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Replacing the heater in an LG washing machine


Why the water heats for a long time?

Any part does not break right away, it does it gradually. Chances are you have a broken heating element. a large amount of scale has formed on it. To keep the heating element free of limescale, add a water softener during the wash.

How to determine that there is no heat?

To understand if the machine heats the water, run the wash at a temperature of 40 degrees or more. After half an hour, put your palm to the glass of the hatch. If it is cold, there is indeed a problem.

Professional replacement of LG washing machine heating element. We work with all models of devices. The workshop is equipped with innovative equipment, tools and a full set of high quality spare parts. For the convenience of customers perform repairs at home. We serve the whole territory of Moscow.

The broken heating element. a frequent malfunction of LG washing machines. Due to the increased hardness of water, a layer of scale appears on the element, making the life of the component much shorter than stated.

How to replace LG washer Heating Element. FAST & EASY!

If LG machine does not heat water, you need to replace the heating element. This action is performed as follows:

  • Disconnecting the unit from the electricity and water mains;
  • Disassembling the washing machine and removing the faulty component;
  • Preparation of the landing place for the new part (clearing of scale and dirt);
  • Installation of a spare part;
  • Assembly.

At presence of certain skills and the tool, it is possible to execute repair independently. Otherwise, we strongly recommend that you seek qualified assistance so as not to aggravate the situation.

Masters of our service center promptly and qualitatively perform the replacement of LG washing machine heating element, providing a perfect result. To obtain service call us or leave an application on the site. The specialist will come to any district of Moscow and repair the machine. Formalized warranties are issued for the result of the work performed.

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The washing machine ceases to heat water when washing. 99% of the problems lie in the failure of the heating element. ТEEN. The reason of breakage. Limescale, dirt, etc.п. The heating element on the heating element, due to which the heat transfer worsens and the heating element coil burns out. So, how to replace the heating element in the LG washing machine?

The washing machine ceases to heat water when washing. In 99% of cases the problem is in the heating element failure. heating element. The reason of the breakage. Limescale deposits, dirt, etc.п. on the heating element, thus the heat transfer worsens and the helix of the heating element burns out. So, how to replace the Ten in the LG washing machine?

The heating element in an automatic washing machine must always be in the water during operation, so it is installed at the back of the washing machine tank. To replace it it is necessary: Make sure that the washing machine is disconnected from the mains. After removing the rear cover of the machine, unscrewing the 4 or more screws. The heating element is observed under the pulley of the drum (or under the el.motor in LG machines with direct drive). You can remove the drive belt for convenient work. Next remove three wires from the THEN terminals: two supply wires and one ground wire, plus the connector from the temperature sensor, if it is installed on the THEN. Loosen the nut on the central heating element screw by 5-6 turns and push the screw inside by this distance. Use two flat screwdrivers to pry under and remove the heating element. This operation requires little effort, i.e.к. the rubber seal of the heating element may be strongly compressed when inserting the heating element and the formed rim will not allow to remove the heating element at once (it is typical for the Atlant washing machines).

Limescale and other deposits that build up over time will make it difficult to replace the heating element in the washing machine. Be careful when removing the heating element from the washerdryer so as not to damage the tank. Remove limescale, dirt, etc., through the hole in the removed heating element.п.

It is better to install the heating element of the same company as the removed one; at least it is better to compare the sizes of sealing rubber and make sure that they are the same. Installation of a new heating element is made in the reverse sequence. The heater is tightly inserted into the tank, without missing the guide bracket inside the tank, the nut of the central screw is clamped. The nut should not be tightened too much, it is enough to screw it in until there is a slight resistance to tightening. Put the belt on the electric motor and drum pulley, twist the drum to make sure the belt is in the pulley center and the drum does not rub the installed heater (if missed in the guide when replacing the heating element). Next, connect the electrical wires, check again. Start the washing machine to check that the water is heating and that there are no leaks. Note that in some washing machines, heating is activated only a few minutes after starting the washing program. In household conditions it is convenient to control the heating element activation by the electric meter. Close the rear lid and put the machine back in place. The process of replacing the heating element in front-disposal washing machines is similar to the above described, only to access it you will need to disassemble the entire front of the housing of the machine. Changing the heating element in the washing machine, the process of which is described above, is not a guide to action. it is better to trust the repair of washing machines to professionals! In the following article we will tell you how to change the bearing in the washing machine.

How it looks and works?

Heating element in a washing machine is a bent smooth tube with a conducting wire inside. The internal part is made of alloys with high electrical resistance. Changing the current parameters allows you to adjust the intensity of heating.

There is a layer of material with high thermal conductivity between the body and the working element. Between the contacts of the heater is a socket for the temperature sensor, which determines the temperature of the water.

Some models of LG machines are equipped with heating elements, which do not have an additional hole. In this case, the temperature sensor is located directly inside the tank.

For a tightening of the heater in the seating there can be a sealing collar or a collar. This must be taken into account when selecting the part. Instead of the heater without a thermostat, you can install a heating element with a place for the sensor, but the hole will need a special plug.

Part Location

To begin with, you need to find out where in the LG washing machine is the heating element. In machines of this brand the heating element is located at the bottom under the tank, it is accessible through the back of the housing. Therefore, you only need to disconnect the machine from the communications and turn its back cover towards you. Once the LG washing machine will be facing you with the back wall, you will only need to remove this wall and you will immediately have access to the element you are looking for.

In this case, we do not even need a drive belt, because most LG washing machines have direct drive, which means that there is no drive belt. It is impossible to confuse the heating element of an LG washing machine with any other part. Though most of this part is sunk in the depths of the washing tank, two contacts are sticking out with many wires going to them. And these contacts are located exactly in the center of the bottom of the tank. open the back wall of the washer and they will be right under your nose.

In this case, the heating element in a washing machine of this brand is not a problem to find, difficulties may arise during its disassembly and installation.

What is needed for repair?

The whole beauty is that the replacement of the heating element in this type of washing machines does not require a significant number of tools, and as materials you will take only a new serviceable heating element. Here arises the first question: how to buy a new THEN, so that it was good, ideal and inexpensive?

First, you need to inspect the old part for inscriptions and markings. If one has managed to read any letters and digits, write them down on a piece of paper, or better yet take the old heating element and go straight to the washer spares store with it. If there is no such a possibility and you can not see the markings on the old heating element, determine at least its power. Usually the power of the heating element of LG washing machines 1900 or 1950 W, but sometimes you can find machines with heating elements of 2000 W.

To buy a new spare part for a washing machine can not only in your hometown or village. A good heating element can be ordered at an online store. Only please do not visit the dubious sites, choose only the top online stores with a good reputation. The average cost of a new heating element is 10.

Usually online stores of spare parts for washing machines in the search engine results are in the top lines.

Now about the tools. There is not much to say here, as it will only be necessary:

How to replace the heating element in the LG washing machine

Almost always the water comes from the water supply is too hard. Therefore, when the washer heats the liquid, the scum is formed on the heating element. The coil overheats and fails. Then the replacement of the heating element in the LG washing machine is carried out. To avoid such problems, you need to follow some rules and add a special powder with each wash. But if there is a breakage of the heating element. then you need to buy a new one and install it.

Preparing to replace the part

In order to replace the heating element on your device, you will need the following tools:

First of all, to replace the part you need to buy a functioning heating element. In order not to miscalculate with the right brand and model, remove the broken heater and go with him to buy a new.

Before starting the work, disconnect the washing machine from all utilities.

The heating element is most often located at the bottom of the washing machine tank. Sometimes it is not possible to find it at once, because in devices of some manufacturers access to the heating element is carried out through the back panel of the case, and in others. through the front.

The heating element can have different shapes (as the letter W or U) and be located in different parts of the appliance, depending on the manufacturer

To predict the location of the part in your appliance, you can carefully examine the body of the unit. The presence of a bulky back cover may indicate that the heater is located on the far side of the machine. The same location of the part is typical for devices of the firms Indesit, Ariston, “Atlant”, Zanussi, Candy and Electrolux. And here you will most likely have to dismantle the front panel to replace the heating element on a Samsung washing machine. LG and Bosch heaters are also often installed at the front of the unit. The process of removing the front of the appliance (as opposed to the back) is more difficult and time consuming.

To access the heating element in a vertical-loading machine, you will need to remove the side of the machine

Please note! Very often to replace the heating element along with the back panel you have to remove the top cover of the device.

Once the necessary element is found, carry out the following steps:

  • Remember (or better yet take a picture) the position of the wires on the heater pins. In the event that you later connect the part incorrectly, you run the risk of damaging both it and the power supply of the machine.
  • Unclip all connectors and remove wires from the part, then unscrew the nut of the central bolt a bit.
  • Push the bolt inside to depressurize the seal and remove the heating element by picking up the heater seal with a flathead screwdriver.

Many experts recommend first making sure the heating element is faulty by testing it with a tester before removing it. It is quite possible that it is not a breakdown of the heating element at all, which is the reason why the laundry is washed in cold water

After you have removed the part, go to the store and pick up a similar one for replacement. It is also desirable to check the purchased element for serviceability to avoid installing a broken spare part.

Where and at what price to buy a new one?

You can buy a new part in the online store, LG service center or a supplier of spare parts for appliances in your city. The easiest way to find the right part is to show it to the salesperson, or call the marking. It is also possible to determine the standard element using the catalogs for the models of washing machines.

When buying a heater online, you need to consider the following parameters:

  • the dimensions of the landing place;
  • availability of collar, seals, hole for the sensor;
  • configuration of the working part of the heating element (shape, length and width);
  • power.

LG washing machines are equipped with heating elements with a capacity from 1.1 to 3.2 kW and a length of 173-240 mm.

If a strictly similar part is not available, you can choose a heater with similar characteristics. The allowable difference in length is.1 cm, and in terms of power. ±200 W. The new element should have the same shape as the previous one: straight or curved.

Some models have a protective coating, which does not affect the configuration and interchangeability, but increases the durability and service life. The cost of the heater ranges from 400 to 1500 The best manufacturers of tubular elements for LG washing machines are IRCA and Thermowatt.

Signs of heating element breakage

A major sign of heating element breakage. the appliance has stopped heating water. Of course, not everyone checks whether there is water heating in the washing, so the mistress should be alarmed by poor washing quality. If the laundry has stopped washing, just check the next wash to see if the machine is heating up. In some, more complicated models, the washing will stop at the moment when the water heating should start and the display will show an error code.

But just in case you can check its performance by experience or test the heating element. This will require a multimeter. For a test run it is necessary to disconnect all the wires that are connected to the heater. It is very simple to do. Then, the multimeter should be switched to resistance mode in ohms to 200 ohms. Apply the ends of the multimeter to the terminals of the heater.

If on the display of the multimeter there are 0 or 1, it means that there is a breakage or short circuit inside the heater. It means that you need to replace the heating element in your washing machine.

What is the reason for the FET breakage:

  • The part has reached the end of its service life;
  • There was a short circuit;
  • The water quality is very poor and the filters on the pipes can not cope with a lot of salts (by the way, it is necessary to wash the filters on the pipes at least once a year). Salts in the form of scale deposits on the heating element, thermal exchange with water is disturbed and the heater fails because of the increased work.

In normal operation the Heating element can function without any failures from 5 to 10 years. But in the presence of unfavorable factors (frequent washing at high temperatures, excessively hard water) it will fail sooner.

What is needed for replacement?

To replace the heating element you will need, of course, a new heater.

Heating elements for water heating are usually similar in design, but may differ in the following parameters:

  • length,
  • power,
  • terminal location,
  • angle of bend of the heating element,
  • hole for the temperature sensor.

To find the right part, you need to write down the model of the washing machine and contact a center that sells parts for household appliances. In addition to a new heater you will need:

How to install the heating element on the washing machine with his hands

First of all, to make an independent repair of the heating element of the washing machine, it is necessary to carefully remove the old heating element.

  • Drain all water from the tank and unplug the machine.
  • Then it is necessary to remove the drain filter and drain the remaining water.
  • Disconnect the heater wires, if you have not already disconnected them.
  • Use a wrench to unscrew the center nut that holds the heater.
  • Insert the pin on which the nut was screwed in. To do that, press it with a screwdriver with force.
  • Now pull out the heating element.

If you can not pull out the heater, it is possible that a rubber gasket is holding it in place. To make the process easier, use a screwdriver to hook the heating element at the edge and pull it out, loosening it in a circular motion. Make a note of the position of the old heating element.

Now you can install the new part.

  • Coat places where the heating element will be in contact with sealant with silicone. This will help to avoid leaks in the future.
  • Carefully insert the new heating element into the seat in exactly the same way as the old one was installed. It should fit flat with no shifts or misalignment.
  • Now screw the nut on the stud with a wrench carefully and without effort. Do not overtighten. Next, connect the wires and attach the panel of the machine.

As you can see, the process of installing a new heating element is not particularly complicated and can be handled quite easily by yourself.

There is only one thing left to do. check whether the new heater works. To test it is enough to run the wash with a temperature of at least 50 degrees and after a while check the door glass with the palm of your hand. it should be warm.

How to prolong the life of the heating element

To prevent the heating element from failing prematurely, it is recommended that it be cleaned periodically. In the first 5 years after purchasing the washing machine, it is recommended to do this every 3-4 months. For cleaning you can use the usual citric acid. Pour 100 grams of citric acid powder in the main detergent tray and put the washing program for an hour and a half at a temperature of 60-90 degrees. This procedure should be done prophylactically, even if you have soft water in the region.

After 5 years of use of the washing machine, it is necessary to remove the heating element and check for limescale. We have described in detail above how to remove the heating element. If there is limescale on the heating element, wash the element under hot water, trying to chop off especially thick pieces of limescale. Then we pour hot water in a 2-liter jar and pour 3-4 tablespoons of citric acid on top of it. Stir everything and put it in the solution for 24 hours. After 24 hours the acid will dissolve the limescale and all you have to do is take out the heating element, rinse under water, wipe it dry and put it back. Such procedures will not only increase the service life of the heating element, but also save energy, which is wasted the more salts accumulate in the heating element.



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