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Split system does not close to the end

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Split system does not close to the end

These filters are a mundane small mesh and are placed under the front panel through which air is sucked. They are created to detain the dust in the air and protect from it not only the inhabitants of the room, in which the air conditioner is installed, and the radiator of the internal unit. In fact, the air conditioner works as a vacuum cleaner, and filters play the role of a vacuumber. To clean filters, wash them in warm water and dry them for a couple of minutes. Removing and installing filters is no more difficult than replacing a vacuuming bag in a vacuum cleaner (except for cases, the internal block of the air conditioner is at high altitude). In the operating annotation, it is always carefully talked about how to do it. Wash filters, usually you need to once every two to three weeks.

If there is a huge amount of dust or soot in the air, you need to wash them more often, making sure that they always remain unsuccessful. If the filters do not wash for a long time, then first blowing the radiator of the inner unit will decrease, as a result, the air in the room will be more terrible to cool. Apart from this, the operating mode of the refrigerator system is violated, which can lead to freezing of copper pipelines. In this case, when the air conditioner is turned off, the ice will begin to melt, and water will drip from the air conditioner. In the upcoming one, with very dirty filters, there may be clogging of the drainage system with lumps of dust then and water from the air conditioner is overlooked by a stream. In completely neglected cases, on the plates of the radiator, such a layer of dirt is increased that it can only be removed with the help of potent chemical cleaners.

Note that the cleaning of the filters does not go to the standard warranty service and should be performed by the consumer (as well as replacing bags in the vacuum cleaner) in coordination with the requirements of operating annotation.

Maintenance of household air conditioners

In the repeating seal, articles often arise that tell about how to correctly choose air conditioning. Thanks to them, readers have the opportunity to impartially evaluate the pluses and defects of different models and make a purchase that you do not have to regret. Almost always, having bought and installed the air conditioner, they begin to use it in the same way as any other home appliances. TV, iron or vacuum cleaner, acting on the principle: let it work until it breaks down. With regard to the same television or vacuum cleaner, this principle justifies itself-it can pass to not one year before the first breakdown (high-quality equipment can fully work without repair for 5-7 years). But for a more extended type of air conditioner-split systems-such operation with a high probability will lead to severe breakdowns after 2-3 years. This feature is inherent in both cheap models. LG, Samsung, and elite. Daikin, Panasonic. The difference between them is that in more expensive models, usually more degrees of protection against incorrect operation and such air conditioners will simply refuse \ ”to cut even with an insignificant deviation from the usual mode of operation. To realize the cause of such \ “capriciousness \” split systems will be seen in general terms their internal device. It doesn’t matter what kind of split-the system consists of 2 blocks-the external, in which the compressor, fan and radiator are located (called the capacitor) and the internal, in which the fan and the radiator are also located (called the evaporator). During installation, these blocks are connected by copper pipelines, through which, under a pressure of about 15 atmospheres, a mixture of Freon R-22 and a small amount of compressor oil circulates. Fans located in the inner and outdoor unit provide blowing radiators to improve thermal exchange and uniformly dispersion of cold air in the room. So, what is still more and more produced reasons for the failure of the air conditioner?

And the casket just opened

Each air conditioner has a minimum temperature at which he can work for heat. In inverter models, it is.25.15 degrees, for ordinary.5 5 ° C. You can find it in the instructions.

The air conditioning documents also indicate the maximum temperature to which it can heat the air. Manufacturers indicate this figure, croaking with their souls. The greater the difference in temperature, the less the efficiency of the air conditioner.

For example, it is indicated that the air conditioner can operate on heat at temperatures on the street before.25. And to warm up to 28. It means that:

  • With frost.25 He will be able to heat the room to 16;
  • When on the street.20 air conditioning will give 18;
  • If on the street.15, it will heat up to 20;
  • When “overboard” 15, the air conditioner will be able to heat the room to the indicated 28.

The numbers are given for example, each model has different. Manufacturers do not specifically indicate them to mislead the buyer. Before sounding the alarm, look into the instructions or specification for the air conditioner.

Operating temperatures of the air conditioner for heating specified in the specifications.

What to do

If you cannot solve the problem yourself, call the service center, explain your problem by indicating all possible malfunctions and your assumptions. You will be sent a specialist who understands the air conditioner, so you will save your strength and nerves. Correction of air conditioning malfunctions with your own hands can lead to its breakdown.

If you want to conclude an agreement on permanent maintenance of climate equipment? It’s profitable!

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Price list with the cost of eliminating this malfunction

The diagnostic filter will display probable malfunctions in the table, and the cost of work and spare parts to eliminate.

I will immediately help to determine the causes and cost of eliminating the air conditioning problems, taking into account the spare parts

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Split.system cools poorly: reasons and how to deal with it

Split system is the established name of household air conditioners who have a spaced design, that is, they consist of two blocks. internal and external. Improving systems and a wide production of such a class of technology made a split system with an indispensable attribute of a city apartment, especially in the southern regions.

Unfortunately, as a result of a series of malfunctions, the air conditioning may stop performing the main function. cooling the air in the room. Not being a specialist, it is quite difficult to determine the cause of the breakdown. However, most cases of cooling or falling its performance have repeatedly met in the practice of masters and are typical.

Elimination of faults with your own hands

Cleaning the filters of the internal block of dirt is perhaps the only elimination of the malfunction that any owner of the air conditioner can easily be carried out. To do this, the filter elements need to be dismantled, rinked under running water, dried and installed in place. The dismantling procedure is described in detail in the operating manual of the air conditioner.

Cleaning the outdoor unit, which works in more adverse conditions than internal, is carried out using special chemicals. The decision to conduct this operation independently or invite a specialist is made by the owner of the split system, based on the degree of risk that the master will be subjected to partial disassembly and cleaning the external module. In any case, you need to know how to clean the air conditioner. All other types of faults of the cooling system can be identified and diagnosed only by dismantling the air conditioner.

Advice! To diagnose the air conditioning system, which is carried out by full or partial dismantling, it is better to call a service specialist to the house. The master, using special equipment, will quickly determine why the device began to cool the air poorly.

split, system, does, close

If the air conditioner stops cooling the room, this can cause panic, especially on a hot day. However, it is worth calm down and double.check everything: perhaps in the settings the inappropriate mode is simply set.

If it turned out that all the options were selected correctly, and the split system still does not work properly, you need to contact a company engaged in the maintenance of climatic equipment.

The main thing is to find the reason for the problems and quickly resolve the issue, keeping a good mood at all costs!



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