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Split system centek ct 65a09 review

Wall Mounted Split System CENTEK CT-65A09

Looking for positive and negative reviews of the CENTEK CT-65A09 Wall Mounted Split System?

We have compiled 7 negative, negative and positive reviews from 11 sources.

We’ll show you all the pros and cons of the Wall Mounted Split System CENTEK CT-65A09 found by users. We don’t hide anything and we post all positive and negative honest customer reviews about CENTEK CT-65A09 Wall Mounted Split System, as well as offer alternative products similar. Is it worth it to buy. The decision is up to you!

Wall split system CENTEK CT-65C09

Looking for positive and negative reviews of the CENTEK CT-65C09 Wall Mounted Split System?

We collected 6 negative, negative and positive reviews from 11 sources.

We show all the advantages and disadvantages of the wall split system CENTEK CT-65C09 revealed in the use of users. We don’t hide anything and we post all positive and negative honest customer reviews about CENTEK CT-65C09 Wall Mounted Split System, as well as offer alternative products similar. Is it worth it to buy. Your decision!

Wall Air Split System CENTEK CT-65C09

Color may be different from the actual picture.

Rating based on the opinions of 6 customers

Wall Mounted Split System CENTEK CT-65D09

Color may be different from the actual picture.

Rating based on the opinions of 6 customers

Wall Mounted Split System CENTEK CT-65L09

The Split is great, it is very beautiful, my wife said so at first I could not believe that it was working, it blows cool air so quietly, there is no noise, hum, vibration, well done Sentek done in a decent way. The remote control is handy, filters are included, there is a function of the temperature in the location of the remote, there is a night mode, we are satisfied with the purchase, we recommend if anyone asks for advice.

CommentWe want the same design inverter in the bedroom, for next year

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Review of Centek air conditioner. CT-65D09

Friends, summer is not far off. And soon it will be really hot. I am sure that most of you want to come home after work and feel the cool atmosphere of your favorite home. If you still have not bought an air conditioner, it is high time.

Today I want to tell you about an inexpensive model from the company Centek. CT-65D09.

Review of Centek CT 65G10 split system. G series

The novelty of the year 2021 split-system Centek CT 65G10. G series, it is also called Centek CT-65G Gray. The color catches your eye right away, t.Unlike standard white ones it has big difference from standard white: it has mat grey surface with glossy black insert, by the way, there is a hidden display under the insert.

Since the model is a designer one, it should cost accordingly. everything that is not white in the world of split-systems is more expensive simply by definition, Centek CT 65G10 dictates its conditions: The given series is marked as G, in general at Centek definition of a lineup takes place on the letter. By the way, in the same case is the inverter model, the same on-off.

We will often mention the “AUX assembly”, for those who do not know this is the factory where almost all Centek assemblies are done.

Centek CT 65G10 G is marked “10”, the manufacturer has begun its lineup with a ten, but in fact (power and other indicators) is the real nine, so be careful: we will call it both ways, the essence does not change it.

At first we shall consider the overall dimensions of both units, and then we will “quickly” run through the main features and nuances, “let’s get under the skin”.

Power consumption for cooling. 0.79 kW

Power consumption when heating. 0.73 kW

Assembly factory AUX, good or bad depends directly on the direct hands of assemblers, in this case, all assembled accurately, no point in picking on the assembly, because it is sane.

The output is almost 3kW of cooling capacity, with all other 9 models of 2.57-2.8. This is the only model that can deliver enough power for 30m2.

Double leaf, large cells allow you to keep the air flow without “dropping”, t.e can hang up even in the headboard without fear of catching cold.

WI-FI module is not declared, but USB for it is, or this module will be released later, or it simply forgot to remove. time will tell.

The interior is big and solid, but the mounting bar is a bit small. There can be problems in installation, but nothing to be afraid of. nothing will fall on your head.

Remote control classic from AUX, reliable, no backlash, “so-so” design, i.e. standard. With the remote control you can turn off the hidden display 9 also turns off in “sleep” mode). The remote control without backlight, there is a 3D-function. control and internal blades, but the function itself is also “so-so”, i.e.the blades move with a small margin.

Claimed 23 decibels, but Centek always in fact gives a little more, especially inexpensive models (under 15 thousand). In the review, we checked. yes, indeed more.

Centek compressors are not bad, mid-range segment. The compressor looks confident.

The manufacturer claims a service life of 10 years, we hope it’s true, t.To term large.

Functionality is sufficient, there is a self-cleaning, i-Feel-sensor, antifungal function (function “Self-cleaning Plus”), standard good function of usual splitsystem.

4 modes of fans with adjustable speed and a sleep mode, in general the sleep mode sounded to us like the first speed fans. But the turbo mode is nice, good, decent, voluminous.

split, system, centek, 65a09, review

Not big, medium-sized, classic AUX assembly, we have not found anything new in it.

On the plus side, which no one else does. AUX always puts vinyl tape, it wraps the track. a great thing for the street, be sure to remind the installers about its use!

There is protection on the ports with a wire adapter, everything is covered, everything is hidden.

The thickness of the evaporator is small in 1.3cm, more is possible. Bagels se in place, no skips, the only thing that surprised us was the strange color of the copper on them, but this is not a minus.

Anti-vibration hard seal in two pieces.

Classic fan, nothing special, nothing at all, even a shame.

The compressor is in a “coat”, it is not tight, it has Velcro, the coat is not very thick but it is rubberized. GMC-C compressor, freon both 32 and 410. Compressor is very large, it should pump 3 kilowatts and it looks confident for that.

What we did not like or questioned:

The noise level, stated in 23dB does not meet expectations, there is clearly more, but this is not critical.

Weakly swings fan blade of indoor unit, could have been made lower to get a greater range of air movement.

Vaporizer in 1.3cm is a bit disappointing, even despite the number of “bagels” and a large compressor, I would still like it to be thicker.

The external unit generally “neither fish nor meat”, that is, it does not cause any emotions, but it should. it’s 21 years old, you can think of something.

Adjusting the height of air flow is average, not very high, it seems to us a little too little and I would like higher.

To sum up the Centek CT 65G10 wants to summarize:

The model is new, “with a feverish heat” 2021, looks very decent, designer and it shows. Assembled high quality, neat, no complaints here, as well as in appearance. The functionality is sufficient, the cost is adequate. It is possible and necessary, especially for those who want a color other than white and at reasonable cost.

It already comes with an antibacterial filter, formaldehyde filter, dust filter, charcoal filter and vitamin C filter.

And yet Centek this line has four models of increased capacity for rooms from 15m2 to 72m2. By the way, we are going to produce a glossy black version.

Split system Centek CT-65A09

You can return or exchange your product within 14 days. To do this you need to contact the Service Quality Control toll free 8 800 201 55 87. You can return the goods on your own or by our delivery department.

You can contact the manufacturer’s service center in your city, or contacts specified in the warranty card or apply to the Quality Control Service of the Climate Control Center for a free line 8 800 201 55 87. If it is impossible to realize warranty repair in the terms specified by the law, the goods will be replaced.

You can contact our quality control service for a free line 8 800 201 55 87. We have agreements with service centers for post-warranty repairs. In most cases post-warranty repair is free.

Сплит система CENTEK CT 65F09 отзывы и обзор кондиционера

Contacts of the Service Center are specified in the warranty card. You can also contact our quality assurance service for a free line 8 800 201 55 87. We will find a service center near you.

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We currently provide installation services in the following cities:

Installation price from 3500 excluding the freon line. Its price starts from 800 linear meters.

  • Color White
  • Type of indoor unit Wall-mounted
  • Warranty 3 years
  • The inverter No
  • Brand CENTEK
  • Operating mode Cooling and heating
  • Cooling power of 2650 W
  • Heating capacity 2700 W
  • Manufacturer Country China
  • Power Consumption (cooling) 825
  • Power Consumption (Heating) 748
  • Model Centek CT-65A09
  • Country of assembly China
  • Wi-fi control No
  • Remote control Yes

Wall split system Centek CT-65A09. main modes: automatic mode, ventilation, heating, dehumidification, cooling. Wireless remote control is used to control the split system. Energy Class A.

Features Centek CT-65A09:

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Split system Centek CT-65B09

Model Split system Centek CT-65B09 is a modern and functional type of air conditioner that uses safe freon R 410. Powerful compressor, which allows to cool or heat an area equal to (m2), the basic calculation of which is made based on the entry of standard data, where the ceiling height does not exceed 3 meters and the width of the window aperture is not more than 2 meters, with the wall thickness from 30 cm to 1 m. Also in this model of the air conditioner there is an automatic operation mode (avto), which with the help of sensors maintains exactly the temperature and modes set by you, allowing the equipment to work fully automatically.

Restart function guarantees preservation and recovery of your air conditioner parameters and settings even in case of sudden power cut. Night sleep mode not only controls the power of the air conditioner, but also regulates the temperature smoothly, excluding the possibility of colds and illnesses by its automatic operation. For more information on features and specifications of the model of air conditioner, please contact the staff of our online store, which answer all your questions in detail.

Manufacturer of air conditioners Centek CT-65B09

The production, technical line of the company Centec is characterized by high performance and functionality. High quality control, which is observed in the manufacture of equipment ensures long and impeccable life of the air conditioner. This producer realizes in their products not only modern and stylish design but also the reliability of nodes and units, and factory assembly, which is carried out on modern and technologically advanced equipment allows to use the product for a long time and qualitatively

The main advantages of the air conditioner Centek CT-65B09.

Design features of the air conditioner from Centec are easy to set and easy to use. The entire range of this leading global manufacturer, equipped with the latest developments and technologies in the field of air-conditioning equipment. Products, even the most budgetary, this manufacturer has a wide range of functions and features that allow not only quickly and accurately adjust the temperature in your room, but also clean the air in it due to multi-stage filtration system. High class energy saving and economy mode, which is present in the air conditioner, will allow you to significantly reduce energy consumption. Long term service life, which states and guarantees through a network of its service centers, air conditioner manufacturer allows you not to worry about reliability and quality of the equipment during the entire period of operation.

Delivery of the Split system Centek CT-65B09

Delivery of air conditioners and split systems in Krasnodar and within the city is for Free. The goods you bought are delivered directly to the room where in the presence of the buyer, remove the original seals, inspect the appearance and check completeness. Only when all these actions are executed by the employees of our company, the delivery is considered as accomplished. Delivery within the boundaries of the region, Republic of Adygea, in other regions are negotiated individually and does not exceed the general rates of transportation companies, and sometimes comes out much cheaper.

Air conditioner installation and mounting.

split, system, centek, 65a09, review

Payment. Split system Centek CT-65B09

Cash payment upon receipt. The most widespread and reliable way of payment. It allows the buyer to inspect the purchased goods, to make sure they are complete and intact. Cash payment only after acceptance and filling of documents. In cases when services on installation, mounting of the purchased equipment are rendered, the payment is made after finishing works.

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Electronic money. Also payment is possible through such payment systems as selected goods or services in our online store.

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Sales of air conditioners in Krasnodar and Krasnodar region.

A huge range of air conditioners and split systems presented in the virtual showcases of our store, will allow even the most demanding client to find the necessary model. High-quality and qualified installation of the purchased equipment performed by experienced craftsmen and documented will guarantee a stable and trouble-free operation of the air conditioner.



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