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Skin processing after laser hair removal

Skin care after laser hair removal: what can and what can not be done?

Despite the safety and versatility of the laser hair removal procedure, it is important to properly care for the skin after it in order to maintain the effect of smooth skin for as long as possible.

After the session, the master will tell what skin care products to use. improvised and violating his recommendations do not. Usually experts advise using a soft cream with a recovery effect that will help the skin regenerate.

You should not pull your hair. wait for the complete wiping of the hair onion, and the hair will fall out yourself. You can remove overgrown hair again, but not earlier than 3 days after visiting the center. Use the usual machine that removes only the visible part of the hair.

  • Alcohol lotions and other means that have alcohol are prohibited for use, especially within 48 hours after the procedure.
  • Massage is not recommended in the zones that were subjected to laser exposure within 3 days after the procedure.
  • The use of peeling, scrubs and other cosmetics that have an aggressive effect on the skin should also be canceled. both before and after hair removal, at least for 3 days.
  • The solarium and natural tan on the beach are contraindicated. at least a week after visiting the salon.
  • For the skin after laser hair removal, the effects of high temperatures are also harmful, so it is forbidden to visit saunas, baths and pools.
  • If the face was subjected to laser hair removal, the doctor advises to abandon decorative cosmetics and familiar creams. it is better to wait until the skin is completely restored.
  • Hygienic procedures should be carried out in warm water without the use of soap and tonics, avoiding skin overheating.

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To your questions “What to do after laser hair removal?”,” Is it possible to wash after laser hair removal?”,” Is it possible to visit baths, saunas, pools?”The cosmetologist” DM “is answered by the center of dermatocosmetology Kim Valery Malikovna:

The harm of laser hair removal

The list of contraindications is standard, as in most cosmetic procedures: diabetes mellitus, malignant tumors, varicose veins, acute phase of skin disease, allergies, acne. The effect of a laser beam can aggravate the symptoms of these diseases. For pregnant and nursing mothers, the laser is also prohibited.

Is it true that after laser hair removal it is impossible to use other methods of hair removal?

No, it’s wrong. But we recommend that you remove the hair with a razor between the sessions, as it does not affect the hair follicles, but cuts off their visible part.

I have sensitive skin. Can a laser leave bruises on it and scratches?

Laser hair removal. the most gentle procedure. It will not leave any scars and defects after itself, in addition, the laser can be used to remove hair in intimate areas with delicate skin.

Want to have smooth skin and forget about unwanted hairs for several years?

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I have an eternal problem with ingrown hair. Can I use a laser?

Laser hair removal is the best means of combating ingrown hair, and this is not a contraindication, but rather an indication for the use of this type of hair removal.

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Can I get a burn during the procedure?

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Yes, there are burns, but only in inexperienced cosmetologists who use poor.quality Chinese lasers. Choose proven salons with professional equipment, and during the procedure you will feel only a light tingling tingling, and no consequences.

Can laser hairpieces provoke skin cancer?

The laser does not increase the risk of oncological diseases. The depth of its penetration into the skin is only a few millimeters. It does not violate the structure of cells, does not cause mutations, which means that it is not able to start the process of formation of a malignant tumor.

Is laser hair removal to lead to infertility?

Laser hair removal as a cause of infertility in women and men is a myth. The laser only affects the hair follicle, it does not penetrate the deep layers of tissues, does not change the structure of the germ cells. Therefore, even with regular laser hair removal sessions in intimate zones, infertility does not threaten the patient.

After hair removal, black dots appeared on the skin. this is dangerous?

Black dots are a normal phenomenon after hair removal in patients with hard hair and a high degree of hair over. These are the hair that have burned under the influence of the laser, which remained in the skin. usually they themselves fall out a week after the procedure. But if this did not happen, we advise you to come to repeated hair removal or make a mask-peeling-its composition and the time of use, talk with your doctor.

I regularly sunbathe in the solarium. Can I do laser hair removal?

People with tanned skin should not use laser hair removal. Both ultraviolet and laser irradiation will lead to skin hyperpigmentation. unaesthetic brown or light spots can form on it. They will have to remove them with chemical peels or injections.

How is the laser hair removal procedure?

At the first appointment, the doctor talks with you, conducts an examination and talks about the procedure itself, about how the laser affects the hair and what results you need to expect, excludes contraindications for the procedure. Then, the actual removal is performed, which takes 10-30 minutes, depending on the selected zone. After the procedure, the doctor will process the produced areas of the skin with a sedative.

The laser hair removal procedure on a diode laser does not require special preparation. It is recommended to shave the hair in the epilized area on the eve of the procedure. This is necessary in order to reduce the loss of energy of the laser beam and minimize painful sensations. Permissible hair length. 2 mm.

And what is very important is not to injure the hair follicle, which means not to use wax, shugaring and other methods of pulling hair three weeks before the start of laser hair removal procedures. Such a hair follicle injured by the laser effectiveness will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the action of the laser. Just in this aspect, we can talk about “hair growth”. before the start of the laser is used. During this period, they can be safely shaved.

And between sessions, if there is no way to come to the next procedure, growing hair is best shaken or trimmed. It is also recommended not to sunbathe for 4-7 days before the procedure.

How effective the procedure is

According to statistics, the method allows you to eliminate up to 99% of excess vegetation for a period of 6 to 10 years. The duration of the effect is individual for each person, as it depends on the type of hair, their thickness and other physiological characteristics.

The technique is based on the effects of light energy on the hair follicles. The beam of light penetrates inside the bulbs, heating them and destroying the melanin contained in them. As a result, the follicle is completely destroyed, and the hair itself falls after 10-14 days.

Does hair grow back after laser hair removal?. Dr. Nischal K

It is worth saying that after the first procedure only part of the hair is removed. on average from 10 to 30%. It is because of this that the laser hair removal is carried out by the course, since the effect of one session will be short. To completely remove vegetation, many patients have enough 5-8 sessions. But this figure is individual and depends on many parameters.

Can it be that the procedure does not bring any effect? With the correct implementation of the event and the use of high.quality equipment, the result will necessarily be. Of course there are some “but”. For example, the procedure is not carried out on gray hair. there is no melanin in them, which means that the light beam will have no effect on them.

Many patients who previously underwent laser hair removal in other clinics complain that the effect was extremely insignificant. Most likely, this was due to the low power of the laser used and the wrong method of conducting. If the session is carried out in compliance with the equipment and the correct settings of the device, then a positive result will be almost 100% of cases.

Recovery after the laser hair removal procedure

2-3 weeks do not go from the solarium and do not sunbathe in the sun. Apply a sunscreen with SPF at least 30 to open areas of the skin;

Do not carry out removal procedures where the hair is removed with the root (shugaring, wax, mechanical epalator, tweezers);

If hair removal was carried out on the face, do not do deep peeling with scrubs, do not use creams with retinol and products with glycolic acid;

Rules for skin care after the procedure. How to care for skin after hair removal?

You must follow some rules so that the period of adaptation after the procedure is successful. To do this, you will have to adjust the care of the processed place of the skin.

  • We need to calm the skin after epilation. Therefore, do not use cosmetics in the first days so as not to irritate the skin. But a logical question arises: how to process our skin after hair removal? At least five days, your daily ritual should include the process of applying cream (panthenol, pantoderm, Bepanten). Make sure that the ointment is not too heavy or fat, as this can cause new rashes in a processed place.
  • Use tan cream with maximum protection for 3-5 days after the procedure.

How long the effect has been saved?

After passing the course, the result lasts from 2 to 5 years. It depends on the epilized area and hormonal background.

The Alexander’s laser is equipped with a built.in double cooling system, but the procedure can be noticeable. If your sensitivity is increased, then the cosmetologist uses local anesthesia (an anesthetic or lidocaine in the form of a spray)

When working with a diode laser, the doctor protects the processed skin with a special cooling gel. This is enough to make the procedure as comfortable and painless as possible.

Rules of conduct after laser hair removal

Immediately after the patient’s hair removal procedure, erythema (redness) and edema (swelling) around the hair follicles in the epilation zone, which can last up to 2 hours and longer, can be observed in the patient. Erythema can last up to 2-3 days. The sensations in the influence of the laser are similar to a sunburn, but after a few hours these sensations pass.

On the zone treated with a laser, the doctor applies local moisturizers, for example, panthenol spray, Bepanten cream. At home, it is also recommended to continue the use of these funds for several days.

Makeup can be applied immediately after the procedure if the skin is not irritated.

  • After laser hair removal, you cannot be exposed to direct solar radiation for 1 month to prevent skin hyperpigmentation.
  • The patient should use sunscreen (SPF 30) (can be purchased in the center) throughout the course of the procedures.
  • The patient should not injure and comb the skin in the zone of exposure to the laser, do not use any other methods of hair removal (wax, electrocoagulation, pinching with tweezers) that damage the hair follicle in this area. Shaving is preferable.
  • Hair after laser hair removal burns. From 10 to 21 days, the patient may note that the hair has fallen. The patient can clean or remove the hair while washing, carefully using a washcloth.
  • After laser hair removal of the axillary region for 24 hours, the patient should not use deodorants, to reduce skin irritation, instead of them, you can use powder (powder).
  • Washing is not prohibited, but it is necessary to carefully treat the skin, at least for the first time 24 hours after the procedure.
  • After the hair removal procedure, hair growth is partially resumed (after 4-6 weeks for the upper half of the body and 1.5-2 months for the lower half), but not earlier than after 3 weeks. To finally get rid of hair, you should contact the center to repeated one or more procedures. On average, it takes from 4 to 8 procedures (depending on the zone).

For any issues related to the laser hair removal procedure, you can consult with a specialist of the laser hair removal center by phone 8 (499) 973-10-80.

Skin care after laser hair removal: what is possible and impossible?

The laser hair removal procedure is very popular today not only among.

The laser hair removal procedure is very popular today not only among the fair sex. men are also using this service.

But in some cases, the effect of hairs removal does not live up to expectations. So that the result of laser hair removal pleases you, you should adhere to certain rules.

Skin care after laser hair removal directly affects the final effect of the procedure.

  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for 7 days, do not visit the solarium: remember, the tan reduces the effectiveness of laser hair removal;
  • Do not lighten, do not pluck it and do not remove your hair with wax.
  • After the procedure, light redness of the treated area of ​​the skin may be observed, which lasts from several minutes to several days. Apply the product that the doctor will offer you;
  • Do not light up for 3 weeks.
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Between laser hair removal procedures:

  • Do not remove your hair with plucking and waxing;
  • You can easily determine the optimal period of the repeated procedure yourself: as soon as new hair begins to appear, feel free to head for the repeated procedure. So you “catch” the hair in the stage of active growth, when the follicles contain the largest number of pigment, which means that during this period they are most vulnerable to laser hair removal.

After the first procedure of laser hair removal, all visible hair is destroyed forever. However, if you want to remove your hair for vacation, take care of it in advance, because within 18 days after photoepilation you can not sunbathe.

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