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Smart scales Xiaomi how to connect to the phone

Xiaomi Mi Body composition scale 2

The older you get. the harder it is to keep the weight within limits. With the appearance of extra pounds I thought about the need to increase physical activity, but to track performance requires a scale with the ability to record results in a convenient schedule. And the ability to measure electrical impedance will not be superfluous.

My choice was the Mi Body composition scale 2:

Let’s try to understand in more detail what they can and can’t.

Appearance and package

This time the box had to experience all the power of our mail:

Its dimensions are 340 mm x 326 mm x 46 mm and its weight is 2275 grams. Inside we will find only the scales themselves and a set of four AAA batteries, and instructions (I have a Chinese version of scales, respectively, the instructions too). Looking ahead, you could put a cloth to wipe it down, the scales are very dirty.

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Batteries are different from the standard ZMI, which are usually supplied with Xiaomi devices. The inscription only in Chinese, let’s hope that this choice is justified.

Let’s install the batteries, open the compartment at the bottom of the scale and install them, shouldn’t be a problem.

The feet have a rubberized surface, which makes them stable on the floor (I tried it on the laminate and on the tiles). The height of the device is 26 mm, you should consider it if you want to store the scales under the couch.

The main dimensions of the device are width and height of 300 mm. The lower part of the casing is made of white frosted plastic and the front side is made of glass.

On the front side of the device you can see the silver Mi logo, and 4 sensors for measuring bioimpedance analysis of the body.

The indicator with digits is hidden at rest, it lights up if the scale is given a load. Not to say that the brightness is very strong, but the value is clearly visible.

Let’s talk a little about the characteristics of the device.

Specifications of scales XMTZC05HM

As I mentioned earlier, the box was crumpled and so was the sticker with the specifications:

Anyway we do not understand Chinese, so in the form of a table and in Russian:

Manufacturer Xiaomi Mi
Case Material ABS plastic and tempered glass
Measuring Boundary from 100 gr. up to 150 kg. (Step of measurement is 50 gr.)
Power 4 AAA batteries (pinky)
Communication Modules Bluetooth 5.0
The working temperature 0 to 40℃
Dimensions (case) 300 x 300 x 25 mm
Weight 1700g.


The first version of the scales was a lot of feedback that the batteries last a couple of weeks and that’s it. Apparently, the new version corrected this bug, at least such reports can not be found. The original Chinese batteries have worked for 5 months and do not think to run down, and the presence of Bluetooth 5.0 should increase the service life (the developer promises up to 1 year).

Accuracy of measurement

Like any household scale, this device has a margin of error. If you collect the data from these your internets, it turns out that the error of ±300-400 grams. The body condition indicators can also fluctuate. But this is not the main thing to pay attention to. so that the scales can reproduce the readings. From them you can already start and follow the dynamics of changes. And do not forget that you have to weigh in the same conditions, on the same surface (for example, the readings on the tiles and linoleum will be different). Moving the scale may also affect the result (especially on the laminate).

To test my weight, I took a dumbbell pancake (2.5 kg), the scale showed a gain of 2.4, weighed the pancake separately. Also 2.4 kg. There is no manual calibration in the scales.

And in general, what do you want from a scale for 30?

Connection in Mi Fit app

Move on to connecting the scales in the appendix. Note that this device does not connect to Mi Home, only to Mi Fit. If you don’t have it installed, download for andrioid and iPhone. After logging in to the app, you need to add scales. To do this, go to the tab Profile and click “Add device”. We will be prompted to select the type of device, and then it is necessary to stand on the device for their pairing.

After connecting, the firmware update will automatically start, if of course it is outdated (at the time of writing, the current firmware

Done, now the measurement history will be saved to your account. Let’s first look at what settings you can do in Mi Fit, and then let’s look at the functionality.

You can change the units of measurement, enable the function of combining records (made at intervals of up to a minute) and the ability to weigh small objects. There is even a little instruction on how to use the scales:

I did not find in the app information on how to use one scale for several people, and this is a big omission. Let’s try to understand.

Group use of the Mi Body scale 2

There are several scenarios here: using one Mi Fit account on one device and using different accounts on different devices. In the first case, we need to add a family member to the app. To do this, go to the tab of the weighing and press the plus button and enter the data of a family member. Now you can select a specific person.

You can have a maximum of 16 people, the scales automatically detect the person being weighed. If the body measurements are almost identical, the app will ask for clarification:

If you use different accounts, however, it’s even easier. We connect the scales to the second account and that’s it. But to avoid confusion, you must run the app on the person being weighed while weighing.

Measuring small objects

To measure low weight, you need to push a little on the scale to activate it. And then put the item to be weighed:

This is how we know that the dumbbell pancake weighs 1.25 kg weighs only 1.2 kg. You might assume that the scales are a little cheating, but the kitchen scale agrees with Xiaomi scales.


Now let’s see what kind of figures the scales can get.

The first is your weight, as surprising as it may sound. After weighing you can see information about the current state, a graph of changes and comparison with other users. In the body assessment tab, you can plot the change.

Yes, judging by this chart, my weight is going up smoothly.

BMI (Body Mass Index)

Calculated based on height and weight. On different devices should show the same value (if of course they show the same weight).

To correctly measure the following indicators, you must stand on the scales barefoot. A small current will be passed between the sensors, and depending on the resistance obtained, the following values will be calculated. Again, they are approximate.

Measures the percentage of fat to total body weight. My numbers are within the normal range.

Body Water

When a person is said to be 80% water. This is the maximum value. On average, 55-65% is considered normal. But this percentage varies with height, weight, and age.

Muscle mass

Here we see that I would do well to exercise. But at a glance, they’re about right.

Visceral fat

This is the fat that is located on the internal organs. Since my values are approaching elevated, the app recommends exercising and eating less. How unexpected.

Protein level

It is not as important to have “healthy” foods as it is to have a balanced diet. That’s why you need to monitor your protein intake. Since I’ve been eating a lot of meat lately, the protein level is quite high.

Bone mass

There have been a lot of complaints about this one, that it doesn’t measure correctly. Of course compared to devices, the accuracy of which is also questionable. If you have low bone mass, it is recommended that you eat calcium-rich foods like milk.

Basic Metabolism

How many calories do you need for your body, spend more than you consume. lose weight, spend less. Getting Fat.

Body age

The app analyses your values and gives you an approximate age-appropriateness for your body. It cut 4 years off for me, but it adds up for someone else. It’s all very rough, so I wouldn’t get too upset if it’s too high.

Recommended weight

It compares height and weight, and suggests ideal values for the latter.

Body build

It gives you a value based on your body fat and muscle mass.

Based on all of these factors, we get a score on a hundred percent scale:

Which Xiaomi scales to choose

If we touch only scales under the direct brand Mi, we can distinguish 4 models (at the moment).

Scales that measure only weight: Mi Smart Scale (XMTZC01HM) and Mi Smart Scale 2 (XMTZC04HM). Measuring body weight: Mi Body Composition Scale (XMTZC02HM or LPN4008CN) and Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 (XMTZC05HM or NUN4049CN). The same scales are sometimes called Xiaomi Mi Body Fat Scale 2 or Mi Smart Scale 2 (2019), it’s the same thing, just the scales are called differently depending on the region.

Buy Xiaomi smart scales

Scales can be ordered from China as well as local stores. There is not much difference, only rumor has it that the European version does not have batteries in the kit. Pricing on AliExpress, FoxPox and other stores.

Personal experience

Since the problem of excess weight needs to be actively dealt with, the Xiaomi scales will be a great tool to help you keep track of changes. Of course, you can argue endlessly about their accuracy, but for its price. it’s not a bad solution. With the purchase of the Mi Band 4 Smart-Bracelet I began to actively perform my daily norm of steps, it remains to monitor my diet and observe the changes of the body. I hope I get it.

And that’s all, if you have any questions, you can ask in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. See you later.

I will consider the standard version of the connection, when we use the official Mi Fit app from Xiaomi.

I don’t exclude the possibility that the scales may also work with some third-party apps, but, first, the developer is not responsible for this, t.к. tested stable work only with Mi Fit. And secondly, a third-party software developer at any time can make changes to the program, the consequences of which may be unpredictable, or lead to leakage of personal data.

For this reason I recommend syncing the Xiaomi Scale only with the Mi Fit app.

  • Android operating system version 4.2 and above. If you bought a new phone in the last few years, there shouldn’t be a problem with this;
  • The smartphone must have a wireless Bluetooth 4 communication module, not lower. Again, if you bought the smartphone recently, this requirement is automatic;
  • Be sure to install the Mi Fit app to connect your Xiaomi scale to it, and give it all the permissions it asks for. You do not have to worry about data security;
  • To synchronize the gadget and phone Bluetooth must be active, if you turn it off, the scales will not be able to transfer information to smartphone memory.

Check whether the scales work simply, with the batteries installed, put them on a hard flat surface and stand on top, the screen should show the numbers with the data. If so, it means they work and you can move on to the next step.

Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone, launch the Mi Fit app. Make sure you’re logged in with your Xiaomi account. If you don’t have an account, read the article on how to create one.

In the bottom navigation bar, select the “Profile” tab. You will see the section “My devices”. Click the “Add device” button. Next you will be prompted to select the type of device, choose “Scale”. Now stand on the scales to activate them, after a second you will see a message on your phone screen that the device is connected and data transfer between devices will begin. In the subsequent synchronization, all you need to do is to launch Mi Fit and stand on the Xiaomi Scale, no additional steps are required, the data transfer will start automatically.

The top platform is made of tempered glass, so strong that it can withstand an accidental fall from a small height.

In the center the manufacturers have placed their company logo. You can see metal circles at the corners. They are the ones to stand on when weighing. So you can get more accurate readings.

To reduce the risk of accidental injury the device has rounded corners.

Scales are quite compact and with the size of 30×30 cm and a height of 2.5 centimeters won’t take up much room in a room.

All information about the patient’s current condition is taken from the weighing feet. They are the sensors of this device. That’s why it is recommended to stand on the special circles on the scale when weighing. This makes it possible to distribute the weight on all the legs.

Information about weighing is displayed on a bright digital display.

That’s about all there is to say about the weighing procedure.

But the functionality of devices smart scales Xiaomi can be greatly expanded, if you download from the Internet and install on your phone the application Mi Fit.

To pair both the smartphone and the weighing device, activate Bluetooth mode on the device and stand on the scale. Both on the weighing device and on your smartphone will appear information about your weight. This app will work properly with similar smart scales from the brand Xiaomi and through iPhones. As a matter of fact, other devices from this company, such as fitness bracelets, will also be well visible through this app.

Buying and setting up Yunmai Smart Scales: Top 15 Questions

What does Yunmai Smart Scales include?

  • -Bluetooth 4 wireless connectivity.0
  • -Weight tracking management for 16 users
  • -Bright display
  • -Android support from 4.3 and iOS from 7
  • -Power: replaceable cells (4 AAA batteries included) or built-in rechargeable battery (Pro version)
  • -Scale range: up to 3-180kg

How long my Smart Scales are covered by Yunmai’s warranty?

Yunmai limited warranty covers your Yunmai Smart Scale for one year after purchase. Warranty service for applicable repairs and exchanges is free for 12 months from the date of your original retail purchase (“date of purchase”).

When to replace the batteries in my Yunmai Smart Scale?

Your Yunmai Smart Scales include four AAA batteries that are not rechargeable and typically last three to six months.

What is the maximum weight supported by the scales?

The scales can hold a maximum weight of 180kg.

Are the Yunmai Smart Scales waterproof??

Yunmai Smart Scale IPX-3 Waterproof Level. They are protected against splashing water up to 60 degrees from the vertical at 10 liters / min at a pressure of 80-100 kN / m2 for five minutes.

Should I feel the electrical charge used to measure body metrics?

Yunmai Smart scales use bioelectric impedance analysis to measure body fat levels, which transmits an extremely low electrical charge through the body when measured. This charge is invisible and safe for individual use.

Can I use the Yunmai Smart Scale if I have a pacemaker?

We do not recommend anyone with a pacemaker or other implanted medical device use Yunmai because of its electrical charge used for analysis.

If I am pregnant, can I use Yunmai Smart Scales?

Pregnant women should consult their physician before using Yunmai. Harm is unlikely, but each person’s body is unique, so it’s worth asking your doctor about the situation before making any health-related decisions.

I’m 17 years old, why can’t I see other indicators other than my body weight?

Users under the age of 18 can only see weight readings because they grow up quickly and body data changes frequently.

What are the general tips for first-time Yunmai users?

  • -Do not move off the scale or change your body position until the measurement is complete.
  • -Place the Yunmai Smart Scale on a solid flat surface such as a tile to get an accurate reading.
  • -For multiple weighing, please wait until the display turns off for two to three seconds.
  • -If you need to move the Smart scales, the next time you measure, please quickly turn the scales on and off. The scale will show 0.0 kg, indicating that calibration is complete.

What’s the difference between Yunmai Smart Scales models?

All Yunmai models use the same app and provide the same body measurement tracking. The main differences are material, size and design.

Yunmai Smart Scales asks for a password, what do I enter??

If your mobile device asks you for your password, enter “000000”. You may need to turn on the location service and restart your phone to connect to the scale.

My Yunmai Smart Scales don’t connect to my smartphone, what should I do??

If your scales cannot successfully connect to Bluetooth, reinstall the app or replace the scales batteries. Make sure your iOS or Android device is updated to the latest version.

Yunmai Smart Scales don’t turn on and nothing is displayed on the LCD. What to do?

Make sure the batteries are installed correctly or replace them with new ones.

How to re-calibrate Yunmai Smart Scales?

Press the scale for 1-2 seconds and then exit. The scale will automatically recalibrate and show 0.0kg.

First time turning on

Before you weigh for the first time, set up the Mi Fit app. It’s free, available for both Android and iOS.

Xiaomi Body Weight Scale Review | Get in shape smarter

After installing and registering with Mi Fit, select “Connect Device”, then tap the corresponding “Connect Scale” button, and then just stand on it. The synchronization will start automatically. The system will remember you and keep statistics of your weights in the future.

Also, after the first power-up the automatic firmware update may start if the pre-installed version from the factory has time to become obsolete.

Amazfit Smart Scale User Guide

Find “Zepp” in the app store, then download and install the Zepp app (hereafter. app).

  • For the best experience, update the app to the latest version as prompted.
  • Your cell phone’s operating system must be Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 or higher.

Pairing Amazfit Smart Scale with your phone

Launch the app, register your account, sign in to your account and select Pro.File My Devices Add Body Composition Scale to pair your Amazfit Smart Scale with your phone. After pairing, set up your user information so you can view your weight and body composition records.

  • User information is used to analyze the body composition. You need to enter the correct information to ensure the correct analysis results.

Setting up a Wi-Fi network for the scale

After the initial pairing, set up the Wi-Fi network for the scales as requested by the app. After successful setup, the scales can automatically update the firmware overnight, and the app can receive body data from the scales at any time without a real-time connection to the scales.

  • The scales can only connect to a Wi-Fi 2 network.4G, but not to the 5G Wi-Fi network.
  • If your router has dual-band Wi-Fi enabled, the scales may be connected to a 5G Wi-Fi network and will not be able to establish a Wi-Fi connection. So make sure your router has dual-band Wi-Fi turned off.
  • If you have changed your Wi-Fi password, name or network provider, you must launch the app, select Profile My Amazfit Smart Scale devices and set up Wi-Fi again.

Scale Setup

Changing the display sequence

  • Carefully stand on the scale so that the screen lights up. Hold your phone up to the scales, start the app, and make sure the app is connected to the scales.
  • Select Profile My Amazfit Smart Scale devices Display settings.
  • Select the items you want to display, adjust the display sequence, and tap “Save”.

Change the weight unit

  • Carefully stand on the scale so that the screen lights up. Hold your phone to the scale, start the app, and verify that the app is connected to the scale.
  • Select Profile My Devices My Amazfit Smart Scale Weight Unit.
  • Select the desired block to save.

Combine frequent weighing records

  • Carefully stand on the scale until the screen lights up. Hold your phone up to the scales, start the app, and make sure the app is connected to the scales.
  • Select Profile My Amazfit Smart Scale devices.
  • Turn on the “Merge recurring records” switch.

Disable body composition measurement

  • Carefully stand on the scale so that the screen lights up. Hold your phone up to the scale, start the app, and make sure the app is connected to the scale.
  • Select Profile My Amazfit Smart Scale.
  • Turn off the Body Composition Measurement switch. After the body composition measurement is turned off, the following icon is displayed, indicating that only the weight is being measured.

Using Amazfit Smart Scale

General mode and athlete mode

  • Carefully stand on the scales so that the screen lights up. Hold your phone to the scale, start the app, and verify that the app is connected to the scale.
  • Select Profile My Amazfit Smart Scale.
  • Go to the participant management page, select the desired participant and change the settings.

Recording weight and body composition

  • Use the Amazfit Smart Scale barefoot and make sure your feet are dry. If you wear shoes or socks, body data other than weight cannot be analyzed.
  • Place the scale on a hard, flat surface when using it. Using the scale on a carpet or soft surface will affect the accuracy of the data. Standing on the scale, keep the weight evenly distributed on your feet and make sure the skin of your feet is in good contact with the four pads of the scale electrodes.
  • Your weight and body data will show certain natural changes at different times of the day. To view a stable trend, weigh yourself at the same time every day in the same condition.
  • After replacing the scales batteries or updating the scales, a startup animation will appear on the screen. Do not move the scale or step on the scale at this time to ensure accurate scale calibration.


Once you’re done weighing and the Amazfit Smart Scale syncs data with the app, you can view your weight data on the app home page or tap the icon in the upper right corner of the app home page to view your body composition data. The trend of your body data is displayed visually. You can also manually display or delete weight data.

Adding family members

Amazfit Smart Scale can be linked to 10 accounts, and you can add up to 12 family members (including your primary account) under each account. It helps everyone in your family keep track of their health. When Amazfit smart scales are used by multiple users, they automatically match you to the user whose weight is closest to your weight. If the name displayed on the scale is not your name, lift your foot and stand on the scale again to select your name, and then match your measurements with the correct user name.


If you are compared to an anonymous profile photo, it indicates that your weight is very different from the user’s weight records stored on the Amazfit Smart Scale and therefore the scale cannot automatically find the correct name. In this case, lift your leg and stand on the scale again to select your name and then match your measurement results to the correct user name.If you haven’t registered an account, choose an anonymous pro.Because anonymous information is not saved on the Amazfit Smart Scale, your body composition data will not appear on the Amazfit Smart Scale. Once the data is synchronized with the app, the data can be redistributed to the registered user.

Guest Mode

  • Click on the “Body Assessment” tab on the home page of the app and click “Guest” at the bottom.
  • Set up the correct guest information to ensure accurate analysis.
  • Tap “Start” and complete the measurement as prompted by the app.
  • When the measurement is taken in guest mode, an icon appears on the scale.

Child weighs

  • Click on the “Weight” tab on the home page of the app and click “Weigh Baby” at the bottom.
  • Complete the measurement as prompted by the app.

Placement of measurement data

  • Go to the Body Score tab on the home page of the app.
  • Tap in the upper right corner to request and redistribute weight data.
  • The redistributed data is saved in the appropriate custom data.

Breakout Couple

  • Carefully stand on the scale so that the screen lights up. Hold your phone up to the scales, launch the app, and make sure the app is connected to the scales.
  • Select Profile My Amazfit Smart Scale devices.
  • Tap “Break Pair” and perform other operations as prompted by the app.

Factory Reset

  • Carefully stand on the scale so that the screen lights up. Hold your phone up to the scale, start the app, and make sure the app is connected to the scale.
  • Select Profile My Amazfit Smart Scale devices.
  • Press “Factory Reset” and perform a factory reset as prompted by the app.


The maximum weight supported by the scale is 180 kg. If the measured value exceeds 180 kg, the following screen is displayed:

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning the Amazfit Smart Scale

To clean the scale, wipe the surface with a cloth and mild detergent. Do not use any organic solvents or other chemicals. Do not immerse the scale directly in water or wash it with a shower head.

Replace Batteries

Amazfit Smart Scale is powered by four batteries, no power cord is required. If the following icon appears on the scale, the battery is almost empty. If so, remove the batteries immediately to prevent battery leakage corrosion.

  • Hold the scale face up after replacing batteries. Begin weighing only after the start-up animation is displayed and the scale is properly calibrated.


  • People with pacemakers or other medical devices should not use Amazfit Smart Scale.
  • Pregnant women should not use Amazfit Smart Scale. If pregnant women need to use the Amazfit Smart Scale, turn off body composition measurement before weighing.
  • To avoid slipping, do not place the scale on the floor, and do not use it if your feet or the surface of the scale is wet.
  • When weighing, always stand in the center of the scale and distribute the weight evenly on your feet to prevent them from accidentally tipping over.
  • When your soles are too dry, you cannot measure data such as body fat.
  • Do not take measurements if you are not feeling well (fever, diarrhea, alcohol intoxication, etc. Д.) Or severe dehydration, or after visiting a sauna, hot spring, or exercise.
  • For people with metal devices in the body, with hard soles and thicker skin, or for those who take medications that may cause changes in body moisture, or in other special situations, body measurement data may be distorted.

Related Manuals/Resources

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Synchronizing with devices and customizing Yunmai settings: Top 10 questions

Smartwatch users often encounter various problems related to personal app settings. To make the Yunmai app work for you, not against you, and only give you accurate results, today we’ll answer the ten most common questions about pairing the app with devices and changing units of measurement.

Where can I download the Yunmai app?

You need to download and install the Yunmai app by selecting your age, height, and units of measure (pounds or kg). The app is available in both the Play Market and App Store. If you have the app in English, you can switch the language not in it, but in your phone settings:

How to set up my app to sync with Apple Health, Fitbit, and Google Fit?

To do this, go to My User Settings and connect to Apple Health, Google Fit, or Fitbit. On your iPhone, Fitbit will only sync your latest data if you completely exit the Fitbit app (double tap the home button and swipe up) and reopen it.

How often my Bluetooth device (smartphone) must be near the scale in order to save my measurement history?

There are two ways to transfer data between the scale and your cell phone. If your smartphone is near the scale when you weigh yourself, the app will automatically connect to the scale via Bluetooth and immediately transmit your body readings to your device.If you don’t have a smartphone nearby when weighing, the data will be recorded on the scale and sent to the app when the scale is later connected to your device. Scales can recognize up to 16 users, store their data separately and store up to 1,000 sets of data. Please connect your device to the scale before it reaches the data limit.


How many users can use Yunmai Smart Scales?

Our scales collect data from 16 users! If there are already 16 users on the scale and you want to add another one, the app will ask you to delete the existing user profile.

How to change units of measure from pounds to kilograms or vice versa?

Open the Yunmai app and click “Me” at the bottom. Along with your personal information, it has a button to select “Lbs” or “Kg”. The selected unit of measure will be highlighted in white.

How the scales register the weight of different family members?

Other users will not have access to your data unless you allow them to add their profile to your app. You can use your personal smartphone and app account to keep your privacy.

Can other users see how much I weigh??

To do this, go to “My User Settings” and connect to Apple Health, Google Fit, or Fitbit. On your iPhone, Fitbit will only sync your latest data if you completely exit the Fitbit app (double tap the home button and swipe up) and reopen it.

Does the Yunmai app work with my iPad?

Yes, Yunmai is compatible with your iPad. In the upper left corner of the App Store, switch the search filtering from iPad to iPhone only, then install the Yunmai app for iPad.

Can I change the units of measurement manually in the app?

Yes, the Yunmai and Apple Health apps allow you to change units of measure from pounds to kilograms and vice versa.

Scales work with a computer?

Not right now, but we’re actively working on implementing this feature.

How do I reset my app password?

Open the app. If you’re logged in, tap “Me” in the lower right corner and select “Settings”. Select “Exit” under “Settings. If you have logged out, select “Forgot Password” under the Sign In button?”. Follow the procedure for resetting the password.

Features of using Xiaomi Smart Scales 2

Observe safety precautions. Do not place the scale on a slippery surface or step on it with wet feet. This way you can avoid accidental falls and injuries.

When weighing, the main emphasis should be on the middle part of the scale. Do not stand on the edge to avoid falling or breaking the device.

The surface of the scale is made of glass that is vulnerable to mechanical impacts. Try not to drop heavy items on the platform so as not to break it.

Do not immerse the device in water exposure to moisture will render it inoperable.

Use a lightly moist sponge to clean the surface of the scale. Do not use cleaners containing solvents or other chemicals.

Remove the batteries once they are completely discharged, to avoid leakage and damage to the measuring instrument.

The use of this product is not recommended for people with pacemakers or other medical devices. Weighing data of professional athletes, pregnant women or other physiologically challenged people may have some inaccuracies.

Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 Unboxing and Review How to Use with Mi Fit App

Getting started, signs on the display

Unpack the scale, turn it the other way around and insert the supplied batteries. To do this, pull the lid button down as shown below, insert the batteries according to polarity, and close the lid. After the batteries are installed in the Smart Scale, you will see the turning clock icon and the welcoming word HELLO. In the Smart Scale 2 model a white running indicator appears instead, indicating that the scales are ready for use. The Smart Scale has a unit switch in the middle which corresponds to the unit of measure called a Chin Jin (approximately 0.5 kg). You may switch immediately to pounds (0.45 kilograms, slide the lever to the left) or kilograms (slide the lever to the right).Weighing is based on the Bioimpedance Method, a method of diagnosing our body composition by measuring its bioimpedance (the electrical resistance of different parts of the body’s biological tissues). To measure this resistance, a weak electric current will pass through your body and be analyzed by its speed. But do not worry, you will not feel any discomfort when you stand on the scales. Before weighing, be sure to familiarize yourself with the section on how to measure on a scale (see “Measuring on a Scale”). below).To weigh, place the scale on a flat, hard surface, stand with bare feet in the middle of the scale (in the Smart Scale model) or on the metal circles (in the Smart Scale 2 model) and wait until the numbers start flashing. In doing so, you will know your weight. If you stand on the scale for longer (under the numbers fill up the track of indicators), they will determine all the parameters necessary for calculations in a mobile app. If you weigh in socks or shoes, the scale will not be able to do a bioimpedance analysis and will warn you about it. It takes about 10 seconds to weigh. Do not be alarmed if instead of the customary 60-80 kg you see 120-160, because by default the scales weigh in Chinese qin. Simply switch to kilograms using the lever (on the Smart Scale model) or the app (see below for installation and setup).You may see words or letters appear on the display as you measure. Hello. welcome message, OL. you exceeded the maximum permissible weight of 150 kg, L. batteries need to be replaced and will not let you take an accurate measurement.



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