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Split system Hitachi does not turn on

Do-it-yourself split system repair: the main breakdown and ways to eliminate them

Split systems are becoming more popular every year. With their help, you can maintain the optimum air temperature in the premises of various areas and purpose. They have an affordable cost, and a set of useful functions allows you to use them not only in summer, but also in winter, as an additional heating device.

Such equipment is breaking up infrequently. In most cases, it is able to last much more warranty period. But, in case of improper use and maintenance, breakdowns are inevitable. In some cases, you can repair the split system with your own hands without using specific tools.

But how to detect the cause of the malfunction and eliminate the breakdown? We will talk about this in our article. We also consider more rare malfunctions and methods of prevention.

Hitachi air conditioning errors (Hitachi)

Hitachi is one of the world’s largest financial and industrial groups, one of the key areas of which is the development and production of compressors, including air conditioners. Based on Hitachi compressors, the climatic equipment of dozens of manufacturers of household and industrial devices is developed, which indicates their exceptional reliability.

Certified specialists of Klimatspetskresurs’ installation, installation and service of the entire Hitachi equipment line.

If your technique does not start, as evidenced by the flashing of the Timer indicator, you should wait for some time. it may be warmed up before launching.

If the Timer indicator burns without blinking, you should look for the Hitachi air conditioner error in the table:

Hitachi air conditioning

a reverse valve does not work. The temperature of the carrier does not correspond to the norm

forced launching mode of the external module

there is no connection between internal and external modules

equipment breakdown, pay attention to other indicators

the work of the pump that is pumping condensate is disturbed

you should manually start the pump

engine function is impaired

there is no connection with the termistor of the RSV

the fan does not work correctly

RSV does not function

Hitachi air conditioners’ errors of external unit

Hitachi air conditioning error deciphering

the compressor is stopped, PHB error

2 and diode 302. RSV failure, current supply to the module is broken

Air Conditioner Not Working ! How To Find Out What’s Problem ll एयर कंडीशनर ऑन नहीं हो रहा है

the engine rotates at low speeds

the compressor is stopped

there is too small voltage on the network

the number of revolutions of the compressor engine does not increase

there is no connection between internal and external blocks

voltage failures in the electric network

split, system, hitachi, does, turn

failure in the central board

failure in a power module

Indication RUN (launch) for some time indicates the lack of communication between the controller and the control board of the internal module. Possible reasons. violation of the integrity of the electrical wiring, short circuit, breakdown of the controller.

RUN indication simultaneously with displaying code of the Hitachi air conditioning code means the need to find a problem in the table:

Blinks diode 302. problem

compressor overheating

icing of thermistor

Thermistor does not answer

improper selection of pipes for the termistor of the circuit

split, system, hitachi, does, turn

improper selection of pipe for absorption for the termistor of the contour

The fan of the internal unit has broken

A non.working fan sharply worsens cooling, and the control module after a while may well turn off the air conditioner.

Symptoms: any: if the control unit has failed, it is impossible to predict its behavior: for example, the air conditioner may arbitrarily turn on and off, indicators are feverishly blinking and the like madness

To accurately determine that a faulty control unit is to blame, of course, only a qualified specialist can be guilty. And you should definitely not climb into it for an unprepared person: the consequences will be fatal, including possible breakdowns of other expensive components of the air conditioner. Usually the control module is changed or reflash.

Electric wiring malfunction

Frequent reason for the lack of stress in air conditioners. Contacts in the compressor electric motor disperse or close: if blackened and charred contacts are visible during visual inspection, then the reason is precisely in this. In principle, you yourself can straighten and clean contacts from oxidation, but it is better to call an electrician.

The wires during operation can fall out of fastening nests, burned, rub on the case, and be damaged. To begin with, carefully inspect potential problem areas: if you could not detect a defect during a visual inspection, you will need to call each wire individually the tester. If this did not help. Call the workshop.


The main faults of fans of external and internal blocks of split systems include:

  • Breakdown of the blades (more often found on external blocks where freezing is observed, large garbage is possible).
  • Cliff of engines of engines (interitral short circuit or on the device case) or their breakdown.
  • Shaft deformation and jamming.
  • In three.phase systems. incorrect alternation of phases or connecting a smaller amount of them.
  • In fans with alternating current engines. the failure of the capacitor on the windings.

Perhaps, perhaps, only for the first list of the list. breakdowns of the blades can to conduct high.quality diagnostics. It is determined by visual inspection. As for the replacement of the impeller, it will be possible to carry it out without problems only on axial fans of the outer unit.

In the internal, as a rule, centrifugal structures are used, in many of which the impeller is combined with the engine rotor. In this case, the only repair option will be to replace.

For the diagnosis of other problems, it follows:

  • De.energize the system.
  • Disconnect the conductors going to the electronic unit.
  • Make measurements of the resistance of windings (the manufacturer indicates the working quantities in the technical documentation).
  • Check the condenser of the windings.
  • If there are no problems. connect the conductors, turn on the system, carry out voltage and current measurements (compliance with electrical safety rules is required, appropriate admission is necessary).

Based on the results of the measurements, they conclude that the fan performance and the need to replace it (it should not be restored in artisanal conditions).

Other problems are eliminated by replacing the entire node. the jammed shaft, worn bearings, etc.

reasons why the air conditioner does not warm

Despite the fact that the main function of the air conditioner is to bring the air temperature to an acceptable level, in most cases, this means cooling air. However, recently, the heating function, which is very useful in winter time, has become increasingly popular. But it also happens that for some reason the air conditioner does not warm. Why this happens, and what to do in such cases?

5 main reasons

As statistics shows, the air of the split system shows the air quite often, and almost always this is a consequence:

  • unnecessary haste;
  • dirty filters;
  • overly polluted impeller of the inner block;
  • contaminated heat exchanger of the external unit;
  • Freon leaks;
  • one or another breakdown.

These reasons can be vanished on each other, but usually we are talking about any one of them. Therefore, they should be considered in more detail.


In this case, the problem is not so much in the device itself, but in its owners who are not informed that the split system switches to heating for a much longer period of time than to cool.

Without knowing this, the owners, turning on this mode, expect the same quick reaction, but time passes, but it is still not and not. They begin to switch the modes and press on all kinds of buttons, eventually drawing: for some reason the air conditioner does not warm. Turning to the service, they find that everything is in order with the air conditioning.

In this case, no special solutions are needed. it is enough to avoid excessive fuss and allow the air conditioning to smoothly go into heating mode.

Contaminated air conditioning filters

Another popular reason. Untimely cleaning this part can lead to multiple failures in the entire system and even to complete breakdown of the device. Among the possible failures, the worsened function of heating can be called.

Filters should be cleaned and in the future to clean about every month. This can be done in two ways:

If you choose the second option, then you will need to do the following:

  • Open the panel of the internal block.
  • Get filters.
  • Rinse them with water (too hot and very cold water should be avoided).
  • Wipe the filters with a not too vile piece of matter and dry them (you should not use various heaters for this).
  • Install filters in place and close the lid.

It must be remembered that the frequency of purges can fluctuate in a very wide range, depending on which load falls on the cleansing system. Therefore, the owner must from time to time check the degree of pollution of this element.

Low level of freon

Any air conditioner over time will inevitably lose the refrigerant. After a year or a year and a half, its level will decrease to a critical one, and if nothing is done, this will affect the work of the device, including the heating functions.

It is necessary from time to time to carry out the preventive diagnosis of the air conditioner in order to identify possible problems in the system, as well as to find out the level of freon. If it is insufficient, it is necessary to order a refueling of the air conditioner by freon.

If the air conditioner loses Freon very quickly, this is a sign of serious problems. In this case, you should contact a specialist. As a rule, the rapid leak of freon is the result of an independent installation of the air conditioner. This once again indicates that amateur installation should prefer a professional installation of the air conditioner.

Dirt in the impeller

This part located in the inner block of the split system in the course of its work is inevitably covered with dust. If its layer becomes excessive, this will affect the functioning of the entire system, and thereby will the reason that the split system does not warm.

Carefully! Some parts of the panel are quite fragile, so you should not be too zealous, making efforts: air conditioning is not a bulldozer.

Polluted external block

The heat exchanger of the external unit of the split system needs no less attention than the details of the internal block, so if it is clogged with one or other pollution, you can not count on the decent operation of the device.

Check the condition of the heat exchanger of the external unit. If all the reasons listed above are excluded, almost always the reason lies in the contaminated heat exchanger of the external unit. In this case, you just need to clean this part of the system.

The worst reason

As a rule, as the contamination or leakage of the freon accumulates, the air conditioner smoothly worsens his work (the exception is only an option with a rush, when the owners on the first day think that the air conditioner is not working).

However, there is another option when the device coped with all the functions and suddenly suddenly stopped heating the air.

Unfortunately, in this case, the reason, most likely, lies in any breakdown. Therefore, it is most reasonable to immediately turn off the device and call a specialist. Do not try to close the eyes for this problem, since ignoring such sudden failures can lead to a complete breakdown of the air conditioner.

What to do

In the case when the air conditioner has stopped working, you will need to perform a number of procedures.

The main actions of the user for faulty air conditioning:

troubleshooting an aircon unit that won’t respond to the remote control

  • Turn to the factory instructions.
  • You can not disassemble the device yourself, especially if it is on warranty service.
  • If you could not fix the failure on their own, they contact the service center with a request to provide advice on the coordinates specified in the warranty coupon.

Important! In the case when the recommendations were not assisted, they call specialists at home. Service company specialists will try to repair and set up the unit at home or take it to the center.

split, system, hitachi, does, turn

reasons why the air conditioner does not turn on

Air conditioners sometimes just refuse to turn on. In most cases, the problem is not so serious, so you can take care of it without professional help. A small amount of general knowledge about air conditioners will help you understand and eliminate the related problems.

Before throwing an old air conditioner block or calling a master, check five problem areas, trying to make repairs yourself.

The main permissible power or remote control

Check that the power cord is completely inserted. Sometimes external or old outlets are not fixed quite tightly, as they should be.

Then check the cord for any visible cuts and damage. If the power cable is cut, open the block, replace the cable. Take the appropriate measures to correct the violation.

If the button on the remote control is worn out, consider the possibility of buying an inexpensive universal remote control. You can also replace a worn console with a new and original.

Circuit breakers

The air conditioner does not turn on if the fuse of the main power source to the unit burned out. If so, then correct this by replacing it. In this case, you need to act carefully, since you will have to dismantle the control fee.

After replacing the fuse, check the device again. If the air conditioner consumes energy from the circuit together with other devices, it cannot attract the necessary power supply, which is why the fuse can be repaired.


Perform similar actions if you have a switch in the shield (RCD machine). If your air conditioner does not turn on, check the switch. If it is turned off, drop the fuse and start again. If it does not work again, you will have to reconfigure it to provide 220 volts of the chain and at least 25 load ampers.

The machine may also not turn on due to the failure of the compressor, its locking is closed, the compressor replacement is required.

Operating mode and filters

Check the operating mode on your device. If the unit is installed on “heat”, it will not turn on immediately, it will take about 5-10 minutes to start the internal and external block. The reason is the reconfiguration of the system “heat. Cold”.

If the change of operating mode does not change anything, most likely you have an air filter problem. When the filter becomes dirty due to the accumulation of dirt, the pollution sensor may not turn on the system, the device will idle. You can eliminate the problem by cleaning or replacing the filter. The filter can even seize the accumulated garbage. That is why checking the filter is such an important step in eliminating problems.

Air conditioning is in the error

Check the operation of the air conditioner as a whole to see what happens when you try to turn it on if you find a strange flashing bulbs on the inner unit display, this is a signal of the error in the system. You can see the decoding of the error code on our website, in the section Codes of errors, select the model you need and diagnose from the list.

When to seek professional help

If all of the above methods do not work, then problems could arise in a compressor, capacitor or evaporator. If so, seek professional help.

User questions about equipment malfunctions

In winter, when the air conditioner is turned on in heating mode, it begins to give warm air only after a few minutes, and at first it even gets slightly cold. Maybe it is faulty?

The air conditioning is in goodvas. You can even be happy, because you got a modern model with “Hot Start” mode. Such an apparatus before starting to produce heat at the minus, warms up the external unit so that it does not icy. To do this, it turns on in cooling mode, only with the fan. Therefore, you can feel the cold, bringing your hand close to the external unit.

First check how the hot air is tuned. If everything is mounted correctly, the thermostat is faulty or the sensor is located too close to the evaporator.

First of all, it is necessary to determine in which place the leak was formed. You need to vacuum and pour a freon with dye. After eliminating the leak, Freon will cease to leave.

The hiss in the case indicates the depressurization of the cooling circuit with a freon or leaks in the models of the evaporative type. If the refrigerant completely leaves the system, the air conditioner will stop working. Therefore, repair or replacement of parts is required.

Not. The matter is both the difference in thermodynamic characteristics and in compressor oil. it is its own for each type of freon.

Not. Freon. substance without color and smell. Therefore, it is worth looking for the true cause of an unpleasant aroma.

Finally, it is worth reminding the owners of the air conditioners that it is possible to eliminate minor breakdowns with the analysis of the case on their own only after the end of the warranty period.

Do not rush to repairs the air conditioner, having no accurate idea of ​​how it is versed and gathering. Even experienced craftsmen had cases when problems arose with unfamiliar designs. In these situations, it is very easy to damage blocks, which will subsequently repair.



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