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Replaceable gillette venus shaving cassettes

Replaceable gillette venus shaving cassettes

Three strips of Intensive Moisture, enriched with natural aloe and plant oils. Three blades with Comfort coating for a close and comfortable shave. The floating rounded head follows the contours of the body. The refined handle provides a firm grip for a comfortable shave. Any Venus replacement cassette fits any Venus beaters.

How to use: You need to wet the razor until a light foam appears, which allows the blades to glide smoothly. No need to wipe the blades. Protect from children.

Usage time: universal Skin type: all skin types Age: 18 Gender: female

Gillette‘s most recent development is ProGlide Power, a shaving system with 5 blades and vibration mode; and its ProGlide variant without the Power feature. Other shaving systems for sale: Sensor Excel, Slalom Plus. 2-blade system. 3-blade cassettes now available for the Sensor series. Slalom Plus is the cheapest shaving system Gillette currently available. Slalom Plus is the renamed Atra Plus. The company manufactures a large number of disposable razors (e.g. Permatik for the Turkish market), many of them manufactured in St. Petersburg. In addition to modern razors the company continues to produce double-edged blades that were used in the classic razor.

After the classic razors the first razor system Gillette was Trac II with 2 blades. Then the Gillette Atra system was developed (1977), the first with a floating head.

The company’s next system was the Atra, the Atra Plus (1985) which featured a lubricating strip over the edge of the razor blades. In 1990 the Sensor was produced, the successors of which are still popular today. The system had an innovative for its time steel design and a 2-point floating head.

1995 saw the introduction of Gillette’s Sensor Excel system with 5 micro combs, it was claimed that the micro combs tense the skin to give a smoother shave. 1998 saw the launch of Mach3 shaving system with 3 blades in the cassette and 5 micro combs. In 2003, a modification of Mach3. Mach3 Turbo. was released, the novelty had 10 micro-cutters instead of five, as well as new Antifriction blades. The design of the handle has also been redesigned. In 2004, a battery-operated version of the Mach3 Turbo with vibration mode was released, called M3Power.

In 2007 came out a system with 5 blades. Gillette Fusion, and its modification with a vibration mode Fusion Power. Also, for the first time, Fusion now has a grass trimmer blade on the back of its hard-to-shave cassette.

After the introduction of Bic machines, Gillette began to lose ground. People found themselves wanting more looms that can be thrown away immediately after use. In response, Gillette launches its own models of disposable razors.

The Gillette II and Gillette Blue II single-use machine models are currently available, as well as the Sensor 3 Sensitive. Also available as disposable looms for women Satin Care and Gillette Blue II For Women.

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Venus Changeable Cassette (Blade) 4pcs.


Venus Extra Smooth Sensitive 4 pcs Replacement Blade Cassette (Blades).


Gillette Venus Smooth

Changeable cassettes (blades) Gillette Venus 2 pcs


Replacement cassettes (blades) Gillette Venus Comfortglide Sugarberry 3 pcs.


Blade Replacement Cassette (Blades) Gillette Venus Comfortglide Vanilla Crema 4 pcs.


Наконец-то купила новый станок Venus satin Care деликатно бритье

Change cassettes (blades) Gillette Venus Divine Sensitive 4 pcs


Blade Replacement Cassette (Blades) Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive 4 pcs.


Replacement cassettes (blades) Gillette Venus Swirl Extra Smooth 3 pcs.


How to replace a Gillette Venus razor blade assembling DIY

Replacement cassettes (blades) Venus 1 pc.


Replacement cassettes (blades) Venus Divine Sensitive 2 pcs


Replacement cassettes (blades) Venus Olay 3 pcs. EU


Gillette Venus Swirl 4pcs Replacement Cassette

Replacement gillette venus shaving cassettes

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