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Replacing heating radiators in an apartment building

When is it better to change heating batteries in the apartment

It’s time to update the interior of your apartment, which means that old heating batteries also need to be replaced. In this type of work, there are many prejudices on the topic of when it is still better to change batteries. In summer, winter, autumn or spring? In the heating period or in the summer season? In this article, we will try to explain all the pros and cons of each possible option. Well, you decide for yourself when you better install a heating radiator.

Let’s start with the most popular delusion. “It is better to change it in the summer, because you do not need to turn off the heating risers and drain the water,” the vast majority thinks. And this is not true.

As we know, there is a heating season (autumn-winter), but there is not a heating season (spring/summer). During the non.heating season of the heating riser in our apartments, it is cold, but does this mean that there is no water and you do not need to contact the DEZ or ZhEK in order to drain water? It does not mean at all. In 99% of the case, the water in the risers is present and leave it there so that the pipes do not “emerge” with rust. The water is simply “stands” in pipes and does not circulate. Of course, there are such cases that there are no water in the system, but this is usually when local utility services are carried out by targeted preparation for winter, alteration of pipes in the basement or replacing the pumps. It is impossible to determine the presence of a presence or lack of water in risers. Only the chief engineer in Daise or management company can know this. Therefore, you will need to make sure that the water in the risers during the replacement is leaked a few days before the work.

The main advantage of work in the non.feeding season is that it will agree to drain water is very simple, t.to. Hot batteries at temperatures on the street 20s no one needs. In fact, the advantages of work in the non.feeding season end and a huge minus ends: the water in risers under pressure will not be supplied before the heating season, which means that the quality of the work performed and the level of heating of the radiator can only be checked after a few months. (Heating is usually served on the 20th of September)

In the heating period of time, risers are always filled with the coolant and in order to carry out work, it is necessary to agree with DEZ or ZhEC to turn off the risers. In fact, doing it is just just like in the summer. It is enough just to contact the chief engineer by phone or with a statement on paper. Then he will give you a receipt that can be paid in any branch of the bank or via the Internet. That’s all! All difficulties in accumulating risers using DEZ or ZHEK behind. We really love to draw in the head of the evil employees of the housing and communal services, who, for any of our request, snort with displeasure and constantly rude. There is no such problem in the matters of draining water from the risers, because it is simply worth money, but everyone needs money. DEZ and ZhEK are no exceptions, but we are a little distracted from the topic.

The highest plus of the replacement of batteries in the heating period is that you can immediately check the quality of welding and threaded joints at the end of the work (in our case, the crane is screwed to the pipe and to the radiator, and everything else is welded). You do not have to wait for water supply in the fall to make sure that the batteries are warming well and the installation is really high quality.

Plus, in the heating period, the cost of work is somewhat falling compared to the summer. Seasonal discounts appear.

Isn’t the saved nerves and money not enough fees for replacing batteries in the heating season?

The choice of batteries

Stopping your choice on any form of radiators, you need to focus not on their aesthetic appearance, but on quality. So for the system that will be equipped with a pump, batteries of any material, even cast.iron, but a new model, are suitable, the main thing is that they are compatible with pipes and a boiler.

If the circulation in the system is natural, then you should pay attention to ensuring that they have a slight hydraulic resistance in the situation when it is necessary to replace the heating system in the apartment with a number of important factors:

It is also in a situation where a replacement of the heating system in the apartment is required to take into account a number of important factors:

  • The main indicator for new radiators is their size. You need to select them, focusing on such parameters:
  • The distance from the floor should correspond to 8-12 cm;
  • between the windowsill and the battery-9-12 cm;
  • From the wall they should go 3-5cm.

When choosing heating batteries, it should be remembered that they are required to occupy at least 70% of the width of the window sill, otherwise the level of heat transfer will be reduced, and the zones of cold will appear in the room.

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  • With high pressure, bimetallic radiators will be the best choice, despite their fairly high cost. They withstand 9 to 12 bar. Some aluminum systems are suitable for such parameters, but they are sensitive to the indicators of the coolant.
  • If the quality of the coolant wishes the best and there is a lot of suspension in it, then you need to opt for cast.iron systems, as they tolerate them well.
  • In the absence of water treatment, attention should also be paid to the diameter of the collectors. If it is small, you will have to face frequent clogging.
  • With too low (up to 6) or high (9 and above) pH, bimetallic or steel batteries will be an excellent choice.

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The average indicator for determining power is 100 W/m2. If you correlate it with the area of ​​the room, you can find out what power should have one radiator section. At the same time, one should not forget that it is obliged to occupy from 70% of the wall under the windowsill, so it makes no sense to focus on systems with high rates, but colder air from the window, without getting an obstacle in the form of heat from the battery, will be unhindered. reach the floor.

Only after all the parameters are taken into account, you can get permission from public utilities for alteration of the system and start buying radiators.

I also recommend reading reviews on my site and reviews on those resources where I have no way to moderate them:

The advantages of the company

We have been engaged in the installation of heating systems for several years, we have rich experience in solving typical and non.standard problems. We take into account the wishes of customers and the features of the premises. We suggest installing radiators of any turnkey type.

Why it is worth entrusting the replacement of radiators to us:

  • All the necessary professional tools are available;
  • The work is performed by experienced, neat, polite plumbing;
  • compliance with all requirements of standards, technical regulations, technologies, safety precautions;
  • affordable for work without hidden payments;
  • Guarantee for installation work and radiators.

Installation of the heating system. one of our services. We perform other types of plumbing installation, for example, we install water meters. With complex orders or for regular customers, we offer discounts.

We work promptly, accurately and with a guarantee of quality. We go to all areas of Moscow, as well as to the cities of the Moscow Region at a convenient time for you. You can clarify the working conditions or call the measurer by calling us on the phone or by leaving a request on the site.

You can find out information about the cost of installing heating radiators for a point from our operators by calling: 7 (495) 640-79-97, you can also visit the section of the Site Catalog.

Tariffs for work

If the tariff you have chosen does not include the service you need, you can order it separately.

Beautiful pipe bends made by the pipeline of only 2 joints on the eyeliner. 500 pcs

Replacing the riser from the floor to the ceiling. 1600 r/pcs

Painting the eyeliner in white. 1000 pcs

How to change central heating batteries in the apartment

With the approach of the new heating season, the issue of heating of apartments again becomes relevant. To thoroughly prepare for the arrival of cold weather, many change batteries to more advanced models. The RIAMO in Podolsk columnist found out who should pay for the repair and what to do in the case of leakage.

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At whose expense batteries are changing

According to the Housing Code, in privatized apartments, walls, roof and transit communications (including batteries) are common property. Therefore, the management company is liable for their condition, and homeowners are not required to pay for the replacement of worn radiators. However, the radiator ceases to be considered common property, if it can be separated from the riser using a locking device.

Before changing the batteries, you need to check if there is a crane that turns off the batteries on the branch from the riser of the intra.house heating system. If it is not, then you can contact the management company for free replacement of radiators. Owners can also collectively decide on replacing batteries for an additional fee. such a condition is usually indicated in the management contract.

The tenant renting housing in the state falls under the “Rules for the maintenance of common property in an apartment building”, in which the intra.house heating system, including risers, heating elements and regulatory reinforcement, as well as other equipment on these networks, also includes a common property. Therefore, repairs and replacement of batteries should be paid by the management company from the funds accrued under the article “Current Repair and House”, with the exception of the work carried out as part of the overhaul of the heat supply system of the house as a whole.

If the heating radiator does not have a disconnecting valve, housing tenants should not pay for the acquisition of the radiator and its replacement. If it is, then the replacement of heating batteries in the apartment will refer to the current repair, and he, according to the social hiring agreement, is carried out at the expense of the employer. So, the employer is obliged to monitor the serviceability and safety of equipment inside the apartment and make the current repairs of the premises at his own expense.

Legislative subtleties

The law limits the capabilities of the employer or the owner of the apartment with an independent replacement of radiators. According to Articles 44 and 46 of the Housing Code, the battery as part of common property can be replaced only by decision of all equity holders at the general meeting. Otherwise, the replacement of pipes and heating batteries in the apartment will be a unauthorized order of common house property, and the violator of the rules will bear personal responsibility in the event of an accident in the heating system.

HOA requires the installation of an additional heating element in the apartment or a change in its configuration with them. Such actions are considered the re.equipment of the heating system, so the corresponding notes must be included in the technical passport of the premises. In most cases, replacement of the battery in the technical passport is not reflected.

Reasons for replacing batteries

According to current standards, the life of cast-iron batteries is 15-30 years (open heating systems) and 30-40 years (closed systems). Replacing heating devices belongs to the category of overhaul.

Replacing heating radiators through the Criminal Code is possible only when heating devices fail and their operational period exceeded. In all other situations, the operational company is carried out only by minor repairs.

Heating batteries in the apartment are changed if possible in the summer or until the time of turning heating. However, in this case, it is impossible to immediately check how well the work is done. If heating is turned on suddenly, and the owner of the apartment will not be at home, then the system can leak, and you will need a lot of effort to eliminate the consequences.

Replacement of batteries during the period of turning heating is complicated by the fact that during the work you will have to turn off heating in all apartments connected by one riser. But this is only if the batteries in the apartment are not disconnected by the crane.

If the central heating batteries in the apartment require replacement and there is no jumper with them, then you can write an official letter to the service of the house with a request to change the batteries in two copies, on one of them ask to make a note about registration. It is necessary to make sure that the incoming number, date and selective signature of the person who accepted the application stand. You can also send a registered letter by mail with a notification.

The Criminal Code submits applications for replacing heating devices and disconnecting the riser and removal of water. If the first appeal is submitted with the aim of obtaining a fundamental approval of the replacement and determination with terms, then the second is already directly to perform work.

replacing, heating, radiators, apartment, building

If the Criminal Code does not want to change batteries

It is worth reminding the representatives of the Criminal Code that if the battery breaks through, then compensation for material damage will be entrusted to the service company.

The management company in response to a request for the replacement of central heating batteries in the apartment may refer to a point on the balance sheet distinction between common house and private property, according to which the owner himself is responsible for the repair and maintenance of batteries. But the contradictions in the law do not cancel the main position that refers to heating radiators to common property. You need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to defend your case in court.

How to change batteries yourself

The number of heating devices: one section should account for 2 square meters of housing and an additional another section for the entire area of ​​the room.

How to correct the batteries in the apartment correctly

Thus, batteries belong to common property. Accordingly, their replacement should be carried out at the expense of the management company.

But according to subparagraph “D” of the point, the common property includes: “mechanical, electric, sanitary and other equipment located in an apartment building outside or indoors and serving more than one residential and (or) non-residential premises (apartment)”.

That is, if the radiator has a regulator (valve). allows you to turn off the battery from the riser, it ceases to be considered common property and its replacement is carried out at the expense of the owner.

When replacing batteries at your own expense, it is necessary to decide who will engage in installation.

Then make an appointment with the chief engineer and submit an application that should indicate:

When contacting a private company, carefully study the contract, since sometimes the price of the batteries themselves is not taken into account, and, subsequently, they will have to be paid separately. Also carefully read the guarantee obligations and the conditions under which compensation is paid (in the case of a poor.quality installation).

Important: when choosing a company, check it for a license for the implementation of this type of work.

If batteries belong to common property (that is, they do not have valves). The management company will replace them only in case of breakdown or leaks (if the device itself is unusable).

To do this, you need to call the control room of your area and call a master who will check the condition of the batteries. After detecting the problem, he will either eliminate it in place (if possible). either measure all the necessary parameters for the subsequent for the images (pipe length, the number of sections, etc.D.). And the management company will determine the date of installation of the battery.

Important: buying devices and all the necessary technical work is done at the expense of the Criminal Code.

You shouldn’t pay for anything. Therefore, in case of refusal to replace a faulty battery or the requirement of money for installation, you can safely apply to the court.

Only those homeowners who opened a special account will be able to control the process of replacing batteries as part of major repairs.

In all houses falling under the program, old batteries will be replaced with new radiators, respectively, graphics.

According to the short.term plan for 2015. 2016, it is planned to repair about 23 thousand engineering systems (central heating, hot and cold water supply, etc.D.).

You can familiarize yourself with the timing of the work on the Repair website.mos.ru.

Important: since workers need access to the apartment to replace the batteries, the residents will be notified in advance about the date and time of the proposed installation.

When contacting both the private and the management company, it is necessary to call the master to measure all the necessary parameters (the length of the riser, the number of sections, etc.D.).

Specify the cost of the service in advance, since, usually, it is paid separately.

IMPORTANT: In no case do not pay with the MATER “Individually”. In the absence of official documents, all responsibility for possible consequences will fall on you.

For example, if, due to the battery breakdown, you pour neighbors from below, you will have to pay for repairs, since the company will not be responsible for the private activity of its master.

When purchasing devices, be sure to read the warranty conditions, check the availability of certificates of conformity and license.

Submit an application for disconnecting water in the riser

Before the direct installation of batteries, regardless of where you contacted (in a private or management company). you need to block the common house riser and drain water from it.

  • Contact the ODS (combined dispatch service) of your area
  • Apply for an overlap of the riser (the sample is available to employees)
  • Get a form with details
  • Pay for the service (in any branch of the selected bank)
  • Provide a receipt in the ODS
  • Coordinate the date and time of technical work

Important: when changing batteries at the expense of the management company, you do not need to submit an application.

After the master has drawn up the technical plan, the company (managing or private) should calculate the estimate of the battery (not including the total amount of the device themselves, since they are bought separately).

Depending on where you turned. The procedure for drawing up an agreement and subsequent payment may vary.

For example, the installation of batteries through the management company can only be paid through the bank (by bank transfer). The details are issued immediately after signing the contract.

Important: you also need to sign the “Act of Disarmation of Balance Provide” with the management company, informing it about the replacement of old batteries. Thus, you take all responsibility for the subsequent operation of new equipment.

Expect the master on the appointed day. Remember that the riser is turned off for a certain time (usually about two hours is given for this).

Important: By the time of installation, water from risers should be merged.

Agree in advance with the control room that after the water supply, you will be given for some time for verification (the duty officer will not go right after the riser is turned on). since if the work is done poorly, the master will have to redo it and eliminate the problems.

When contacting the management company, its employees themselves will decay this issue.

Then you must sign 2 copies of the “Act of Reception and Transfer”, one of which will remain with you.

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Who should change and install batteries in the apartment

The owner of the dwelling chooses 1 of 3 options:

Is it possible to do it yourself

Some of the tenants are dismantling and replacing heating radiators in the apartment with their own hands, which in the future is able to provoke thermal unbalance in the home, the creation of emergency situations.

replacing, heating, radiators, apartment, building

It will not be possible to increase the coverage or number of heating devices without the official permission of the service company. The organization may impose a ban on the installation of radiators in the dwelling in the mismatch of the installed devices. Therefore, before replacing the batteries, residents coordinate the installation with the housing office.

Selecting type and model of a new radiator.

Now we will analyze in detail the radiators themselves at the market. For installation in apartment buildings, bimetallic, steel tubular and cast.iron radiators are suitable in their use.

Features of cast.iron radiators.

Cast iron radiators are used only in small.time houses. Where the heating system works under relatively low pressure. Therefore, you will never find cast-iron radiators from builders in houses above 9 floors. This is due to the fragility of cast iron. Cast iron radiators also have too rough surface treatment in comparison with bimetallic ones, this also applies to modern models.

Steel and bimetallic radiators.

The most suitable types of radiators for central heating of apartment buildings can be called bimetallic and steel tubular. The latter are relatively few common in the Russian market, but this does not affect their attractiveness, but only their price. The most popular steel tubular radiator in the Russian market is Arbonia. But I will tell you a secret. Russian manufacturers of Radstal have learned to make an exact copy of these radiators and they cost 2 times cheaper than German. The main advantage of steel trumpeters over bimetallic I would indicate acoustic comfort. It happens rarely, but aptly. When a bimetallic radiator can make noise.

The choice of bimetallic radiator.

Consider in more detail the bimetallic ones as the most common. As the experience of studying the radiator market shows, but it is not small for me, it is far from always if the manufacturer indicates that the radiator is bimetallic, it is suitable for TSO systems. Manufacturers very often save on the technological process and perform the so.called pseudo bimetall. That is, only vertical collectors are bimetallic (inside steel, aluminum outside), and the horizontal collector is made entirely of aluminum, which is in contact with the coolant to corrode. Confirmed by repeated appeal of buyers to my store after 2-3 years. This applies to models such as Rifar Base, Rifar Forza and Sira Gladiator.

I would divide all the remaining bimetallic radiators into 4 groups:

Not of high quality. these are radiators produced under unknown brands, usually in China. At the cost, they usually fit in the interval 300-500r per section. The disadvantage is low coloring quality. The paint flies away immediately during installation. Subsequently spreads around the edges.

To the second group, I would classify all famous Italian manufacturers. Such as Global and Sira. The disadvantage of which are too narrow vertical collectors. The system with the heat exchanger will work excellent. But in the house where the trunk coolant is supplied to the radiator, they can work for a very long time and clog with a warden.

I would classify Royal Thermo and Bram as high.quality.

The best and only bimetallic radiators in the market with a whole collector Rifar Monolit and Rifar Supremo.



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