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Replacing the hob in the countertop

How to cut a new plate into an artificial stone countertop?

When performing dismantling, it is necessary to perform a number of measures. Before starting all work, it is necessary to disconnect from all types of gas or power supply, depending on the type. Further, based on the type: for the gas hob. turn off the gas equipment, including the shut.off valve or the gas supply taps at the entrance to the house; For an electric hob. turn off the device itself from electricity, in the next order, first turn off the circuit breaker in the electrical panel of the room, then, when dismantling, the power supply connector.

In order to dismantle the equipment of the gas panel. It is necessary to carry out a number of manipulations with a locking reinforcement of gas supply. If the gas supply from underground or external gas distribution networks is supplied, the ball crane is closed at the entrance to the living room.

In the absence of access to the gas cranes, an application is submitted to the specialized gas service for suspension of fuel supply.

When using the cylinder gas supply system (propane, butane, elaborate), you need to turn the valve to the “closed” position. Then unscrew the gas hose from the panel in order to avoid the appearance of statistical voltage, install an equalizing jumper between the panel and a gas.supplying hose.

The dismantling of the Bosch electrical induction surface requires more attentive compliance with safety rules. Disconnect the panel from the power supply, taking out a fork out of the outlet. Then, by the “Network” indicator, make sure that the signal lamp does not burn, this means that the equipment is completely de.energized.

Photos of the works of masters YouDO

Order inexpensive professional dismantling of the hob from private specialists registered in Yudu. You can order masters for repairing electric and gas hobs at a convenient time for you. Applications for services are accepted around the clock and seven days a week.

It is possible to leave the master to anywhere in the city and the region. The specialist will arrive at the specified deadline, having professional tools with him to dismantle the old and install a new hob.

Installation nuances

Kitchen panels are gas, electric and induction. Each of them has its own characteristics and requires a certain approach to installation. But there are general rules that relate to all types of kitchen installations.

replacing, countertop

Before proceeding with the installation, you need to make sure that the following nuances will be observed:

  • the presence of a ventilation system and an extract equipped above the stove or the presence of a powerful fan in the window;
  • The material of the countertop with a heat resistance level is not lower than the mark of 100 ° C, and the surface itself is not thinner than 25 mm;
  • If you plan to install the panel between the two cabinets, the distance between the walls and the stove is made at least 15 cm;
  • The gap between the wall and the stove should be at least 5 cm, and if it is smaller, then the heat.insulating material is laid.
replacing, countertop

Any discrepancy in the installation of equipment is fraught with its improper operation and the occurrence of a fire hazardous situation.

Electric panel

Electric plates are particularly popular among users. They are comfortable in operation, durable and beautiful. In case of their breakdown, repairs can be carried out on their own without calling the master. Of course, if there are not at least minimal knowledge in the field of electrics, then it is better to provide installation and subsequent repairs to specialists.

On the back wall of any built.in electric panel there is a diagram according to which the connection is carried out. If you do something wrong, it is fraught with a short circuit and incorrect work of burners. Some models are equipped with a wire for direct connection of the slab to the shield. This exempts from the need to make an additional electric trailer for the outlet. Installation in this case consists only in connecting the cable to the panel, its installation in the hole made and sealing it.

Gas hob

The gas stove built into the countertop is mounted, the owner of the equipment itself. But the connection and the fault of the relevant service must conduct and check the fault.

Typically, gas panels are attached to the countertop using special brackets that are included. After installation, you can connect the power cable and open the gas supply. At this stage, you need to be extremely careful and take into account all safety regulations.

You need to make sure there is no leakage. For this, a special gas analyzer or “grandfather” method is used. The junction of the panel with the pipe is lubricated with a soap solution and the gas is opened. If you can see bubbles, then there is a malfunction that needs to be eliminated.

How to remove an oven and ceramic hob DIY

Installation rules over the oven cabinet

Induction panels have many advantages over gas and electric stoves.

  • the surface quickly heats up to a certain temperature;
  • It is convenient to care and keep clean;
  • saving in electricity consumption;
  • lack of open fire and too high temperatures makes the technique safe for children.

Integrate the stove above the oven, taking into account some subtleties. The oven should be equipped with a cooling system and forced ventilation.

The countertop in which the panel will be mounted should be perfectly flat. If you neglect this rule, then perhaps the deformation will violate the normal operation of the equipment, and it will quickly fail.

Order Service

You can order the installation service of the hob in the working area of ​​the kitchen and its connection to the energy source in our company. The total cost is determined by the estimate that the following types of work may be included:

  • dismantling existing equipment;
  • preparation of the countertop (cut the opening, treatment with sealant, thermal insulation);
  • installation of equipment in a furniture set;
  • cable summing up and installing additional sockets;
  • connecting the hob to the mains to the mains or to the gas source;
  • Installation of the oven (if it comes in the kit).

Our electricians will promptly assemble equipment using high.quality professional tools, check its serviceability, if it is necessary to agree with the management company, they will make the necessary documents, remove the working garbage, advise the hosts about the operating features of the device and provide a guarantee for all the work performed.

Install the hob: full practical guide

In this article, we will talk about kitchen appliances, and how it is built into the kitchen set.

If, about ten years ago, out of ten installed kitchen sets, a maximum of half of them contained a hob (the rest were with an independent gas stove), now almost a hundred percent of the sets, it is planned to install it.

So, this process can be described in a certain sequence.

To begin with, you need to take a passport for this technique, and see what size the opening should be cut out. Even if suddenly, for some reason, the passport will not be nearby, you can always measure that part of the panel that should be cut into the countertop.

Then, the following actions need to be done:

  • Fit the countertop and make markings on it
  • Transfer the dimensions of the crashed panel to the countertop
  • Make a minimum, one hole (with a diameter of 8-10 millimeters) near each side of a cut niche
  • Cut the niche itself
  • Process the inside of the cut niche with silicone
  • Install the countertop on the lower base of the kitchen set
  • Stick a sticky tape on the inside of the built.in panel (or stick plasticine on the countertop).
  • Apply silicone to the countertop
  • Insert the hob into the cut niche
  • Fix it with special mounts

So, from the very beginning, you need to put the table on the lower base of the kitchen in order to cut it in the right places in case of uneven walls, and if necessary, make holes for all kinds of gas pipes. In a word, prepare a countertop for installation on the bottom of the kitchen.

After that, from the inside of the box, in which the hob will be built, you need to make a marking (simply, with a pencil along its inner faces in order to highlight its inner part for further marking for cutting).

After that, the tabletop needs to be put on the front side (bottom up), and the place that we marked, mark it in size under the insert (mark it in size, which should be in the passport to the panel, or, which can be measured manually).

Now, in order to cut the required niche in the markings, it is necessary near each alleged cut (from its inner side), make holes in order to insert a saw of an electrician into it.

replacing, countertop

Cut the niche itself. When cutting, you need to be neat.

Когда все грани уже почти вырезаны, саму вырезаемую часть столешницы нужно либо поддерживать снизу, либо приклеить липкой лентой к столешнице, так как она, под своим весом может отколоться, вырвав с лицевой части столешницы пластик (и, таким образом, испортив всю столешницу).

Now, the inner part of the cutout itself must be treated with silicone (one of the barriers to protect against moisture).

When all this is done, you must again install the table on the lower base of the kitchen (by this moment, of course, the sink should already be cut into it, if, of course, it is provided), and fix it, although it can be fixed after it can be installed after installing it after installing it hob.

Further, you need to stick on the inner part of the built.in panel, a special adhesive tape, which also serves as a hydraulic barrier.

In some models, there is no such sticky tape, but there are special plasticine, sliced ​​by certain stripes. In this case, this plasticine is glued onto the countertop directly near the cutout, and when the hob is inserted into the cutout itself, it will cut off part of this plasticine, which can simply be cut with a knife and removed.

But, in our case (with sticky tape), instead of plasticine, we will apply silicone to the countertop.

After the silicone is applied, you need to insert the hob into the niche prepared for it, and fix it to the countertop with a special fastener.

When it is installed, I gently smear it from the outside with silicone (the fasteners are not perfect, and in some places, the panel can do not press on the countertop poorly), which is frozen, forms another hydraulic boar (the more such hydraulic workers. the better).

Here is such a fairly simple algorithm for installing the technique we are considering in the countertop.

Samsung Built-In Gas Hob : Installation Guide

Yes, you have not forgotten that the hull bar in the box, in this case, should be located in the middle of the box, and be 10 millimeters shifted by 10 millimeters (to guarantee that the hob will normally “become” into the countertop (especially, this applies to countertops, thick 28 millimeters)).

Naturally, to cut such a technique, you must first buy it.

Well, on this I will end. If something is not clear-ask in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев (the form is located below, under the article).

Installation of a gas hob in a countertop

The employees of our company install a gas hob in a countertop in compliance with the requirements for the installation of gas equipment, which guarantees the safety of its further operation.

Our carpenters will install a gas panel in a countertop from:

The installation of the gas panel with our masters includes:

  • manufacturing the panel template;
  • tabletop marking;
  • cutting of the countertop;
  • cutting cut for installation and processing it with sealant;
  • connection to gas supply;
  • installation of the panel in the countertop;
  • Testing and advice on further use.

The installation of a gas hob that requires not only high qualifications of a carpenter, but also the availability of admission to work with gas equipment that our employees have.

Scheme of work

You can leave an application through the site or by calling the number 7 (495) 008-19-84

Our master with a professional tool will come within an hour, appreciate and perform work.

After work, the master will leave a guarantee, cleanliness and good mood!

I called and called the master who set me up the new TV, I and.

Your master arrived, nailed the shelf, did everything quickly and efficiently. UAH.

Work normally, you get normal customers! Now I’m yours.

Our gallery of work

Connection of an electric hob

Installation and connection of an electrical hob surface occurs in several stages:

  • In the countertop of the kitchen set, the opening of the desired size is cut out;
  • The ends are lubricated with sealant for protection against moisture;
  • The body of the equipment is inserted into the formed hole and is fixed with clamping screws from below;
  • The plate is connected to a power grid through a socket or a dedicated fishing line for a trimmer with a current force of at least 16a.

Installation is carried out using a level to avoid distortions.

Connection of a gas hob

Installation of this type of kitchen equipment is largely similar to electric counterparts. Requires the preparation of the headset and installation under the level. However, the difference lies in the type of nutrition. In this case, it is necessary to connect the equipment with the gas pipeline through a flexible gas hose. It is brought to the cranes and is fixed by the winding. On the other hand, it connects to the input hole of the plate. It is important to prevent tension and protect the tube from mechanical damage. After connecting, each burner turns on sequentially to get rid of the air in the system.

Is it possible to save?

The company “Gazotechnik” carries out work with the provision of a guarantee. This means that the price of connecting the gas hob will pay off by the owners by saving on the repair or replacement of equipment, which will inevitably be required with independent installation with errors. Expensive equipment needs a professional approach during installation. only in this case it will delight you for a long time and the manufacturer warranty conditions will be extended to it. In addition, the complex process of coordination with Mosgaz will cost more and take a lot of time and effort. this can be avoided by trusting the problem of the problem for experienced masters.

Employees of Gaztekhniki are highly qualified specialists, professionals in their business with all tolerances and permits for work related to the connection and installation of gas columns. We will help you with the choice of the model of the column and consult for free by phone: 7 (495) 240-80-77

Gaztechnic has all tolerances, will perform a professional installation of gas states, taking into account all the requirements, norms and rules (including those set forth in SNiP).

Let’s install the gas column on the day of circulation! We provide a guarantee, carry out technical support. We carry out installation and connection of gas columns of various models.

We will replace the old column with a new one, carry out all the installation work and connect new equipment. Important: when replacing the old column with a new one, approval with inspection authorities is not required.

Our company has been working on the market for more than 10 years. During this time, we have formed a team of professionals who have all the tolerance and licenses necessary for this work.



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