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Robot vacuum cleaner with or without lidar

Robotic vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning

Designed to pick up small debris, dust, pet hair. Powerful devices can clean the carpet (but will not cope with long pile). These models are suitable for people with pets, because they perfectly pick up scattered food, scattered litter filler and hair.

Robotic vacuum cleaners with wet cleaning function

These models are additionally equipped with a water tank and a module with a rag, in addition to collecting dust, they wipe the floor. But before you clean the carpets in these models, you will have to remove the water container.

To solve this problem, Xiaomi has released a robot vacuum cleaner Roborock S7 with VibraRise technology. before entering the carpet, the platform with a wet wipe rises by 5 mm. This model has an advanced silicone brush that cleans up even dried-up stains and winds up hair less. Older models used a regular, fluffy brush that was hard to clean.

Vacuum cleaning robots with wet mopping are suitable for people with allergies, the elderly and sedentary people, families with children, and those who work a lot and want to keep the house clean.

However, these vacuums are inferior to mops or robotic floor scrubbers in terms of wet cleaning quality.

Robot floor cleaners

These devices belong to a different category of home appliances. They have a different design that evenly distributes the load on the rag.

Independence and suction power

All modern vacuum cleaners have an automatic return to the charging station, where they will replenish the charge and wait for the next task from the user. For users who buy a vacuum cleaner in a small apartment, autonomy is not interesting at all, because it will definitely cope. But for large areas, this is an important indicator. You won’t be satisfied with a scenario where the vacuum cleaner cleans half of the house and then goes to recharge it. With an area of more than 100 square meters, we recommend considering a model with a battery of 3000 mAh.

robot, vacuum, cleaner, lidar

But the suction power is definitely of great importance to any robot-vacuum cleaner owners. It is measured in pascals (Pa), and the average value. at 2200. Naturally, the higher the index, the better the vacuum cleaner will suck, but some unscrupulous manufacturers may overestimate this figure. Do not be guided by dry numbers, we advise to see or read real examples of use.

Which robot vacuum cleaner is better to buy in 2022?

It’s hard to think of a more useful device for a smart home than a robot vacuum cleaner. Unlike smart lights, whose usefulness is questioned by many, the convenience of an automatic device for cleaning the apartment is almost impossible to challenge. Just imagine you have a robot in your home that not only knows when to go to pick up dust but knows where it has and has not cleaned. In short, the perfect gadget. The only disadvantage of this type of device is the necessity to clean its dustbin and wash its soft wet mopping head often enough. But with the new Roidmi EVA this will also be a thing of the past. Don’t believe it?

Roidmi EVA is a robot vacuum cleaner that cleans and cleans itself

A robot vacuum cleaner has to be comfortable. and Roidmi EVA takes this to a whole new level.

Roidmi EVA is so far the only robot vacuum cleaner on the market that literally cleans itself. No, of course, everyone knows about the models with a cleaning station, which sucks all the garbage out of the vacuum cleaner when it goes on charge. But to be honest, it’s still a half-measure.

Robot vacuum cleaner with self-cleaning

The Roidmi EVA not only has a wet cleaning function, it also cleans itself

One of the most advanced robot vacuum cleaners with self-cleaning function is Roidmi EVA. Like all vacuum cleaners in this class it has the advantage that you don’t have to empty the bin by hand after each cleaning. The docking station, to which it connects for charging, does it for you. It already has a built in special pump and a large container for collecting dust and debris particles with a capacity of 3 liters, which is enough for plus or minus two months.

Roidmi. is a well-known manufacturer of robot-vacuum cleaners that specializes in self-cleaning solutions. Check out the entire Roidmi range at its official website.

But, unlike all of its predecessors, the Roidmi EVA can not only clean the contents of the vacuum cleaner, but also wash the soft nozzle used for wet cleaning and then dry it. Basically, we are dealing with the first and probably so far the only robot-vacuum cleaner full cycle, which not only cleans and washes your apartment, but also washes itself afterwards. The Roidmi EVA docking station has two 4-liter water tanks for this purpose.

Robot vacuum cleaner for many has already become an indispensable assistant in the household. I can’t imagine how I used to live either. It’s such a thrill to spend an extra 30-40 minutes in the evening on yourself instead of cleaning up. And at the same time the floors in the house shine.

So, get acquainted. iBoto Smart L920W Aqua:

  • vacuums
  • ¶ ¶
  • Does it all quickly and efficiently
  • controls from your smartphone
  • draws a map of the apartment
  • speaks in russian
  • And just a handsome man

In principle, this set of features now has most models. And here’s the lidar. ♪ not everything ♪. ♪ What kind of a beast ♪?

Ultra-modern wet and dry vacuum cleaner equipped with lidar, a device used in astronomy, military industry, road patrol services, security systems and all areas of navigation, up to aviation and space This technology of information processing by means of special optical systems provides a multidimensional picture of location and sweep with 360° coverage, which guarantees an unprecedented quality of orientation in space. Thanks to the lidar, iBoto Smart L920W Aqua maps the room to be cleaned and differentiates between different areas. After mapping, it cleans each area of the house one by one. Currently the “smartest” robot vacuum cleaner in the iBoto family, it is designed for those users who want to be at the peak of modernity and / or have the most demanding cleaning.

In short, this robot vacuum cleaner with lidar perfectly orients in space, finds its base, bypasses all the sudden obstacles (like a cat or our feet).

To use all the features you need wi-fi and a smartphone.

Lines up and remembers the map from 1 time. Subsequently, when rearranging furniture, for example, it navigates and rearranges it by itself.

Divides the room by zones. With a smartphone you can set any cleaning area.

With it, there will be no comical situations like “sucked the slippers and hung up”, or “moved the cat tray and blocked himself out”, or “did not find the base and discharged” (all this according to acquaintances who bought the first robots a few years ago).

The iBoto Smart already feels like progress.

It has a lightweight charging station. is not the main thing, but it’s just aesthetic.

Because of the lidar (round thing on top) it is quite high. 94 mm, that’s worth considering. Is it good for under furniture? It’s good for our furniture, t.No one can get under it anyway.

The iBoto has different containers for dry cleaning and washing. You have to rearrange. But for me this is a plus.к. There is a carpet in the apartment and there is no need to get it wet. That’s why dry and wet cleaning must be done separately.

Washes laminate and linoleum very clean (tested, as in the program “Revizorro”).

When washing it does not leave streaks and damp, but

The surface is moistened moderately and evenly.

The iBoto has three modes of operation: slow, medium and turbo. It varies in power and speed. In general, it cleans very quickly.

Works quietly, many times quieter than a normal vacuum cleaner. Indicator. The cat’s not afraid of him.

Has 2 side brushes and large turbo brush.

Turbo brush is easy to remove and clean. Comes with a special attachment for cleaning. Brush with a knife (cut off coiled hair).

The photo is not all that it can say. I don’t even know, all the phrases I can’t think of. These. the most popular, but can sometimes surprise. While building a map, for example, asked not to stand near.

Overcomes high obstacles (1.5 cm).

Moves confidently into tight spaces, slightly larger than its width. Doesn’t get lost, doesn’t get tangled.

No remote control, but you do not need it.к. Can be controlled through app.

Virtual wall, where it doesn’t need to go, can also be set in the app.

Can work in automatic mode (t.е. without a smartphone) at the factory setting. For this, you just need to press the button. Will clean all zones consistently on medium power.

Carpet cleans well. Cat’s and my hair is removed without any problems.

You can set a schedule for cleaning. Will clean at a certain time, for example, when we are not home.

Т.к. new model. consumable kit (spare brushes, etc.).п.) at the official website. 1400 Not yet available on Ali. But by the time you need it, there will definitely be.

Personally, I think this model is great. So I recommend it!

I want to share a review about another miracle of technology, namely a robot-vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Roidmi Eve with a dust collecting station. I used to have a robot, but the most common one, and how I got tired of cleaning the container from the trash every time after cleaning it. And it was very difficult to do!

And with the new robot vacuum cleaner there is no problem!

The equipment came to me in 2 boxes, one of them was a robot vacuum cleaner, and the other one. dusting station (charging base).

They look classic. white with no unnecessary drawings. So it fits in any interior.

The advantage of this model is that after cleaning, the robot drives up to the base, which collects the dust from its container. That means it does not need to be cleaned after each cleaning.

Purchased on Aliexpress.

The robot has 2 brushes on the sides and one large brush in the center. A big plus that the brush is partially silicone, because otherwise it would be difficult to clean it from debris and hair.

The dust container built into the vacuum cleaner looks like this. It’s big and divided into two parts. Underneath is a filter and it sucks in all the debris and hair, and on top there is a narrow container for water to do wet cleaning.

The robot has a spinning lidar on top. Thanks to it, the robot shoots a laser around itself while it is cleaning, building a map and identifying the obstacle in the present second. That is, if a child was not sitting on the floor a minute ago, and now he is, the robot will see it and will not run him over!

For extra control of the situation on the sides of the vacuum cleaner are sensors.

There are also 3 buttons on top:

But we don’t use them very often. Mostly just to turn the robot off before cleaning every 3 months. We manage the same in the phone through a special application.

The Talking Robot. In the app, you can choose the language in which it will talk. I’ve chosen the Russian female. Of the phrases he mostly speaks:

  • Starting charging.
  • I start cleaning.
  • Cleaning is complete. Taking off the mop and cleaning it.
  • Entering wet cleaning mode.
  • Dust container extracted / installed and other phrases.

LIDAR, Camera, Gyro, Random ��, Pros and Cons of each of the Robot Vacuum Navigation Systems

The robot’s size is standard, but the base can make the whole system look unwieldy. So the robot needs a specific place in the room.

In addition to charging, the base of the robot performs the function of a dust collection station. The robot finds the base without any problems, wherever it is located. But it is better not to change its position.

After cleaning, the robot drives up to the base and it starts sucking the dust out of its container. That is, the base itself performs the role of a vacuum cleaner.

Convenient that you can turn on the vacuum cleaner when you leave the house. And there is no need to clean it upon arrival. You walk into a clean apartment and get high! By the way, the vacuum cleaner always sends notifications about the completion of cleaning and any events.

Inside the base is a garbage bag and a brush-blade for cleaning the vacuum cleaner.

The bag takes a long time to fill. We vacuum every day or every other day. Apartment 120 square meters where a Maine Coon cat lives. So in almost a year of using the vacuum cleaner we have changed only 2 bags. Here’s a comparison of a full and an empty bag.

The first time you start it, it goes over the entire apartment and builds a map. Accordingly for him the only important thing is the floor, where he can go. But for example, the bed, couch, the island in the kitchen, he left a blank space at all. And it is clear, he will not go there on them.

In addition to individual rooms, you can clean an area or a point (select them on the map as a square). Like eating sunflower seeds on the couch. Got up, and there was some debris on the floor. You can call the vacuum cleaner to the couch area instead of vacuuming the entire living room.

When selecting rooms, you can assign a cleaning sequence. But here is a but! Previously, the robot worked perfectly, it listened to me which room to go to first and where to go at the end. For example, I set it to vacuum the nursery and bedroom first, then the hall, study, corridor and finally the kitchen, bathrooms and hallway. But after the last update the robot has become stubborn and does not want to leave the hallway and toilets afterwards. He can vacuum them when he sees them. Hopefully, with the next update, this problem will be solved!

On the map in red, you can highlight the areas where the robot does not need to go. We have the kitty litter box area and the breezer cord area in the bedroom highlighted this way.

In addition to the map, the app lets you see the charge level, the time of the last vacuuming, and the total cleaning area. As you can see, in an apartment of 120 square meters, the free floor area is only 57 meters. Here, of course, is the pantry and the balcony, because we do not let the vacuum cleaner there.

All vacuum cleaner vacuuming is written in the history. We once reset the memory of the vacuum cleaner to add a nursery after the arrangement (it used to serve as a pantry, and the vacuum cleaner was not allowed to go there). But as it turned out, you could not zero the vacuum cleaner, and just open the door to the room. It would have detected the new zone on its own.

In the application you can also see the state of consumables and understand when it is time to clean them. But I clean them when I have time. Usually it’s once every 3-4 months or so. And the app says you can keep them off for even longer.

In the settings of the base, you can choose how often to collect dust from the container. Also what to show on the display. either the percentage of charge or the number of cycles to collect dust in the base.

The vacuum cleaner itself can also be adjusted and the noise level and power can be changed depending on the room. And also turn on high power when cleaning carpets, put on a do not disturb mode, or set the time of daily cleaning.But I’m more comfortable to turn on the vacuum cleaner when it’s needed, so it doesn’t get underfoot unnecessarily.

Like any self-respecting robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Roidmi Eve has a wet cleaning function. To do this, pour water into the container through a special hole closed by a silicone plug.

And also to connect a mop that distributes water, with a rag. I recommend soaking the rag very well and not wringing it out. That way the efficiency of the wet mopping will be higher. If the rag is not pre-wet, by the time it gets wet with the spreading mop, the vacuum cleaner can already go around an entire room, and then that area will be left without a cleaned floor.

But the rest of the water I never drain. The vacuum cleaner runs fine with it until the next wet cleaning, which I run about once a week.

I seldom have to mop the floor by hand anymore because of the wet mopping. Mopped the floor about 4 times in the past year at most.

The vacuum cleaner does all the dirty work. It’s more than just a doormat, after washing it, you can feel the freshness and there’s no dust on the floor.

In the photo below you can see what a wet trail it leaves behind.

And you can switch the mopping on the Y-route. Then the vacuum cleaner will imitate the movements of a mop, but it will double the time of cleaning, and you need to refill the water in the container.

♪ He vacuums very well, too ♪. Picks up all the dirt, hair, hair. It is pleasant to walk barefoot on the floor after vacuuming.

It climbs under curtains without sucking them into itself. Does not bump into the cat, but drives around it or insists on getting out of the way, because the cat often likes to block its way.

I would rate the quality of cleaning at 10 out of 5. I have nothing to complain about.

The battery is enough for a large apartment. It is claimed that it can vacuum up to 250kV. It cleans our apartment in an hour or so, and the battery runs down to 50-60%. At first it was 70-80%. I’m worried that the battery may die soon completely. But nothing prevents you to buy a new one!

In order to ensure that the robot has served faithfully for many, many years, sometimes you do need to clean it. I do it about once every three or four months. This is the condition it is in after so much time of constant cleaning.

It needs to clean the big and small brushes, remove hair from the wheels, clean or replace the filter.

Despite all the advantages of this robot, there are some small problems with it.

  • If you have a large apartment and very long that you have two WI-FI points per apartment, as we have. Then the robot may lose the network when you switch from one point to another. He’ll finish cleaning, of course. But after collecting garbage at the base in the app it will not be available. We will have to reboot it. It doesn’t happen every cleaning, but it happens. We have a room away from the base. it’s a cabinet. And that’s where the problems come in.
  • The next problem. is his stubbornness and unwillingness to vacuum the rooms in the order I want them. But I wrote about it above.
  • Last problem. It’s the first time he started wet cleaning, he didn’t wet the rag at all. And if my husband hadn’t thought to run the current through the wire in the water supply container, I probably would have had to return the vacuum cleaner. And after discharging the current (like 40) it started working right away!

I definitely recommend the robot! It makes it much easier to keep the apartments clean! You don’t have to run around with a rag before guests come over, you just turn on the vacuum cleaner!

Thank you for reading my review. I hope it was helpful. If that’s the case, take a few seconds to check the “I like it” box.

Robot vacuum cleaner navigation system: which is better, laser or camera?

The efficiency of each robot vacuum cleaner, as you know, depends on how well it sees the environment and, accordingly, is able to plan their actions in this environment.

That is why companies producing robot vacuum cleaners try to constantly improve the vision system of new models (for more information about the novelties see here).

And of these, that is, navigation systems, which are equipped with consumer class robots, currently there are two: laser and visual.

And in this connection, the question can’t help but arise, which of them is better?? And in order to answer it and, consequently, to choose the most suitable model of home cleaner, we just need to remember a little of what we all were taught in physics classes at school.

So, a robot vacuum cleaner with, shall we say, laser guidance in space is guided by data from a pulsed laser scanning module, the so-called lidar (or LDS sensor).

This is actually a miniature laser rangefinder which while rotating with high speed (very high) continuously scans the surrounding space in the given planes and counts distances to obstacles by time of reflection of beams, and the built-in computer on the basis of this information makes estimation of relative position of the device and costs the route of its movement.

And given that one of the main advantages of lidar is the accuracy, it is believed that the robot vacuum cleaners can better navigate in the room, including in complete darkness.

But the laser positioning system also has at least two significant disadvantages. First, since a laser beam is primarily a beam, lidars (any) have constant problems detecting specular objects (highly reflective surfaces). It can be, for example, a French window, a larger floor mirror, a vase or even a lacquered table or chair leg.

And secondly, if a home robot is equipped with an inexpensive lidar rotation mechanism, it may not last long.

In turn, a robot vacuum cleaner equipped with a visual navigation system literally looks at the world through the lens of a camera and evaluates the surrounding environment, reading and processing optical images, which are essentially a combination of light points of different brightness.

And since optical images look different at different angles, and their analysis is performed through a complex algorithm and at high speed, the robot vacuum cleaner has enough data to create an accurate map of the room and effectively navigate through it.

However, as it is easy to guess, in the dark or in poor lighting (for example, under the bed or under the closet), when there is not enough light for the camera, the robot vacuum cleaner, equipped only with a visual navigation system, simply goes blind and loses its orientation.

That’s the oil painting. So the question which of the navigation systems is better, laser or visual, can be considered not quite correct. Each of them is better, but only in certain conditions. That’s why the top-of-the-line robot vacuums are equipped with combined systems (both lidar and camera). They cost more, but these models cope with their tasks much better.

Dreame Bot L10 Pro

The top three opens Dreame Bot L10 Pro. Like other robots in the rating, makes a map using laser navigation. But its main feature is not in the lidar, but in the presence of a front camera for obstacle detection. Compared to conventional IR sensors, this system has three advantages. First, the vacuum cleaner knows in advance if it will pass under the sofa and between the legs of the chair, so it does not make unnecessary movements. The eye-eyed robot hardly engages the tactile sensor and does not move even light obstacles. Secondly, the app has a non-contact cleaning mode, which comes in handy in a room with floor mirrors or unstable vases on the table or floor. And third, the robot marks obstacles on the map, such as furniture legs, freestanding boxes, flower pots, etc. п.

Not much use, but easier to navigate when zoning. 4000 Pa suction power is enough for grits, sand, pet hair and other debris. To wipe the floor, the robot has a mop with a 270 ml tank and smart water delivery. Given the advanced navigation, its price tag is quite modest. only 29 thousand.

  • stylish design;
  • the recognition of objects on the floor;
  • powerful motor;
  • dry and wet cleaning with one start;
  • obstacle avoidance mode;
  • Premium materials and construction;
  • is friends with Alice.
  • minimal equipment;
  • one end brush;
  • no settings for cleaning each room;
  • Recognizes black carpets as height differences;
  • the lid collects fingerprints.

Unlike Viomi S9 this robot comes without self-cleaning station, but it is equipped with an advanced navigation system and one of the most powerful motors on the market. At the moment Dreame Bot L10 Pro is the most affordable model with a front-facing camera. The nearest equivalent costs twice as much. If the manufacturer had paid more attention to wet cleaning, Dreame could take a higher place, but in spite of a number of advantages, it is still noticeably inferior to the new flagship Roborock.

  • Navigation: how the robot determines the path of its movement and interacts with obstacles?
  • Suction power: on different surfaces many robot vacuum cleaners operate at their limits.
  • 1 place: Roborock S6 MaxV. the best robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi.
  • 2nd place: Roborock S5 MAX. powerful and efficient home helper.
  • 3rd place: Mijia LDS. the perfect robot vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning.



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