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Replacement of sealing rubber on washing machine

Cuff for washing machine: purpose, instruction on replacement and repair

Suspicions that the cuff for the washing machine has become unusable, occurs in the event of water fluxes from under the door of a working unit. If the cause of the leak is really in violation of the integrity of the rubber gasket, do not be very upset. If desired, the tightness of the tank can be restored independently.

We will talk about how to replace this important type of sealing with yourself, providing tightness of the tank with water during washing. In the article we proposed, the removal process and the installation of a new cuff is described by steps. Our tips will help to achieve impeccable result.

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What is a sealing cuff and its purpose

This part of the washing machine provides reliable sealing of the node, between the tank and the case, also for the tight closure of the hatch door.

The loading hatch cuff is an element made of heat.resistant silicone rubber, which is highly resistant to water.

Bosch Washing Machine Seal Replacement Easy

replacement, sealing, rubber, washing, machine

Installation of a new cuff

Thus, the cuff replacement procedure on the washing machine will be carried out correctly and the washing machine will last a very long time.

What you need to know before replacing the elastic band in the washing machine

You need to choose rubber under the model of your washing machine. If you have a household device with front loading, you need to buy a round product. For vertical household appliances, a rectangular part will be required. It will ensure tightness between the tank and the top cover.

A rubber seal was put in older machines. A new material has now appeared. silicone. It is more durable than rubber, since it does not lose its elasticity under the influence of humidity and high temperatures.

When choosing these products, you also need to pay attention to the size of the product. They differ in different models. In addition, for technology with additional functions, seals with additional holes are produced. These holes are used for water area or drying process. In any case, you need to buy only the spare part that is designed for your model. Do not take analogues, even if they are the same size. Seals for other cars may not fit you.

We dismantle an elastic band on the washing machine of Indesite

Cuff damage is not a reason for the replacement of the washing device. This type of repair work is much cheaper than replacing the management module or refusing electronics, and any owner of this brand will cope with it.

replacement, sealing, rubber, washing, machine

First of all, it is necessary to prepare for the replacement. A new elastic band is acquired, similar to damaged in diameter and marking. The machine is de.energized, wiped inside a rag, and you can dismantle:

  • Climbs are removed in the form of clamps. If they are made of plastic, then holding the joints of the connection pair, we pull forward. And if the rims of metal, unscrew the screws, or pry the spring with a flat screwdriver,
  • Carefully put forward the front of the cuff,
  • We find a label that marks the necessary arrangement of the elastic band with respect to the SMA (as a rule, this is a characteristic ledge),
  • Marker apply a response on the case,
  • To remove the sealing gum, we pull it to us, extracting it from the deepening.

Having dismantled the damaged seal, you should not rush to perform a replacement for an analogue. Carefully clean the edge of the dirt, scale and the remaining washing powder.

replacement, sealing, rubber, washing, machine

Our advantages

  • Damage to the outer shell of the pouring hose of the washing machine,
  • The internal filter was clogged,
  • Weakened nuts or clamps from vibration,
  • Other damage,
  • Incorrect position of the equipment.

We do not recommend blocking holes, buy a new part.

Progress does not stand still, and with it the protection systems from leaks are developing, timely study and installation of which can help the owners save their nerves and money in unforeseen situations.

Where to begin

First of all, we go to the spare parts store for washing machine cars. You need to choose such a seal that will completely coincide with the brand of the car. The cuff should be identical to the old one, otherwise it will not be installed loosely or not installed at all.

Before starting work, make sure that the machine is completely disconnected from the mains.

Remember: any repair work, including replacing the cuff of the lamp of the washing machine, are carried out only with the device off!

How to Replace a Washing Machine Door Seal on a Bosch Washer

Tips and recommendations

If the sealing cuff for the washing machine is broken or covered with mold, you can try to restore it yourself. apply a patch, rinse the seal with a bleach. But it seems to still have to change the detail: due to frequent contact with water, the patch will not last long, and the fungus may not be removed even after several sinks.



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