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Split system does not cool the air conditioner

Why the air conditioner does not work well for heat and what to do

The air conditioning split is often broken, and many owners faced this situation when the air conditioner does not work well for heat. You should not contact technical support right away, you can find the very cause of malfunctions and fix them.

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Air conditioning, as a complex technical device, requires special care and conditions for its normal functioning. If you do not check the presence of ice on the grille or the functioning of the fan, then they can suddenly fail. We will analyze in more detail the reasons for which the air conditioner does not warm.

Little time

The main function of the air conditioner with a split system is the cooling of air in the room to an acceptable state, and heating and warm air are additional functions. Air conditioning systems will not be able to replace the usual battery. Air heating in the air conditioner occurs at the time of pumping the freon in the opposite direction. Such procedures in technology require leveling pressure at the same level.

The owners of the devices want to get an instant result and when it is not, they write off everything for the fault of the device. This problem is solved simply: after turning on, you should wait 10-15 minutes, let the device warm up. If the device does not heat up after such a time, you can assume the presence of malfunctions.

Low.temperature in the room

Each air conditioner can work in certain minimum temperatures specified in the documents. In inverter models, such a temperature is in the range of.25 to.15 degrees, in simple models from.5 to 5, carefully read the instructions. The documents indicate the maximum temperature in the room that the machine can create.

But manufacturers do not always accurately indicate the temperature and are a little cunning. For example, it is indicated that the device can operate at.25 degrees, and warm the air up to 28 degrees. In fact, the lower the degree on the street, the lower the temperature the device will be able to warm up the room and these 28 degrees will turn into 16.

Important! If the model is simple and indoors.15 degrees, she simply will not heat the room.

Freon leak

The most common problem at the moment. For the proper operation of the device, a special gas is needed. Freon. If it is not enough, the air conditioner does not blow warm air. Freon leaves through the microcrack in the frame and no longer returns.

In this situation, you should contact the company where the air conditioner was ordered. The evaporators will be cleaned and referred to Freon or completely change the equipment.

Pollution and blockages

Freon is mixed with compressor oil and moves between the blocks. With poor oil, a precipitate forms that clogs the system and narrows the tubes. Freon manufacturers are a lot and not everyone guarantees the quality of products, so in the refrigerant there may be water that forms ice blocks and traffic jams.

Damage of the valve

When the heating mode does not turn on the device, a breakdown of the three.way valve is possible, which allows you to smoothly switch between operating modes. It is necessary to replace it and the device will again work in good condition.

Step.by.step disassembly Split systems

In this case, unscrew the screws under decorative plugs

Carefully injected and lifting the plug up

Unscrew the scoreboard and screws to the holding wall

Too cool or not to cool? Ducted vs. Split System Air-Conditioning

We remove the swivel dashing with predictively by disconnecting the engine power connector on the power supply and the condensation drain hose

Next, we disassemble in order unscrewing the bolts of fastening the protective cover of the control unit

Unscrew the fan engine mounting bolts

split, system, does, cool, conditioner

On the engine axis there is a bolt of a lock that must be unscrewed

From the opposite side, remove the mounting of the axis and remove the impeller

The impeller must be thoroughly washed with the use of cleaners and brushes.

Assembly in the reverse order.

After assembly, turn on and check for the smoothness of the impeller and the effectiveness of the production of cold, setting the thermometer into the room.

Thank you for your attention. Good luck in independent repairs! And you can find out about the automobile air conditioning, you can read the article by clicking on the link “How to refuel the carcontacle yourself”.

How long will the elimination take the elimination

In standard cases, it goes from twenty minutes to a hour and a half to diagnose and eliminate the malfunction- this is 80% of all challenges. Standard repair can be attributed:

Check the air filter of the internal unit. can be clogged with dust. Then touch the tubes of the external unit. if not cold. there is little freon. Listen to the external unit if only the fan works. the compressor or starter burned down.

Air conditioning flows after turning off

The air conditioner cools, the drainage works, but after turning it off, after a few minutes, water begins to drip water from the inner block:

Reason: the radiator freezes during operation, after turning off, the ice will be picked up and melt water drips to the floor.

  • System refueling. Lack of freon-the radiator freezes due to a decrease in the pressure of the freon, as a result, the boiling temperature decreases-the radiator freezes;
  • Freon reset. The reverse reason is the oversupply of the freon. To the radiator of the inner block, too many Calloria of the cold is brought, he does not have time to give them in a room and the return tube will die out. It is necessary to lower a little freon with pressure control and overheating;
  • Filter clogged with dust. The situation is similar to the excess of freon. The cold cannot leave the radiator and begin to freeze the tubes. It is necessary to rinse the filter with running warm water;
  • Low speed or pollution of the fan of the vutaneous unit. Similarly clogged filter. all cold is not discharged from the radiator. It is necessary to wash the fan, if it is dirty, and set the speed of its rotation to the maximum;
  • Hall on the tubes. During installation, the tubes that connect the external and internal blocks could be broken. At the site of the crease, the frossellation of the freon occurs and a strong decrease in temperature, the tubes begin to freeze behind the crease. It is necessary to search and eliminate the crease.

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What to do

As it was written above, there are breakdowns that can be fixed at home. Most importantly, determine the cause of the breakdown or interruption of the air conditioner.

Fifty percent of the resolution of the issue, this is precisely the definition of the reason. At the initial stage, check the remote control, installation of the program, temperature regime, if everything is right, we are looking for further.

The temperature of the incoming and outgoing air should be measured by the usual thermometer. If the temperature difference varies from 8 to 12 degrees, then the air conditioner works properly. If not, then start listening to the noise, you may be able to describe the situation to a specialist.

split, system, does, cool, conditioner

Wash the filter with warm water, it will never hurt.

If at home it is not possible to eliminate the cause, you should contact specialists.

Malfunction of one of the air conditioning nodes.

Air conditioning is a complex and multicomponent device. We will give a list of the most popular nodes, through the fault of which your air conditioner has stopped cooling.

  • Inner/outer block fan. As a rule, the engine burns due to contamination and dust. Cold production is reduced, the compressor begins to work constantly, overheating and turns off along the thermallane.
  • Four.shirt valve. Is responsible for the transition of “cooling \ heating” modes. Jamming in the “heat” mode. It is subject to replacement.
  • Compressor. The main breakdowns are jamming, a breakdown of windings, an interval engine closing or a break. Not repaired. It changes completely. Sometimes it is more advisable (for economic reasons) replace the entire external unit
  • Temperature sensors. When malfunctioning can “read” low indicators, which is why cooling is disconnected ahead of time. Replaced by a new fully.
  • Pressure Sensors. Close / open or their resistance does not correspond to the normal value, while the control board does not include air conditioning or does not apply to the compressor launch, the sensors must be replaced with good.
  • Capillary tube. Due to the clogged capillary tube, a pressure drop at the input and output of the tube is created, so part of the freon boils and gives the cold even to the evaporator of the air conditioner. As a result, the cold system of the split system falls, and the equipment is trying to compensate for its lack of constant compressor operation. With the full suction of the pipeline, the refrigerant does not circulate, the compressor works idle, the air remains warm. You can try to clean it under pressure or solder a new.
  • Management payment. As a rule, the elements on the board are burned due to voltage jumps. Elements can be dropped and replaced. With significant damage. Complete replacement.

External causes

Oddly enough, the couries when starting the air conditioner occur completely. Users do not change the winter heating mode for summer cooling and wonder that the air conditioner blows warm air. A similar situation arises when the cooling mode is set, but the temperature remains the same as for the winter. 25 ° C, or even all 30 ° C. As a result, the device simply drives indoor air without changing its temperature. In order to quickly cope with the heat, it is recommended to set the temperature to a minimum when turning on, and only then, after 20-30 minutes of piercing the draft, select a comfortable mode. During the acceleration of the car, the room is prudent to leave.

Quite often the design capacity of the air conditioner does not correspond to the volume of the room. The leakage of the object exacerbates the situation. cool air flows into open windows, doors and technological gaps. If the output of the air conditioner is blocked by furniture, curtains, blinds and other mechanical barriers, this also reduces the effectiveness of the climatic system.

Poor power supply can affect the compressor’s performance. the heart of the air conditioner. With insufficient voltage in the network, the rotor winding quickly overheats, and the protective thermallane automatically turns off the compressor. The fans of both blocks continue to work, but the refrigerant circulation is suspended, and the air conditioner begins to blow with warm air, despite the established minimum temperature regime.

With such a malfunction characteristic of rural areas, the only effective method is the acquisition of a voltage stabilizer. It will ensure uninterrupted operation of not only air conditioning, but also another energy.intensive equipment. an electric boiler or heating elements, washing and dishwasher, kitchen stove, etc.D.

split, system, does, cool, conditioner

To get a consultation:

Strong pollution

During the summer, the inner block is covered with dust. This makes it difficult to heat transfer. It is necessary to rinse the impeller and filters. The latter can be soaked for a couple of hours in soapy water, rinse and dry.

It is quite difficult to clean the highly planted external unit, so it is better to call a service master for service.

Dirty external unit can also be the reason why the air conditioner does not warm. Sometimes it is enough to remove large pollution with a brush so that the device will work at full force.

Frost outside the window

Nonverter split systems can work with.5 ° C and above, inverter. at.15 ° C. All air conditioners are thermal pumps, and they do not produce heat, but pump it from one place to another. The lower the temperature outside the window, the more useless the device.

Low level of freon

When Freon is not enough, the air conditioner begins to blow with bare warm air. If there is no frost outside the window, and the system is clean, you can suspect a leak. In this case, you need to turn off the device and call a specialist.

Situations in which the solution to the problem is only a specialist

Freon leak

One of the most common serious malfunctions, which is extremely fluent without involving a specialist. A possible reason-a freon leak in any split system is a certain amount of freon. In a gaseous state, it is quite a volatile, actively trying to leave the air conditioning channels, especially under pressure.

A leak is also possible in a liquid state. this is evidenced by oily dreams in places where sealing the circuit is impaired. The fact is that with a leak, the pressure in the system drops. The compressor is trying to achieve programmed indicators, so it works without stopping, but the split is very sluggish.

Expert Opinion Starostin Konstantin Adreevich Specialist for the installation and maintenance of air conditioners poor cooling. more hollow. Working with a constant load can disable the motor-compressor as a result of overheating. In the working device, the natural evaporation of Freon through seals, seals and other connections is very insignificant.

Therefore, in the case of leakage, the master will usually check the following nodes:

The adjacent of the copper highway to the factory nozzles of internal and outdoor blocks. This is a very responsible node, but it is here that you most often need to look for a leak. Masters of the installations are lying copper tubes in place, during installation. And although a special mechanical device is used for this, designed for the standard diameter, the roller procedure requires a certain skill. Lack of experience or banal “hack” plays with the owner of climate technology an angry joke: after refueling, adding a freon to the system will be required very soon.

The breakdown of the heat exchanger itself is a much more serious matter. Such damage must first be correctly diagnosed, because the crack can be completely inconspicuous. For this, crimping is used with a special composition. in special glasses it is visible to luminous and shows the place of leaks. Cracking is a time.consuming business, if the air conditioning is under warranty, it is usually accepted without problems for exchange. If the leak occurs due to poor-quality pipe pipe, you need to cut and cross the end of the track. After that, a cylinder with freon and pump are connected to the system, the lack of refrigerant is replenished until the pressure gauge shows the right pressure.

Non.varnishes with power supply

Due to low voltage, if it fell, for example, from chronic summer overloads to 170 volts (from regular 220), the compressor will not turn on. Air conditioning will work as a fan. Disconnect it from the network and wait until it rises to at least 200 volts: the compressor allows a deviation by 10% of the orderly. But if the end of the voltage is not visible. purchase a stabilizer designed for a load over 2 kW.

The switching valve is broken

It allows the air conditioner to switch to the heating mode of the room and back. The air conditioning info panel (LEDs, display) will not report such a breakdown, but the air conditioner, on the contrary, can only blow with hot air. If the same valve is found exactly the same, it is completely deleted. The heating function also disappears with it.

Flowing the tubes

Boiled due to the inability to reach the cooler Freon will deprive you of the cold. But the icing of one of the tubes leading to the inner block will indicate a breakdown.

The compressor works almost continuously. You can remove the blockage using compressed air or hydraulic pumping.

In case of failure of cleaning the tube, they simply change.

The compressor broke

Fans work without cooling. The compressor either jammed or broke electrical capacitors playing the role of a starting circuit, or was damaged by the thermallane that protects the compressor from overheating. Replacing all these parts can do any user.

The sensors broke

Three sensors: at the entrance, output of the inner unit and the total, checking the temperature in the room. There are two options: the compressor turns on or is rarely turned off. The experienced master will immediately suspect the breakdown of these thermistors, giving the ECU the wrong signals. As a result, the room freezes or cools poorly.

ECU is faulty

The electronic control unit contains ROM and processor, executive elements. transistor keys of high power and relay.

If their replacement has not given anything, suspicion falls on a faulty processor. the fault of the aging of a semiconductor chip, microprochemistry errors, microcracks in the microcircuits and in the most multilayer board.

At the same time, the air conditioner stopped cooling at all. Option. replacement of the board.

Filters clogged

We hope that now you can independently determine why the air conditioner cools the room poorly. And in some cases. eliminate it yourself.



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