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Sealing ring for Philips saeco coffee machine

A highly effective, odourless and gentle descaler for descaling. Suitable for modern coffee machines: fully automatic, semi-automatic, compressor and pod/tablet machines. Also suitable for coffee machines with filter.

Thanks to the innovative AquaClean water filter, you will enjoy the best of coffee taste. AquaClean filters the water, ensuring a strong coffee aroma and preventing limescale deposits from forming, so you don’t have to clean your coffee machine of limescale.

Manufacturer of coffee maker / coffee machine: Philips

Type: milk frother, manufacturer of coffee maker/coffee machine: Philips, type of frother: for coffee machine/coffee maker, construction type: stationary

Saeco Brew Section Gaskets Replacement and Cleanup

Type: adapter, device type: coffee machine, device manufacturer: Philips Saeco, Saeco, material: metal

Type: care product, espresso machine manufacturer: Philips Saeco, form: liquid, descaler

Replacement water filter set for JURA automatic coffee machines. The filter effectively removes limescale and other substances that can harm the taste and aroma of your drink. The important minerals in the water are retained, and the water can be used for coffee without leaving any traces.

Type: milk container, coffee machine manufacturer: Saeco

The innovative BRITA INTENZA water filter cartridge is specially designed to protect your favorite Philips Saeco espresso machine from limescale. It filters the water perfectly, enhancing the aroma and impeccable taste of coffee

Thanks to the innovative AquaClean filter for water, you can enjoy the best coffee taste. AquaClean filters the water, ensuring a rich coffee aroma and preventing the formation of limescale, so you do not have to clean your coffee machine of limescale.

Type: adapter, device type: coffee machine, device manufacturer: De’Longhi, material: plastic

Type: sealer, device type: coffee machine, manufacturer: De’Longhi

Type: filter, machine type: coffee machine, machine manufacturer: De’Longhi

Type: connector, type of device: coffee machine, manufacturer: Philips Saeco, Saeco, material: plastic

Type: care product, machine manufacturer: Philips, product form: tablets

Type: stop ring, device type: coffee machine, manufacturer: Philips Saeco, Saeco, material: plastic

Type: fitting, device type: coffee machine, device manufacturer: Gaggia, Philips, Saeco

Filter sieve gasket for Philips Saeco 145845462 (145841500, 996530015809). Diameter: 49mm. Suitable for: ESTRO PROFI COMBO Saeco RIO PROFI COMBO Saeco RI9345/47 Saeco RI8525/01 Gaggia RI8525/08 Gaggia RI8527/01 Gaggia HD8323/11 Saeco HD8323/12 Saeco.

Type: on/off button, machine type: coffee machine, machine manufacturer: Saeco

Type: care products, espresso machine manufacturer: Philips, form: liquid, descaler

Type: gasket, type of device: coffee machine, manufacturer of the device: Krups

Type: water spout, machine type: coffee machine, machine manufacturer: De’Longhi, material: plastic, metal

Type: gasket, device type: coffee maker, device manufacturer: Saeco

Type: grinder, device type: grinder, coffee machine, device manufacturer: Philips Saeco

Original coffee machine gasket for Saeco, Philips, Gaggia HD8745 RI9833, etc.д. Seal dimensions: 40x32x4mm. Suitable for all models with similar dimensions. Manufacturer’s code: NM01044, 996530059406, 140325062.

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Main Features:

Material Silicone
Dimensions 40 x 32 x 4 mm
Manufacturer Saeco International Group S.p.A. Via Torreta 40041 Gaggio Montano Bologna
Country of Origin Italy

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Suitable for coffee machines:

  • Xsmall HD8743, HD8745, HD8747, SUP033R
  • Syntia HD8833, HD8836, HD8837, HD8838
  • Energica HD8852
  • Exprelia HD8854, HD8855, HD8856, HD8857, HD8858, HD8859
  • Xelsis HD8943, HD8944, HD8946, SUP038, SUP038Z
  • Odea RI9752, RI9757
  • Talea RI9826, SUP032AR, SUP032BR, SUP032NR, SUP032OR
  • Primea SUP030ADR,SUP030BD, SUP030ND, SUP030UDR
  • SUP031O, SUP031OR
  • Spidem My Coffee SUP035
  • Syntia SUP037DR
  • not the whole list of models

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O-ring for coffee machine Saeco

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Silicone O-ring for presser piston for Saeco-Philips coffee machine. Size: 40 x 32 x 4 mm.

Suitable for models: EP1220, EP1222, EP1224, EP2020, EP2021, EP2030, EP2224, EP3519, EP3558, EP3559, EP4010, EP4050, EP5030, EP5034, EP5035, EP5040, EP5045, EP5060, EP5064, EP5065, EP5310, EP5314, EP5315, EP5331, HD8642, HD8644, HD8646, HD8648, HD8649, HD8650, HD8653, HD8664, HD8665, HD8743, HD8745, HD8747, HD8750, HD8751, HD8752, HD8753, HD8754, HD8756, HD8760, HD8761, HD8762 HD8763, HD8768, HD8769, HD8779, HD8822, HD8825, HD8826, HD8827, HD8828, HD8829, HD8833, HD8838, HD8842, HD8848, HD8852, HD8854, HD8855, HD8856, HD8857, HD8858, HD8859, HD8865 HD8880, HD8881, HD8884, HD8886, HD8887, HD8888, HD8889, HD8912, HD8916, HD8918, HD8920, HD8925, HD8928, HD8943, HD8944, HD8946, HD8953, HD8954, HD8964, HD8966, HD8969, HD8975, HD9712.

Gasket (O-Ring) O-Ring for a coffee machine Philips Saeco NM02.013 11x8x1.5mm

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O-Ring for a Philips Saeco NM02 coffee machine.013 11x8x1.O-Ring for your Philips coffee machine (Original).

O-Ring for Philips Saeco NM01.035 13x9x2mm

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O-Ring for your Philips Saeco NM01 coffee machine.035. The original gasket from Philips Saeco. Dimensions: 13x9x2mm.

Gasket SAECO, Philips HD87 RI98 O-RING M0090-20, on connector D=13mm

If delivery is more expensive than the goods. dispatch only on prepayment.

Gasket SAECO, Philips HD87 RI98 O-RING M0090-20, on connector D=13mm, art. NM01035

  • Type: gasket
  • Device type: coffee maker, coffee machine
  • Outer Diameter: 13 mm
  • Inner diameter: 9 mm
  • Thickness: 2 mm

For a complete kit with this product, purchase a smaller-diameter gasket for the fitting and a gasket for the brewing unit. photo ):

Seals for coffee machines

In a coffee maker, every detail, even the smallest and insignificant, affects the proper operation of the appliance. This also applies to coffee machine gaskets. This detail at first glance is not significant, but the operation of the machine without it is impossible. This element plays a significant role in air tightness. If it will be in improper condition, it can lead to pipe failure. This breakage is more serious and more expensive. That is why the gaskets should be constantly paid attention to.

Such a component is most often made of rubber. This material can withstand high temperatures and provides an excellent seal. But because of the steam and water, the rubber hardens, after which it is easily destroyed. You can buy a sealing ring for a coffee machine of such brands:

If you need help finding the right part, just call 8 (800) 350-90-02. and our consultants will make a selection as quickly as possible. After all details are agreed upon, your order will be shipped to Komsomolskaya Ploshchad, 3/30, Bldg. 3.

Seal of the brewing unit SAECO, Philips, GAGGIA (324mm), зам. 996530059406, 140325062, NM01044

If shipping is more expensive than the product. dispatch only on prepayment.

Gasket for coffee machines SAECO, Philips, GAGGIA 996530059406, 140325062, HD8745. RI9833

  • O-ring fits all Saeco, Philips Saeco, Gaggia, but only Saeco GranBaristo automatic coffee machines
  • Article numbers in other catalogs, compatible replacements: 996530059406, 0106003, 140325062, VO.15.070, 140325062, MS-0909501, 1186862, ORM 0320- 40, NM01044, nm01-044
  • Type: accessory
  • Accessory type: gasket
  • Device type: for coffee machines
  • Outer Diameter: 40mm
  • Inner diameter: 32 mm
  • Thickness: 4mm

For a complete package with this product, you can also purchase grommets to repair the contraption (see. photo ):

Seal for Saeco coffee maker horn 145845462

Original filter sieve gasket 145845462 for Philips Saeco coffee machines. Color: black. Material: silicone. Size: 66x35x17 mm.

The coffee machine gasket is used in the following models of coffee machines:

  • Gaggia RI8151/60
  • Gaggia RI8323/08
  • Gaggia RI8325/08
  • Gaggia RI8327/01
  • Gaggia RI8423/01
  • Gaggia RI8427/01
  • Gaggia RI8525/08
  • Gaggia RI8323/01
  • Gaggia RI8323/11
  • Gaggia RI8325/12
  • Gaggia RI8327/08
  • Gaggia RI8425/01
  • Gaggia RI8525/01
  • Gaggia RI8527/01
  • Philips-Saeco HD8323/01
  • Philips-Saeco HD8323/05
  • Philips-Saeco HD8323/08
  • Philips-Saeco HD8323/41
  • Philips-Saeco HD8323/43
  • Philips-Saeco HD8325/03
  • Philips-Saeco HD8325/07
  • Philips-Saeco HD8325/09
  • Philips-Saeco HD8325/47
  • Philips-Saeco HD8327/02
  • Philips-Saeco HD8327/08
  • Philips-Saeco HD8327/41
  • Philips-Saeco HD8327/47
  • Philips-Saeco HD8423/09
  • Philips-Saeco HD8425/09
  • Philips-Saeco HD8427/09
  • Philips-Saeco HD8323/02
  • Philips-Saeco HD8323/07
  • Philips-Saeco HD8323/09
  • Philips-Saeco HD8323/42
  • Philips-Saeco HD8325/01
  • Philips-Saeco HD8325/05
  • Philips-Saeco HD8325/08
  • Philips-Saeco HD8325/42
  • Philips-Saeco HD8327/01
  • Philips-Saeco HD8327/06
  • Philips-Saeco HD8327/09
  • Philips-Saeco HD8327/43
  • Philips-Saeco HD8423/01
  • Philips-Saeco HD8425/01
  • Philips-Saeco HD8427/01
  • Saeco 10000070
  • Saeco 10000091
  • Saeco 10001436
  • Saeco 10001843
  • Saeco 10001894
  • Saeco 10002768
  • Saeco 710501409
  • Saeco 711412011
  • Saeco 711423332
  • Saeco 711439311
  • Saeco 711446311
  • Saeco 711505309
  • Saeco 711514309
  • Saeco 711523308
  • Saeco 711525308
  • Saeco 711525319
  • Saeco 711540311
  • Saeco 711543208
  • Saeco 711543311
  • Saeco 711547408
  • Saeco 711701309
  • Saeco 711707009
  • Saeco 711709350
  • Saeco 711711309
  • Saeco 711714050
  • Saeco 711721050
  • Saeco 714115319
  • Saeco 714115344
  • Saeco 716630311
  • Saeco 718403330
  • Saeco 718407430
  • Saeco 718417008
  • Saeco 721423303
  • Saeco 721439308
  • Saeco 721440032
  • Saeco 721440832
  • Saeco 721514008
  • Saeco 721525311
  • Saeco HD8323/11
  • Saeco HD8323/98
  • Saeco HD8525/09
  • Saeco RI9343/11
  • Saeco RI9345/11
  • Saeco RI9347/01
  • Saeco RI9373/47
  • Saeco RI9376/04
  • Saeco RIO VAPORE
  • Saeco 10000006
  • Saeco 10000081
  • Saeco 10001205
  • Saeco 10001842
  • Saeco 10001893
  • Saeco 10002403
  • Saeco 710501309
  • Saeco 711412008
  • Saeco 711417303
  • Saeco 711439308
  • Saeco 711440332
  • Saeco 711446711
  • Saeco 711514308
  • Saeco 711520608
  • Saeco 711523309
  • Saeco 711525309
  • Saeco 711528008
  • Saeco 711541308
  • Saeco 711543308
  • Saeco 711547008
  • Saeco 711547608
  • Saeco 711704309
  • Saeco 711709309
  • Saeco 711710309
  • Saeco 711714009
  • Saeco 711720009
  • Saeco 714115250
  • Saeco 714115332
  • Saeco 714115350
  • Saeco 716633308
  • Saeco 718403630
  • Saeco 718415308
  • Saeco 718419008
  • Saeco 721423332
  • Saeco 721439311
  • Saeco 721440332
  • Saeco 721505309
  • Saeco 721514308
  • Saeco HD8323/12
  • Saeco HD8525/01
  • Saeco RI9330/01
  • Saeco RI9345/01
  • Saeco RI9345/47
  • Saeco RI9373/11
  • Saeco RI9376/01

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