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Replacement of the heat exchanger of the gas boiler vaillant

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Repair of the heat exchanger of the gas boiler with his own hands instructions for repair and replacement of the part

Agree, you do not always keep an eye on the boiler and try to check it as infrequently as possible. At the same time you may like to fix appliances yourself and not necessarily for the sake of economy. If you have been using boilers for a long time, you know about the peculiarities of their heat exchangers as parts, because of which breakdowns often occur. If you want to repair the heat exchanger of the gas boiler with your own hands, read our instructions and see that it is not difficult at all.

From our article you will learn how to get the primary and secondary heat exchanger out of the boiler. In addition, you will learn how to care for these parts and repair them. If you are not familiar with the structure of the boiler, among other things, you will understand the structure of exchangers, learn their location, the principle of operation.

A lot of water passes through the heat exchangers of boilers, over time they become clogged, sometimes deformed. In the article we have given important information about their cleaning, repair and replacement. We will tell you enough about heat exchangers so that you can repair these parts of the boiler alone.

The primary heat exchanger of a gas boiler

The primary, or just a heat exchanger, is a large piece in the form of a tube with bends through which thin plates pass. This shape and the device itself is also called a coil.

Manufacturers make heat exchangers of stainless metals like copper and stainless steel. In different brands of boilers they do not differ almost in structure. shell and tube in the form of a coil.

Coil heat exchangers are actively used in industry. They sometimes combine two systems: water and steam, water and antifreeze, water in two ways

The device transfers heat energy from the gas to the heat transfer medium. usually water. Units differ in capacity, and the greater the length of the pipe and the number of ribs (bends), the higher it is. Heat exchanger works well as long as the soot outside and salts inside do not accumulate in excess. Then the circulation is disturbed and the thermal conductivity of the walls decreases. Heat exchangers must be cleaned in time and protected with water filters.

In the boiler design, the primary exchanger is located in the combustion chamber, above the flame of the main burner. A manufacturing material with a high heat transfer capacity retains heat well and loses it as quickly as necessary. Narrower plates distribute the heat energy more evenly. The primary heat exchanger is the main heating element of a gas boiler, if you don’t count the burner.

Primary Heat Exchanger Repair

The exchanger deteriorates due to poor quality coolant or materials of which it is made, as well as other factors. Pressure, high temperatures and their differences lead to cracks, because of which the element begins to work less power, and over time breaks. The service life of the heat exchanger can be prolonged if purified water is supplied and the boiler is not overloaded.

Cracking will be harder to fix than clogging. The heat exchanger is brazed for this. Select solder of the same material as the unit itself. Boiler heat exchangers are usually made of copper, less often. of cast iron or steel. Aluminum, silicon, manganese, nickel and zinc are added.

Leaks on the primary heat exchanger can be caused by flames, water hammer, and in some cases corrosion

Copper zinc solder is considered one of the best. They are used for soldering of most nonferrous metals with higher melting point than the auxiliary material itself. Solders with silicon or tin inclusions are safer for the human body. up to half a percent.

Copper-phosphorus materials are best avoided, and if they solder exchangers, then without stress such as shock or vibration. Choosing the right solder is half the battle.

Heat exchangers are soldered with gas torches and soldering lamps. Before soldering, clean the desired area with a fine sandpaper and wipe it down with a rag and solvent, and then heat it up. The area is heated with a blow dryer or a weak torch/soldering iron. At this point, the main thing is to get into the temperature corridor and consider the subsequent cooling. Barely noticeable damage is indicated by small, greenish spots.

Before heating, the water is drained and the remaining water is blown out with a compressor or a flexible hose. The hose is fixed by the thread, if it has a coupling nut and the design features allow it. If water is left in, it will draw some of the heat energy.

Coils with solder: at high temperatures, the material wets the base and spreads over it, gets into the smallest gaps and pulls, resulting in an intermediate layer of a combination of base and solder

Solder is preferred in the form of wire or rod: the molten end when soldering will be well immersed in flux, which will adhere to it. If there is too much intermittent or loose wire on the exchanger itself, the preheating was not good. After work, the soldering point is sometimes coated with heat-resistant paint. for better insulation.

For the next two weeks, check the brazed section daily for continuity. At the first leak detected, it is worth contacting a technician. If it appeared in the first half of the month, it means that the soldering was of poor quality.

Flux is a good all-purpose flux, and solder-gel flux is also good. Avoid rosin, unusual options like aspirin, etc.

Cleaning the primary heat exchanger

Buy a solution for flushing heat exchangers. it removes even heavy contamination. Use special brushes and scrapers for manual cleaning of accessible areas inside and outside the exchanger. Remove soot.

Soot appears because of too intensive work of the boiler and small leaks of fuel, a special metal brush can remove most of the soot

In a complicated situation order chemical flushing. Masters will clean the exchanger through a booster, in which they will add acid. sulfamic acid for example. After a special treatment no old and stubborn deposits are left behind. Or you can flush the heat exchanger yourself. To do so, please use the following instructions.

Cleaning is also possible without disassembly. with hydrodynamic washing. Fine particles under high pressure will remove any contamination.

Replacement of an old or broken heat exchanger

To pull the exchanger for flushing or replacement, the first thing to do is to disconnect the boiler from the gas and power supply. The boiler front panel is then removed and the water inlet and return pipes are shut off. The heat carrier is drained through the drain cock on the boiler.

Further actions require more precision and concentration:

  • Remove the fasteners on the tube that supplies gas to the combustion chamber. Disconnect this spigot.
  • Release the combustion compartment cover from suitable communications: take aside the ignition and control electrodes.
  • Remove sensors from combustion chamber. Unscrew the fasteners on its cover and remove the latter.
  • Disconnect and remove the fan.
  • Remove tube clamps from pipes coming to the primary heat exchanger. Take off these pipes.
  • We detach the combustion chamber from the wall of the boiler and move it outside.
  • Loosen the screws of the upper cover of the combustion chamber. Remove the top cover.
  • Remove the fasteners that hold the primary heat exchanger, and take it out.

Flushing of gas boilers Vailant in Mytishchi

The gas boiler Vaillant works more than one year without flushing heat exchangers?

Today began to knock and noise “for no reason”?

Sharp clicking noises in the device when heating up, hissing. overheating F20 error.

You will find many questions on the web pages through the internal “Search”.

Any questions. call. Consultation and diagnosis of the heating system for free.

Need a qualified flushing the heat exchanger of the gas boiler Vaillant in Mytishchi, call.

Procedure of chemical cleaning of the gas boiler Vaillant carried out by our service engineers in Mytishchi and nearby settlements of the neighboring areas of the region and in the New for flushing works of the heat exchangers we have publicly available. Call.

Specialists who will come to the call, carry out the cleaning work urgently or schedule the work at a convenient time for the customer flushing service. All masters of a specialized organization certified by the Federal Service of Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor).

Hydropneumatic or chemical flushing of Vaillant gas units with certified and harmless reagents can often solve the problem of a lack of hot water.

Heating service engineers in Mytishchi will come to the call, using special pumping equipment and safe chem. reagents.

Within 2-3 hours all preventive maintenance for internal treatment of pipes from scale will be completed.

I would like to add that flushing for prevention of breakdowns will save from considerable and expensive repair in the future time.

Calling a 24-hour technical service to repair gas appliances Vailant in Mytishchi will be immediately processed by the engineer on duty, and then a specialist on the flushing goes to the address of the repair work in a short time.

For this condition of service of the German boiler Waylant it is necessary to conclude the annual maintenance contract, which is an obligatory condition of operation of the gas equipment at any object, including a private house and furnace of the commercial enterprise. This boiler service option is the cheapest and most cost-effective.

List of problems of the first level

Let’s consider, for starters, what the owner can “fight” on their own, without fear of getting a complete unusability of the product and deprivation of warranty.

There are two options on the list of available situations to fix:

  • Boiler not working at all. Т.е. The device does not heat the coolant if it is a single-circuit, does not heat neither the coolant, nor the sanitary water if it is a dual-circuit model.
  • Boiler heats sanitary water, but does not heat the water. This problem is unique to two-circuit units.

Both of the above-mentioned positions have a number of quite solvable causes and a few solutions that the careful owner should get acquainted with. However, before examining the situation in detail, you should check whether the boiler is even connected to the mains and whether one of the functions is switched off: heating or DHW.

It is the duty of the owner of the gas equipment used in the organization of the heating system to monitor the technical condition of the pipeline and the devices installed on it, t.к. all components of the system are interconnected

The owner of the house with autonomous heating, concerned about the safety and trouble-free operation of the gas boiler, should monitor the pressure by the pressure gauge included in the safety group or built into the boiler

Regularly review the readings of the electronic system showing the operating data of the boiler

To ensure the normal and safe operation of the system, it is necessary to monitor the fittings, connections, in order to detect leaks in water pipes and gas leakage

Now let’s look at the typical causes and methods for fixing them if the boiler does not heat at all:

  • Gas tap closed. Both stoppers on the gas inlet pipe are to be opened by the gas service staff.
  • Cold water supply shut off. Resolved by opening the shut-off valve on the water pipe.
  • Power failure. The heating device will interrupt its operation in case of power blackout. If the power supply is restored, the boiler starts itself.
  • The temperature is set too low. Mistake made during adjustment can be corrected by the boiler owner by simple switching over the unit to the required temperature regime.
  • Water pressure drop (F22). Lack of pressure in the system for normal operation of the boiler is indicated by the coding. Its appearance means that it is necessary to bleed the air from the batteries and open the make-up valve located at the bottom of the device.
  • Failure to ignite (F28). If the third attempt to ignite the gas heating device has not had the desired effect, you must find the fault clearing button on the control panel, press it and hold it for at least a second. Failure again? Call the gas company.
  • Chimney failure (F48). This code signals an increase in the temperature of the flue gases being discharged. They could stagnate and overheat due to a clogged external chimney, which must be cleaned.

Note that a drop in pressure is also indicated by S76. This code is from the boiler status monitoring group. However to restore the operation you need the same actions as for error F22.

replacement, heat, exchanger, boiler, vaillant

For the sake of his own safety, health and the safety of his family members, the owner of the boiler must monitor the smoke evacuation system. A complete removal of gases is necessary, since the products of the processing of blue fuel is extremely toxic

The second type of errors is determined by the work only of the DHW system without heating the water, most often associated with errors made by the master during the configuration. You can change the temperature yourself. In the manual attached to the boiler, it is written in detail how to perform this operation.

List of errors of the second level

Now let’s analyze the problems, which can only be deciphered by a service technician. To control the actions of the performer, if you care about a very expensive unit, it is also very useful. Especially if the repairman at first sight does not inspire confidence.

Let’s specify right away that if the display shows a dash, then there is no malfunction in the functionality, most likely the problem is the wrong settings. If several codes are displayed alternating with each other, there is more than one fault. So, the wizard will also have to choose the right sequence of troubleshooting.

Error F.0. Problems with the NTC temperature sensor located in the supply line. There are several reasons why the device has stopped recording the temperature. The sensor may have failed itself, or the electrical connection may have been broken.

In choosing spare parts for repair of boilers with Vaillant logo, it is necessary not only to match the type of component to the boiler model. It is advisable to give preference to products from the manufacturer of the unit in order to achieve full compatibility

In all cases the boiler shall be disassembled to detect faults. If a loosening of the plug connection to the electronic board is detected, it is repaired. If device or wire replacement is required, it is done.

Error F.1. Problems with the NTC temperature sensor installed on the return pipe. All actions performed to eliminate the previous error are performed in the same order.

F error.5. Flue gas sensor failure outside the boiler. Similar to the previous errors check the plug connection to the electronic board and test the wiring. If you don’t find the cause, you have to change the sensor.

Error F.6. Disconnection of flue gas sensor within boiler. Check also cable, cable connections, plug connection to electronic board and device itself. As a result of the detected faults restore the contacts, change the wire or the recording device itself.

F F errors.10; F.11; F.15; F.16. Short circuit: faults 10 and 11. short circuit of supply and return temperature sensors, codes 15 and 16. short circuit of flue gas sensors inside and outside. When all the above types of sensors are short-circuited, they are replaced.

F F error.20. Temperature fuse tripped. Check whether the temperature sensor on the heating medium supply line is properly installed and connected. often than not, the fuse blows for no real reason if this section of the circuit was assembled incorrectly. Less often this is due to a broken sensor.

F error.22. Boiler running “dry” or lack of water in the unit. This indicates that the appliance is leaking or that the pump is not pumping properly. But if no leakage is detected, it is the pump. either the pump itself is broken, or the electrical connection is damaged. The problem can be solved by replacing.

The “no-load” operation, i.e.е. without water. is a direct way to burn the walls of heat exchangers. If you do not react in time to the indication of the device, the replacement of devices plus installation can significantly devastate the family budget

Alternatively, the device that locks the boiler when the temperature limit is exceeded could be defective. There is no point in fixing it, as a rule, this type of switch is replaced.

F F Error.23. Significantly different readings taken by the temperature sensors at the inlet and outlet of the boiler. Mostly caused by too little or too slow a pump’s water flow. The pump is at fault. it is either broken or blocked.

Pump is not pumping well or is not pumping at all? The first thing to do is to check if it is jammed. To do this, insert a slotted screwdriver into the axial shaft of the pump and turn it. If the pump shaft turns freely, then the cause of the failure in another

Such faults are most often caused by faulty electrical connections. Wires may be damaged or contacts may be oxidized or loose

If oxidized contacts are found, they can be cleaned with an emery cloth. All connections are tightened. If a damaged wire is found during the inspection, it is replaced

If all of the above steps have not had a positive result and the pump still does not pump water, it must be replaced

Repair of gas boilers Vaillant in Substitution of the original part of the gas boiler can be refused? Consultation.

Service center for repair, maintenance, cleaning and chemical washing of heat exchangers of gas boilers, including the German manufacturer Vaillant, offers its numerous services at a high professional level.

Contract for commissioning and servicing of gas boilers Vaillant and cities of the region for private houses and com. companies.

Original spare parts for replacement in the gas boilers in the most extreme case, as we do even repair and restoration of the electronic board of zhkotloagrator at home with a guarantee.

Cooperation with us is easy and profitable. We find and fix faults on the same day.

For and Moscow region urgently and round the clock

On questions of the planned repair, urgent repair and purchase of spare parts for heating boilers Vaillant address in the office of the company on workdays or round-the-clock on the phone service.

Call a service engineer for diagnostics, repair and maintenance of gas boiler Vaillant at home is carried out by phone on duty shift on workdays and weekends.

Company Vaillant for years of activity in the market of heating equipment has acquired a decent reputation as a European producer of machinery of excellent quality. Let’s hope that consumers of services and goods of the German company will be worthy of stability in the future.

Service center for repair of gas boilers Vaillant works, observing the rules of warranty obligations and conditions of the annual contract for commissioning and service of gas boiler Vaillant for owners of private houses and commercial facilities in the region.

Strict observance of the manufacturer’s recommendations, which are specified in the instruction manual for the user, is a guarantee of comfortable and long-term use of the gas heating device Vaillant in a dwelling house in the region. Uninterrupted operation and maximum service life of the gas generator depends on its maintenance and quality installation, including the electronic component of the two-circuit heating boiler.

The repair works, connected with the heating equipment of Vaillant occur, mainly, planned, during maintenance service that speaks about the quality of the given technics.

Timely checks, adjustment of automatics, chemical flushing of the heat exchanger and analysis of the heating system as a whole, all this makes the operation of the gas boiler Vaillant long and comfortable for the user.

But if your gas boiler was repaired several times, and this work did not lead to a positive result. the cause remains, please contact our service department for Mosoblast with a request for heater repair Vaylant, our experts will definitely help you to solve this problem of troubleshooting.

The real technical support is performed on the day of your request with minimum investment, quickly and qualitatively. For this we have technical capabilities and decent work experience.

We carry out complex repairs with the delivery of spare parts, individual in each case for the entire line of Vaillant equipment represented in these types can include gas conventional, condensing heating appliances and columns (flowing gas heaters), storage water heaters and buffer tanks, heat pumps and other equipment of the company.

Concluding the contract on technical (service primary) service and starting-up and adjustment works at gasification of an apartment house (other object) for gas Vaillant boiler, our clients solve a complex problem on further repair and service of heating equipment, and also gas equipment in a boiler room of an object under the act of division of spheres of responsibility.

We wish peace and warmth to all in your homes!

At the moment our company performs repair and service of wall mounted gas boilers Vaillant brand atmoTEC pro/plus, turboTEC pro/plus of the following modifications:

Wall condensing gas boilers:

Wall mounted gas boiler with the technology of increased preservation of the heat of combustion:

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Repair and maintenance of gas boilers Vaillant

Service center for maintenance and fast troubleshooting of gas boilers Vaillant in the region and New offers technical services.

We work to ensure that the gas boiler in your home and business remains in perfect technical condition.

The team of service engineers performs maintenance and chemical cleaning of the heat exchanger, flushing the heating system for 20 years.

Eliminate accumulated faults in the heating equipment can anyone, even untrained.

The only difference is the execution time, its quality, and most importantly, that the performer will be able to explain the dynamics of elimination of faults before the boiler repair.

24 hours a day (under the Contract)

You have had changes in the operation of the gas boiler, obvious malfunctions and the heating does not start on repeated attempts? What you need to do find out further. from the engineer on duty.

Beforehand by phone on-duty engineering service customer specifies the and the course of action for the organization of repair works of boiler Vailant. Further you specify from the engineer on duty who plans actions of the technical center and all divisions in the area. all the nuances upon arrival of the service-engineer.

If you are all satisfied and the algorithm of repair work is clear, the for services you like, you should make an application to the service center to the engineer on duty and already in 10-20 minutes you will be contacted by free service technician who will be completely supervising the repair of your heating equipment Vailant.

Time of arrival of the master can be any convenient for the customer, as in our firm works on-duty engineering service providing repair of boilers under contracts of annual maintenance in private houses and at the enterprises Subcompanies note that masters have professional training on installation and starting-up and adjustment, maintenance and difficult repair of gas floor and wall units, including gas condensing heating devices with increased capacity.

Technical service makes cleaning of German gas boiler and its chemical flushing with special pumping equipment, as well as repair of boiler control board and replacement of original spare parts if technically necessary during the service.

All permits, SRO permit, license of Ministry of Emergency Situations and Commission certification for employees of the technical service of the enterprise, associated with various heating schemes, water, gas supply, as well as heating and water heating products plant Vaillant.

Technical staff is constantly trained in specialized training centers on advanced training courses.

Service center and its technical branches in all areas (districts) of the region are Pushkino, Odintsovo, Mytishchi, Podolsk, Ramenskoe, Istra, Shchelkovo and Kubinka (full list of settlements) serve boilers on gas fuel and flow-through water heaters Vailant:

  • wall-mounted (open and closed combustion chamber) and floor gas Vaillant units (two circuits. heating and DHW, one circuit. only heating);
  • One- and two-circuit gas heating boilers Vaillant;
  • Vaillant water heaters on gaseous fuel (water flow columns, accumulators of water for DHW. boilers of indirect heating);
  • condensing gas boilers with increased efficiency (floor standing boilers with capacity-N from 19,3 to 47,1 kW, mounted heaters with capacity-N from 23,0 to 120,0 kW), adjustment by gas analyzer Testo 320 with compensation.

We provide the heating equipment Vaillant within the framework of repair, replacement and maintenance of heating private houses and commercial enterprises in the region, as well as in the neighboring areas, as agreed with the customer of services. Clarify all the nuances in the office of the company.

We do all work without red tape, because we do not allow this and you do not advise!

What works are included into the cost of Vaillant boilers servicing

Minor defects in a heating boiler (mechanical damage, salt deposits, carbon deposits, automation system failure) have serious consequences. That is why special attention is paid to the operability of heating equipment. Specialists “are ready in a short time to eliminate the breakdowns of any complexity of the boiler device Vaillant.

Our center offers a wide range of services for repair and maintenance of the boiler Vaillant:

  • Checking of electrical connections and serviceability of all nodes;
  • diagnostics of control system, automatics;
  • check the tightness of joints;
  • Cleaning of pumps, heat exchangers;
  • recommendations of the masters on the operation of the device.

We provide maintenance of wall hung single- and double circuit boilers of EcoTEC, AtmoTEC, TurboTEC, VUW TEC Plus, Turbo FIT, TEC Pro series; floor standing and condensing heating devices of AtmoCRAFT, EcoVIT, EcoCOMPACT, AtmoVIT and EcoCRAFT series.

Repair of Vaillant liquid fuel boilers

The most common faults of Vaillant diesel models are microcracks. They lead to water or coolant leakage. If low-quality fuel is used, working parts become contaminated faster, which reduces the efficiency of heating. Breakdowns also occur as a result of hydraulic shock inside the boiler and automation failure.

An engineer comes to the call with equipment and a set of spare parts. Repair of diesel boilers “Vaillant” is made after a thorough diagnosis, which allows you to accurately identify malfunctions and their causes. If necessary, we will clean the combustion chamber and replace igniters, repair automatics and change sealing sleeves. Test run and check the equipment in different modes of operation is always carried out.

Troubleshooting gas boilers

Such Vaillant equipment is reliable, but failures still occur. Breakdowns are the result of pressure fluctuations and power supply failures, as well as untimely maintenance. Automatics, heat exchangers and the system of gas supply are the first to break down.

During the repair of boilers “Vaillant” our specialists:

  • Replace the sensors (temperature, pressure);
  • Repair the ventilator;
  • Clean nozzles and heat exchanger;
  • repair or replace the valve;
  • We will install a new pressostat.

Minimum repair price with boiler troubleshooting

Discount on work in full if you sign the contract to service the boiler

Vaillant company is known in the market of household appliances as the leader in production of heating equipment. Boilers of Vaillant brand heating are in demand among consumers due to high reliability, safety and performance. Despite the impeccable quality, there are a number of reasons why the high-tech equipment fails:

  • untimely maintenance;
  • natural wear and tear of parts;
  • The use of low-quality water;
  • Pressure or voltage drop in the network;
  • Installation errors etc.

If at the start of the unit atypical noise is heard, the pressure jumps appeared, automatics broke down, the flow of coolant increased, then these signs indicate malfunction in the system of the installation. The quality of Vaillant boiler repair and the condition of the heating system in winter depends on the prompt response to any changes in the operation of the unit.

Service and repair of boilers Vaillant

Vaillant heating boilers belong to the complex and high-tech equipment, which provides excellent performance and efficiency of the heating system. Automated heating equipment Vaillant requires repair and maintenance only by highly qualified specialists with the appropriate certification.

Experts of our center have necessary knowledge and practical skills to provide repair of gas boilers Vaillant. Our employees are trained and certified by the manufacturer to service the entire line of Vaillant heating equipment.

Conducting work from design to installation, commissioning and subsequent maintenance provides knowledge of all the nuances of the equipment and solutions to problems of any complexity.

Our center performs as urgent repair of gas boiler Vaillant, as well as servicing of boiler equipment of this manufacturer. We provide a warranty for the repair work.

Certified repair of gas boilers Vaillant and area!

As prevention of breakdowns of the heating equipment, it is necessary to ensure the preservation of the operating characteristics of the boiler. Regular maintenance will not only provide protection against premature failure and repair of gas boilers Vailant. but also allow you to fix the problem at an early stage.

It is important that the service and repair of boiler Vaillant carried out by a qualified specialist. Any errors when working with a complex mechanism can permanently disable the heating equipment, which will entail forced downtime.

In addition to highly qualified specialists of the center always have modern equipment and licensed spare parts. To determine the cause of the boiler equipment malfunction we carry out diagnosis. The cost of repair of boilers Vaillant will depend on the complexity of breakage. After troubleshooting and serviceability check of the system, the expert will issue a warranty for the work performed.

Repair of boilers is carried out by masters. pros! Gas boilers Vaillant are serviced by the specialists, having the SRO certificate. This is a very important point. Specialists are familiar with boiler equipment and know the most common breakdowns of Vaillant boilers. doing the repair quickly and professionally.



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