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Strips for depilation with their own hands


The finished product has the consistency of liquid honey. Applicator or wooden spatula a thin layer of hot wax is applied to depilatory area along the hair growth. The thicker the hair, the thicker the layer is required for effective epilation. Then, on top of the wax mass pressing movements impose tissue strips, leaving one edge free. This is what one holds on to when the time comes to remove the wax tape with hair.

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Drop the product depilation on the skin, it will become clear whether it is hot enough. The wax should not be so hot as to leave a burn, or barely warm. little viscous and poorly distributed on the surface of the skin.

In the place of growth of plucked hairs often protrude small droplets of blood. This is absolutely normal.

How to properly do shugaring at home? Step-by-step instructions

Let’s break down each step of the sugar depilation and consider 2 techniques. Regardless of which technique you choose, the first steps will be the same:

Begin by cleansing the skin. To do this, we apply a special lotion on a napkin before depilation or “Chlorhexidine” and with circular movements remove contamination;

Then a small, even layer of talcum powder is applied to the skin.

Conducting shugaring in the bandage technique

With a special wax-melter or in a microwave oven we heat the paste in a cartridge to a temperature of 37-40°C. The time to heat the paste in the microwave oven is 15-20 minutes.

Check the paste for overheating to avoid burns. We apply a small amount of paste on the bandage stripe and check if the temperature is comfortable. If yes, then safely proceed to depilation.

Using the spatula we apply the paste to the skin in a straight line against the growth of hair.

Slightly tighten the strip and fix the skin at the beginning of the tear.

In the direction of hair growth and parallel to the skin, tear off the strip.

Remove the remnants of the sugarpaste with regular warm water or special thermal water, which will restore the natural balance of the skin.

With massaging movements we apply a skin care product after depilation to soothe the skin.

Manually performing shugaring technique

We put the jar with the paste in the microwave and heated for 15 seconds. The paste must be warm and comfortable, not hot.

Use a spatula or a dry clean hand to take some sugar paste from the jar.

Apply a piece of the paste on the skin against the growth of hair.

Spend 2-4 times on the paste against the growth of hair. We kind of do the “scouring” with our fingers.

In the direction of hair growth and parallel to the skin remove the paste with a sharp movement.

Remove the remnants of sugar paste with regular warm or special thermal water, which will restore the natural balance of the skin.

Massage gently with aftercare to soothe and calm the skin.

Waxing paper for epilation

For epilation it is quite dense and fibrous so. The regular one will stick and tear, I think.

nope. The paper has to be rough so the wax sticks, and the tracing paper is too smooth.

When I ran out of professional strips, I did with window sealing paper, well, such in rolls like a wide white scotch tape.

I tried with regular paper. It’s unforgettable! )))) I had to wash my legs for 2 days afterwards from paper stuck firmly ))))

No good. It’s not strong enough. It’ll just tear. But you can try to cut strips of cloth and tear with them.

Get an old sheet of plain fabric-not synthetics. cut into cubes (127 cm somewhere), iron to be flat and without bumps, better than any professional paper!

myself only use this and use. I buy high-quality wax.which almost does not remain on the skin. Then 2 drops of oil to rinse and moisturize the skin and get high)))

No, with regular paper is unlikely to get something good, I use special strips for depilation. like this http://www.epilmag.ru/item/bumazhnye-poloski-dlya-depilyacii-debilain-20_1734.I’m happy with the result, and the price is nice

What is better to epilate a regular razor or epilator?

Waxing at Home. collecting pros and cons

Where you buy a wax there and buy paper. it is not as expensive. Also, you can use one strip a couple of times

Use an old sheet of plain cloth, not synthetic. Cut into cubes (127 cm somewhere), iron to be even and without bumps better than any professional paper!

it’s the only one I use. I buy a good quality wax.which almost never stays on the skin. Then 2 drops of oil to wash off and moisturize the skin and get high)))

Please tell me more about how you do the whole procedure.

You take the wax in a cassette of a good brand (I love the brand http://milenashop).You take the wax in the cassette and put it into the water.php?ukey=productproductID=270032) this is Spain.

You put in a wax heater (if you do not have one yet, you just boil water in the jar and immediately there is a cassette. of course a lot of work and the water gets cold fast, so you need to keep a second “fresh” jar of boiling water at the ready).

The skin is dry clean, preferably without sores or irritations. rub baby powder liberally into the skin with your hands to degrease and maximize the adhesion of the wax to the hair)

We apply warm wax in the direction of hair growth (for amateurs a strip is applied in the size for the cloth strip that is no more than 10 cm in length) then a piece of tissue is put on top.which should be wider and longer than the strip of wax.

Pull the skin of your leg with the other hand, in parallel smoothing the fabric so that there were no bumps.

Next, pull the skin against the growth of hair and take the tip of the cloth strip.

We take a deep breath and ALWAYS jerk the strip.

You can shout and swear)) is allowed here, most importantly, that you their shout did not scare all around.

We treat the whole surface with these small pieces.

Tip-it is better not to try to do the back of the shin or thigh, unless of course you are a gymnast in the anamnesis)

after processing all the oil (I use apricot oil, it is not greasy and is good at removing wax).

Do not skimp on the wax! If it’s good quality, it’s the key to success.

Do not be fooled by simple store strips like Vita and other crap. good luck!

Strips for depilation at home

How to remove unwanted hairs at home, without using a razor and epilator. Yes, you can buy wax strips and perform the procedure at home, but it is a very painful event, from which I would like to protect myself.

But the problem remains, the hairs remain in place, and so want to have smooth skin and feel like a queen. What to do? What can replace wax strips and how to perform this procedure less painful?

Sugaring with strips has a number of positive features, it is:

How to Use. Veet Waxing Strips Full Review Demo Price ` Super Style Tips

  • You can remove not only thick and dark hair, but also thin, blond hair;
  • A large part of the hair is ripped out, if compared to the manual method;
  • You don’t need special skills to work with the bandage technique;
  • There is a good result even in places where the dermis is tight and wet;
  • You can do such a home shugaring yourself (I especially like those who complexes undress, for example, when depilating intimate areas).

Make at home shugaring bandage way is much easier than the manual. It saves money, as the manual technique is most often done only in salons, and this is expensive.

The negative sides are the high consumption of time and paste.

Bandage strips for shugaring: what to replace and what is it?

Help. Bandages are special strips that facilitate the removal of sugar paste. The strips come in different sizes. for different areas.

  • Paper. the easiest, cheapest and disposable. Paper is used durable, but still tears with careless movement sometimes.
  • Cloth ones are more durable and reusable. they can be washed and used again. They are more effective than paper waxes. the paste penetrates better between the threads, so the cloth adheres tightly to the depilated area. A significant disadvantage. some of the paste is absorbed into the tissue, so initially you need to take it in stock.
  • Polymer bandages for shugaring. the most expensive, but also the most effective. Easy to wash, reusable. One bandage can be used several times per procedure. Popularly bandage ARAVIA for procedure shugaring.

3 advantages of polymer bandages for shugaring

  • The first and most important advantage. the savings in paste and easy cleaning. Just rinse with warm water, wipe off. and the bandage is ready for use again. It does not change shape or stretch with repeated use.
  • Through the transparent plates you can see where the paste adheres well to the skin and where it does not.
  • They are made of a thin, bendable polymer that conforms to the shape of the body for maximum fit.

How to replace strips for depilation at home?

Depilation with wax strips is one of the best ways to remove unwanted vegetation on the body. Cold waxing a simple, effective and affordable method of waxing, with which you can get rid of hair for 2-3 weeks. But since the excision of hair with strips is an extremely painful procedure, some girls give preference to depilatory creams. What’s better: strips or depilation cream? Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages, considering which you can make your choice.

What is it?

The film wax is an improved form of hot wax. It has more, in comparison with the traditional vaksing, plasticity, repeats all the anatomical features of the body.

Available in cartridges and pellets. The best film wax is produced by such brands as “Depilflax”, “Beautyhall”, “Depilica”, “White Line Natura”, “Ital Wax”. The cartridges let you apply the material in a thin layer, which is ideal for intimate areas. Granular wax allows you to treat large areas of the body.

  • modified pine resin;
  • waxes;
  • Components of rubber;
  • Additional components (oils. nourish and soften the skin, azulene. soothes inflammations, chlorophyll. heals and relieves irritations, tea tree. disinfects, fragrances, flavors, dye pigments).

In addition, talc (to enhance adhesion), titanium dioxide (to soften), zinc oxide (to reduce pain) may be included.

Epilation with wax strips at home. How to make strips yourself?

Not so long ago no one paid attention to such a trifle as leg hairs, except that they attracted attention by the density of the cover and dark color. Now the fashion dictates to get rid of this protective natural cover at all.

If the skin of your feet is not perfectly smooth, it is mauvais ton to show up in decent society. Get rid of the hair on the legs in different ways: someone shaves them, who treats with peroxide, who lightens.

The best remedy so far remains wax strips. How to properly depilate with wax strips at home, how to make these strips yourself?



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