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Tefal pan is suitable for induction stove

best pans Tefal

The famous French manufacturer was one of the first to provide his pans with anti.stick coating. Thanks to the people for a long time, all models with similar properties were called “Tefal”, regardless of the real brand. It is worth noting that the company regularly improves its products, endowing the goods with all the new properties and capabilities.

We have collected the rating of the best Tefal pans who conquered the hearts of the Russian housewives. The choice is based primarily on the reviews of real users. Nevertheless, the functionality of the models did not go unnoticed.

TOP-10 best pans for induction stove

Best price. The best option for extinguishing vegetables Country: China Average rating (2022): 4.4

The cheapest in the selection of a pan for induction. Made of aluminum, type of anti.stick coating. DyFlon. The thickness of the walls is only 2.5 mm, but the model does not get worse from this. In their reviews, users write that these dishes are simply perfect for extinguishing vegetables: stew and other dishes are prepared many times faster than in thick.walled pans.

Also, owners of kitchen utensils note simplicity in caring for it, the presence of a convenient removable handle. But the anti.stick coating is very capricious. It may start to get off after 3 months. From the beginning of operation of the pan. Therefore, you need to handle dishes extremely carefully: wash only with a soft sponge, avoid overheating on an induction stove. And this pan should not be washed in a dishwasher.

Katyusha Vanguard 9010-260 26 cm

The ninth line of the rating is occupied by the Katyusha Avangard 9010-260 pan, its external diameter is 26 centimeters. The model is suitable for all types of plates and is produced in several options for the coloring of the case.

The universal product is made of cast aluminum, has a round shape with a clearly highlighted bottom and a long handle (18.5 centimeters) from heat.resistant bakelitis material. The thickened bottom and walls (6 and 5 millimeters, respectively) provide quick uniform heating. The product is quite spacious, the height of the sides is 7 centimeters.

The multi.layer anti.stick coating Whitford Quantanium with high heat capacity provides comfortable preparation of any dishes and absolutely safe for health and environment. The coating is resistant to wear and mechanical damage, so when cooking, you can use metal kitchen devices that do not have sharp edges.

Buyers distinguish good anti.stick properties of the pan without the use of fats, uniform fried, ease of care and really persistent coating. Of the shortcomings, indicate the absence of a cover in the kit.

The weight of the model is 1.46 kilograms, any cover with a diameter of 26 centimeters is suitable for the pan (not included).

  • Suitable for all types of plates.
  • Several colors.
  • Cast aluminum.
  • Heat.resistant handle.
  • Thickened bottom and walls.
  • Uniform heating.
  • High sides.
  • Safe persistent coating.
  • Small cost.

Bekker BK-3809 3.9 L

The ninth position is occupied by a castor of cast aluminum of the German brand Bekker BK-3809, production China. The brand products are widely represented on the Russian market and is in demand due to the good ratio of the price and quality of products.

Tefal non-stick fry plans. Any good? Best value for money. Yes, here is why.

The Bekker BK-3809 model is 3.9 liters of a square shape, with an outer bottom 24 cm, the height of the sides 9 cm.

Inside the pan, gray marble anti.stick coating, outside. heat.resistant. Product handles are reliable, monolithic in design, aluminum. A cover made of heat-resistant glass with a parallest hole and a comfortable handle with a soft, durable coating Soft Touch. Around the perimeter, glass is strengthened by a wide metal rim.

The bottom of the pan is quite thick, 4.5 mm, wall thickness. 2 mm. The product is suitable not only for induction plates, but also for use in oven.

Users note the excellent quality of the anti.stick coating and in general the quality of materials, a stylish design. The pan is easy to wash, washing in the dishwasher is possible. After prolonged operation, the product, according to its owners, looks like new.

Tefal Induction Hob / Cooker Unboxing | Chicken Stew

  • The quality of the material.
  • Durable anti.stick coating.
  • Price.
  • Convenient cover handle.
  • Easy to wash, can be washed in a dishwasher.
  • Suitable for ovens.
  • Looks good.

Pay attention to the diameter of the pan, which must be chosen depending on how many people are planned to prepare. If you have an induction stove at home, pay attention to this nuance when choosing dishes. Not every pan is compatible with induction.



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