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Samsung refrigerator Two -door does not freeze mrsams

What to do if the upper chamber in the two.chamber Samsung refrigerator does not freeze with the No Frost system

Refrigerator is a difficult high.tech device, which is not so easy to figure out. Such a household appliance serves as a long time, but sometimes an incomprehensible problem arises: the Samsung refrigerator is two.chamber. the upper chamber does not cold, and the freezer freezes. It seems to be a refrigerator and in fact. not. This problem is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous. First of all, the refrigerator may finally break, which threatens with considerable financial losses. If the products are stored at incorrect temperature. this is a direct threat to health. Let’s try to figure out what happened, why the refrigerator blinks, and is it possible to fix it.

Refrigerator Frost Noe stopped cooling. How to avoid a refrigerator malfunction? The compressor is the heart of the refrigerator. The general scheme of the device looks like this:

  • Thanks to him, pressure is formed. It is with the help of the formed pressure that the refrigerant moves to the condenser, where the gas turns into a liquid.
  • In the process, heat is released, which is felt when the rear wall of the refrigerator is touched.
  • Freon, passing through narrow tubes, again turns into gas.
  • After the freon gets into the evaporator, boiling it. In the evaporator and cold forms.
  • The tubes are located around the freezer, from where the cold spreads on. That is, if the freezer does not freeze, there will be no cold in the refrigerator.
  • Then the refrigerant returns to the compressor and the cycle ends.

Sensor sensors

The user can independently adjust the temperature from the control panel. the information is provided for it inside the device sensors. It is they who monitor the territory they allocated in the unit. The sensors have the following parts of the device:

  • General refrigerator;
  • internal space in the evaporator;
  • freezer chamber;
  • control panel (for environmental measurement).

Samsung Freezer Not Cooling-How To Fix It Easily-Tutorial

Installation the necessary temperature regime

It is carried out using the keoling power or fridge keys (or a mechanical rotating handle). On the control and visible user the panel, data from sensors are received through the control scheme. In most cases, the models from this brand are 502at controllers, which are universal.

The failure of any of the sensors of the device leads to a malfunction of the entire Samsung refrigerator. Such repairs are best entrusted with appropriate specialists.

Samsung two.chamber refrigerator: malfunctions

Damage to refrigerators of this type are associated with the device of technology. Functionality provides a set of such systems:

  • a case with two cameras. refrigerator and freezer, which provides an antibacterial coating;
  • a cooling system equipped with two necessary elements-a compressor engine and a radiator;
  • control module that controls the operation of temperature conditions;
  • A device that controls the occurrence of breakdowns (self.diagnosis system).

Small breakdowns that lead to major faults

Typically, refrigerators do not break sharply. this is preceded by a whole strip of different signs indicating the likelihood of further breakdown. It is sometimes difficult for an unprepared user to catch these “disaster” signals, so the problem is launched until it grows into a serious failure. Take a note of such shortcomings in the operation of the Samsung refrigerator with two cameras to prevent a breakdown on time:

  • Sometimes when pressing the control button, certain commands are not executed. Usually users reboot the refrigerator, and the problem itself is neutralized, and the problem is written off to the “glitch”. As a rule, this behavior means that the signal on the train connecting the control board and the door console is lost. This is to blame for the worn wiring and weakened contacts in the joints. If you do not pay attention to this failure, then it can result in the need to repair or replace the control module.
  • Noise is audible during the operation of the engine-compressor, and when turning off, the technique vibrates too much. This may indicate a malfunction of the motor, but at the initial stage it is enough to inspect its fastening.

Important! Such inconspicuous breakdown often ends with a refrigerant leak.

Frequent breakdowns of two.chamber “samsung” and their repair

Most often, the Samsung refrigerator, equipped with two separate cameras, fails for the following reasons:

  • The control module breaks due to voltage jumps in the mains.
  • Failing the thermoresistor or its terminals, contacts, wiring.
  • The no frost system breaks.
  • No cold in the lower chamber.
  • Violation of the tightness of the system, as a result of which a refrigerant leak (freon) occurs.
  • Disorders in the operation of the self.diagnosis system.

In modern Samsung refrigerators (and in models of other brands), repair is usually reduced to replacing parts, since many of them are not subject to repair. Service centers have a full repair base to eliminate such situations.

Two.chamber refrigerator “No Frost”: malfunctions

In two.chamber Samsung refrigerators with Cool`n`Cool or No Frost, the malfunctions are due to the characteristics of these systems. The malfunctions are preceded by the following phenomena:

  • the formation of an ice layer due to incorrectly set temperature regime, which entails increased energy consumption;
  • A crowded pallet (at the same time, products begin to quickly disappear).

Important! The difference between the Samsung refrigerators No Frost of a two.chamber type lies in a static temperature in each chamber (fluctuations do not exceed 0.3 degrees). In different parts of the cameras, various temperature conditions operate.

Other problems

In the modern model, the control panel will react to the occurrence of breakdowns, displaying a malfunction code on the display. In simpler modifications, a certain combination of light bulbs or a special Alarm indicator flashes. The breakdown of models with “No Frost” can be provoked by a number of factors:

  • Increasing temperature in the chamber by more than 3 degrees. This can be provoked by a frequent opening of the door on a particularly hot summer day. To eliminate the problem, it is enough to close the door tightly and not open it within a few hours.
  • The temperature regime is not chosen. You can establish the situation by contacting the user’s guide.
  • Fan breakdown. A special fan is installed in NO Frost freezers, which provides cold air circulation through the chambers. If this part breaks, the whole system “without hoarfront” fails. You can find a breakdown according to the emerging ice or snow “fur coat”. in models with NF such a phenomenon should not be. A slight characteristic noise that makes a fan of the evaporator also disappears. Important! Sometimes the cooler simply freezes with ice, which makes his rotation make it difficult. The failure is accompanied by a noise from the freezer. To eliminate the problem, it is enough to defrost the system (note that the No Frost models for defrosting need 24 hours).
  • With improper rearrangement of the doors, the contacts of the control panel may be disturbed. If light bulbs or panel flashed randomly and the scoreboard does not work at all, it is worth redeeming the connections.

Damage of refrigerators with two chambers on electronic control and the No Frost system can also bother with such malfunctions:

  • knock, noise, rattling;
  • poor cooling with normal operation of the freezer;
  • serviceable freezer in the absence of cold in the main compartment;
  • water inside the chambers;
  • a slow start of the compressor or its launch with a large delay;
  • continuous operation of the motor;
  • Display breakdown.

The problems listed above relate to the electronic part, but there are breakdowns that arise exclusively mechanically. Their result is usually the same:

Repair Samsung No Frost with electronic control

People are afraid of what they don’t know, and in this case almost the same thing happens, but in fact it turns out, the repair of such refrigerators with their own hands is much easier than with mechanical control. Usually the whole essence of the repair is to recognize the error, or rather the error code. The fact is that in modern Samsung refrigerators there is a self.diagnosis function that displays an error code on the display, that is, it shows which part is broken. I think with this and you should start. In the photo below you will see, one of the varieties of displays, in short, I will start with it

Dough mode in the Samsung refrigerator

And in order to enter the Samsung refrigerator into the dough mode, you need to simultaneously press two buttons, as shown in the figure above, it is very important not to let them go for 5-10 seconds, you must wait until all indicators light up. After the procedure done, click the “A” button. look at the photo above, after clicking on this button, the sound signal should sound, this will say that the refrigerator has entered the diagnostic mode. In refrigerators with such a display, the dough mode lasts about 30 seconds and occurs automatically, after this time, an error will be displayed on the scoreboard, of course this will happen only if the control module finds its error codes, you can see below, I have made it in the same place and clarification to them

Now I offer you another video where I enter the refrigerator mode with another control unit in the test

Samsung samsung refrigerator errors codes

In view of the fact that different Samsung devices use different indication, I laid out all the codes.

  • 01. the sensor of the ice.generator works incorrectly, it is quite possible incorrect subtocation;
  • 02. lies the refrigerated camera sensor. Measure its resistance at room temperature, it should be about 6 kom
  • 03. it is necessary to measure the resistance of the sensor of the tickling of the refrigerator, it should be about 6 kom
  • 04. we check the refrigerator fan, here or the fan was covered or the wires broke off
  • 05. an ice.generator, a leveling device or ice outer does not work
  • 06. Check the serviceability and correct connection of the CoolSelectzone device. Without the idea of ​​what kind of crap is
  • 07. the sensor of external temperature was covered, or just forgot to connect
  • 08. failure in the operation of the temperature sensor of the freezer;
  • 09. Checking the sensor of the hover of the freezer evaporator and Ten himself, too
  • 10. you need to watch everything related to the fan
  • 11. Watch the contacts of the capacitor and the capacitor itself

There are also Samsung models on which the error code is indicated in another way

  • R5 or “02”. the sensor in the refrigerator came up
  • D5 or “09”. the most encountered error. Associated with the sensor of the thaw or the thaw itself, it is necessary to check both one and the other
  • F5 or “08”. the control module does not see the freezer sensor
  • E5 or “07”. the sensor of external temperature began
  • RD. air damper began not to work correctly

And so in case of failure, any details you can calculate the breakdown, and if you have enough intelligence, then eliminate the malfunction. It should be noted that the No Frost system itself, both under the control of mechanics and under the control of electronics, is practically nothing different, that is, there is a heater, there is a damper and sensors. In this article, I could not describe all the breakdowns in the No Frost system, but with the development of the site, I think that there will be a lot of material about the repair of these refrigerators, so follow, a article will probably appear that will be useful to you

On my channel YouTube there is a lot of information on the repair of refrigerators with the No Frost system, you can also find out how to repair a washing machine or vacuum cleaner. Come in. Look, subscribe, like likes. The channel needs your activity

I have Samsung No Frost with electronic control, everything works off, it turns off only it doesn’t turn on, shows the temperature which is set you just need to pull off the outlet only then it will show the correct temperature and turn on

Typically, such a problem is related to the hits of the freezer evaporator. First of all, check the heater for a spiral break, the resistance should be about 200/400 Ohms. Be sure to check the sensors and thermal subject

Good day, I have a Samsung No Frost refrigerator with electronic control, the problem like everyone else, the upper chamber stops freezing, the lower works without interruptions, having dismantled the lower camera, I found icing of the entire system, defrost, replaced the temperature sensor, did not help, it works exactly a week and exactly a week and it works. Again, the same thing, everything freezes, rang the sensors of the rabbit, the external 6.8 kOhm, the inner 9 kOhm, tell me how to call the heater, or check its performance. thanks in advance

There is a very good statement “I didn’t notice the elephant”. you checked everything that is possible except the main. The resistance of the heater is about 280-400 Ohms. It is usually checked, you need to determine whether there is a breakthrough of a spiral or not, the ordinary light is checked in the same way. As I understand it, the problem is in the heater

Hello. Sorry for the anxiety, this is the problem. We bought a house, here is a refrigerator from the old hosts Whirlpool vs 601 IX. It seems to work fine, but when the compressor is resting, the freezer is freezing, and the refrigerator does not cool. What could be the problem? thanks in advance. We live in the village, the service is very far away

Firstly, the question is asked not where necessary. The site menu has an article about Whirlpool repair, if there is no brand in the site menu, ask a question in the general category, for example, repairing no frost refrigerators or repairing refrigerators with a crying system, and secondly I did not understand anything. How can freeze the freezer if the engine does not work?

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Samsung refrigerators codes

Samsung refrigerates implemented a warning system that informs the user about the identified errors. The following codes are most often displayed:

Error code Description The method of elimination
For the refrigerator
01 Ice generator sensor does not work Checking the correctness of the connection, diagnosis of the sensor, its replacement
02 The failure of the thermal attemptor Diagnostics, element replacement
03 The failure of the tickling sensor
04 The fan is faulty Checking the density of the door fit, diagnosis, replacement of the element
05 Failure in the operation of the ice generator Diagnostics, element replacement
06 The failure of the Cool Select Zone Department sensor
For the freezer
07 Air sensor Diagnostics, element replacement
08 Damage to the thermal attewer
09 The failure of the sensor of the evaporator shake
ten Fan Checking the density of the door fit, diagnosis, replacement of the element
eleven Fan breakdown for condensation Replacing the element
Error codes for Side-by-Side system refrigerators
D5 The failure of the sensor of the frost chamber Diagnostics, element replacement
R5 Damage to the refrigerator of the refrigerator
F5 Damage to the thermal unit thermal unit
E5 Environmental temperature breakdown sensor breakdown
RD Incorrect operation of the air damper Replacing the element
DD Lack of communication of the display with the electronic control unit Circuit call, replacement of the control unit

The device does not turn on

If the refrigerator has stopped freezing, then usually the first sign is the leakage of water, the cause of which is an increase in temperature. If the user did not open the refrigerator for a long time, then for the first time opening a faulty device, he can feel an unpleasant odor from the products that recently began to deteriorate. Before setting the temperature in the Samsung refrigerator, it is necessary to eliminate the problem that has arisen.

One of the possible reasons may be the life of an extraneous object under the back cover. He usually gets stuck there due to the fact that he is holding his ice. In this case, it is enough to use a hairdryer to eliminate the problem. The flow of warm air will melt ice. After that, an extraneous item either falls out by itself, or it can be easily obtained and removed.

If the reason for the termination of work is the compressor, then this can be found by the fact that it clicks, but does not start. The reason may be, for example, a short circuit or wire break. For its accurate diagnosis and search for the cause of the malfunction, a special technique is required. In such a situation, when repairing the Samsung No Frost refrigerator, you will need to contact a specialist.

The termination of the equipment may be associated with violations in the operation of the electronic control of the refrigerator or sensors, on the basis of which it works. If the control module is faulty, then it will be necessary to call the service without fail. In the event of a malfunction of the air sensor or a launched relay, the replacement can be made independently.

Wondered door seal

  • Free departure and diagnostics for further repair;
  • Free consultation by phone;
  • It is possible to deliver the refrigerator to the service center;
  • Warranty up to 3 years;
  • We use original spare parts;
  • Certified masters;
  • Provide a check and a warranty card;

Possible refrigerator malfunctions

Along with minor possible reasons, you can independently identify more complex equipment malfunctions.

If the engine has been working properly for some time, the sounds of the motor are heard, but then it turns off and the cold is absent, then most likely the motorcade cannot start. Additionally, you can hear clicks after about 10 seconds. buzzing of a motor.compressor. this is how thermal protection located in a thermal relay is activated. over, the motor tries to make a re.launch after 3 minutes.

There may be several reasons for this behavior, namely:

What actions should be taken in such cases? The relay is recorded on a motorcade, so you need to inspect the relay and when identifying periodic clicks, we can conclude that it is regular. And with the “silence” of this part. it will have to be replaced.

Repair to Samsung Refrigerator with ice and water accumulation under crisper drawer

The capacitor for starting the motor can be checked using a tester. To do this, it is previously necessary to discharge it through resistance. If the capacitor of the tester arrow is in good condition, the resistance measurement in the MOM must first fall, and then return to the initial position.

If the capacitor is serviceable, but the refrigerator still does not freeze, then most likely you have to contact the workshop to replace the burned motor.

Quite often, the reason for the failure of the freezer is the leak of freon from the system. This is confirmed by the long.term operation of the engine and the presence of cold condensate on it. Freon evaporates due to the formation of a microcrack in the evaporator. This happens often after taking off any frozen product from the wall along with ice, as well as after strong vibration during prolonged operation of the unit. The cause of the freon leaks can be broken tubes that go to the evaporator from the compressor, for example, as a result of the movement of technology. It is difficult to determine the place of the freon leakage, as well as to do it after soldering and downloading gas after.

If the equipment does not cold, the cause may be clogged capillaries supplying a refrigerant. In these situations, it is also necessary to contact a specialist for help, since without specific equipment it will not be possible to squeeze the system.

If you have experience in working with electrical appliances, you can try to repair the refrigerator yourself.

Repair Samsung No Frost with mechanical control

First of all, I want to talk about icing on the freezer evaporators. It often happens that it became warm in the refrigerator, but in the freezer, the products are frozen as if nothing had happened to the refrigerator. Unlike the crying system, in the refrigerators of No Frost, there are only 1 evaporator, and thanks to the fan, cold air is pumped into the refrigerator compartment, that is, in these refrigerator units, all the repair nuances are associated only with the freezer, the temperature in the refrigerator depends on it. I will now answer frequently asked questions, my customers, I think this will greatly explain many points related to malfunctions and breakdowns

I have a Samsung two.chamber refrigerator, worked for more than 5 years, without a single breakdown. The last time was defrosted 2 or 3 years ago. Literally recently, the upper camera stopped cold, where the main products are located, everything is fine in the freezer, all the products are frozen, as before. There are no normal masters in the area, since we live on the outskirts, 80 km from the district center. A master that serves our village, said that Freon leaks and a refrigerator should be taken to the district center. We tried to defrost the refrigerator, left it with open doors for a day, but when they turned it on, the situation was repeated. there is no cold in the refrigerator, and everything is fine in the freezer. Having walked around the Internet, I found out that Freon’s leak on No Frost is very rare and there is no smell. Tell me, maybe we just change the thermostat or some other detail

To determine whether the freon leak or not in the Samsung No Frost refrigerator, you need to do 2 simple things. First, try the side of the refrigerator, if they are hot, then there is probably no leak. Secondly, defrost the refrigerator and here many make a big mistake and now I will tell you what it is. Defrost such units, it is necessary not 12 hours or 24 hours, but at least three days and only then turn on and see how the refrigerator will work. If after two to three hours, the refrigerator will not gain the set temperature, then you can talk about a leak or a clogged capliclarka. To the word to say, a leakage of refrigerant, in such colds is extremely rare, in the vast majority of cases, the problem is a faulty touch sensor or an hourly mechanism. see photo 2 and 3. We will understand with these details

How to check the timer and a Samsung refrigerator ticking sensor with mechanical control

The timer can be checked right on the refrigerator. To do this, you need to do the following actions. There is a cool (selector) on this hourly mechanism, it can only be twisted clockwise. First of all, disconnect the refrigerator from the power, turning the selector clockwise, you will hear a click, this click means that the timer turned on the latch mode. Turn again, this selector clockwise, until the moment, a little to the click. Turn on the refrigerator, after 20-30 minutes it should be disconnected, while you must hear a click that will mean that the refrigerator has fallen into the touch mode. The touch mode lasts approximately 30-40 minutes, that is, after 30-40 minutes the refrigerator should turn on if this does not happen within an hour or 2, then the timer is worthless. It should be noted here such a thing that in 90%, such a check does not mean that the clock mechanism is working. The fact is that when testing it can show absolute performance, but in the work he will be buggy

Samsung refrigerator

How to check the Samsung Refrigerator Strait Squeezer

The touch sensor in the refrigerator No Frost is on the freezer evaporator, in order to get to it, you need to remove the front panel. Below I shot a video that describes in detail about repairing the Samsung No Frost refrigerator with a mechanical defrosting system, but first let’s see how the latch sensor works. When the temperature decreases in the freezer, the sensor contacts are closed, after the timer gets into the touch mode, to the heating element, that is, the heating element, voltage is supplied through the sensor. After the heating heated the evaporator, the tickling sensor opens its contacts, and the heater stops working, but the clock mechanism begins to work. That is, the sensor of the latch of a kind of current switch, from heating to a timer. Here you need to figure it out, I will now list what will happen if the sensor of the latch will work incorrectly

  • The thaeen will not turn on, as a result, ice will remain on the freezer, which will subsequently accumulate to such an extent that the refrigerator will simply stop turning off and freeze normally
  • Do not turn on the refrigerator, this will happen if with an increase in temperature, that is, when the thaw works, the sensor does not switch to another mode

Checking the thawing sensor at 100%is almost impossible, just like the timer, that is, its check, can show that it is absolutely worker, but this does not guarantee its performance in the process of the refrigerator. From practice I can say, I always change everything together, that is, I take a sensor, take a timer, a fuse from overheating and just throw it out, and I put everything new for the place of all these details. Believe me in 5-6 years, the entire mechanical part in such units, just falls through, so there is no need to chemize anything here and be greedy

Samsung no frost refrigerator


Watch the video about the repair of the Samsung No Frost refrigerator with the mechanical thawing mechanical system

After we met some details of this refrigerator, we can summarize. In 90% of cases, cold and frost disappear as a result of the incorrect work of the heater, which leads to icing the freezer evaporator. In general, if in your refrigerator the refrigerator stopped cold, turn off the aggregator for three days, do not forget to open the doors to both camera. Then you start it, if he scored the cold, as expected, then first of all, check the heating heating, if he is in order, change the tickling sensor and timer. I haven’t said words here about such details as a fan and thermostat. These spare parts are very rare, in the video above there is information about this, I recommend to see. The article simply turns out and so big, and you need to talk about these details for a long time, I think I will write another article on this occasion

Repair Samsung No Frost with electronic control

People are afraid of what they don’t know, and in this case almost the same thing happens, but in fact it turns out, the repair of such refrigerators with their own hands is much easier than with mechanical control. Usually the whole essence of the repair is to recognize the error, or rather the error code. The fact is that in modern Samsung refrigerators there is a self.diagnosis function that displays an error code on the display, that is, it shows which part is broken. I think with this and you should start. In the photo below you will see, one of the varieties of displays, in short, I will start with it

Dough mode in the Samsung refrigerator

And in order to enter the Samsung refrigerator into the dough mode, you need to simultaneously press two buttons, as shown in the figure above, it is very important not to let them go for 5-10 seconds, you must wait until all indicators light up. After the procedure done, click the “A” button. look at the photo above, after clicking on this button, the sound signal should sound, this will say that the refrigerator has entered the diagnostic mode. In refrigerators with such a display, the dough mode lasts about 30 seconds and occurs automatically, after this time, an error will be displayed on the scoreboard, of course this will happen only if the control module finds its error codes, you can see below, I have made it in the same place and clarification to them

Now I offer you another video where I enter the refrigerator mode with another control unit in the test

Samsung no frost refrigerator

To begin with, let’s see what this is the no frost defrosting system and how it differs from the crying. If you translate No Frost into Russian, you get the phrase “without hoarfrost”. In the principle of operation of this system, forced air circulation is laid down on both refrigerator chambers. In short, one or more fans blow the freezer evaporator, bending cold air in the freezer and refrigerator. Now I must say about the capacitor (heat exchanger, radiator, as anyone), in domestic refrigerators, it is made in the form of an iron lattice and stands behind the refrigerator. In Kareian technology, this thing is in the refrigeration unit housing. On the one hand, this is good, and on the other hand, in some cases, it very much prevents the repair work, I wrote this in order to understand why Samsung’s side walls are hot. General concepts have now become a proceeding to listing malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

Samsung No Frost with a mechanical control system

In the repair of this type of refrigerators, there is nothing complicated at all, as the law of 90% burns 2-3 spare parts

It is these spare parts, we must look first. The fact is that the main problem is associated precisely with the wrong regime of thawing the freezer evaporator. Perhaps the most important question is due to the fact that the refrigerator does not cold in the refrigerator. I chose one of the Комментарии и мнения владельцев here, on my YouTube channel, the answer to which will explain many incomprehensible points

Hello Dear masters, I have a two.chamber refrigerator Samsung No Frost, the problem is that the refrigerator has stopped working, if earlier the products in it were quite cool, now it is the same temperature as in the room. In the freezer, the temperature is normal, but I noticed that the refrigerator began to disconnect less often

Now let’s look at the causes of this malfunction. First of all, you need to turn off the refrigerator for 2-3 days in order to completely defrost the freezer evaporator. After that, turn on the refrigerator, if in the freezer and in the refrigerator, the desired temperature appeared, then this is not about the leak of the freon, but about the malfunctions in the work of the evaporator. There is no need to make up much to make repairs with your own hands. To begin with, you need to get to the freezer evaporator, then check the heater, put the multimeter in the call position for this. If the heater is whole, it is necessary to replace the thawing sensor and the fuse, as well as with these details, I change and the timer. Of course you can change one detail, and then another, but from practice, I can say that it is better to replace everything at once, it is somehow more reliable. Read more about the repair of such a refrigerator, you can watch in the video that I posted in this paragraph

I still want to add a little about the leak of the freon, such a nuisance happens extremely rarely, but if this happens, then you need to call the master, without his help you can’t cope

Samsung No Frost with a display

The same eggs, only in the profile, that is, the system of defrosting or cooling (as anyone) remains the same, but instead of mechanical control, electronic with its unnecessary bells and whistles are impressed. In general, I am extremely negative about electronic management. Not only because our power networks want the best, but also because there are so many craps in these units that you will understand what you’ll understand, but still it is quite possible to calculate the malfunctions, even a novice master. I will not talk much about the ways to eliminate breakdowns, since the article is already long, I suggest watching 2 videos better. In one I am changing the heater, and in the other I tell about the malfunctions

Watch the video why there is no cold in the refrigerator compartment

Watch the video how to change the heating tick on the Samsung refrigerator

Samsung refrigerator with a crying cooling system

I distinguish between two types of controls in these refrigerators and it must be said despite the fact that their cooling system is almost the same, the repair of these installations can be very different. I wrote above that in the crying system, there is management not only with the help of a thermostat, but also with the help of an electronic module. Of course I would not want to haw this brand, but I don’t perceive electronics very much. It is clear that progress leaves no chance for mechanics, but the thermostat, as it seems to me, will still be more reliable, especially since in electronic control, there are very large disadvantages, which I will talk about below

Crying system with mechanical control

Not very reliable refrigerators, but compared to similar domestic brands, the quality is much better. Are with the upper and lower arrangement of the freezer. In refrigerators with such a cooling and control system, a hand thermostat or thermostat is used as brains, it is designed to turn off and turn on the refrigerator when it gains a given temperature. First, let’s look at the principle of operation, it consists in the following. When the compressor works, there is a slight intention of hoarfrost on the back wall inside the refrigerator, and after the engine is turned off, thanks to the long.term interval of the refrigerator in a non.working state, this hoarfrows are fraught, and in its place we see droplets, so such a system is also called drip. Thus, the necessary humidity is automatically maintained to prevent the products. This cycle is repeated. freezing, then thawing. The main malfunction in this unit is a freon leak in the wired part, it can only be fixed by installing a crying evaporator in a refrigerator. Less often there are leaks in the condenser circuit, the tubes of which go along the refrigerator case, in which the master has to put an additional condenser behind the refrigerator, this is such a grate of tubes, in general, make it so as in old colds. If the above malfunctions, it is almost impossible to repair with your own hands, then change the thermostat or motor relay, you will be quite able to. In general, if in such a refrigerator, there is no cold in the refrigerator, then feel free to call the master

Crying cooling system with an electronic control unit

The cooling system itself is identical to the one I spoke about in the first paragraph, the reliability of such refrigerators also wishes the best, but again, compared with domestic manufacturers, the quality is still higher. In principle, these are the same refrigerators as in the first paragraph, only instead of the thermostat there is an electronic control unit here, which even more reduces their reliability, in view of the fact that the electricity supplied to our house, to put it mildly, is not the best qualities. Repair of refrigerators of this type is quite problematic, there are a lot of nuances associated with sensors and hits. In short, there is something to talk about, a leak of Freon and a breakdown of the motor, I will immediately remove it, I will tell you exactly about the hike and sensors. To begin with, I propose to read, one of the questions that quite often sounds in my workshop and on my YouTube channel, regarding the repair of these refrigerators

I have a Samsung refrigerator, a drip system of thawing, that is, on the back wall of the refrigerator compartment, that frozen then melted droplets of water are constantly hanging. The other day, our Samsung has stopped working, the following situation occurs, after involving a socket, it gains cold, both in the freezer and in the refrigerator, but then it turns off and does not turn on, the electronic display behaves somehow strange. Previously, the temperature has always been highlighted on the display, now after we turn on the refrigerator in the outlet, it is also displayed, but until that moment, until the refrigerator is turned off, then some abrasadabar appears in the form of incomprehensible letters or numbers and some lines

This malfunction is inherent in the Samsung refrigerators with electronic control, it occurs due to improper operation of the latch. I did not make a reservation, but in these units there is also a tickle, it stands on a crying evaporator, and it is turned on and turned off, it leads a sensor, which stands almost nearby. In general, you need to get to the control module in order to check the touch and sensor, the resistance of the sensors on Samsung about 6 kOhm at room temperature. To replace the rack sensor with the Samsung RL27 model, you need to cut the square on the back wall, as shown in the photo below, it is usually located in the same place, this is the left upper corner of the refrigerator

Photo location of the touch sensor in the refrigerator Samsung RL 27

Management of the refrigerator and freezer, also occurs at the expense of sensors, that is, they and the control module, act as a thermostat. In general, if we talk about this system, it turns out that such a very common malfunction as a Freon leak and a clogged caplicity, the problem with replacing the reckoning sensor and the latch itself were added. In addition, the temperature sensors very often buggle, and the control module itself is not able to withstand the differences in our voltage

Good day! Samsung refrigerator.271. Last year, the master changed the timer, and now the refrigerator turns on, begins to freeze and is almost immediately covered with hoarfrost and melts. Not freezing.What sensors should be changed

Why the camera does not work in the refrigerator

If the factors listed above are excluded, the reason for the lack of cold in the main compartment lies in the breakdown. If you have a refrigerator of the brand “Samsung”, “Indesit”, “Stinol”, “Shivaki” or any other, a table with possible breakdowns will come to your aid.

Such symptoms also indicate a refrigerant leak, only in the area of ​​the steel circuit of the freezer compartment (in models with the lower arrangement of the freezer).

Blocks of the drainage system provoke flowing excess water to the front of the freezer compartment. In this area, a steel circuit passes behind the plastic panel, which prevents the appearance of condensate on the sealant. Plastic in view of its porous structure passes the water inward, which is why the steel part rusts, cracks appear on it, and the freon disappears.

Not every malfunction has “symptoms” by which it can be detected. The failure of the camera can also provoke such malfunctions:

  • Damage to the launch relay. It is commonly caused by the natural wear of the part or the voltage jump on the network. The details of the part are required.
  • Clogging of the capillary system or blockage of the filter-dryer. In the system, oil circulates, sometimes it causes a blockage of a capillary tube, which interferes with normal circulation of freon. If the master confirms the problem, oil and freon are changing.
  • Failure of the air thermal sensor of the refrigerator or evaporator sensor (for electronic models). In this case, the control board does not receive the temperature signals in the chamber, therefore the compressor does not start, the temperature grows. We need to replace the failed node.
  • Temperature breakdown (for mechanical models). The situation is similar-the compressor does not start due to incorrect temperature indications. Replacing the part will solve the problem.

If you were not able to independently identify the breakdown and find out why the refrigerator does not cool, entrust this task to a good specialist so that your refrigerator has worked for many more years.

Samsung refrigerator broke. why?

When the equipment with the No Frost system does not work, there can be many reasons. The sealing system itself consists of several parts and nodes to accurately determine the place of breakdown, a complete diagnosis of technology is carried out.

  • Compressor motor or its relay. If the refrigerator does not work, the motor does not start, the motor is checked and the launcher relay is carried out. It is the relay that allows the motor to turn on and disconnect. Therefore, if it is stolen in one position or deteriorated, replacement is carried out.
  • Air sensor. In working condition, the sensor gives signals to the controller module about the temperature in the chamber. If the sensor breaks, then the board does not give command to cool the department. Therefore, repairs are carried out.
  • The heater of the evaporator. The heater helps to hide the hoarfrost, which is formed during cooling. Hook melts, turning into drops of water that flow into a drainage hole. Когда нагреватель ломается, оттайка не происходит, и на стенах камеры нарастает снег.

We have listed the main causes of breakdowns in the No Frost system. In fact, there can be many of them, and each depends on the individual case. Watch the video :

Samsung refrigerator is constantly working

Normally, the refrigerator motor is periodically disconnected for “rest”. If the compressor works constantly, but the refrigerator does not freeze, the reasons may be different. Perhaps the camera door is poorly closed due to the leaky fit of the seal, or the case overheats due to insufficient ventilation.

  • Damage to the control module. Since the module controls all nodes, when it breaks down, the refrigerator may not freeze, or its work is violated.
  • Cooling gas leak also leads to the fact that the compressor works without stopping, but cooling does not occur.
  • Engine wear. The compressor works loudly due to worn parts. Its power is not enough to create pressure in the tube. The temperature in the department does not reach the set attitudes.

Having decided on a breakdown, you decided to call the repair master? Then prepare the refrigerator for his arrival:

  • Disconnect the equipment from the network;
  • free the cameras from the products;
  • defrost the technique for the day;
  • Wash the branches and let them dry;
  • Move the body from the wall.

Remember that technology with high technology and electronic component requires a special approach and careful attitude. In addition, when replacing spare parts, it is necessary to buy original details that a specialized store can offer.



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