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Smoker from a gas cylinder with his hands

The original solo: smoker and charcoal grill

The equipment will consist of 2 parts: a smoke generator and a roaster. Therefore, you need to prepare two tanks of 50 and 20 liters. Then the craftsman will make a drawing or sketch, on which he will mark the location of the holes for blowing and doors. The next step is to prepare the tools and materials:


  • metal brush;
  • angle grinder;
  • Welding installation;
  • construction angle or profile;
  • handles;
  • 4-6 pcs. door hinges;
  • Pipe for the chimney (1.5 meters in length and 10-12 cm in diameter);
  • grate of rods.

Basic tools and materials in readiness. Now you can begin to build a smokehouse from a gas cylinder with your own hands. It is worth noting that the instructions refer to the hot-smoking unit. Thus, the entire process is divided into several main steps.

Why I have not done this before !!! From a gas bottle

Metal carving

The smoke generator and the grill itself are flasks with lids, so you should first cut off the neck. Then the first cylinder to make a length of 50 cm, and the second to leave in its original form. After that, in each of them are cut out:

  • window for blowing (10X10 cm, at the bottom and closer to the edge);
  • lid around the perimeter of the tank.

In the main container masters special devices for skewers. On each side (opposite each other) form:

  • holes (12 pcs. 1 cm in diameter);
  • slots (2 cm in depth).

From a construction angle make a wheelwheel, boring holes over the entire area at a distance of 5 cm. Then it is welded to the central area of the installation.

Connect the smoke tank with the chimney and firebox. To do this, in the upper part of the section cut a valve for the chimney, and in the other bottom corner. for the smoke generator.

Welding work

Now you should properly fold the cut out parts. This is where you need a welder with 2-3 mm electrodes. The constituent parts are connected in this sequence:

  • Hinges under the covers;
  • handles;
  • angles (in the center of the flask, as well as on the sides for the grid);
  • legs;
  • draft tube.

It is important to note that to the supports welded transverse beams for stability of the equipment. After that, dock the main part of the charcoal-smoker from the gas cylinder with the furnace itself. In this case, the shutters make the fixed type, to regulate combustion, smoke circulation and intensity of smoldering. On the same principle to the top of the chimney plate is attached, so you can open and close it.

The process of cutting and welding requires extreme accuracy. The joints must be even and without gaps. To make the container as airtight as possible, aluminum plates are attached along the perimeter of the cut out windows with a gap of 2-3 cm. Fix them with rivets.

Unusual make-up

After such dusty works, the construction is brought in a presentable appearance. Such an unusual “make-up” of the metal structure is done in several stages:

  • The seams are smoothed with an angle grinder;
  • The entire surface is brushed with a metal brush and then sanded with sandpaper;
  • Treat the container with degreasing agent;
  • covered with heat resistant dye.

The photo shows the gas cylinder smoker made with their own hands, made according to the above instructions. Some elements can be performed in a different way. Instead of a flap, many people prefer to saw strips (up to 5 mm wide) on the bottom of the product.

The firebox is often made of an ordinary metal sheet. It is made in a square or rectangular shape. The size is 1/3 of the griddle itself.

How to use a charcoal grill with a smokehouse correctly

In order for the charcoal grill with smoker to work properly, you should follow the instructions for use.

To obtain the best flavor, it is important to follow the exact cooking method. To put into operation the smoke generator must be started. To do this, fuel is loaded into it. When the fire is strong, it is covered with a lightly moistened chip on top. Smoke begins to form, which provides the smoking. The lid of the chamber is closed. The smoke completely envelops the food. Frying on the grill is carried out with the lid open. The coals are placed directly on the bottom of the gas cylinder.

How to make a smoker with your own hands

Currently on the market a wide range of smokers for fish and meat. If you do not want to spend money on an unintended purchase, try to make a home smoker from a gas cylinder with your own hands. If you follow the instructions, you get a barbecue or smokehouse. Cylinders are made of strong metal, which means that you can cook meat, poultry, fish in the smokehouse without fear that the structure will be damaged by high temperatures.

Design features of the multifunctional hearth

The main difficulty of combined hearths is the unequal conditions for the preparation of products. Therefore, the charcoal grill with a gas cylinder smoker should be designed with this nuance in mind.

Smoking technology

There are several options for smoking products:

  • Cold. the smoke is first cooled inside a long pipe, it enters the chamber with fish / meat for 1. 3 days, ensuring the preservation of delicacies for 2. 6 months;
  • hot. the smoke generator is located directly near the chamber with the products, the smoking process is dramatically reduced, but the delicacies are stored for a couple of months, no more than that;
  • Semi-cold. the process takes 24. 36 hours, the length of the pipe between the smoke generator and the medium-sized smoke chamber is 1,5. 2 m.

Therefore, depending on the chosen technology, the default cylinder smokehouse will have, in principle, the same design. But, its elements will be separated from each other by different distance.

Mangal and barbecue sizes

Skewer roasters, called charcoal grills, are oversized:

  • length. arbitrary, depends on the number of skewers, the distance between them is 8. 10 cm;
  • Height (depth). 15. 20 cm is considered the optimal distance from the meat to the coals;
  • Width. depending on the length of the skewer (produced by manufacturers 30. 50 cm), the standard size is considered 25. 40 cm;
  • Here is a real drawing from a real cylinder, click on the picture to see all figures.

Height from ground level is less critical, when making a stationary fryer is usually 0.8. 1.2 m. Barbecue roasts on grids, the height and length of the hearth remain the same, the width depends on the same parameter of the grid itself. For the grill, the dimensions of the fryer are less critical, but a lid is required to maintain the same temperature inside the fryer.

Unlike roasters made of sheet steel and barrels, a charcoal grill from a gas cylinder has advantages:

  • wall thickness of 2.5 mm;
  • Used tanks are inexpensive;
  • compact size will save site space;
  • The body is basically ready, which will reduce the labor intensity of the work.

Note: For a multifunctional hearth, one cylinder will not be enough, since it will be used for the brazier. The smoke generator is built from a second 50-liter tank of the same purpose or from steel sheet.

Construction of the Smokehouse

Due to the above nuances grill, charcoal grill, barbecue and smokehouse may well be combined within the same structure. Classic charcoal grill is ideal for the food chamber of the smokehouse in the presence of an airtight lid that does not let the smoke out. To the grill must be added a smoke generator, connected directly to it (hot smoking) or by a pipe (semi-cold and cold smoking) of the required length.

Since the hearth is stationary in 90% of cases, its support unit (legs, stand) can be decorated with twisted or wrought iron elements, supplemented with a rain shield. The chimney is needed in any case.

Smokers from a gas cylinder: pros and cons

These days it is not difficult to buy a smoker for fish and meat. the market offers the widest range of products of the most different modifications. However, if you plan to spend a lot of money on an unplanned purchase, then you can well construct a smokehouse from an ordinary gas cylinder. In such a device, you can cook the most exquisite dishes. loin, cured fillets, home-made sausages. In short, a variety of smoked meat, fish or poultry.

The concept of hot and cold smoking

If you will be working with the smokehouse for the first time, then this information will be useful to you. After all, the type of smoking depends on the design features of our smokehouse from a gas cylinder. If we say simply, then smoking can be cold or hot. The name itself already tells a little about the principle of the cylinder smoker.

For example, hot smoking is right next to the open fire. The temperature of food processing in the smokehouse reaches 40-120 degrees. At this temperature, the smokehouse content is juicy, tasty and ready to eat immediately. And the time that it takes to cook this or that kind of food varies from 40 minutes to several hours.

As for the method of cold smoking in a cylinder, it is a little different. The source of fire is a little away from the smoker. A chimney is connected to the firebox which takes the cooled smoke to the smokehouse. With this treatment the meat or fish will take longer to cook, soaking up the smoke. It’s all about the temperature, which is within 40 degrees. The smoking time can reach several days. But the great advantage is that these products can be kept for a long time. 2-6 months. If you like prunes, you know that they are made by cold smoking.

Below is a diagram to help you understand these concepts. All that remains is to choose which smoking method you prefer.

Making a smokehouse from a gas cylinder: preparation of the cylinder

Before you start the work, you need to prepare everything you need for it. Let’s start by looking at the list of tools and materials without which you can’t create a smokehouse from a cylinder:

  • Gas cylinder AG-50 with a capacity of more than 50 liters;
  • hacksaw for metal;
  • angle grinder;
  • A pipe for the chimney;
  • angle piece;
  • A tape measure and chalk;
  • file;
  • metal angles;
  • hinges;
  • bolts and nuts;
  • drill;
  • handle for the lid;
  • rods of rebar.

That’s all you will need. The kit is simple, you can easily get each item. What to do next? Let’s take care of the cylinder itself for the smokehouse.

Let’s look at the 3 steps that go into preparing to create a smokehouse from a cylinder:

Building Hot Smokehouse from a gas cylinder.

    Completely remove the gas from the inside. No matter how you look at it, but leftovers in cylinders are quite a frequent thing. If you work with it this way, then you do yourself a disservice. This can be tragic. So take the canister, place it upside down and open the valve. The gas must come out completely. It’s easy to check this: apply a foam of powder, dish detergent or soap to the valve. If it starts to foam, it is a sign that there is gas in the cylinder.

That’s it, that’s the end of the preparatory work. In the end you have a completely clean cylinder without gas with a hole. That’s exactly the kind of container we need. Let’s proceed with the next steps.

Creating a lid of the smoking room from a cylinder

Safe for life cylinder is ready for cutting. In it you must make a hatch or lid that can be closed and opened. This part of the smokehouse will be movable, so it is best to work carefully. Here are the instructions:

  • Place the can on its side on a stable surface.
  • Make a marking on it. Using chalk, draw this door. Make it rectangular.
  • When the marking on the cylinder is ready, take an angle grinder and cut this part. Do not forget to wear safety glasses, because you often hear about the fact that pieces of metal got into the eyes of workers. Do not cut the hole on the cylinder all the way to the end. Leave the side where the hinges will be installed. Important! You must not touch the side or rings. The photo shows exactly how to cut the door.
  • Now you can install the door on the hinges. Buy two metal hinges that are used for doors. As for fixing, you can fix them with bolts or, if you have welding machine skills, you can weld them on.
  • Next, you can completely saw out the door of the smoker and file away the sharp edges.
  • The final chord will be the creation of the handle for the smokehouse. You can buy it or take it out of your old furniture. Fixation can be made of the same bolts. And so that you do not burn your hand while cooking, you can wrap it with material that does not heat up.

You can consider that half of the work is already done. As you can see, we do not need detailed drawings, to create such a smokehouse from a cylinder.

Creating a base or legs for a smokehouse from a cylinder

Let’s start with the fact that the height of the construction usually does not exceed the standard dimensions of the kitchen table. It is the size of 85 to 100 cm. In addition, you must find out in advance whether your smoker will be stationary or portable. This is important when it comes to creating feet. Metal corners can be used as a support, which can be used to construct a kind of goat or table. And you can make the legs themselves from the same corners.

It is much faster and easier to build a stationary design. All you need for work is 4 metal angles and welding machine. The corners themselves are connected perpendicular to the cylinder and fixed to the bottom with a welding machine. The only nuance you need to have experience with the equipment or ask someone you know to help with this.

As for the circuit feet, it is a little more complicated. Your job is to drill holes in the bottom and put bolts in them. It is done so that the threads are directed outward. And the nuts are welded to the legs themselves. Now, if you need, you can screw these legs to the cylinder. The only thing remaining is to additionally equip the lower part with a metal support so that the feet are more stable. This should be done both in the first case and in the second.

Creating a furnace and chimney

Now the technology of creation can be different, if we talk about the type of smoking. Designs can be quite different. First, let’s look at making a hot smoking machine.

In the place where you have already made a saw cut of the valve, you need to make a hole identical in diameter to your pipe under the chimney. Mark a circle and cut it out with an angle grinder. The hole for the chimney is ready. You can put a pipe in it and weld it. On top of it a damper is made, thanks to which the amount of smoke is regulated. It can be detachable or fastened with a bolt.

On the other side you must cut a hole to let the smoke from the firebox flow in. The firebox itself can be made from the same cylinder, only smaller and cut apart. Or use sheet metal (from 4 cm) and brick. It is up to you to decide what to do. The firebox should have two openings: one for placing firewood and the other for the ash drawer. Connect the firebox itself and the tank with a pipe.

Cold and hot smoking

It should be said that the latter option contributes to the long-term storage of cooked food, while the hot smokehouse from a gas cylinder makes the food beautiful and flavorful. You get the best flavor in both cases.

Smokehouse with their own hands from a gas cylinder

The choice of ready-made smokehouses today is quite large. However, it is cheaper to make a universal smokehouse from a gas cylinder, which can be used not only to smoke fish, chicken or meat, but also as a barbecue or barbecue grill. The gas cylinder is best suited for the smokehouse: it has a convenient streamlined shape and is made of durable enough metal.

What you need to build a smokehouse out of a gas tank:

Smoker from a gas cylinder or barbecue, made their own hands, can be both portable and stationary. To make it, you will need:

  • Gas cylinder with a capacity of 50 liters;
  • Iron sheets with a thickness of at least 4 mm for the furnace device; if you plan to make only a charcoal grill, the furnace is not required;
  • metal corners;
  • pipes for the chimney and connection to the furnace;
  • smaller diameter pipes for the base;
  • Hinges and rivets to hang the door;
  • bars for the grid;
  • Wooden overlay for making a handle;
  • angle grinder;
  • welding machine;
  • electric drill;
  • hacksaw for metal.

Gas bottle smoker with his hands

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Smart Smoker from Gas Cylinder with Your Hands

If you like to cook meat and fish products on fire, then make a universal smoker, which you can also use as a barbecue, grill and barbecue. Make a smoker with your own hands can be made from a gas cylinder or expansion tank on the photo instructions we offer.

The peculiarity of this smoker is that its hearth is separate from the smoking chamber. This allows you to smoke the product in the smoke, avoiding excessive heat.

You can use a piece of large-diameter pipe, a gas tank or an expansion tank to make a smoking chamber. For the hearth, it is better to use thick metal, this will help to maintain a stable high temperature and prevent the metal from burning.

  • Smoking chamber we use an old expansion tank for it (you can replace the storage tank or a gas cylinder).
  • For the hearth, a sheet of metal 6mm or thicker.
  • Sheet steel for the divider.
  • Steel angles and profile pipe for the frame.
  • Wheels.
  • Ventilation dampers.
  • Pipe.
  • Thermometer.
  • Hinges.
  • Slotted sheet metal for the hearth and grids for the smoking chamber, which can be replaced by grates.
  • A wooden handle.
  • Shelf for a dish.
  • Heat-resistant metal paint.

The amount of material can vary depending on the size of the container used to make the smoker, the size of the hearth, the choice of height and base.

  • Welding machine.
  • Grinder with cutting and sanding discs.
  • We use pliers (clamps).
  • Hammer.
  • Metal brush.

Protective equipment: welding mask, gloves, goggles, face shield.

Let’s begin by making the supports for the smokehouse from angles. Let’s make a stable frame and attach rollers to it, so you can move the smokehouse around.

Cut off one edge of the cylinder, it will be a hole through which the smoke will enter the smoking chamber.Next, we’ll make the door of the smoking chamber. Let’s cut a rectangular hole in the wall of the cylinder and make the door from the cut piece of metal.

To weld the hinges on the door, fix them to the chamber with bolts or welding.

Fix aluminum seal around the hole in the smokehouse so that the door will rest on it when closing.You can use felt or heat-resistant sealant to seal the gaps between the gasket and the smoking chamber.

Let’s make a square chamber with a door of metal no less than 6 mm thick. Use strong hinges for the door.On one side of the chamber we are going to drill several holes for ventilation. For adjusting the air inlet through these holes we will attach the metal flap to the hearth with bolt joint.

The hearth locking mechanism will be made of a hook welded to one side of the chamber and a pawl attached to the door with a screw.

Grill from old gas cylinder

A handle for the fireplace will be a spring from an old hammer.

To make moving or storing the smoker easier we will make the hearth detachable. To do this we will weld a special plate with holes for bolts to the chamber. Drill appropriate holes in the hearth, and attach to the plate.

Partition and grid in the smoke chamber

First we make the metal partition in the smoke chamber. It must be fixed in the lower half of the chamber at a level that coincides with the upper side of the firing chamber. The baffle plate has to be a little shorter than the chamber. This will allow the smoke and heat from the hearth to get under the partition first, and then spread evenly around the smokehouse.

Just above the partition you need to weld small corners, on top of them we will put the grid for products.

To circulate smoke in the smokehouse let’s make a chimney. First mark out the open part of the smoke chamber on the metal plate and mark out the flange’s place.

The flange can be bought, but in our case we make it out of a narrow metal plate and weld it to the hole in the plate.The plate with the flange is welded to the open part of the smoke chamber.

Attach a ventilation pipe to the flange.

Put the thermometer on the smoking chamber.

smoker, cylinder, hands

For the hearth, let’s make a basket for firewood from cut-and-drawn sheet.

Let’s make a handle for the lid of the smoke chamber out of wood and mount it on aluminum clamps.

Clean the smoke chamber of rust, remove flux residues in the welding spots. Now it’s time to paint the smoker with heat-resistant paint.

Before putting in the food for the first time, build a fire and let the smokehouse warm up well so that the oil and paint residue burns off and doesn’t give off any offensive odor.

Directly for smoking make a fire with charcoal, let it burn until it smolders, then add hardwood (alder, cherry, apple, pear), to create flavorful smoke. Now you can start smoking! Enjoy your meal!



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