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Samsung washing machine blinks the key

The lock indicator on the washing machine burns or flashes? Causes

You, of course, paid attention to the door blocking icon burning on the display of the washing machine (either a key or a lock). If the display in your model is not provided, then the lock indicator lights on or flashes. Does this mean that something is wrong with your car?

Do not worry, it should be when blocking the hatch, but only if everything works as usual, and there are no difficulties with washing.

Turn off the blocking function

Когда не открывается дверь стиральной машины Samsung – это еще не повод вызывать специалиста сервисного центра или лично приступать к ремонту. First of all, make sure that protection against children is deactivated. a special function of modern devices that blocks all buttons during washing, including the opening button.

The lock is removed by holding the Samsung washing machine button, which needs to be clamped for five seconds, which will begin to reboot the device and the subsequent shutdown of the “Child Lock” mode will begin.

In rare cases, the restart of the system may not help, so the red lock on the display will continue to burn or blink. If this happened, then follow the instructions:

Как исправить и диагностировать проблемы со стиральной машиной Samsung Ecobubble

Most often, these manipulations should solve the problem. If in this case it has not disappeared, then a more thorough check will be required.

Discovery delay

First of all, it is necessary to slow down the ardor. It is likely that the machine has not broken, and someone is in a hurry to continue the laundry as soon as possible and forgot about the automatic closure of the hatch. This measure is a standard security requirement for which all manufactured washing machines with front loading are programmed. Samsung. no exception. It should pass for about 1-2 minutes so that the drum is completely stopped, the water merges and the system gives the “good” to open the door.

If the indicated time has passed, and the machine is still inaccessible, we act differently. Disconnect the washer from the mains and let it “rest” for half an hour. The machine could answer with a lock to sharp voltage drops, a hitch in the supply of water or a slight shutdown of light in the apartment. In thirty minutes, the system will drop the settings and open the door lock.

Important! The described methods are suitable only for unlocking a machine with an empty tank, otherwise it is necessary to act in another way.

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What does a burning indicator key or lock mean

Indicator key or lock can not only burn, but also blink. Within the framework of this article, we will consider only those situations when the indicator burns, and not flashes. So, there may be several such cases:

  • The key indicator burns during washing, notifying that the door is blocked, and it is impossible to open it during washing. There is no problem in this, washing will end and after a few minutes the door will automatically unlock;
  • The key or the castle indicates all the time, even when the door is open and there is no washing, the washing machine does not respond to the keystrokes of the keys. In this case, you need to check the locking device, the lock and loops of the door, as well as the control board;
  • The key indicator burns when the washing is over, while the door does not open. The reason may also be a jammed locking device or control board.

note! When protecting the control panel from children on, the key indicator on the washing machine may also burn. Therefore, make sure that the function is disabled before looking for a malfunction.

Master’s call: where to find and how much it will cost?

When independent diagnostics and repair did not lead to the desired result, professionals will come to the rescue. You can call a specialist at home in several ways:

The easiest is to use the mouth. Relatives, acquaintances, neighbors-everyone can recommend a master who once repaired a washing machine in their house.

In order not to encounter scammers, and save not only money, but also household appliances, it is very important to take into account the following points:

  • An honest master will never take money until the end of the repair (the exception may be a deposit to buy an expensive part);
  • A professional will always listen to the client, focusing on the brand of household appliances, duration and operating features;
  • An experienced master never calls the final cost of repairs without preliminary diagnostics (the amount can vary depending on the for new components, as well as the difficulties of work).

On average, replacement for replacing the Luke lock element will cost 4000, replacement of the press.start. 2800, replacement of the heating element up to 5900

All about the repair of Samsung washing machines. in this section.

Possible reasons

In automatic washing machines, special programs are controlled by all work. And if the door of such a device simply stopped opening, that is, it was blocked, then there is a reason for this.

But you do not need to panic, even if the device is full of water and things. And do not frantically look for a phone number of a repair specialist.

First you need to determine the list of possible reasons that could lead to such a malfunction.

Most often, the samsung washing machine is blocked due to just a few factors.

  • Standard blocking option. It is activated in case of starting the machine. There is no need to take absolutely any actions here. As soon as the cycle is over, the door is also unlocked automatically. If the washing is already over, and the door still does not open, it is worth waiting a few minutes. Sometimes the Samsung washing machine unlocks the doors for 3 minutes after washing.
  • Zasori of the drain hose. Such a problem is quite common. This is due to the fact that the sensor of determining the water level in the drum works incorrectly. What to do in this situation will be described below.
  • Program failure can also cause door blocking. This can happen due to the disconnection of electricity or a jump in its voltage, overload the weight of the washed clothes, a sudden disconnection of the water supply.
  • The program of protection from children was activated.
  • The castle block is faulty. This could happen due to the long service life of the washing machine itself or too sharply opening/closing the door itself.

As you can see, the reasons because of which the samsung-automatic machine can be blocked independently, not so much. In this case, in any case, the problem can be solved independently if it is correctly determined and clearly follow all the tips.

samsung, washing, machine

It is important to remember that making extra efforts, trying to just open the hatch by force, is not worth. This will only aggravate the situation and can lead to an even more serious breakdown, which will not be possible to solve it yourself.

Description of the situation

Often the user is faced with a situation in which the indicator light flashes, but the washing process does not start. Or the workflow is launched, the stage of rinsing begins, but the unit arbitrarily changes the course of the washing, selects not a suitable temperature regime. In this case, in the case of disconnecting the device from the mains and subsequent turning on, the situation does not change.

Note that such a situation is often found during the operation of washing machines of the following brands:

But there is no need to assume what happens due to the non.quality of these machines. Just in the units of other brands this type of breakdown is displayed on the display using the letter code.

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