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Samsung refrigerator does not freeze the freezer Mrsams

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Indesit refrigerator stopped freezing: searching for the cause and elimination of it

Indesit refrigerators are in wide demand, this brand has proven itself as a reliable supplier of good household appliances. But even these units are not alien to breakdown and unscheduled failures. This can happen due to prolonged operation, interruptions with electricity or for independent reasons. If the Indesit refrigerator does not freeze, you should figure out why this problem has arisen and how to solve it.

The two.chamber unit consists of two main cameras: refrigerated and freezer. The difference between a single.chamber and two.chamber refrigerator is that in the second case there are two autonomous evaporators for each of the cameras. The freezer is not built into a common refrigerator and works as a separate system.

Also in the two.chamber refrigerator between the cameras there is a partition that performs the function of the heat insulator. Its presence is mandatory, thanks to it, high.quality cooling of products by different evaporators occurs.

The main advantage of such units is that the breakdown of one camera does not always affect the performance of the second. Therefore, there is a partial repair of equipment without a complete replacement of the refrigerator.

Why the Indesit refrigerator does not freeze. the reasons

If the refrigerator suddenly failed, do not immediately rush to call the master. In some cases, it is possible to repair the Indesit refrigerator with your own hands. But before the intervention it is necessary to understand the root causes of the breakdown. It depends on this factor whether it is possible to independently solve the problem or will it be necessary to attract specialists.

It is recommended to consider the most common types of malfunctions and figure out why the Indesit refrigerator does not freeze.

The door is poorly closed

This may not necessarily be a visible gap. Even a minimum gap of half a million between the unit housing with a rubber door seal makes it impossible for the stable operation of the compressor. The heat constantly circulating through the gap in a circle makes the refrigerator constantly pump the freon and not turn off. Because of this, the refrigerator can make extraneous sounds. The reason may be:

Frequent reason why the refrigerator does not freeze. the wrong choice of installation site. On the back of the refrigerator is a capacitor. a coil, according to which Freon is pumped. Through him he gives heat selected from cameras. In some models, the capacitor is located in the side walls.

If there is no air access to the coil, or it is poorly circulating, Freon will not have time to cool. Because of this, there will be a high temperature in the cameras. It seems that the refrigerator does not cool. Possible reasons:

  • The back wall of the refrigerator is close to the wall of the room;
  • Equipment or furniture are located close to the side walls;
  • Immediately above the refrigerator are hinged cabinets or shelves.

To avoid problems. look at the instructions. It should indicate minimal distances, gaps from walls to other furniture items. If it is not, use these recommendations:

  • The minimum distance from the rear wall is 10 cm;
  • The gap between the side walls and other furniture items is 3-5 cm;
  • If the condenser is in the lateral walls-5-10 cm;
  • Distance from the top of the refrigerator to hinged furniture. 10 or more see.

Examination of the seal

Sealing gasket in modern refrigerators is made of soft magnetic rubber so that the material tightly fitting the entire perimeter of the door. If the rubber of the gasket has cracked or broke, it will not work to repair it. you need to buy a new seal.

If there is a gap, the compressor can work constantly, but the cold will go through the gap, and there will be no fright of the unit at the proper level. Do not go to cheap offers, it is better to buy an original gasket that will definitely last much longer than a fake.

The increased and unnatural rigidity of the seal can come from old age or from contact with cleaning means. Replacement is not obligatory. you can try to return the plasticity with rubber homework. This can be faster and cheaper than contacting the service center. After dismantling the seal, do the following: warm the rubber with hot water for 15-30 minutes.

To remove the seal and not damage it, first find out how it is fixed. Often it is fixed on glue or special mounting foam, and then it can simply be torn without damage. The second case is the fastening of rivets or other types of metizes. The dismantling method should be selected on the spot. cut the rivets, cut them down with a chisel or cut off a corner grinder.

What to do if the freezer stopped freezing

There is an extensive list of breakdowns of the freezer. To solve the problem correctly, you need to deal with the causes of the malfunction. Some recovery work can be performed independently. But for complex breakdowns, an appeal to a professional master is required.

To make high.quality repair, it is important to consider the causes of malfunctions. To eliminate congestion in capillary systems, just tap the tubes. This will help to move the sown particles and advance them forward.

For cleaning drainage pipelines, it is required to fill with hot water. To do this, you can use a syringe or rubber pear.

The replacement of these parts will help to restore the performance of thermostat and thermostat and the thermostat. To find out the exact cause of the malfunction, the master must make diagnostic measures.

The compressor overheating can provoke a decrease in cooling. In this case, you can try to push the equipment from the wall. If this does not help, replacement is performed.

To deal with mechanical damage, first defrost the technique. Fill damaged areas with insulation or foam. To eliminate the breakdown of the touch sensors, a change in the mechanism may be required. To remove the rust from the tubes, try to do 9 % vinegar.

At the first signs of the problem, conduct an inspection of the equipment. Then check compliance with the rules of operation and care. In other cases, use recommendations for repair work. Simple malfunctions can be eliminated with your own hands. In more serious cases, call professional specialists.

Light breakdowns, due to which there is no cooling of the refrigerator

You can predict a breakdown by observing the behavior of a low-temperature chamber, it should be much colder than necessary, and a temperature of about 15-20 degrees Celsius is constantly kept in the refrigerator. Rarely about too high temperatures becomes known with the help of a special emergency alarm of the refrigerator (if, of course, it is added by the manufacturer), or the red indicator on the control panel of the refrigeration cabinet will burn.

If the refrigerator is controlled by a mechanical method of switching temperature, then you can find out the temperature inside the compartments through the thermometer left in the container with water in the non.working compartment for half a day. If the refrigerator is controlled through the electronic method and there is a screen, the temperature itself will be displayed on the device display. In this case, diagnosing a malfunction is much easier. The final symptom is the nozzle functioning of the compressor. However, the simpler reasons that cannot be called too complicated in correction can be involved here, the following are most often found:

  • Damage or wear of the elastic band on the refrigerator door is the cause of the spoiled tightness of the refrigerator, if so, then to correct a malfunction with the temperature regime, you need to change the gum for a whole.
  • In addition, tightness can be disturbed due to the weakly adjacent chamber sash, then the heat from the room enters the refrigeration chamber. The reason for this can serve as a damaged sealing gum higher and an uneven floor on which there is a refrigerator.
  • If there is too much food in the freezer, then it begins to interfere with the transition of the air between the chambers, and in addition, the entire power of the compressor is used only to ensure the operation of the freezer, but the refrigerator is no longer enough power. To fix this problem, you need to remove extra products from the freezer and defrost the refrigerator as a whole.
  • If there are heaters, batteries, oven, radiators, etc. nearby near the refrigerator.D., then devices of many companies (Bosch, Stinol, Vestel, Beko, and T.D.) begin to fail with such “neighbors”. This can happen, and if the back wall is closer than 5 cm to the wall of the apartment. To deal with such a problem, it is again necessary to defrost the refrigerator and rearrange it to a more successful place, away from the wall (further than 5 cm), from the heat source, to the smooth surface.

As you can understand, the first reason for such problems with cooling is the simplest and most successful, it can be corrected without problems at home, without much expenses, which is in terms of money, which is in terms of time.

Heavy breakdowns, due to which there is no cooling in the main chamber

But there are some more severe malfunctions that are not possible to quickly fix it, they can only be fixed with the help of a master. To such problems of refrigerators, when the freezer works as it should, and the refrigerator has an elevated temperature, the following are:

  • The capillary tube was clogged with something.
  • The drainage hole clogged.
  • The temperature sensor has broken.
  • The refrigerant leaked.
  • The magnetic valve failed, which is why it is impossible to switch the temperature regime.
  • The fan engine stopped working.
  • One motor inside two.compressor refrigerators covered.

Keep in mind! Any of these problems should be fully examined by an experienced specialist with the knowledge of the device of refrigerated cabinets, otherwise an illiterate attempt to repair will lead to even greater problems.

  • Clogging of the capillary tube. It can be clogged with oil, in this case, the frost passes as it should, but the refrigerator has too high temperature. In addition, this is possible all due to the problem in the work of the evaporative block, since the signs of incorrect work in such non-proceeds are extremely similar to each other. Experts find out the exact cause of the malfunction by analyzing the temperature indicator on a certain segment of the device, such as the compressor-concentrator. If the blockage is small, that is, a chance to cope in person. through patting on the right pipe, but you need to do this lightly, otherwise you can harm it. If the problem has not been resolved, then it is still worth calling the master of refrigerators, since such actions can cause many other problems associated with the wrong repair methods.
  • Blockage of drainage holes in the so.called “crying” devices. a normal situation if the refrigerator has a ruffle in front of a drainage hole from the rear cover. It is advisable to periodically clean the device, since frequent cleaning reduces the chances of large blockage. Keep in mind that food and other small grains can create traffic jams that prevent the liquids from leaving normally. If the blockage is formed, then it interferes with the drain of water into the desired container located on the floor. Sometimes you can use a sprint for the cleaning procedure, for this you need to collect not cold water, but warm and pour it into a drainage hole with pressure. You need to do this at least twice and pour water from the container under the compressor. In addition, you can clean the drainage hole in another way: using a soft wire or a manual pump. If you choose a wire, then you need to rotate and move it back and forth for at least 3 minutes. To check whether the drainage hole has passed successfully, it is necessary to pour a little liquid into the mug and pour this water into a special groove near the hole through which the drain occurs. If the drainage is very clean, then the water disappears instantly, but if the water begins to stagnate, then it should be cleaned again, after which we check this method again.
  • If the refrigerant flows from the system.This can happen due to the effect of corrosion or physical damage to the pipeline, since the leak of the freon, associated with the damaged tightness of the cooling circuit, begins. If small cracks or holes appear, then the road to the gas to the output is open. In this case, the compressor tries to correct the lack of cooling, and it begins to work without a break, however, as you can understand, this does not help. Only a refrigerator repair specialist can repair a problem. He will find a leakage, fix it and add the missing refrigerant to the pipeline again.
  • Magnetic valve breakdown. if the refrigerator is made with a single compressor, the magnetic valve distributing the cold can get stuck in one position. Often he gets stuck on the freezer of the freezer. In order to deal with this problem, you just need to replace the valve, however, it is worth entrusting such a thing only to the wizard for the repair of refrigeration equipment, otherwise you can cause other malfunctions in the absent qualification in this matter.
  • Damage to the temperature sensor. in the refrigerators controlled by electronics, the sensors are directly inside the refrigerator itself. And this means that it can not be deliberately damaged. In this case, he begins to fail and transmit incorrect indicators, which makes the compressor work at full force. But not one temperature sensor may break, other electronic refrigerators can also be covered. In addition, even mechanical buttons can break or clog. The refrigerator can respond to the failure of the automatic system in different ways, for example, strengthen the freezing of the freezer, but increase the number of degrees in the refrigerator compartment.
  • Engine breakdown at the fan. If you hear strange sounds from the refrigerator, then there are problems in its functioning. It may not always be source of suspicious noise that can be a broken fan motor, since its blades themselves can simply freeze. To check this version of the breakdown, you need to give the device time thawed, and then start the refrigerator again. In case of no solution to the problem, call the master in these matters.
  • Damage of one of two engines at the refrigerator with two compressors. in the case when there are two engines, but only the freezer is active, there is a chance that the whole problem in a broken compressor that regulates the temperature in the main part of the aggregate. Accordingly, during a breakdown of another compressor, they change places, now the refrigerator is freezing, and the freezer compartment has a certain temperature indicated.

Reasons why the freezer does not freeze

Find out why any technique has broken, usually start with food checking. Sometimes the reason that the refrigerator does not freeze products is a banal damage to the cable or even the absence of electricity on the network or a specific outlet.

But, if the freezer has stopped freezing with a normally functioning refrigeration compartment, the problem is it precisely in it.

Last ice and snow or, conversely, their number of them may turn out to be signs of a compressor breakdown, clogged tubes and even a refrigerant leakage.

The simplest problems of the unit

Among the reasons for the freezers of the freezer, a loose door is often found, due to which air enters the chamber.

The refrigerators have a hotpone Ariston, a problem can occur after a long work without planned defrosting. Иногда камера бывает слишком сильно набита продуктами, и техника не справляется со своей задачей.

All these issues are solved simply, without demanding the call of the master. In the first case, the problem with a poorly closing door should be solved. In the second. to defrost the equipment, turning it off from the network, in the third. to reduce the degree of filling the camera so that there is free space.

Breakdown in conducting systems

The technique can work incorrectly due to congestion in the capillary system. Nutrients fall into the tubes. sorcini from a worn filter, oil, moisture. Because of this, the cooler in the refrigerators of such a brand as LG does not reach the right place and the products do not freeze.

Congestion do not pass melt water, which accumulates at the bottom of the freezer and flows out. The result is cracked plastic, corrosion of metal elements, due to which the refrigerant flows out.

Problems with automation and electronics

In the freezers of models of any brand, including Liebherr, there is a temperature sensor responsible for maintaining the desired temperature. If it is broken, the products will be frozen incorrectly.

A sign of the problem-a big break in the compressor due to the data incorrectly transmitted by electronics.

Incorrect frost can be a sign of broken mechanical devices or buttons. The STINOL 106 model often has a problem with a timer set in thawing mode. To solve it, there is enough rotation of the regulator by several degrees.

Refrigerant leakage from the system

The freezer of models such as Indesit SFR 167 NF can work incorrectly due to Freon entering the premises. The reason is microcracks in the tubes due to improper operation or wear.

Cracks often appear if the refrigerator has not been defrosting for a long time, or the user tried to speed up this process independently, knocking out the ice with a solid object.

Malfunction of one of the compressors

In this case, the refrigerator works incorrectly. and the refrigerator continues to function in normal cooling mode. Such a malfunction has to face owners of turquoise models 14 or Atlant.

Sealing rubber band problems

A common failure of the refrigerator is damage to the sealing elastic band, which can be sigred or peel off.

The cause is often a long simple unit. Air enters the chamber, increasing the internal temperature.

Because of this, the compressor of the Beko refrigerator or any other brand increases power, but does not solve the problem, but only wear out faster.

Mechanical and chemical damage

During operation on the housing of household appliances, mechanical damage appears. from cracks to holes in the rear wall.

The reasons for the appearance are from poor.quality manufacturing materials to improper operation or transportation. Due to damage, air enters, reducing the effectiveness of freezing.

Oxidation and rust on the tubes

Over time, pipelines with refrigerant begin to flow due to corrosion of the walls. Freon goes through the formed holes, and the cold does not enter the chamber.

Urgent adoption of measures to eliminate the problem is required, otherwise it will lead to the failure of the compressor.

What to do if the freezer stopped freezing

The list of malfunctions of the freezer is quite large. Having determined for what reason the products are not frozen, and the compressor constantly works without turning off, it is worth moving on to solving problems.

Part of the operation to restore work can be performed independently, another. requires the purchase of expensive details and intervention of specialists.

Frost repair in the refrigerator

Solving problems with the freezer should be given the reasons:

  • The neding in capillary systems is eliminated by light tapping through tubes that can move the stuck particles. Drainage pipelines are cleaned with filling with hot water using a rubber pear.
  • To restore the operability of the thermostat and thermostat, they can only be replaced. To identify the cause of the problem, after carrying out the corresponding repair, can only be a master.
  • Restore the dry.drying of the camera will be only its complete replacement.
  • Overheating of the compressor, due to which the cooling mode is violated, you can try to compensate for by pushing the refrigerator from the wall. If this did not help, the detail is changing.
  • You can try to deal with mechanical damage yourself. The equipment is defrosted, the damaged place is filled with foam or insulation.
  • The malfunctions of the touch sensor, due to which the wrong data is transmitted to the control system, are eliminated by the replacement of the device.
  • If the Indesit No Frost model does not freeze, the issue is often solved by the replacement of the heating device.
  • Rust from the tubes is eliminated by processing with a special tool or 9%vinegar. Before processing, you should check the action in a small area, only then using on the entire oxidized surface.

Knowing how to solve problems with the refrigerator, which is poorly freezed, you can try to fulfill the relevant recommendations for its repair. Simple problems are often eliminated with your own hands.

However, in the absence of experience or confidence in their abilities for repair, it is worth calling a specialist. After all, the incorrectly performed repairs will not only not return the work capacity, but can make the problem even more serious.

Simple problems leading to a lack of cooling

It is worth suspecting the problem if the freezer freezes, but there is no refrigerator. In the block, the temperature reaches 15-20 degrees. In some cases, a special indicator notifies the malfunction.

In the presence of electronic control, temperature values ​​are displayed on the screen. In this case, there will be no difficulties in diagnostics. One of the reasons why the refrigerator does not work should be attributed to errors during operation. Air warming occurs with loosely closed doors. For full cooling, the equipment does not have enough power.

The compressor is not able to evenly distribute the refrigerant if the products are laid out very tightly to each other. Untimely defrosting also provokes the poor operation of the unit.

To restore equipment, it is recommended to defrost, remove water from the departments and leave the unit for a day. After that, it can be launched again to the work. The presence of moisture on sealing elastic bands causes their wear. As a result, they lose their tightness.

In case of damage to hermetic elastic bands, it is worthwhile to fully replace them. It is not recommended to glue the elements or apply an additional sealant layer on top. Before performing the repair, the equipment must be unloaded and washed well. If the problem is in the thermostat, this element is also better to replace. A small scheme is placed inside this mechanism, not every master can be fulfilled.

If the refrigerator is poorly freezing, the reason may be in placing different heat sources nearby. Many models in this situation cease to work normally. Problems arise and with too close the location of the posterior surface to the wall. To eliminate the malfunction, it is enough to defrost the unit and put it in a convenient place.

Defrost the system

You can check the indicators inside the chamber using a thermometer. The device is placed in a glass of water for 12 hours.

Serious reasons for the lack of cooling in the main compartment

There are more serious reasons why the equipment does not cold. In this case, the help of the master and competent diagnostics may be required. Since renovation errors can provoke significant violations.

Zaror capillary

If the refrigerator does not freeze and the freezer works fine, the problem can be in the suction of the tube with oil. In such a situation, the main compartment rises high temperature. A breakdown can occur due to a malfunction of the evaporator. These two breakdowns have almost identical signs. To accurately determine the cause, the masters measure temperature values ​​at a distance from the compressor to the capacitor. With minor blockages, you can correct the violation on your own. For this, claps are performed on the tube. If you can’t eliminate the blockage of the capillary system, you should contact professionals.

Clogged drainage holes in crying units

So that the refrigerator does not break, drainage holes should be regularly cleaned. Systematic cleaning will prevent strong blockages.

Normal outflow of fluid can disrupt different garbage. food particles and crumbs. You can perform cleaning work using a sprint into which water is collected and poured into a drainage hole. These actions should be performed several times, and then drained the liquid from the pallet. For cleaning, you can use a wire or manual pump. With the help of wire, rotational movements are made. To check the cleanliness of the system, you need to pour water into the gutter, which is located next to the drain hole. If the system is clean, water will quickly pass without delay.

Clogged drainage holes

Refrigerant leak

Freon follows with violations of the tightness of the cooling circuit. The problem occurs with corrosion damage to the pipeline. If cracks appear, the gas passes out. To restore cooling, the compressor begins to work without stopping. Only the master can determine the leak. After the repair, the specialist will fill the device with a freon.

Magnetic valve malfunctions

The refrigerator does not cold if the magnetic valve distributing the cold will stoop in one position. This happens with one compressor in the design. With this breakdown, the freezer works. The specialist should eliminate the malfunction.

The failure of the thermal attemptor

In some cases, there are problems with automation. With electronic control, sensors are placed inside the camera. If the mechanism shows irregular indicators, the compressor begins to work at full power. Sometimes doors closing sensors can fail. Breakdown occurs when clinging. If an electronic control unit has failed, this will lead to non.standard operation of the equipment. For example, the main compartment is not cooled, and the freezer is freezing.

Fan motor malfunctions

The malfunctions are signaling an extraneous sound during the operation of the refrigerator. The problem can be not only in the engine, but also in the frozen fan blades. In this case, it is enough to give the system to thaw, and then start.

The failure of one engine in 2 x compressor units

If the equipment has two engines, but only the lower or upper freezing chamber works, the reason can be in compressor malfunctions. This element regulates the work in the cold compartment. With a breakdown in another node, a simple freezer is observed during the operation of the refrigerator compartment. This department maintains the necessary temperature.

The failure of one engine in 2 x compressor units

Features of Samsung refrigerators

Samsung positions its refrigerators as representatives of household appliances of the middle and high price category. For successful sales, in addition to various functions, many settings and exclusive design solutions, such a technique should have increased reliability.

How to Test and Reset the Ice Maker on a Samsung Fridge Freezer

Components for refrigerators, such as compressors, sensors and relay, produce well.known companies purposefully by order Samsung.

Most new modifications from Samsung are equipped with an electronic type of control with a railway display, which displays errors in the operation of the unit. Focusing on his tips, you can eliminate small flaws yourself

They are expensive and have good quality. Electronics, such as management fees and inverter, are produced at the factories owned by the company, and it also rarely fails.

Samsung refrigerators agreement sold in the territory of a small one. 1 year. Some sellers provide a paid service for its increase, or provide for some time conditionally free service repairs.

On the most expensive node. a modern linear compressor, Samsung has a 10.year warranty. They really are very rarely breaking

Fix Ice Buildup Easy (4K) Samsung Refrigerator

A long warranty period of service is set for all equipment. 7 years. During this time, the manufacturer is obliged to support and provide maintenance of the product. This also means the presence of original spare parts.

Therefore, in case of breakdown, first of all, you need to carefully study the warranty service agreement.

If, nevertheless, the repair of the Samsung refrigerator is performed at the expense of the consumer, then there are three options:

  • Contact the authorized service center. This is usually the most expensive option, but the repair will be fulfilled according to the manufacturer’s standards.
  • Call a master working independently or as part of a standard workshop for repairing household appliances. There is an opportunity to save on the cost of work and established details.
  • Independently diagnose the problem and try to fix it.

Using the error notification system, you can narrow the circle of nodes that must be checked for performance.

The list of symbols indicating an error that are displayed on the screen, as well as fault codes are given in the operating instructions

Characteristic types of malfunctions

The failure of one of the nodes leads to a specific external manifestation that the user of the equipment sees. Any part of the refrigerator can break, but each manufacturer has different malfunctions.

The refrigerator does not turn on

If one or all the refrigerator cameras are warm, but the compressor does not include the inclusion of the compressor, then there are four main causes of this breakdown:

  • Когда отсутствует любое проявление работы мотора-компрессора и не горят датчики, то это означает проблему с электрикой. First of all, you need to check the power of the outlet and the integrity of the cable. Then you need to call an electrician or call the wiring yourself.
  • The same symptoms can be observed when the refrigerator electronics fail. Although the Samsung technique has a very high quality board and there is high.quality protection against the voltage difference, with poor power supply, their breakdown is still possible.
  • If the indication, control and internal lighting work, but the power of the unit does not occur, then the most likely reason is the compressor malfunction.
  • Similarly manifests itself as a breakdown of the temperature sensor. In this case, the control unit does not receive a signal about the excess of the permissible temperature and it does not give the command to start the compressor.

For Samsung refrigerators, there is a way to determine the performance of the temperature sensor, if cooling does not turn on for a long time, you need to activate the forced cooling mode or accelerated freezing. If the compressor is included in the work, then the problem is in the sensor.

Connecting a temperature sensor to the system using a double.pin terminal is no more difficult than connecting charging to a mobile phone. The main thing is to remember the position of the sensor itself

High temperature in departments

If the temperature in the chambers is high, but the compressor operates in normal mode, then most likely the problem is as follows:

  • Depressurization of capillary tubes and freon leakage. Reducing pressure in the system and air hit the conditions of the phase transition of the refrigerant. In this case, the evaporator’s cold production is reduced or it ceases to function.
  • Loss of tightness of the door, resulting in an uncontrolled flow of warm air from the kitchen room.

The problem with tightness can also be detected by the formation of a small layer of hoarfrost (for the freezer) or condensate (for the refrigerator compartment) in the place where the sealing gum should be adherent to the refrigerator body.

The appearance of condensate does not always signal the breakdown of equipment. Often this is the result of the room in the chamber of hot dishes, uncovered vessels with a liquid left for a long open door

The problem of the formation of ice

As a result of depressurization of the doors, another problem arises. slowly arriving warm air cools near the door and condensation occurs.

In the freezer, where the temperature is much lower than zero degrees, there is an increase in dense snow formations with an admixture of ice particles. In the refrigerator compartment, the condensate seeps through the seal or goes out when opening the door. In this case, on the front side of the refrigerator will be visible incuts.

Even minor damage to the seal leads to the rapid formation of snow growths in the freezer. Therefore, the gum will have to be straightened or changed

Clogging of the drainage system

The condensate formed on the rear wall of the refrigerator is excreted through a special drainage hole. Its diameter is small, since otherwise the cold leak. Water goes by gravity, so impurities gradually settle inside the hole.

The formed narrowing is gradually transformed into a cork that prevents water drainage. A puddle is formed at the bottom of the refrigerator, as a result of which there is an increase in humidity, the spread of odors and the creation of a favorable environment for the propagation of microorganisms. Thus, the conditions of storage of products are worsening.

When clogging the drainage canal, the water without drain returns back to the refrigerator, where it partially evaporates, partially settles besieged on the walls and products

Problems that only the master must solve

The unit was carefully checked, and the freezer works with failures? Then we can talk about a serious problem. Therefore, in this case, you should contact the master. He will diagnose and repair.

Contacting the service center is in the following cases:

  • The evaporator relay broke. It is not possible to carry out repairs, since the spare part only change. You can find out about a malfunction by a layer of snow, which is formed at the location of the evaporator.
  • Pipeline defect as a result of corrosion. Rusty streams testify to the breakdown. The specialist will study the damaged area, if necessary, replace part of the pipeline. If there are small cracks, then it just seals them. With such a breakdown, one can often notice how the freon leakage occurred. In this case, the master will fulfill the refueling.
  • Compressor failure.
  • Refrigerant leak. This can happen due to the depressurization of the cooling circuit or damage to the walls of the chamber. The specialist will conduct diagnostics, find the place of breakdown, and then refuel with freon.
  • Fan malfunction. The problem often occurs after defrosting. It will take a replacement of the part, since perhaps the motor failed due to moisture exposure.
  • The tiere of the rack broke. Repair is impossible, a detail is required. When damaged, the refrigerator is in a state of defrosting and does not turn on. And vice versa. The unit is either covered with an ice crust or does not cold at all. The motor at this moment either does not work at all or rarely turns off.

note. Together with the tier of the hike, a fuse often breaks.

What to do if in a two.chamber refrigerator No Frost does not freeze the upper chamber

The reasons why the Samsung refrigerator does not freeze, many, a number of the simplest can be eliminated on their own. If the equipment has been in operation for several years, then the sealing rubber is the first to become unusable. It can dry, cover with cracks and break. The seal can move away from the door due to dirt or mold. The temperature inside the chamber will not increase strongly, but the flows of warm air will penetrate inside.

What to do if the problem has already appeared:

  • rubber must be removed;
  • Dial the basin of hot water, and then immerse the rubber into it;
  • Rinse it and leave to dry;
  • Install in place.

If the upper chamber does not work, a problem with electrical wiring is possible. Typically, a malfunction is characteristic of devices over 5 years old. You can check the power of the motor on your own. To do this, find the terminals, and then use an indicator screwdriver.

How to check the unit:

  • Find the place where the temperature sensor is located. Its placement is indicated in the operating instructions.
  • Remove the case, conduct a test indicator screwdriver.
samsung, refrigerator, does, freeze, freezer

The equipment could stop cooling due to damage during transportation. Warm air can enter the chamber through cracks and holes. In this case, the device should immediately turn off. When it is thawed, it should be washed and dried. All damage to household appliances should be insulated.

Sometimes an increase in temperature occurs due to non-compliance with operation rules. For example, some consumers send a hot pan to the refrigerator. As a result, the air inside will begin to heat up. The device will take time to normalize the temperature regime. Such a habit should be abandoned, as it can lead to a breakdown of the motor.

Popular breakdowns

Incorrect operation of one of the refrigerator compartments is caused by both a long absence of electricity on the network and a breakdown of the compressor, in which an expensive repair will have to be carried out. The analysis of concomitant signs and examination of the details of the device will help to determine the cause of the breakdown.

Breakdown in conducting systems

If the freezer does not work, you should pay attention to the condition of the capillary system. The blockage of the tubes can be caused by the settlement of foreign substances. particles of machine oil, worn filter or liquid. Due to the breakdown, Freon does not reach the freezer, and the walls of the refrigerator are covered with ice.

The capillaries blockage can be confused with a malfunction of the evaporator.

To identify the reason why the freezer has stopped freezing, measure the temperature of the site located between the compress and the capacitor. If heating is insignificant, we are talking about suction tubes. You can eliminate the breakdown, tapping slightly through the pipeline. The cork will move, and Freon will begin to circulate.

Problems with automation, electronics

The freezer is equipped with a temperature detector. If the refrigerator does not freeze, the sensor must be inspected for damage. If the sensor passes the control unit incorrect indicators, the compressor quickly fails. The detector should be replaced by a working part. The following signs indicate the presence of the problem:

  • long breaks in the operation of the motor;
  • the appearance of incorrect data on the refrigerator display;
  • staging on the walls of the refrigerator.

Sensitive sensors are checked using an ohmmeter. The contacts are nicknamed: if the number 1 appears on the screen, the parts should be replaced.

Refrigerant leakage from the system

If the freezer does not work, and the temperature is mainly higher than the norm, it is worth looking for holes in the tubes on which Freon circulates. If the refrigerator is covered with a thick snowy fur coat, users begin to knock ice with sharp objects. This leads to the appearance of holes through which the refrigerant flows. The smaller the freon remains in the system, the higher the temperature inside the refrigerator will be. If the freezer does not freeze, you need to immediately eliminate damage and pour a refrigerant.

Malfunction of one of the compressors

A similar problem is characteristic of two.compressor refrigerators. In this case, the cooling of only the chamber that is served by a faulty compressor stops. The refrigerator compartment works fine, but the freezer does not freeze. Another sign of breakdown is a fast engine stop after starting. The malfunction occurs with wear or incorrect operation of the part, as well as due to factory marriage or low quality module. If the freezer does not work for this reason, the compressor replacement is required.

Sealing rubber band problems

The rubber seal during prolonged operation can wear out, damage, dry out or peel off. Drying occurs with prolonged location of the device in the disconnected state. When peeling off or wear of the seal, warm air penetrates inside, which is why the freezer begins to freeze poorly. The compressor builds power, which leads to the intention of ice on the walls of the main compartment. If the fridge does not work in the refrigerator, you need to perform the following actions:

  • replace the seal with a new one (for this, the door is dismantled, the old elastic band is removed);
  • soak the gasket in boiling water (this is used to restore the elasticity of the dry seal);
  • glue an elastic band (with small injuries, you can use instant glue)
  • To outweigh the doors (installing facades in the opposite direction helps to ensure a tight fit of the elastic band, however, it is necessary to take into account the position of the refrigerator in relation to other objects).

What else could be

The causes of the malfunction may not be related to the failure of the main details. You can also make the repair of the freezer with mechanical damage with your own hands.

Mechanical and chemical damage

Defects may be found on the case, the appearance of which is the result of impacts or exposure to caustic substances. The presence of a hole contributes to the entry of warm air into the freezer compartment. The compressor works without stopping, but the temperature cannot reach the desired value. Small defects can be eliminated independently. The refrigerator is freed from products and defrost. The damaged area is cut out, after which the insulating material is installed, which is covered with foil.



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