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Should marinated meat be put away in the refrigerator?

How to store marinated kebab

Marinated meat can be prepared both at home and bought ready-made in the supermarket. Prepared marinated kebab should be stored in the refrigerator, as this temperature preserves the properties of the marinade. The storage of marinated kebab in the refrigerator depends on the type of marinade that you have chosen to prepare the meat:

  • Marinated meat for shashlik in mayonnaise and kefir should be stored for 1 day;
  • marinated kebab with vinegar, onion or lemon juice should be stored for up to 3 days.

The temperature at which marinated meat for shashlik should be kept in the refrigerator is no higher than 5° C.

It is worth noting that the composition of marinade affects how long shish kebab can be stored in the refrigerator. Such products as onions, garlic, a mixture of peppers have antibacterial properties and thus increase the shelf life of ready marinated meat. Also, the soaked shashlik will be stored longer if iodized salt is used instead of the usual salt.

The shelf life of kebab in marinade in the refrigerator is also affected by the choice of container in which the meat is stacked. The dishes in which you can store marinated shashlik, should be enameled, in no case metal, because the acid will react with the metal and it will cause deterioration of the meat.

Often shish kebab is bought ready marinated by weight or in a vacuum pack. If you bought weighted marinated meat, then store such kebab for no more than 1 day regardless of the marinade, because the exact cooking time cannot be known to the buyer. And ready marinated kebab in a vacuum container should be stored within the shelf life and temperature specified by the manufacturer.

Also remember that keffir-based brine kebab can not be stored for a long time, because dairy products tend to ferment. The same applies to meat marinated in mayonnaise. If you can’t keep shish kebab in the refrigerator longer than the specified time, vacuum pack it.

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In the refrigerator in a vacuum container kebab can be stored for no more than 7 days, provided that the storage temperature is no higher than 5 ° C. Shish kebab can also be vacuum packed and stored in the freezer. To do this, it must be frozen at a temperature no higher than.18 ° C and store up to three months.

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If you don’t have special vacuum bags, you can store frozen kebabs in zipper lock bags. Packaged meat should be placed in bags and, having squeezed out the air, stored in the freezer no longer than 3 months.

Can I Freeze Marinated Meat

Marinated meat is used to make many culinary masterpieces. But it is especially appreciated by fans of kebabs. There are many ways to marinate the product to ensure its freshness and preservation for a long period of time.

However, the choice of storage method also plays an important role. One of the most popular methods is freezing. But can pickled meat be frozen, and how long can it be stored?

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Good meat is expensive, and a tasty marinade consists of many ingredients that are hardly in your fridge all the time. If there is leftover meat for shashlik. no problem: safely freeze the product until the next picnic!

It is better to keep the freeze for no more than a week, so that the meat does not differ in taste and appearance from fresh. The fact that the marinade is designed to soften the fibers and more quickly roasted / baked on the fire. Such a product should not be kept in the freezer for long, otherwise it will lose both taste and shape.

Important Shish kebabs are cooked immediately after defrosting, so allow time for them to thaw. If you are going on a long trip to the countryside, put the meat in containers with a tight lid: it will have time to thaw during the hours in the car.

The maximum storage time of shashlik in the freezer is 2 months. Meat pieces which have been in the marinade for a long time become rubbery. You will have to try very hard to make kebab juicy and delicious. Some housewives advise to cook such meat in a pan, preliminarily removing pieces of onion (if it was used in the marinade) and adding a new marinade and fresh herbs.


The best way to freeze meat, for the preparation of which used acetic or citric acid. To store the kebab in a marinade for up to 2 months, if it is placed in a quick freezer. In order not to spoil preparations, for marinating which used tomato paste, sauce and vinegar, it is enough to pack in cling film or put in a bag of polyethylene. For the same reason, it is advised to use a marinade of mineral water, lemon juice and vinegar. Of course, in the filling add spices: salt, pepper, dried herbs.

Lovers of crunchy pickled onions are better to prepare them in advance. Pour sugar water with lemon juice and vinegar, pomegranate juice, wine. To soak up the rings, 15-20 minutes is enough.

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Shelf life of marinated meat in containers is the same as in vacuum packs. Orientation should be given to the variety and the pouring. One of the most uncomfortable types of preparations for freezing. if they added mayonnaise or kefir. Such shashlik is better to fry immediately after cooking. After thawing, the surface of the meat will be covered with a substance resembling coagulated protein. It will be possible to reanimate the dish in only one way. to wash and re-fill.

Defrosting should be taken care of in advance. No matter how long the finished shish kebab is stored frozen, it should first be put on the shelf for 8-12 hours, at least a day in advance. When the weather is hot and the trip is far, take the package out of the freezer immediately. It will have time to thaw. Do not heat meat on the stove, in hot water, in the microwave. Acceleration and heating change the structure of the fibers, the meat will turn out dry, unpalatable.

How long does the meat in the marinade for shashlik keep in the fridge?

Marinated meat, which is traditionally cooked on coals, is preserved longer than fresh meat due to the marinade, which has a preservative effect. Nevertheless, the future shashlik has a shelf life and storage conditions that must be met.

In this article we will consider how long you can keep marinated kebab meat in the refrigerator, how to do it best, whether you can freeze the meat in marinade, and also learn what the shelf life of ready-made kebab

Keep the kebab in the marinade for a certain period of time

Usually people start to gather a few days in advance to get ready for the nature, so the meat is bought in advance. No one wants to freeze it, but you should understand how long it can be kept in the marinade in the fridge. over, it is necessary to do it properly, so it does not spoil.

In any case, everything depends directly on how fresh the original product was. And it does not matter what kind of meat you decide to use for the kebab, the most important thing is that it must be fresh and of good quality.

Where to keep the meat in a marinade

Depends on the time of soaking. If the half-finished product is prepared the day before, it should be kept in the refrigerator. You can put it on the balcony, loggia, veranda, corridor or outdoors. The temperature should not exceed 5-8 degrees. If the marinated meat is planned to be fried soon, it can be stored at room temperature. Keep for no longer than 5 hours. It is allowed to freeze pickled meat. This is necessary if the picnic is postponed.

  • Put in a suitably sized container, a thick bag will do. Drain excess meat juices and sauce. Onions, bits of other vegetables should be removed.
  • Wrap in cling film. Or put it in a second bag. Tie.
  • Place in freezer. Store for up to two months.

To defrost, take out the semi-finished product the day before, remove the first bag, transfer it to the refrigerator compartment.

Storage container

It is best to keep meat in the marinade in a glass container. For example, in jars or bottles of the right size. If you use an enamelled container, it must not have chipped enamel. You can also use a ceramic or stainless steel container. Do not use iron containers, since metal reacts with acids and can negatively influence the quality of the marinade.

Shelf life of the kebab

Meat is produced in carcasses, half-carcasses, cuts, which are separated by the trade companies into cuts with different technological characteristics and nutritional value. But customers prefer the meat in the form of various ready meals. They are becoming more and more popular with the population because of the quick and easy preparation at home. One popular meat semi-finished product is shashlik.

However, most of the meat products on the market often bypasses state control and certification procedures established by law, and are made from low-grade raw materials with various harmful additives (fillers, preservatives, artificial colorings, etc.). д.).

Semi-finished meat products are transported and stored at retail outlets inappropriately, often without observing regulatory temperature regimes.



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