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Robot vacuum cleaner does not return to the base

How to properly adjust the robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi?

Now let’s move on to the most popular brand of robotic vacuum cleaners in Russia. Xiaomi.

Getting the apartment ready to clean

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How to properly set up the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner?

Before you set up the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner, you need to prepare the space where it will clean:

  • Keep cables out of the way so the cleaner doesn’t get tangled up, and don’t place objects on the floor that the unit can trip or tip over.
  • Make sure that there are no small things lying on the floor that you need. the gadget can pull them in.
  • If there are areas in the apartment where you don’t want the gadget to go, tape the perimeter with magnetic tape. This way you will create a “virtual” fence for your technique.

Install the docking station for a robot vacuum cleaner

Just before you set up the Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner, determine the right place for the base:

  • on a level surface;
  • Not less than 50 cm of free space on the back and sides;
  • At least 100 cm of free space in front of the front part;
  • there are no obstacles for the vacuum cleaner to approach the base;
  • no direct sunlight to the station;
  • at the location of the base a good Wi-Fi signal.

Charging the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner

How to charge the robot vacuum cleaner correctly?

You can only set up your robotic vacuum cleaner when it is charged. But before you can set up the robot vacuum cleaner, you need to do the following:

  • Open the back cover of the station and unwind the cord to the desired length. Don’t want the cord to be too long. the vacuum cleaner will get caught on it, unplug it, and turn the station off.
  • Connect the base to the mains.
  • On the top panel of the vacuum cleaner itself, press the power button. There will also be a charging status indicator. an oval glowing in outline. White. more than 50% charge, orange. 20-50%, scarlet. less than 50%.
  • If your vacuum cleaner is completely discharged, the light will not turn on. just press the device to the base for wireless charging.
  • If battery is charging successfully, light will flash on and off.
  • As soon as the device is fully charged, the oval will begin to glow with a white light without blinking.

Before setting up the Xiaomi Vacuum robot vacuum cleaner, charge the device 100%.

Adding to the mobile app

Setting up the app for robot vacuum cleaners

For your robot assistant to start working, all you need to do is tap the corresponding button on the body. But you can control the vacuum cleaner contactless, remote. For Xiaomi devices, it is enough to download the free application Mi Smart Home, available in both the App Store and Google Play.

You bought a Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner. how to set up the Russian language? If you are in Russia, the menu will automatically be in Russian. At the same time, the vacuum cleaner itself can “speak” in Chinese. To fix this, you need to install in its “stuffing” Russian language package.

After installing the app on your smartphone, move on to the most important process. So, how to set up a robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi through the app:

  • Create an account. It is easier and faster to register here through your page.
  • Set the region for the connection (Profile. Settings. Region. Your Country). Take your time choosing, but rather look at the box of your vacuum cleaner. If you see characters. China, English. one of the European countries, Russian. Russia. So if you want to be able to control your device from the app, buy a device made for the country you live in.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. this is necessary for the program to determine your location. On “Androids” you may need permission to access geolocation. Go to Settings, Apps section. scroll down to Mi Smart Home. In the “Permissions” subsection, go to “Location.
  • Reset your Wi-Fi settings to configure your robot vacuum cleaner. Make sure that the network you want to connect to is in the 2.4 GHz band.
  • Set up the Mi Robot Vacuum for iPhone: on the home screen of the app, tap on Mi Home. In the upper right corner of the next window. on In the suggested list, find and select your device. Then select your Wi-Fi network. The next choice is your robot vacuum cleaner from the list of available wireless devices.
  • To set up the Xiaomi Vacuum Mop for Android: from the home page of the app, click on Mi Home. At the top right of the display, tap on the map will appear where you need to select your robotic vacuum cleaner. This is how easy it is to set up your Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner for Android.
  • Next, your smartphone and vacuum cleaner will try to connect to each other. To ensure the process goes smoothly, position both devices as close to the router as possible.

If you’re about to set up the Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner robot vacuum cleaner, but the connection doesn’t work the first time, try repeating all the steps in these instructions from the beginning. Sometimes it’s because of busy servers. then it’s best to postpone Connect to the next day.

The gadgets are connected? Continue to configure the robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi.

  • Select the type of room where the vacuum cleaner should clean. dining room, living room, kitchen, bathroom, children’s room, etc.д.
  • Give your vacuum cleaning robot a name.
  • Your housemates can also download the Mi Home app to their phones to control the robot vacuum cleaner from their own devices. To give your family this opportunity, under “Share with,” click on the plus sign and add the desired users.
  • Then read and accept the terms of the user agreement.
  • To customize the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner, tap on the three dots at the top right of the screen. Here you can adjust such useful options as timer and cleaning mode, remote control, volume of sound, commands to control the work of the device.

The first start of the robot vacuum cleaner

The first start of the robot vacuum cleaner

Set up a robot vacuum cleaner easy. Click on “Enable” on top of the device or use the menu of the installed application. To stop cleaning, press any key on the gadget.

Among the most common cleaning modes:

  • Complete cleaning. The device will first scan the room with its built-in sensors, after which it will go around the perimeter of the space to define its boundaries. If the room is large, the smart tech will divide it into several zones and clean each of them sequentially. For quality cleaning in the program of the robot, it is specified that it should vacuum the room twice. Returns to your docking station by yourself as soon as you’re done. If it can’t find it, it moves to the original cleaning point. When you need to interrupt cleaning urgently, press “Home” and the device will return to its station by itself.
  • Local cleaning. It is often necessary not to vacuum the entire room, but to clean only a certain area of the apartment. To do this, activate a partial sweep. the device will act within a radius of 1.5 m around its original position. You can turn on local cleaning by holding down “Home” for a long time. After you finish, the vacuum cleaner will return to the base.

A big plus of robotic vacuum cleaners: you can start cleaning on the way home, staying at work or even in another city. The app will help you find out when you’ve finished cleaning and if you need to change the brush on the vacuum cleaner. The easiest way is to set a specific time, a day, when the device should start cleaning.

But how do you set the cleaning time for a robot vacuum cleaner?? Use the remote control in the app that you installed on your smartphone. It also has a timer. So that the robot does not interfere with households sleeping or doing things, activate the silent mode. If you’re not happy with the cleaning quality of your gadget, you can control it from your smartphone, just like a remote-controlled car.

How to repair the robot cleaner yourself

If your robotic vacuum cleaner drains quickly, picks up debris poorly, moves out of program, doesn’t respond to the remote, doesn’t pick up, beeps, or otherwise misbehaves, read this article. We’ll tell you about the main types of problems in most models and how to fix most of the problems with your own hands.

The manual will be suitable for all brands and models: Irobot Scooba, Philips, Kitfort. Xiaomi, Polaris, Samsung, Clatronic bsr, Clever, Deebot, Dolphin, Foxcleaner, Frezerr, Genio profi, Panda, LG, Iclebo Smart, Ilife, Redmond, Irobot Roomba, Rovus, Seebest. Smart cleaner and more.

Why a robot vacuum cleaner does not pick up dust?

What to do if the robot vacuum cleaner does not collect dust?

You may think that a robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi, Ilife, Tefal is broken when it cleans, but does it badly, that you have to wash the floor after it too. But the problem is only in the dust canister. You need to take it out of the device, empty it, wash and dry it before you put it back in. Do the same with your filters from time to time. But not all filters can be wet, so read the instructions for your filters carefully.

Another reason why the vacuum cleaner may not pick up dust well is the brushes. They may be clogged with debris. You need to clean the side brushes, and if your model has a center brush, then that too. If the brushes are clean but broken, they need to be replaced.

My Roomba is Driving Me Insane!

And the most serious reason why the robot vacuum cleaner Polaris or another does not work is the motor breakdown. If it does not work well, then the efficiency of the robot itself is reduced. But it is better not to fix the motor yourself. The right thing to do is to call a technician.

The robot can’t see the docking station

If the smart robot continues to drive around the room without noticing the charging base after you finish cleaning, or has no way to accurately park to it, the problem is usually the following:

  • Not removed the protective film from the IR sensor search docking station (usually the sensor window is located on the bumper).
  • The docking station is not plugged in, which is why its transmitter is not working.
  • There is not enough space around the station to maneuver the robot: there must be at least 50 cm on the sides and 1-2 meters in front.

Sometimes a robot vacuum cleaner can not find the base and for quite natural reasons. For example, if the model uses primitive navigation (IR sensors and bumper-rail), and the station remained in the next room. Also problems with the search can occur if the robotic helper is sent to clean not from the charging station, but from any free space in the room.

Why the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner does not return to the docking station?

A distinctive feature of Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaners is the ability to navigate in space. In addition to instantly mapping the room, the devices are able to go to the docking station on their own for charging. The devices find it thanks to the installed infrared sensor. Accordingly, if something is wrong with the IR module, then the Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner does not see the base and can not return to it. What to do in this case? Let’s sort things out together.

Why robot vacuum cleaner doesn’t see the base

Robot vacuum cleaner is able to navigate in space, bypass objects and return to the base, thanks to the following sensors. The data from them goes to the control unit, where it is processed by the control program. The robot is then guided by the results of these calculations, selecting the appropriate workflow. The script influences the home robotic cleaner’s actions. Two systems are responsible for returning to the base in this vacuum cleaner. Positioning and parking sensors. The positioning system comes into play first.

It is responsible for determining the position of the robot relative to the base. The algorithm calculates the shortest path to the station. When the robot is in range of the base, it receives signals from the beacon. Powerful infrared LED. Robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with several optical receivers. They capture the beacon’s beam and transmit the value of the distance to the beacon to the control processor. The processor then provides a route correction. Its task is to. reduce both values to the same value. Once they are equalized, the robotic vacuum cleaner takes a position opposite the station. After that, it is parked.

There are many problems that owners of automatic devices have to go to service centers with. The most common reason for complaint is spontaneous shutdown.

There are several factors that lead to this problem, but each one requires an informed solution or skilled assistance.

Battery malfunction

All automatic devices are battery operated. It charges at the docking station and turns the device on when the house needs to be cleaned. If the battery is faulty, the vacuum cleaner is able to shut itself off.

  • the robot turns on and starts working, indicating that the charge is full and the device is ready to clean;
  • for a short time, the charge quickly disappears and the vacuum cleaner shuts down on its own without completing the cycle.

To solve this problem, you must go to the service center and undergo a complete diagnosis. If the technician identifies a battery malfunction, the battery should be replaced.

Filled dust canister

The garbage compartment is full or clogged. this too can cause the same reaction of the robot vacuum cleaner. It simply shuts down because the important elements involved in the cleaning process are clogged with dirt.

Cleaning the vacuum cleaner, throwing out the debris and rinsing the dust canister is enough to solve the problem. Be sure to let it dry before turning it on. Also clean the turbo brush and the filters, which need to be replaced with new ones if necessary.

Faulty main board

This problem can only be diagnosed after a visit to the service center. The wizard will fully check the performance of the robot vacuum cleaner and determine the cause of spontaneous shutdown.

If the robot stopped working the usual amount of time, turns off in the middle of cleaning and does not return to the docking station, it is worth checking its cleanliness from the inside first. In other cases, contact professionals and replace the faulty parts of the robot to return it to the quality of cleaning your home.

Owners of the wonderful device gradually notice that the device time after time does not find the docking station, is lost in space. The breakage process is usually gradual.

However, there is no damage to the functionality of the vacuum cleaner, and it performs its tasks in an “excellent” manner.

There may be several reasons for such an error in the work of the device:

  • The protective film on the infrared sensor of the docking station has not been removed. The same situation occurs when it is soiled or covered by foreign objects.
  • Mechanical damage to the base or power cord.
  • The charging spot is not placed correctly.
  • The “virtual wall” function is on.
  • Base breakage.

It is not uncommon for a robot not to be able to drive up to the station because it started cleaning not from the charging station, but from another place in the apartment.

Make sure the base is properly installed before operating the appliance. There are no obstacles within half a meter on either side of it, the floor is level and nothing prevents the robot from approaching it.

Does not see the base

Why a robot vacuum cleaner does not see the base? There are several common reasons:

  • Protective films from sensors not removed after purchase. Carefully inspect the base and housing of the unit, remove all shipping films.
  • The base is not installed correctly. Manufacturers usually require clearance, leaving at least a half meter of space around the parking area.
  • The base is not receiving electricity. There is no light in the apartment, the socket is broken, the power adapter cable is damaged, which is why the electronics don’t give signals and the robot vacuum doesn’t go to the base. Be sure to plug the base into a working outlet.

Robot vacuum cleaner does not find the base and aimlessly rolls around the apartment. Look for reviews or feedback from other users. maybe your model is not famous for its orientation in space and the best way to help it is to bring it closer to the parking lot.

If you have a device with mapping, it can get lost after you carry it on your hands to another room, like a bathtub or balcony. Take it back.



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