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Saeco coffee machine is not inserted by the coffee preparation unit

Install the coffee cooking unit in a special.

Division until the connection is reached without pressing the “Push” button.

Remove the waste collection container. Close the door for

Scale is in the water used during the work of the machine. It must be regularly removed, as it can clog a water circuit and the coffee contour of your device.For your Philips-Saeco car, this process is very simple.The advanced electronics displays information about the need to clean from scale on the display of the machine (using understandable characters). Enough to follow the instructions described below.

Perform this operation before your device stops working, since in this case the repair is not covered with a guarantee.

Note: in the case of contradictions, the instructions given in the operating and maintenance management are priority in relation to the instructions given on additional adaptations and/or consumables sold separately.

Примечание: прежде чем выполнить цикл очистки от накипи, слейте жидкость из поддона для сбора капель.

Use only the Saeco scale removal. This tool was designed specifically to ensure the high efficiency and functional capabilities of the machine during the entire period of its operation, as well as in order to avoid deviations from the given properties of the prepared drink, if the machine is properly used. The Nabbi removal tool and the “Maintenance Kit” kit can be purchased from your local seller, in the Philips online store at http: // Shop.Philips.COM or in servicified service centers.

Attention! It is forbidden to drink a solution to remove scrap and products supplied by the machine until the cycle is completed. It is forbidden to use vinegar as a means to remove scale.

will not complete the process of rinsing and heating.

Attention! Remove the INTENZA filter before pouring a solution to remove scale.

Примечание: прежде чем удалять накипь.

снимите насадку Cappuccinatore (если имеется) с трубки пара, как описано в главе «Чистка и техническое обслуживание».

Saeco coffee machine cleaning

Daily purification. Important!

To clean the device, use a soft damp cloth Do not place removable components in a dishwasher It is forbidden to immerse the car into the water Do not use alcohol, solvents and/or abrasive materials for cleaning the machine Do not use a micro-wave and/or convection oven for drying the machine and/or its components.

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The principle of operation is Bosch

Some readers will be interested in the principle of operation of the preparation of coffee. It is shown in detail on the video and is as follows:

  • The machine is coffee grains and prepares a portion for cooking;
  • ground coffee enters the tender of the piston;
  • The block is rotated by 45 degrees and is fixed to the place of tea leaves;
  • At this moment, water with steam is prepared;
  • Passed through freshly ground coffee;
  • The finished espresso is served in a cup;
  • “Tablet” of the used portion of coffee falls into the receiver.

The principle of operation demonstrates possible drawbacks, even self.diagnosis of the device does not exclude the need to clean the block. Regularly required:

  • clean the pallet with a spent coffee powder;
  • remove the block and wipe the installation site and moving elements;
  • periodically rinse all pallets in soapy water;
  • clean the filter;
  • Lubricate all moving elements and gaskets with silicone (places shown in the video);
  • carry out coffee fat removal using a special tablet with which a cooking cycle is carried out

This simple maintenance of the Bosch machine will help to avoid the malfunction of the working parts of your coffee maker, including Siemens, Delonghi, Saeco and others. Use our tips and get endless pleasure from high.quality coffee.

Fortress and temperature setting

Click on the “Aroma Strenght” button to configure the fortress of the drink. With the next press of the “Aroma Strenght” button, you will change the fortress of the drink to one value. The level of the fortress will be displayed on the display. It will be preserved if you changed its value directly during the preparation of the drink.

To configure the ideal drink temperature for you, press the Menu button and select one of the three temperatures:

Now you know how to properly prepare and configure your SAECO coffee machine to prepare perfect coffee!

If you have any questions or problems with the configuration of a coffee machine, you can always contact the Service Center “Life with Coffee” and order professional configuration of a coffee machine! Contact us by phone 7 (495) 507-7317 and get a free advice from a master.

Installation of the hob in a neutral position

  • The lever should come into contact with the base of the hob. Otherwise, it can be lowered to the necessary position.
  • Two arrows on the side of the hob should match.
  • Make sure that the clamping clamp clamp on the side panel is in the right, that is, in the extreme upper position. The lock is located incorrectly if it is in the extreme lower position. To install the lock in the correct position, raise it up to a weak click.

Expert Council

Perhaps you have not noticed that the gear mechanism is shifted. When resetting the coffee machine settings, the gear mechanism is automatically returned to its original position. Before you reset the coffee machine settings, make sure that the container for coffee grounds and a droplet pallet are installed in place, and the service door is closed (do not install the hob inside).

If you could not solve the problem yourself, we will always consult you.

Message about the need to clean the container for coffee grounds does not disappear

If you clean the container for coffee grounds when a coffee machine is turned off, the coffee cycle counter will not be dropped, and the message about the need to clean the container for coffee grounds will still be displayed. The message can also be displayed if the container is not yet full.

To the message disappears, follow the following. Draw a container for coffee grounds with a coffee machine turned on, wait for at least 5 seconds and install it in place. Video Instruction applicable to the entire line of fully automatic espresso-coffee machine-not only to the models mentioned in the article.

Nekipi cleaning indicator does not go out after cleaning

If the scale cleaning indicator continues to burn, it is possible to wash the coffee machine after the end of the cleaning cycle from the scale was used insufficient water. Rinse the coffee machine again, fully filling the tank with water.

If you stopped the process of cleaning from scale, turning off the coffee machine, and do not know how to continue cleaning, contact the consumer support center to receive help.

Milk jug does not whip foam

First, make sure that the nose is completely open and properly connected a pipe for feeding milk to the foam jam mechanism.

If the breakdown is not eliminated, disassemble the milk jug and rinse it every part under a stream of warm water.

Try to use semi.dimensional and whole cow’s milk, as well as soy and lactose milk.

The error code “E05/E14” was displayed

Disconnect the coffee machine and let it relax for 1 hour.

Call us by phone. (495) 507-73-17 and receive a consultation on the necessary actions when the Error E05 Code appears.

The operating instructions describe indicators. Download the instructions for the SAECO coffee machine, find the chapter with a description of the indicators and try to independently fix the problem.


Migrates.The coffee cooking unit should be inserted into the machine.

Free the waste collection container and fluid recovery tray.

Burns, not flashing coffee in grains in coffee container.After filling the container, you can start the cycle.

Turn off and after 30 seconds turn on the coffee machine. Try 2 or 3 times. If the car does not start to work, call the client support indicated on the last page of this document.

The manufacturer reserves technical specifications.

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the technical characteristics of the product.

Nominal pressure. Nominal power. Food.Cm. a tablet located on the door from the inside of the body of the thermoplasticcer (d x w x g) (mm) 256 x 340 x 440macca9 kgdlin wire. 1.2 Mapanel control.On the front of the Pannarello (available only on some models). Especially for cappuccinobak for water. 1.5 liters. Removable capacity of coffee capacities (gr).300maximal height of the cup for the supply device (mm) 110 compatibility of waste capacity 10 pump pressure. 15 Barboleler stainless steel.subject device device

Disintegrate unused devices.

Take a fork out of the outlet and cut the electric cord.

At the end of the device’s life, send the device to a suitable place to collect waste.

This product meets the requirements of the EU Directive 2002/96/EC.

, indicated on the device or on its packaging, means that at the end of the service life, the device must be

Philips 4300 LatteGo. how to remove the brew group

disposed separately from household waste. In this regard, the user must hand over the device to the appropriate acceptance point for the processing of electrical and electronic equipment. The corresponding separate collection of equipment intended for the subsequent extraction of materials from it, processing and disposal of harmless to the environment, avoids possible negative consequences for the environment and health, and also promotes the reuse and/or processing of materials from which the equipment is manufactured. To obtain more detailed information about the processing of this product, contact the city administration, a household waste collection service or to the store where you purchased the product.



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