.

  • If the compressor is faulty, but at least somehow works, you will hear a noise, roar or other extraneous sounds. “Noisy” can be both during the air conditioner and with the air conditioning turned off (but with a working motor).
  • You can check the power supply of the coupling or valve by a tester or control lamp. When you turn on the wire, 12V always arrives.
  • Check the presence, condition and correctness of the belt tension (if any).

Damage 4. Dirty radiator (capacitor) and evaporator

For the proper operation of the air conditioner, the capacitor, the evaporator and filter of the climatic system must be clean and well conducted air. The capacitor must be periodically inspected and washed.

IMPORTANT: g of rye between the radiator’s cells does not allow it to cool, leads to an increase in the temperature of the coolant and to overheating of the engine.

Pay attention to the heat sink from the capacitor. If it does not cool, the evaporator will also not give coolness.

Of the deflectors, it is weakly blowing cold? Most likely, the salon filter is contaminated, which makes it difficult to pass the air through the evaporator. And if you went without a salon filter at all, the evaporator can also be overgrown with dirt.

  • Check if the radiator cells are clogged outside;
  • Dirt inside you just can’t see. But a pure radiator warms up evenly everywhere. The area clogged with mud will be colder. because the coolant will not circulate there.

“When selling, they often say that you only need to refuel”. Why does the air conditioner not work and how to deal with it

The beginning of summer is the time to do air conditioning. The auto business understood that it was most often out of order in the air conditioning system, how much repair can cost, and whether it is possible to minimize the risk of expensive repairs in the future.

Doing This Will Make Your Car’s AC Blow Twice as Cold

Surely many of you have heard the phrase at least once: “Air conditioner is a worker, you just need to refuel”. However, knowledgeable people advise not to really believe these words. The owner of the service station Lobster Lab Sergey Kozlovsky notes that most often the air conditioner in the car stops working due to the depressurization of the system:

“Driving” tubes and radiators are the most common reason due to which the air conditioner stops working. over, these problems are inherent not only for age.related cars. The tubes are wiped in places of fastening to the body or oxidized. Most customers make a hole or buys a part on the “disassembly”. On average, welding costs 20-30.

In second place in “popularity” are problems in the electric part. For example, often the system is not launched due to a non-working pressure sensor. Cooling fans may not turn on. this is also a common breakdown. It may be that the system is sealed, the refrigerant is refueled, the air conditioner turns on and cold, and the fan does not work. In this case, upon the onset of critical pressure in the system, electronics will turn off the air conditioner. When driving along the blowing route will be enough, the system will be able to work correctly.

The air conditioner compressor itself breaks less often. If we talk specifically about this detail, then an electromagnetic coupling is most often out of order. Approximately 60 percent of customers are bought by a “back” compressor, 40 percent. new. There is nothing wrong with the purchase of a used spare part. the main thing is that it does not lie for too long, and the seller made sure that the holes are hermetically closed and moisture and dirt do not get into the compressor. For most popular cars, such a detail on the “showdowns” costs around 50.

New spare parts can be divided into two groups: conveyor manufacturers and China. For example, on a 2-liter diesel VW Touran, the new DENSO compressor costs 700. There are more expensive options when 1300 will have to be given for a new compressor. But speaking in general, then most of the compressor cars cost up to 1000.

“China” is much cheaper, about 350. This is a good alternative to Baushka, but you need to be prepared that the performance of such details can be slightly lower than the “original”, and the work itself will be more noisy. Less common, climate control units cease to work or a replacement of the evaporator radiator is required “.

Do not forget to change the salon filter!

Management blocks, as a rule, if they fail, then due to the fact that someone “helped them” break. The evaporator also in most cases is due to the human factor.

“For some reason, many car owners forget that you need to change the salon filter. It is for this reason that the radiator is very clogged, a fungus and a smell that will already be impossible to remove appears. In addition, it is harmful to health. Therefore, I would advise not to forget to change the salon filter on time. Most also ignores the replacement of the drainage filter, which is recommended to be changed with each replacement of the refrigerant, ”says Sergey.

The master recommends the use of means for cleaning and disinfecting the air conditioning system. There is such a spray can in the region of 10-30, and the whole process takes 25-30 minutes.

According to Sergey, the season when people begin to engage in the repair and maintenance of air conditioners in Belarus lasts from March to September, and the peak period falls on May. July.

“In the spring there are many people who bought the car in winter. When selling, they are told that the air conditioner only needs to be refined, but in the end, in 9 cases out of 10, repair is required. Everything is quite simple and logical here. Checking and refueling cost about 50, the procedure takes less than an hour. It is easy to assume that if the problem really was the absence of a refrigerant in the system, then the previous owner would hardly have traveled with an unemployed air conditioner, ”the master argues.

It is important to know that a refrigerant, often called the “freon”, there are two main types: 134a and new, more expensive and environmental clean, 1234 YF. The gas station refueling with an environmentally friendly refrigerant will cost much more. an average of 230 versus 50.

“They mainly differ from each other from an environmental point of view. You can’t mix them, but they are interchangeable. For example, we recently had VW Atlas from the USA of 2019 release. Car after an accident, with a depressurized system. Instead of environmentally friendly Freon, the client asked to refuel with ordinary. The main thing in this case is to place a sticker with information on the car that 134A was seasoned in the system, not 1234 YF. Then the other master will know what to do with this car with this.

You can refuel the system both in the old fashioned way and using modern equipment. One of the advantages of the latter is that it is constantly updated and contains accurate information, how much refrigerant is required for a particular car model.

In addition to the refrigerant itself, compressor oil is added. If there is a small leak, then an ultraviolet additive is also pumped to search for it. If such an additive is added, then, as in the case of a replacement type of refrigerant, you must place a sticker with information about the addition. This will avoid the “overdose” of this component.

“Minor leaks are often found, both the supplement and spray detector helps to identify them. If the flow is completely weak, then many do not eliminate it. It is often easier and cheaper to refuel the air conditioner before each season or even twice per season than to eliminate the leak. This will not harm the compressor, so there is nothing wrong with that.

The worst thing when the system is clogged with chips. In such cases, the owner is waiting for expensive repairs. In addition to replacing the compressor, it will be necessary to rinse the system. This procedure is expensive. an average of 500, ”says Sergey.

At the same time, the master notes that there are often cars in which the air conditioner did not work for several years, but after eliminating the leakage and refueling the system continues to properly cold.

The editors expresses gratitude to STO “Lobster Lab” in g.Grodno for help in preparing the material


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