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Sewing machine jack f4 error e1

Jack JK-F4-H, industrial sewing machine with built-in servo motor, for sewing medium and heavy fabrics

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Jack JK-F4H. Industrial sewing machine with rack-and-pinion conveyor and vertical hook in standard size. This model is designed for stitching medium and heavy weight fabrics and materials such as diagonal, crepe, boucle, tweed, vigon, denim, leatherette and similar. Maximum sewing speed of this straightening machine is 3500 st/min. Compatible needle systems. DPx5 (DPx134). Recommended needle size. 10-130. Maximum stitch length. 5 millimeters.

This sewing machine Jack has long been a true bestseller among professional seamstresses and sewing business. If you too would like to join the thousands of tailors around the world, Jack F4H is your best choice. Presented straight-stitch boasts a smooth and reliable, thanks to the use of quality metal and components. It is also almost noiseless in operation, which is a must for modern equipment. German designers worked on the design of this industrial machine, and the result is great. Jack JK-F4H is a pleasure to sew on. The quality of the stitching is also impressive. Working with this sewing machine, you can count on a neat stitch on a variety of materials, including knitwear, you only need to pick up the right needle, and the machine copes with everything else. And for added comfort and increased speed of the seamstress, Jack F4H also has a useful feature in the form of a button adding stitch, automatic needle closer, built-in bobbin winder, LED backlight and soft start stitching.

The Jack JK-F4H sewing machine has a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient servo motor as a motor. Its speed you can easily set with the handy control panel on the machine. Lubrication system features an automatic oil pump that operates autonomously and pumps lubricant to the friction points.

Sleep mode

After ten minutes of inactivity, the sewing machine goes into sleep mode. It doesn’t use power at all. You can also set a different time before the machine shuts down. The motor is also very energy efficient. And that’s big savings for you.

Easy operation

Set machine sewing speed and some other settings from machine control panel. This compact and simple control, with a display for information and a couple of buttons, is self-explanatory even for the novice operator.

Automatic lubrication

Lube lines or wicks are provided for all mechanisms to receive lubricant. The lubricating fluid is supplied by an automatic pump, which is set up for metered and intermittent oil pumping. This saves you the trouble of greasing the machine by hand.

Built-in backlight

Sewing machine Jack F4 boasts a built-in LED-backlit work area. This light will help the seamstress thread or change a needle faster. The brightness of the backlight can also be adjusted in several positions.

Smooth start

This feature allows you to not jump out of the gate, and gradually dial up the motor speed to a predetermined value. Then you avoid the problem of mis-feeding at the start of the stitching. This is accomplished by setting a number of initial stitches, each of which will increase in speed.

Needle threader

The role of this automatic device is to adjust the stopping point of the needle after sewing is complete, so that it does not stop chaotically, but in one of two positions. inside the fabric or high up. A version of your choice. This is done on the control panel.

Motor protection

This industrial sewing machine Jacques has several options designed to protect the servomotor from voltage fluctuations in the electrical system and excessive mechanical stress on the shaft. Also equipped with a gyroscope that automatically shuts off the motor if the angle of the machine changes, e.g. during service.

Bobbin winder

This is a device located on top of the straightener housing for winding the thread onto the bobbin at high speed. The thread is taken directly from the spool and wound automatically, with even tension and distribution over the bobbin.


The fabric feed and thread tension system allows you to sew knit or woven fabrics equally well. All you need to do is pick the right needle with the right point style for the material you want to sew and you’re sure to get neat stitching.

Jack twin needle sewing machines

JACK-58420C-003. Status: FREE. File type: pdf. File size: 1.72 MB. Downloaded: 601 times.

JACK-58420C-005. Status: FREE. File type: pdf. File size: 1.72 MB. Downloaded: 331 times.

JACK-58450C-003. Status: FREE. File type: pdf. File size: 1.72 MB. Downloaded: 339 times.

JACK-58450C-005. Status: FREE. File type: pdf. File size: 1.72 MB. Downloaded: 370 times.

JACK-58720C-005. Status: FREE. File type: pdf. File size: 1.72 MB. Downloaded: 282 times.

JACK-58750C-005. Status: FREE. File type: pdf. File size: 1.72 MB. Downloaded: 381 times.

JACK-5942-2. Status: FREE. File type: pdf. File size: 3.27 MB. Downloaded: 491 times.

LET’S TALK ABOUT DECOR? A4E. Jack’s Double Needle Stitch Machine

PromExpert Company, as an official representative of JACK brand on the territory of China, always promptly informs you about the latest novelties, that just came off the production line in China.

The JACK JK-A4E is a computerized straight stitch machine for decorative stitches.

Here’s a quick point-by-point overview of the benefits:

The machine is equipped with a stepper motor, and the stitch length can be set up to 0.1 mm.

Stitch designs can be created and edited directly on the machine console. In case of human error, the machine will automatically lock the stitch length adjustment function.

9 stitch patterns are already built into the memory.

In addition, you can make up 10 new designs by yourself and store them in the memory of the machine.

JACK JK-A4E has high precision stitch coverage.

Overlapping stitches perfectly overlap when using reverse stitching.

Could the machine be any quieter, you might ask? We’ll answer that it can!

Short end of thread after trimming.

Special trimming mechanism reduces thread tail after trimming, improving the quality of the final product.

Innovative USB port can not only charge your phone or connect a fan, but also update the software.

Convenient and easy to use control panel.

In case of a mistake, you can go back to the factory settings with just one key on the remote control.

Combined machine and motor shaft.

The shaft of an ordinary machine The shaft of a redesigned machine

The machine and motor shaft, like all the new design models we’ve talked about a few articles earlier, are united. This reduces vibrations, the absence of which, in turn, makes for smoother progression.

The pulley, like all new design models, is “humanized”. By mimicking the shape of a human hand, it allows you to work more comfortably on the machine, increasing worker efficiency.

Since the biggest problem of the machine is overheating of the engine, the pulley is equipped with a cooling element. This prevents overheating and increases the service life of the machine.

Earlier we could see the following picture:

A huge number of wires made the work not only uncomfortable, but also not safe.

The machine is available in various modifications, and the company has already received the first exclusive batch of machines!

Industrial sewing machine Jack JK-A4F-D

Compare Compare Set aside

JACK JK-A4F-D. NEW! DECORATIVE STITCHES! 9 built-in designs, programmable stitches and stitches can be stored in memory of the machine. Stitch programming accuracy up to 0.1 mm. For light to medium fabrics, stitch length up to 5 mm, sewing foot lift 5-13 mm, max. Sewing speed 5000 rpm, automatic lubrication system. Built-in servo motor, control unit in the head of the machine. LED backlight. Automatic functions: thread trimming, needle positioner, tack, lifting feet. Low power consumption, high efficiency. Electronic foot lift height adjustment from the remote control.


Meet the New from one of the largest manufacturers of sewing equipment in the world. Jack JK-A4F-D / (previous model. JK-A4E)

The machine is a single needle straightedge with flat bed and advanced built-in motor. This model is unique in that you can create your own stitch designs, save and edit them. What’s more, 9 different designs are already built into the memory. The machine is fully automatic. Performs trimming, tacking and presser foot lifts automatically. Thanks to the built-in drive is available needle positioning, the smoothest possible start and quiet operation. The pulley of this machine is in the shape of brush, which obviously improves the working efficiency, also there is a cooling element to prevent the motor from overheating. Requires purchase of Jack’s original table for a complete set!


  • Automatic greasing
  • Automatic functions: trimming, tacking, presser foot lifts
  • 9 built-in designs
  • Precise stitch programming. up to 0.1 mm.
  • LED illumination
  • Built-in servo drive with control unit and needle positioner
  • Speed adjustment
  • Energy saving, low noise and vibration level
  • USB port
  • Voice accompaniment
  • Sewing Speed: 5500 rpm
  • Stitch length: 5 mm
  • Foot lift: 5. 13mm
  • Recommended needles: Groz-Beckert (Germany)
  • Needle Type: DBx1
  • Weight: 41 kg
  • Dimensions: 70x30x55 cm (in package)

Note! The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in design, construction and delivery without notice. To avoid misunderstandings when buying the product specify the information about availability, desired functions and price from the manager. All information on the web-site is for reference only, and the description of product features is oriented to the official web-site.

Straight A6 sewing machine with IOT. Switching to digital by JACK

JACK JK-A6 (IoT) is a straight-line machine with bottom rack advancement of material, equipped with various functions.

The machine has: Iot function, two-level adjustment for different material thickness, bird’s nest effect prevention, short end of thread after trimming and thread sensor in the bobbin.

In addition, it also has a number of basic features, such as: voice guidance, combined shaft and motor design of the machine, factory reset with a single key, and all automatic functions (thread trimmer, foot lift, tack and needle positioner).

It’s safe to say that with all the new features, the A6 is the best choice for high-end tailoring.

Let’s see all the innovations the A6 has to offer.

To begin with I would like to tell you about IoT.

“Internet ofThings.). Technology that allows you to remotely control various equipment (any process) via the internet. Nowadays, we can see how quickly Internet technology is being introduced into our daily lives. Smart equipment is everywhere: in the office, at home, in production, etc. д. With only a cell phone, we can connect to and control our home electronic appliances at any time. From the app, we can check their working status, connect to them remotely, etc.д. Without a shadow of a doubt it can be said that our lives are inextricably linked with the internet.

In fact, the same thing is happening in the clothing industry: the technological process requires us to keep up with the times. New functions are appearing, and fast-changing fashion calls for automation and intelligent processes. and more styles of clothing appear, the volume of production changes, and so does the timing of delivery.

The market leaders in the apparel industry are also adopting new standards. By adding an Internet chip to the machine JACK JK-A6, it is possible to collect information and data from the machine.

Basic level. is the equipment itself. Next level. Is the transformation of information that helps to migrate all data. Next is the level of the cloud platform. You can define it as a cloud base: all data from the machines will be transferred, then stored and analyzed. And the final level. Practical application for easy presentation and management of data.

What are the benefits of the system Internet of Things?

Manage production and control equipment from your mobile device.

All data collected in a timely manner and available at all times. For example, you can remotely check the factory’s capacity utilization rate online, check the status of machines, download various reports on production efficiency.

With Iot, you do not need to configure each individual machine in turn. Just click a button in the app and change all machine settings at once. This is very useful when you are reconfiguring the line to produce a new model, different batch or other product, as well as for quality control. For example, when changing machines, the seamstress can quickly adjust personally saved settings.

The app has a basic maintenance course with videos to help you quickly solve simple problems. Plus, there’s a maintenance reminder with detailed information. For example, regular oil refills, etc.д. In this way the lifetime of the machine is extended.

The “” just means the IoT (Internet of Things) function, i.e.е. internet machine.

All JACK brand machines that have “” are IoT machines.

By connecting the machine to the cloud, users can track machine performance and production in real-time

One of the key features of this machine is that it has two levels of adjustment for different material thicknesses.

The JACK JK-A6 can be used for different kinds of material by adjusting the advance:

When the dial is on level A, the JACK-A6 can sew lightweight material without wrinkling it.

When the dial is set to M, the sewing performance of medium-weight materials is improved, without thread breaks or skipped stitches.

Furthermore, JACK JK-The A6 has a larger sewing work area.

Particularly important when sewing large items such as jackets, coats, suits. In doing so, the seamstress feels free and comfortable, increasing productivity.

Another advantage is the bird’s nest effect prevention function.

Recall that the “bird’s nest” effect is caused by thread entanglement during bartacking.

We have all probably experienced the situation where we have seen tangled threads when turning a piece out. This picture raises questions about the quality of the product and therefore the manufacturer.

JACK added a fixture to the machine that helps solve this problem.

So with the JACK JK-A6 there is no need to worry about the end user questioning the look of the finished product.

An absolute plus is also the upgraded threading system.

Short end of thread at the end of sewing. is one of the most important requirements for high quality garments.

Some factories even have special workers for thread trimming. This is an extra labor and time consuming.

Thanks to the short thread end function, the tail after trimming is within 3mm.

This not only improves the quality of the finished garment and keeps the workplace clean, but also saves money.

The company JACK did not forget to upgrade the lubrication of the machine by making the head JACK JKA6 half dry.

When sewing delicate fabrics. is a significant advantage.

The quality of the grease directly affects the service life of the equipment.

Oil pan of the machine is sealed. On standard models, with a conventional tray, after prolonged use, the oil gets dirty: thread residue, manufacturing dust and other debris get into it. Lubricant becomes unusable, oil leaks and increases the chance of equipment failure.

7. Meanwhile, like other JACK machines, the JK-A6 has a voice-activated function.

Not only does the machine duplicate functions by voice, but it also alerts you to errors and helps you solve them.

So that the worker doesn’t have to constantly call a specialist for help, the machine tells you how to solve simple problems.

The last advantage of this machine. bobbin thread detection sensor.

A common problem is that the worker can’t keep track of the bobbin thread. And when it suddenly runs out, needle marks are left on the product. And sometimes ruined products are even thrown away.

Now, with bobbin thread detection, the machine will alert you when there’s 30 cm left over.

In addition, there are 3 warning modes:

Reduced sewing speed to complete the stitching.

Let’s summarize the main advantages of the new JACK JK-A6:

Two-level setup for different materials;

IoT function with remote parameter setting as well as collection of production process information for further analysis and control;

Bird’s nest effect prevention function;

Semi-dry head and closed oil pan;

Full automatic equipment of the machine: thread trimmer, seam tack, needle positioner and foot lift;

Factory reset, with the push of a button;

Single machine shaft and motor design;

JACK JK-A6 machine, like the entire line of the brand, is available in several modifications:

This master class will be just in time for those who have almost prepared for the most long-awaited evening of the year, bought or sewed an evening gown, but the accessory []

A succession of New Year’s parties and corporate events is coming. If you want to look special and unique on them, then this pre-holiday project is for you! Today we show you how to []

A luggage tag is an important and necessary attribute of any traveler. With it, you can easily recognize your luggage on the conveyor belt, and in case your luggage is lost []

In the first part of this project, we sewed an eye mask. In this part we will be sewing a bath bag and embroidering on a towel.

Sewing machine jack a2 error e 08

Jack JK-A2-CHQ. Industrial single-needle straight sewing machine with integrated control unit in the head, automatic thread trimmer, servo motor and LED lighting for the sewing area.

Jack A2s | jack a2s error 08 | jack e. 08 | Jack sewing machine | Jack sewing machine

Jack JK-A2-CHQ straight-line sewing machine with automatic thread trimmer. The machine is equipped with a double-stranded shuttle stitch with integrated servomotor with needle positioner, automatic thread trimmer and.

Industrial Sewing Machine Jack JK-A2-CHQ (Z) (set) Leave a request our manager will call you back at the earliest Industrial Sewing Machine Jack JK-A2-CHQ (set). Single Needle Straight Stitch Machine.

Jack A2 straight line machine


Jack JK-A2-CHQ single-needle straight-stitch machine with bottom feeder and flat bed. Advantages:. Automatic functions: thread trimming, needle positioner. Built-in servo motor and control unit in.

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Jack Service Class- A2S Lockstitch| Error 8/ Error 13/ Error 16 problem solution

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How to solve E1 error in Jack F4 Sewing Machine | Beginners Guide | DIY | #117

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Sewing machine error e6

Hello! The sewing machine is displaying error E6. Engine Blockage. Everything. Did what was recommended by the instructions, cleaned, lubricated, cleaned. Keeps displaying an error. What to do?

I cannot turn tight by hand, my bearing or some other connection is jammed. Go straight to the service center. The pins may be loose: take them out, clean them and put them back in.

Only the service center, you can not guess, you need a comprehensive cleaning, diagnosis, adjustment, repair.

Sewing Machine Repair Phone: 7 (987) 698-84-23 Working hours: every day, 09:00-20:00

This error on your device means that the motor is blocked, most likely a thread got tangled and the motor was blocked

Alexey Yurievich, could you please specify which bearing could jam?? I have the same situation with SM-360E. Lockout due to tight rotation. The bearings are all plain and I have cleaned and lubricated them. Disconnected the upper shaft from the lower shaft. Nothing helped.

I took out the upper shaft. The right bearing is turning tight. The left one is very loose. It is unclear how to disassemble the bearing. It is probably glued in the assembly of two half spheres. Dropped in the bearing slots left and right of the spindle. Spinning is easier, but tighter than the left one. How do you disassemble this bearing?

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JACK-8558W-1. Status: FREE. File type: pdf. File size: 1.45 MB. Downloaded: 537 times.

JACK-8558W-2. Status: FREE. File type: pdf. File size: 1.45 MB. Downloaded: 411 times.

JACK-8558W-3. Status: FREE. File type: pdf. File size: 1.45 MB. Downloaded: 305 times.

JACK-9270. Status: FREE. File type: pdf. File size: 13.89 MB. Downloaded: 580 times.

JACK-9280. Status: FREE. File type: pdf. File size: 13.89 MB. Downloaded: 904 times.



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