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Self -cleaning of the washer machine Haier what temperature

Operating modes, clean linen, selection of washing time (washing button)

This model of the washing machine itself can calculate all the components of the washing program and stops its implementation at the right time, when the laundry becomes clean, in this case the total time of the washing program will be reduced.

This function is turned on automatically when using the launder of the washing.

Using the mode pure linen is impossible in the case:

When using the mode, fast washing

If the washing and water heating time is less than 20 minutes

In the case of manual change in the main washing time and

In the case of eliminating strong pollution and installation

Selection of washing time (washing button)

Using the H (washing) button, you can set the time of the main washing, each pressing the button takes the washing time for 5 minutes (when performing a program, fast washing for 2 minutes). With a long click of the button, the time will increase and when it reaches the required value, it is enough to open up the button. When choosing some washing programs, it is impossible to extend the washing time, for more information, please refer to the guide to the selection of washing programs.

Press and hold 2 seconds to unlock the door

Operating modes, selection of temperature regime, selection of the number of rinses (rinse button)

Press and hold 2 seconds to unlock the door

Using the I button, you can choose the necessary pace of water for washing. Click on the selection button of the timing, select the necessary water temperature, the value of the selected pace of therapist will appear on the main display.

Indications on the information display of the value of the pace.radioracy “” means that the program is selected without heating water.

Selecting the number of rinses (rinse button)

Using the J button, you can choose the amount of stripes, one press will change the amount by one time. The number of rinses can be chosen from the cycle from the Mac.Simal amount to the cancellation of the rinse.

Press and hold 2 seconds to unlock the door

How to activate the automatic cleaning mode

The Drum of the Washing Machine needs an annual procedure. If the unit works often, the automatic cleaning is activated several times. After that, the quality of the process meets norm, the machine retains performance for a long time.

To clean the unit that has the function of automatic cleaning, you should enable this program and wait for its implementation. It must be remembered that you will not delete the scale of this procedure.

To use the auto.cleaning function, a number of actions should be performed:

  • extract things from the drum in it;
  • Close the loading door, activate the “Nutrition” button;
  • If your washing equipment does not have a special auto.cleaning function, press the key that shows an asterisk, hold it for up to three seconds. The display will be displayed by the inscription “TEI”, meaning that the process of cleaning the drum has begun;
  • After such an inscription appears, click the Start button to activate the mode. At the same time, a preliminary washing diode lights up;
  • The washing device cleans the drum for an hour and a half.

Lubricated inside, getting rid of villi, wool and fine garbage. The unit works in a water heating mode of up to sixty degrees, performs one and a half thousand rotations per minute, so that purchased or improvised cleaning products will not be required.

From the point of view of work, the air treatment process looks like this:

  • First of all, preliminary washing is performed;
  • the main process is carried out;
  • The main and additional rinse with the spin begins.

Companies engaged in the production of washing machines are not advised to use chemical compounds and especially drug removal and washing powders when auto cleaning of the system. The fact is that their use is associated with the formation of a large amount of foam capable of causing machine leaks.

Self.cleaning of the washing machine

The ECO function of the drum does not require the addition of any cleaning and disinfectants, the machine cleans everything on its own. The cleaning cycle is carried out at a temperature of 70 degrees for 90 minutes.

Haier Automatic Front Load Washing machine 8.5 KG Front Load Model:HW85-BP12826 Review & how to use

This allows disinfecting inside the device, remove scale, mold and unpleasant odors. it is impossible to change these parameters, they are asked automatically electronics of the washing machine.

The ECO ECO cleaning program makes it possible not only to maintain hygiene inside the device, but also significantly extends the performance of the unit. In addition, by regular cleaning of the washing machine, you will save electricity, because the electric heater is also cleaned of a plaque sticking to it, and, therefore, heats the water much faster and more efficiently.

Haier HW60-1029: Instruction

scornful for people’s health and surrounding.

The lace and his package are followed by utilizers in accordance with local norms and laws.

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We apologize for any non-conservation caused.

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Please attent to the flax read this instruction before using the electrical appliances. Dan.

the instructions with will gain important information that will help you achieve the best operation.

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use and maintenance.

Keep this guidelines about in good place so that you are all and can turn to it for information.

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Those lying, thus, why did you pass it off so that the new one to the lader could reverse with E Tim E. Lecture Tro.

the device and the rules of those henniks without danger.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design and

Preparation of the product without additional notification.

Before the sore thief in the first of the first

This is the electrical appliance can be a de.de to the age of 8 years and older and persons with disabilities

physical, sensory or mental abilities or lack of experience and knowledge, if

They provide supervision or training with the linen use of the electrical use of the electrical appliance, and

they have the risks associated with it. Children should not play with an electrical appliance, as well as without.

a review of it is a cleaning and ear dit.

Before the inclusion of E lecture tropribor A in the first p

Kill you that the transport of the sizes are removed. 9

Do not touch the electrical appliance and. eight

self, cleaning, washer, machine, haier, temperature

itch him if you are not about the mind, or you have wet

Use from a delicious grounded rose of TKU 9

Do not use the grief detergents or 8

When disconnected from the rose of the TKI, hold on to the fork. 9

Do not use any combustible sprays near 8

9 Make sure that fuse fuses

Do not take out and without getting up the plug in the rog in 8

(automatic) in the power supply correspond to 15a

Keep the device away from heat sources and 9

Do not let de tam or non.linen 8

direct sunlight.

Persons play with an electrical appliance or packaging.

plastic and rubber e.

Kill you that this cord did not fall under the electricity. 9

Without tired of fox electrolypon outside the room. eight

Tropribor either into it, and do not allow damage.

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cut the water supply and complete the reinstalls.

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hoses do not boil launa correctly.

With daily explosi of the lecture tropribor a

Fasten the zipper on the ode and fix the torus. 9

Do not touch the door of the washing machine 8

chasing threads so that things do not get confused.

If necessary, in Little Small things in the special.

Do not put heavy objects or sources 8

Cyal sedge bag or pillowed.

Turn off the car after completing each 9

Do not wash in a hot foam or along. eight

Washing programs and about it from set from the set for it for

saving electricity and for purposes without dangerous.

Do not touch the distribution of the Lithuanias 8

Sty. Wipe the lower part of the hatch for

Without opening the door of the washing machine SI. eight

Keep the dv yersa ajar when the washing 9

Loy. The door is equipped with an automatic lock

the machine is not used to prevent

and open shortly after the end of the washing.

Do not open the door. If you can see that level 8

If the network is damaged, its replacement 9

must perform it, its service.

agent or other persons with the corresponding

Do not cover the washing machine polyethylene. eight

howl with a film, so that she would not be guarded in the lag.

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Remove all packaging materials, including the base of foam,

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The lips of the ANOV I wrapped up on the masonry u and Nizhn Yui PNEL B (P R I ALICH AI)

Having removed the packaging from the shrinkage of the film, you will find the felt pad and the lower panel.

Haier HW60-1279S: Instructions

this handle, preceded by the sign “Attention”.

Bu Duchi is a respondent company, we show the TU about the surrounding mind de. Pool we when-

We call you to manage the correct percentage of disposal in Asheg about the release of the liu and the packaging of-

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Encourages the disposal of disposal and process, he will turn to the local authorities in the affection.

The lace and its packaging are necessary to hand over to the local reception point for the recycling for processing.

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for the possible possible, causing anchor discrepancies in this manner,

which can be impressed in the reinforcement and further seizure on the improvement of the structure

Before the use of the washing of the washing machine

B lag we will give in a CP of the Code of Criminal Procedure from the product of our company

Before the operating of this device, it is careful to study the Ingleet. It contains important information,

which helps you achieve the best production of the device, about the ESP, read reliable and correct at the camp ,

operation and maintenance. It stores this handle in good places to use in the future, what

ensure a dangerous and correct operation of the device.

When selling, transmitting and leaving the device, with the last time, we ask you for this handle for the own-

Tsu. so that he gets acquainted with the device and the technique.

Check the presence of belongings and brochures with this list:

1 intake hose

1 manuals of

Before the use of the washing of the washing machine

In order to pretense not to twist the dedication of the car, remove from it to the packaging MA TRERI-

lies, including polystyrene foam. When hiding the packaging, it is possible to have caps

in the cap on a plastic pack of those and doors of the machine. This is caused by an ANO with a factory with glory tests

cars with its filling in the doi and is permissible.

The scheme below is not unknown to the appearance of the appearance of the type of acquisition in the ami washing machine in the reins

Before the use of the washing of the washing machine

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Understand that the transportation of. 

Do not touch the car with wet legs or hands,

As source of nutrition of the afternoon,

Do not operate the device if you are zuta.

Not used to use the rue of the detergent detachment or dry

Understand that access to the fork of the power cord is not

Do not use any flammable aeroso or near

Disconnecting the shin of power about the rose, it takes it for 

Do not extract or stand up in the rose of the TC at the cord fork

Understand that before keeping in the CTP are designed for 

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Do not let de tyam or not capable people


Play with a device or packaging male Terians.

direct sunlight to prevent wear

Do not place the device outside the placement in a raw place

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Understand that the shon r food is not a sink to the washing 

Or near the sink. In case of a car in the odes,

Let it dry naturally.

Understand, in the reliability of the fittings and the hobs  

Do not place the washing machine on the carpet, as well as

GOV and uck in the ability of TSUT I TST. If the hoses by detot-

B Lizko to the wall or pre.dm that furniture or.

it is not easy or if there is a comfort of water-

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hoses. Do not operate the car until then while

The hoses are not connected by reliable image.

With a seventh explosion, device A

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Not touching the washing machine during washing,

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clothes are winging. If you have not to put it, put not large

Do not put those on the device a lot of objects or sources

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Do not erase the lia from the penists of the rein or spong

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Do not touch the bo in the cut for detergents during

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Oh, the car does not crawl, holds the door of the hatch 

Without opening the hatch for the pebbles narrow with force. Door

slightly ajar, so that the image of ova is-

the hatch is equipped-

it is in a haste after the end of the washing cycle.

In case of damage to the Pit Anniy cord about replacement 

Without opening the dv Erza of the washing machine, if-

should be laid to fall aside, to finish him

service or other persons with the corresponding-

Without covering the laundry car with a plastic cover-

scrap to prevent the image of dampness by d

Prevention of the device by persons with 

reduced physical, sensory or mental-

abilities, lack of experience and knowledge, b

Review of models

In this section, you will get acquainted with the reviews of customers, which are presented in the form of pluses and minuses. These are not my thoughts, but information based solely on consumer opinions.

HW 60-1010an-the cheapest model

I wouldn’t buy myself. I don’t like the design, there are not enough programs, this is already enough to look for another machine. But those who do not care what the technique looks like. just to wash, and do not need a lot of modes, this option is suitable.

  • Large load.
  • All the necessary laundry modes.
  • Washed well.fledged spots well.
  • Compact.
  • When squeezes, does not shake.
  • Price = quality.
  • Squeezes well.
  • There is fast washing.
  • Large things are placed (pillow, blanket).
  • Consumes little water.

HW 60-BP12758-shallow

Quite adequate? And nothing to add.

  • Erases well.
  • Not a noise.
  • Aquastop.
  • Good capacity.
  • You can add the amount of rinses (up to 5), change the temperature.
  • Touch buttons.
  • There is a postponement of the start.
  • Automatic calculation of washing time depending on the weight of the linen.
  • A pause at the beginning of washing to report forgotten things or get something from your s.

HW60-1229AS-with a wide hatch

Spacious, beautiful, economical. can be considered as a contender for the purchase.

  • Intellectual control with display.
  • Special programs, for example, wool.
  • Defined launch up to 24 hours.
  • Luke, with a diameter of 32 cm, opens by 180 °.
  • Silver case.

HWD 80-B14686-the most expensive

I would like to note the design separately. I personally like it very much. Large display, stylish loading hatch, beautiful metal mode switch, interesting elongated button panel at the bottom. In terms of design, this model is my favorite.

Haier Fully Automatic Front loaded washing machine||Why does the spinner vibrate How to finish vibr

OP! The most expensive machine, and the class of energy efficiency of everything B. not only is it worth both 2 washings, but “eats” much more. But she has other “buns”. stainless steel, washing steam, all types of control, protection from children and leaks, its own program, dryer, direct drive and inverter motor. If you watch analogues with such characteristics among German or American manufacturers, you will not receive such functionality for less than 100,000.

  • Warranty of 5 years (if you take it in an official store).
  • Automatic weighing.
  • Quote: “Cosmic design is really beautiful this glow, cats love to observe”.
  • Quote: “A thing for washing water from the bottom of a rubber seal really works”.
  • You can adjust almost any regime.


Here I wanted to make a review of a model with two drums, but from the sale these expensive and impractical “beauties” began to disappear for obvious reasons. Therefore, I propose a novelty that differs from its predecessors, however, only by design, and so-a set of functions and options, one might say, standard and even weaker.

From the good. in the lubricant rather large hatch (32 cm) with opening 180 degrees. It is not clear whether it has protection against children, and what type of protection against leaks, but it is unlikely that in 20,000 all this is available. But the design according to the latest canons of “household” fashion “-a stylish hatch, a large display, an ergonomic selector of the choice of programs. The model has not yet deserved reviews of the model, because I recently entered the market. wait for additions or write your opinion in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев yourself.

That’s all. We learned about. about its washing machines, their capabilities and prices. Users’ reviews personally always help me buy good equipment. they have never been brought down. Draw the conclusions yourself, good luck!


Reviews of the Hyer washing machines are not only positive. There are also negative aspects. What do people say?

It happens that cars become faulty before the expiration of the warranty period, even though the level of care of them is proper. This noticeably adds an unpleasant sensation from use. Unfortunately, although in the world they are trying to minimize a person in many production processes, but as for washing machines, this is, on the contrary, a rather bad idea.

Unfortunately, the buyer cannot choose an annexation power or a rinse mode. It should be noted that the last function, in principle, is not provided for. Sometimes after rinsing, there may remain a little powder. That is why many buyers carry out the washing cycle again. Because of this, all the economy, in principle, is in question. Due to the fact that it is impossible to change the speed of spinning things, with a drum speed too high, if they are delicate, they deteriorate quite quickly. In general, the negative reviews about the Hyer washing machines end in this. Next, we consider directly the most popular models.

Washing guide guide

Below, on the example of the cotton program, we will consider all the stages of execution of a washing machine with a complete washing cycle.

Turn on the power of the washing machine, after which the door of the lamp of the washing machine can automatically hide. Turning the program selection handle, select the cotton program. Auto inscription will appear on the information display.

Open the door of the lamp of the washing machine, wait until the inscription AL-1 appears on the electronic display. Put this to select cotton things and place them in the washing machine so that the drum is uniform, but filled. A code will appear on the information display that reports the number of loaded things, for example, AL-3. Close the door of the lamp of the washing machine tightly.

Put the hopper for detergents. Pour the unusual amount of washing powder into the department 1 (main washing) If the conditioning of the linen is necessary, then pour the air conditioner into the appropriate department (separation 2). Please note that you can not update the MAX mark in the air conditioner department.

Close the bunker for detergents tightly. If the underwear is very contaminated, add the detergent in the department-

3 (for preliminary washing) or turn on the intensive wash mode.

If necessary, select the washing temperature, the speed speed, the number of rinses, the pressing time and other additional functions:

Before launching the washing cycle, using the topics button-

the adhesive regime on the control panel, you can take the required temperature, to which water will be combined during washing.

Before launching the washing cycle, using the STI selection button-

spinning on the front control panel, you can choose the speed of rotation of the drum during a passer-by squeezing.

Depending on the need for manual installation of-

Sy loaded linen, you can use the button loading on the front control panel and sa-captivity select the weight of the loaded linen from 1 kg (indication on the information display L-1) up to 5 kg (in-disposition on the L-A information display).

If you need to use the function of automatically determining the mass of linen, continue to press the download button until the inscription “-.”

Stages of washing

Before launching the washing cycle, using the washing button, you can set the main washing time, and the time of which will be spent on water heating is not included during the main washing.

Before launching the washing cycle, using the rinse button

You can set the number of rinses. On the information display will reflect the number of stripes established at the moment.

Before launching the washing cycle, using the Squeezing button-

but set an exalgage time. Except time will be reflected on the information display.

Using the intensive washing button, you can turn on or off this function.

Using a preliminary washing button, you can turn on or off the preliminary wash mode. The indicator light above the button informs that this function is enabled.

Using the Stame Delay button, you can set the time of delay in the beginning of the washing cycle, in the number of the field of the electronic scoreboard, the time of the ot-rings will be shown. For example, if the display burns 4:00, and the given washing time is 1:34, then after 2:26 the program will begin and after 4 hours washing the Bu-dod is completely completed.

Using the Start/Pause button, you can run the program with newly specified parameters

or stop its implementation. After the launch of the washing program, the remaining time of the washing will be echoed in the numerical field of the electronic display (the colon between the chas and minutes should blink). When performing the washing cycle on the display, a blocking icon icon will appear on the hatch.

When the washing program is completed, the inscription END will appear on the electronic display. A melody sounds, and at the same time the door of the washing machine will open.

note! After the laundering program starts, it is best to use the protection mode from children (block buttons block) to prevent randomly pressing buttons and changing the laundry packets. After the washing is completed, the protection mode from children does not turn off automatically, this function must be disconnected manually.

eleven. note! The remaining time of washing, picked up on the information display, has an information function. It can vary depending on the temperature of the water supplied, water pressure, the temperature of the heating, the uniformity of the distribution of things during spin, the speed of rotation of the drum and other reasons. In this regard, the real washing time and the one that is reflected on the display may be slightly different. This is considered a normal phenomenon.

Operating modes, canceling execution, changing programs, lifting the sound signal

Control buttons lock mode (children protection mode)

To protect the washing machine and work from the accidental intervention of children, click and at the same time hold the buttons for 3 seconds of the GABS (button for the start of the start) and K (Start/pause button). To turn off the function of protection from children, once again click at the same time, the buttons are of the G and K buttons.

Cancellation of execution, changing programs

Press the Start/Pause button, then turn off the power, and the washing program will be canceled automatically. Turn the program selection handle and select another program.

The sound signal of the washing machine can be disconnected with unusual. Follow the instructions:

Turn on the washing machine and turn the chopping handle of the programs for the squeezing mode, then click the buttons “Starting Start” and “Additional Rinse” and hold for 3 seconds. “Beep OFF” will display on the display, which means the shutdown of the sound signal. To re.turn on the sound signal, do the same operation.

Washing guide guide

Before the laundry, check out some useful tips:

Sorting of linen.Sort the linen by the degree of pollution, by color, according to the type of fabric

clothing.Fasten the zippers so that they do not catch their clothes. New color clothing can melt, so the first several times it must be washed separately from another underwear. Drop the clothes inside out, this will reduce the risk, etc. P. Before washing, turn out your s and wash things with twisted s.

Washing recommendations on the product label.Check the washing recommendations indicated by symbols on the factory labels of products.

Color cotton.Color clothing made of cotton, on the factory label of which stands a laundry symbol of 60 ° C, the first time should be a rang at a temperature of 60 ° C in order to get rid of possible residues of a coloring substance. If this is not followed by this, then the risk that the product will melt increases.

Self.cleaning of the washer machine Haier what temperature

This is what this self.cleaning means!? Tire Machine Hayer, I use 4 months. When you turn it on, the wand for self.cleaning is lit, while I can simultaneously choose the wash mode. I cleaned the drain, the tray of the milk pod. I don’t know how to start and start self.cleaning, with or without linen, with or without powder. There is no instructions about my situation!? I hope for your experience!? Pamahita.

Best comment

I have a cleaning mode in my typewriter, I start an empty with a gel for washing or there are special tablets for washing and dishwashers. I have all this in my instructions

I have a cleaning mode in my typewriter, I start empty with a ripe gel or there are special tablets for washing and dishwashers. I have all this in my instructions

I have a haer, but a little different model. Everything is written in the instructions. Cm.Drum cleaning item or something similar

There is no such item, I re.read this instruction 10 times. even found it on the Internet. Well, it is not written there that the car gives a signal and such a thing, they say, give my mother, I’m self-finished))) there is a recommendation for cleaning every 2-3 months and all, one paragraph!!)))

This is the cleaning of the drum. Starting once every 2 months. In no case do not put clothes in the drum, t.to.The drum will work at maximum speeds, and the water will be on Max.degrees. There is no powder to fall asleep, otherwise the foam will trample from all the cracks. If you want to clean the drum with special equipment for drums, then put strictly the mode that you have on the tool! I hope that it helped.

Launched)))))) I also called to ask. In general, like you, they said, press, the hour will not take off. I’m waiting))) For some reason I thought self.cleaning is not cleaning the machine itself, but things from spots or something like. In the instructions only on the fabrics recommendationsries️

The same crap, only sports washing begins to blink at the same time erases well. The program glitch most likely does not affect work. We have 2 years so periodically light up

Here with the blinking of DR, the function did not come across. I’m just xs that she herself needs to be cleaned

@freedi-lis never “asked” to clean, although there is mold inside. I clean the tablets how to stink. So, most likely, the system glitch. With self.cleaning, you cannot choose another mode, but here you choose. So glitch

How to care?

Any care of the washing machine is possible only when it stopped working and is completely de.energized. This even applies to such work as cleaning the rubber cuff, wiping foggy glass, cleaning the pile filter. At the same time, even a de.energized car cannot be touched with damp hands, and also touch another metal object at the same time. It is strictly forbidden to clean the Haier technique with combustible, easily igniting, explosive, caustic substances. Aerosols and abrasive cleaning agents are also not suitable.

After each wash, it is advisable to wipe the hatch and the drum from the inside. I ventilation of the drum should be carried out 1.5-2 hours after washing, no more, otherwise either the door will be punched, or an unpleasant odor and a focus of infection will appear.

Possible malfunctions

Before disassembling the nuances of the repair of the laminry machine, it should be emphasized. only officially supplied spare parts will have to be used for it. Otherwise, no complaints will be accepted. When the car does not work, you first need to check if there is a power supply in the house as a whole. Next, check whether the car is included in the outlet and whether the outlet itself, the fork and wire is working. Dolce of conductive cores cannot be excluded in the network wire or in the wires inside the machine.

If the indicator is on, then you should check if the door is fully closed. If the water is not collected inside the tank, they are sequentially checked:

  • program launch;
  • water supply operability;
  • opening of the input crane;
  • door closure density;
  • clogging the hose and water pipes in the house.

But sometimes these problems are associated with a breakdown of a press start or the main electronic board. Trying to repair such complex components yourself is hardly worth it. Better to call experienced masters. Plum failure can be provoked:

  • blocking the hose;
  • overlap the sewer crane;
  • sewage clogging;
  • problems with drain filter;
  • Futting automation.

If there is no reaction by clicking on some button or turning the reaction switch, you should not panic. It is necessary to check whether the option of protection against children is turned on and whether the button itself, the switch, as well as their electric train is good. These tests allow in many cases to solve the problem without tiring expensive repairs. As for strong vibration in the pressing process, it can come from installing the machine on an uneven surface, as well as from excessive loading with linen. Early termination of work is often associated with:

The appearance of a bad smell, as already mentioned, indicates clogging of a machine, the appearance of mold or pathogenic microorganisms inside. But grabbing a bag with citric acid or soda is not always necessary. First you should read the current version of the instructions and consult, if necessary, with the manufacturer. When water leakage occurs, first of all, tighten the nut connecting the hose to the sewer pipe tightly. The hose itself should be examined. sometimes cracks, tears or punctures appear in it.

But when the simplest ways to solve the problem, as well as the rejection of excessively foamy powders, do not help, you need to immediately contact an experienced master. When the machine does not warm the water, the malfunction can be rooted both in the failure of the heater and in the defect of the temperature meter. Getting to the heater and replacing or cleaning it is not so easy. you have to disassemble the unit almost completely. Therefore, it is necessary either to do this when there will be enough free time, or take the device for repair. Extraneous noises deserve a separate conversation.

Calling and knocking, rattling sounds indicate that an unnecessary thing got inside. When knocking is accompanied by a rattle, this usually indicates a breakdown of bearings. Buzzing. a sign of a blocking of a lock on the hatch. Squad indicates a failure of a drive belt. Attention: these are not final conclusions, but only the most likely factors.

Review of a narrow washing machine HAIER HW60-BP12758 with an inverter engine watch in the video.



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