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Replacing the section of the cast iron boiler VISSMANN

Causes of damage to a cast.iron household boiler and replacing defective sections

The technology for eliminating damage to the compartments of the cast.iron heat exchanger is dictated by its device. N Robble of repair is decided by replacing the boiler section. Heat exchanger is a prefabricated design. Elements are collected in a single unit through components (connecting conical nipples). Violation of the integrity of one of the sections leads to the failure of the entire device. What are the causes of destructive deformations and the leaks of the heat exchanger?

A little theory. what phenomena cause the destruction of the heat exchanger?

Cast iron heating devices are more durable compared to steel analogues. Cast iron is less corroded in the aquatic environment. Therefore, gas boilers from this material almost do not rust. However, cast iron (unlike steel) is more sensitive to local temperature peaks. The preservation of the physical properties of the structure is negatively affected by the effect of cold water on the heated metal.

The listed situations arise in violation of the rules of service:

Cutting the device leads to overheating of individual small areas of the cast.iron surface.

Filling on a working gas boiler with a cold coolant creates a temperature contrast.

Incorrect tuning of the burner violates the overall heat regime.

These phenomena lead to the appearance of T.n. “Heat shock” of metal. As a result, one or more elements are deformed relative to others or simply bursts.

Common breakdown during operation. the leak of the device. There may be several reasons for this: microcrack in the body of the structure, drying of the sealing sealant. Then there is a need to replace the section of the cast.iron boiler. For repair it is better to invite specialists from the service organization. Such companies carry out repairs regularly. For assembly of devices, they have a professional tool.

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VISSMANN Service Gas Service in the Moscow Region

A full complex of service and repair services of German heating units of the floor Vitogas and double-circuit hinged Vitopend 100-W in New Moscow and in all areas of the Moscow Region.

The network of technical departments for the repair of boilers in Mosoblami allow users of European boilers to use our advantages and count on the departure of our master to the most distant corners of the Moscow region. Contact. This message is also dedicated to residents of neighboring regions.

We find the reasons and eliminate any malfunctions on the day of the circulation of the owner of the Visman boiler. Diagnostics and consultation for free. Call.

Installation of GSM controller for monitoring and controlling the boiler in the cottage, more.

VISSMANN Service and Installation Equipment Service installation, commissioning and repair of German boilers in the territory of New Moscow and the Moscow Region. We perform metal welding, and welding work is used for steel heat exchangers models.

Also to eliminate the leak of cast.iron heat exchanger, when the leakage of the coolant progresses and already floods the burner, in our service ceter you will always order the replacement of the original section (sections) from cast iron at an acceptable price.

Rations of primary heat exchangers of traditional and condensation gas boilers Vissman Our daily work. Sailing the flowing part of the boiler is always profitable, reliable and with a guarantee.

Seven technical units of the company take part in ensuring the uninterrupted operation of wall and floor heating units in private houses and boiler rooms of commercial enterprises throughout the Moscow Region and on the territory of the new new Moscow.

Therefore, every resident of the Moscow region from Odintsov to Mozhaisk, from Krasnogorsk to Volokolamsk, and from Mr. Mytishchi to Solnechnogorsk, Dmitrov, Sergiev Posad and other cities of the Moscow Region in the south and north of the region.

Frequent appeals of the owners of the technique of Wissman heating from Germany determine the goals and their achievements for our technical employees in the organization of repair and preventive work in the country house and in the gas top.bearing compromise enterprise.

Acceptance of applications from the population of Moscow and Mosobalania is implemented around the clock under an annual maintenance contract. It is in the contract that the round.the.clock telephone of the duty service is indicated, which for the forces of the Mathers brigade supports the trouble.free operation of the boiler equipment, heating systems and other engineering equipment at the facility.

Repair of the Vitopend 100-W (h) and Vitogas 100-F gas boiler is provided with original spare parts and qualified training of specialists who are under study at the training centers of the VISSMANN manufacturing plant, as well as in the training plants of Russian state scores.

The service center has services in Khimki and Solnechnogorsk, Chekhov and Troitsk, Odintsovo and Krasnogorsk, as well as in distant regions of the region near the city of Shatura, Sergiev Posad, Naro-Fominsk and Volokolamsk.

Since the technical departments of the company for the repair of gas heating equipment are also located in distant areas of Mosoblasti, we also offer repair work and maintenance of imported gas boilers in neighboring areas:

A one.time application for an urgent service of the Vissman gas boiler is accepted by the control center of the company, the phones of which are indicated on any page of the company’s official website. The departure of the master to the adjacent areas from Moscow also order from the Dezh engineer of the dispatch service!

A full range of service of German heating units of the floor Vitogas and double.circuit hinged Vitopend 100 is carried out by the service center on the day of the owner of the cottage with planned maintenance or during emergency repairs in the heating season.

In the latter case, please keep Stihl and carefully follow all the instructions of the duty officer and, in turn, an on.site service engineer who carries out the repair of the boiler at home directly.

High-quality Wissman heating equipment requires periodic maintenance and settings of gas automation to comply with the instructions for operating the German manufacturer. In this case, the equipment will last the maximum amount of time and you will always receive comfort and profitable operation from it!

Timely special services and repair measures of heating boilers are always cheaper than emergency assistance in an emergency in a private house or company.

Prevention and chemical flushing of heat exchangers are warned by many unpleasant cases of breakdowns and their elimination, as well as removing hydraulic resistance, improves the circulation of the coolant and increases the boiler efficiency for a long time.

VitOpend management renovation reduces 2-3 times compared to the replacement of the electronic control unit of the gas apparatus. When restoring the boiler control board, a thorough examination and identification of external adverse features influenced the breakdown of the electronics of the wall heater is carried out.

Now you know where to go if you have a gas boiler, and even more so the service center is in your area of ​​residence. Please contact our technical support service, where polite service experts will help you resuscitating a residential building at the proper level in the shortest possible time!

Reviews about the work of the master-boater send to the mail of the official website of the service enterprise!

Replacing sections in Kchm-5 boilers

Professional replacement of cast.iron sections. Maintenance and repair of KCHM.key boilers. Exit diagnosis and checking the main nodes.

The company Installer provides a set of services for the provision of services of an official service center that is engaged in the repair of cast-iron sectional boilers of various models and brands: Viessman, universal-SR, KCM-5-K Combi, Bosch, Buderus, Protherm, Dakon, Viadrus, Mora, Kentatsu.

Only a set of original spare parts is used for the repair of any brand, starting from conical cast.iron nipples to heat.resistant sealants and special cast.iron sections.

Applying for providing services to our organization, you can be sure of quality work. An important point among our customers is the personal presence of the customer.

Any cast.iron boiler periodically requires attention and repair. One of the most common problems is the violation of the tightness of the convective part of the boiler or in simple words. flow sections. Over time, the heat exchanger wears out, the scale and poor condition of the coolant do their job. For a certain time period of time, the channels along which water moves over time is clogged due to improper operating conditions, the speed of the coolant is disturbed, the boiler overheats, the local thermal load occurs on the element due to which it bursts.

Cast iron do not cook! (Due to the constant temperature extensions of the cast iron of the weld, after a short time it is destroyed.) Improvised means do not help or solve the problem for a short period of time. If you do not replace the cast.iron section in time. This can lead to a breakdown of the remaining nodes, which will follow the complete replacement of the equipment or the increasing price of repair.

Srivis maintenance of boilers

Why do you need an agreement for servicing a gas boiler? Gas is extremely volatile, explosive fuel. At the same time, the low cost and other advantages make it the best choice for heating private houses. The widespread gas.heating equipment at a low level of control led to an increase in explosions and other emergency situations with victims and even victims. To increase the safety of citizens, the government adopted a resolution 10 of May 14, 2013 “On measures to ensure safety when providing gas supply services when using and maintaining internal and intra.apartment gas equipment”. This document shared liability between the homeowner and the gas supplier. The owner is responsible for all gas.heating equipment on the territory of his site.

Since the control of the condition of the equipment should be carried out by qualified homeowners-owners of homeowners obliged to conclude an agreement with a specialized organization. According to the law, the contract must be concluded for three years, formally it is. At the same time, the payment is charged in parts, so the in the price list on our website are indicated for the year. If for some reason you will not want to renew the contract for another year, it will simply be canceled. The company must meet the following requirements:

  • is a member of the construction time
  • I entered into an agreement on emergency dispatching of intra-house or intra-apartment gas equipment with a branch of the State Unitary Enterprise MO Mosoblgaz to which the house belongs
  • Employees have admission to installation, commissioning and maintenance of gas equipment with the right to carry out gas hazardous work

The service company provides the owner with a package of documents with copies of which he should contact the local branch of the State Unitary Enterprise MO Mosoblgaz:

  • Act of distinguishing between the spheres of responsibility
  • Treaty
  • Copy of the certificate
  • Copy of an emergency dispatch service agreement with the local Mosoblgaz branch

To those who did not put intra.house gas.heating equipment (heat generator, stove, water heater, meters, etc.D.) for maintenance, various sanctions from fines to disconnecting from the pipe can be applied. There is a certain procedure for informing consumers about the availability of claims, which will not be superfluous to know to avoid problems. Before applying real measures, Mosoblgaz sends two notifications. If the owner does not conclude a VDGO agreement within 40 days, a shutdown will be made.

In which case is the ADO Treaty VDGO is not your care:

  • The management company entered into it for you, you can clarify in the Criminal Code
  • If you rent housing, since only the owner can conclude a VDGO agreement
  • You are not a client of Mosoblgaz.e. You do not have a contract for the supply of trunk gas

Be that as it may, the cost of the maintenance contract for gas boilers is available for most residents of Moscow and the Moscow Region. In addition, service centers are trying to pursue a flexible pricing policy, offering different tariffs that differ in the price included in the price. Unfortunately, on the market you can still find offers to buy an agreement without actual maintenance. Our company is not engaged in this! Do not save on the safety of yourself and loved ones. In time, the served and tuned boiler breaks less often, consumes less fuel and eventually last longer.

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Thermostrim service center provides:

In order not to worry about the possible breakdowns of the system, we suggest you conclude a service service agreement for a year. It includes planned prevention, as well as operational trips to the object in case of malfunction. This is profitable, affordable and safe!

Repair of Vissman boilers in the Moscow region

We will briefly describe the procedure for the provision of VISSMANN boilers repair services in our service center. The total price of work consists of the cost of departure, which depends on the remoteness from Moscow, and the cost of diagnosing the boiler and the heating system. If the problem manages to solve without replacing spare parts, then the costs end on this. If something is necessary to replace a separate account for spare parts and work. If the customer suits everything, we repair. We do not impose our spare parts at our prices. Our engineers will perform work using your materials on the same conditions as with our acquired.

The specialists of our company travel to all areas of Moscow and the Moscow region! Contact any questions by phone of our office 7 (495) 108-58-21, service 7 (495) 222-36-32 or write e-mail at info@tsm-corpuscular.ru, we will definitely answer in the near future.

Repair of gas boilers in the Moscow region

As the practice of calls of 90% of malfunctions shows is diagnosed with the method of external inspection. Another 9%. Link of contacts/lubrication/cleaning and only one percent requires full.fledged restorative work.

In the general case, the repair of gas equipment of the boiler is a set of technical measures to restore the working condition of the lost during operation. When breakdown, it is necessary to analyze the reasons that contributed to. After all, you can at least every day change the control boards by scolding their low quality and removing the unkind word of the manufacturer, and the reason will lie in an unstable voltage in the electric network, the absence of a stabilizer or in a neighbor, amateur welder. Unfortunately, one of the most common causes of repeated breakdowns is the installation of equipment made in violation of technology or without the necessary calculations. We will not deny that installers are found capable of correctly installing the system in a private house “by eye”, but we recommend not saving on the project, the price of repairing boilers and other equipment will most likely be higher. In addition, conscientious service centers try not to take unprofitable systems for maintenance, because it is not profitable.

replacing, section, cast, iron, boiler, vissmann

Refusals in the work according to the theory of reliability can be classified according to several signs:

  • final and interspersed. The interspersing refusal is one of the most unpleasant for the diagnosis of phenomena. It manifests itself when any parameters go beyond the permissible range. For example, when voltage drops in the network to 160-170V, most gas heating boilers cease to be launched, with an increase in voltage up to 180-220V, the system operability is restored
  • primary and secondary, independent and dependent. In principle, the name speaks for itself. The difference between a secondary refusal of the dependent is that the secondary refusal will necessarily occur with the initial (independent) refusal. For the dependent, only the likelihood of its appearance increases
  • obvious (obvious) and not obvious (hidden) refusals. by the ease of detection. For example, a drunk heat exchanger is much easier to detect than a critical change in capacitor capacitance
  • obvious (obvious) and not obvious (hidden) refusals. by the ease of detection. For example, a drunk heat exchanger is much easier to detect than a critical change in capacitor capacitance

As you can see, the diagnosis and analysis of the causes of the breakdown is non.trivial, therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary expenses, you should consult a technical prepared specialist in the exit service of the heating equipment of a country house.

It should be remembered that the boiler is an integral part of the heating system of a private house, and the performance of the system as a whole is determined by the good condition of each of its elements. Accordingly, the probability of the failure of the heating system is determined by the likelihood of a breakdown of the most unreliable of its components.

Elements of the heating system can be divided into those that can be repaired and non.combination. Nervous.fluid elements change after the first refusal. Repairinded areas can be divided into two groups: restored (a boiler repair with a departure to the facility is possible during operation) and not restored, for the restoration of which the equipment is dismantled.

Before starting work, it is also necessary to conduct a brief analysis of the economic component of the appropriateness of restoration. Make a decision when it is impossible or inappropriate to replace the failed element with a new. After all, the reality is that often the cost of spare parts and replacement services is comparable in cost with a new heat generator (especially for low.power walls). The moral obsolescence of equipment also plays a role. for example, modern condensation heat generators provide heating much more economical than traditional.

Repair work for VISSMANN boilers

Maintenance, installation, commissioning and repair work for gas heating boilers VISSMANN Service Center provides in New Moscow and the Moscow Region.

Permits and certification of company employees, admission of the SRO of a specialized enterprise for installation, repair and service of gas heating devices of medium and high capacity.

Seven departments of the company in the suburbs work as a duty service of the European.made heating equipment service.

We serve and carry out the current repair of wall and floor gas boilers VISSMANN, additional equipment and automation control of boilers.

VIESSMANN Training Videos Vitodens 200 Heat Exchanger Maintenance v2

Own warehouse of original spare parts allows repairs to quickly and efficiently in real time throughout the Moscow region.

Professional approach to servicing heating boilers for more than 20 years.

The service center specializes in the repair, prevention and maintenance of gas boilers of Vissman for owners of private houses and boiler rooms of commercial enterprises in New Moscow and the cities of the Moscow Region.

If you bought a gearbox boiler and want it to properly serve for a long time, order annual maintenance and follow the recommendations of the manufacturer for proper operation and care of heating equipment.

Since cast.iron and wall.mounted heater have only positive reviews, and world practice confirms the practical quality of German heating equipment, it is worthwhile to accept that such high indicators increase the value of qualified maintenance.

Diagnostics and subsequent repairs at home are carried out by qualified employees of the service enterprise throughout Mosoblast. Service craftsmen perform the following technical events for VISSMann boilers:

  • Visual inspection of the gas boiler and strapping the heating device in the furnace.
  • A complete inspection of heating techniques with disassembling the main nodes and blocks.
  • Examination and repair of electrical connection of the heating apparatus and control board.
  • Checking a gas burner, furnace unit and combustion chamber of heating equipment.
  • Diagnosis of heating sensors for performance (and resistance).
  • Revision and cleaning of the flow heat exchanger of a single.circuit boiler.
  • Chemical flushing of heat exchangers of the double.circuit heater version.
  • Checking the chimney and traction (traction sensor) of the heater using a gas analyzer.
  • Checking the internal gas pipeline in the Boiler Visman for gas leakage.
  • Testing controllers and replacing this part if necessary.
  • Checking the air flow for combustion of gaseous fuel in a gas boiler.
  • Repair or replacement of the air circuit breaker.
  • Settings of gas combined regulator and setting up an inflatable burner of the Visman.
  • Reviewing a valve-modulator from natural gas.
  • Replacing a set of jetting when transferring to another type of gas.
  • Hydrochemical flushing of the inner body of the heat exchangers of the boiler unit while working with the maintenance of heat in the premises. heating gas boiler in a private house.
  • Replacing or repairing an inflatable burner for Vitorond 100, Vitoplex 100 (200, 300).

During the diagnosis and verification of the gas boiler Visman, technical actions can go into repair work and replace the original spare parts. The volume and nature of the repair depends on many factors that arise under rigid and incorrect operating conditions of the heating equipment of the Visman.

Here it is necessary to take into account the water treatment of hot water supply, the characteristics of the boiler should be taken into account when installing in compliance with all the rules and recommendations of the manufacturer.

VIESSMANN VITODENS 100. Whats Inside. Full Strip Down

The operating instructions are originally intended for the initial knowledge of the owner of heating equipment, as well as to reduce the number of malfunctions and heating stops with the Visman equipment.



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