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Remove the top cover of the dishwasher Bosch Silence

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Dishwasher: how and how to remove the upper cover in PMM of different brands?

Installation of a dishwasher is not always an easy task, especially if the kitchen set is ordered before you purchased electrical engineering. If the parameters have not been measured in advance, users may encounter the difficulties of installing PMM under the countertop. What to do if the machine does not fit into the headset, and a separate place for it is not provided? In this case, you can remove the top cover of the dishwasher. How to do this if you have a brand technique of Bosch, Siemens, Whirlpool or Beko, you will learn from the leadership.

If we are talking about dismantling the upper panel, only stationary (separate) models are considered.

Question answer whether the lid is removed in the built.in PMM?. Not removed.

Typically, the height of the machine installed in a stationary way is 85 cm. If the height of the PMM coincides with the height of the countertop, the machine does not fit under it, since the height of the material is at least 3 cm. Removing the upper cover is the most successful idea in this case. It is important that such an opportunity is constructively provided. not every model has such an opportunity. Look at the operating instructions. this will be indicated on one of the pages.

On a note! If the countertop differs from the standard and does not reach it a few centimeters, think about remaking the kitchen. The easiest way is to raise a headset with legs. You can replace the console with the selection of suitable heights.

If you learned that you can remove the cover in your model of the dishwasher, remove it to win 2.5-3 cm of free space, and, most likely, the equipment will successfully stand under the countertop. Following the advice of experts of service centers, it is worth additionally isolating the machine from moisture penetration with this installation. This will protect you. from electric shock, a machine. from burning.

Repair methods

You can restore the working condition of the dishwasher using the encoding of errors, by external signs. After the warranty period, it makes sense to make a replacement of worn parts, without waiting for their failure.


Inspection, checking and replacing filters, valves, hoses can be done independently. It does not hurt to check the functionality of the network filter.

In order for the machine to work without interruptions, it is necessary to perform simple care for its details:

  • Every two weeks to clean the plum filter;
  • Once every three months, clean the water supply blades;
  • Two times a year check the drain system (pump and hose).

Visually, you can determine the condition of the electrosnur, the seal on the door.

Installation by level

The dishwasher must be installed in a horizontal level. Due to the uneven floor, there will be a slope of the pallet, there will be a failure in the operation sensor of the water level. A skew of the door may occur, which causes the termination of the washing cycle. For alignment, use the building level, beacons, the desired thickness of the stand.

Repair or replacement of the press

The water level sensor in the chamber, or press stratum, is mechanical or electronic. The mechanical malfunction can be determined by ear, electronic. by error code. Overflow water over the norm will cause a leak on the floor and flooding their apartment and neighbors below. It is possible to repair a press stratum if the cause of the non.earnings is the oxidation of contacts. If the part is worn out or has low quality, then it needs to be replaced.

Each model of the dishwasher uses its own location of the nodes and types of sensors. Specific information is received from the Internet.

The repair or replacement procedure begins with a shutdown of the machine from the electric and water supply. The unit moves away from the wall. The back panel is removed. The hose is turned off from the press. The sensor is disconnected and removed from the connector. After inspection and cleaning of contacts or when replaced with a new connection process, it is repeated in the reverse order.

The main malfunctions of the PMM

The causes of the malfunction of the dishwasher associated with the accessories of the dishwasher.

Water does not heat up

Lack of heating may be the cause

Damage to the power supply can be caused by faulty sockets, network filters or cables. Functional refusal is caused by overloading by current. Damage to tubular electric heaters is caused by metal coils, the service life of which has expired or which are made of low.quality material. The radiators are turned on and off using temperature sensors, the malfunction of which prevents heating. ECU program failure is one of the reasons for the termination of the FUVER block work.

The machine can get an electric shock.

If the dishwasher and its metal parts are beaten, it may be a violation of insulation in the cord of the power, pump or electric heaters.

How to Remove the Door from a Bosch Integrated Dishwasher

Overheating of water.

The control module and the heater sensor are responsible for the temperature. Exceeding the assessment provided for by the program means a failure in the work of the auditor and the program.


There are several reasons for the malfunction of sewer systems

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A faulty drainage system leads to transfusion of water from PM to the kitchen floor.

There is no water consumption

The lack of water in the dishwasher can be caused by the following reasons

  • A malfunction of the water supply network.
  • Clogged filters, ,
  • Damage to input electromagnetic valves.
  • Water dysfunction (embassy).

Productivity is reduced without water supply. Food pollution and detergents are not completely removed.

Pouring water.

One of the reasons for the malfunction of dishwashers is premature interruption of work due to the operation of the protection sensor from flooding. Some models are equipped with droppers that collect water in case of clogging of the pipe.

Protective tanks are equipped with a float. When the well is filled with water to a certain level, the float pops up and closes the chain, turning off the PPM.

Causes of malfunction of the dishwasher:.

  • Installation uneven, overflow.
  • A very detergent in which the foam deforms the water level
  • A faulty water level sensor causes excessive water, which repels it and drops the disk.
  • Broken float, as a result of which the float swims in the upper position and
  • Broken tubes.
  • Cracks at the bottom of the tank.

If the dishwasher does not have a pallet for collecting drops, this can lead to water flow to the floor, which will cause flooding of the neighbors.

You don’t wash the dishes

Dishwashers are complex devices and should be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. They determine the speed, nature of the load and the amount of detergent. Ignoring these requirements will affect the quality of washing.

How to choose the right installation site

If you want to save space and integrate the dishwasher under the rack, measure the height of the sink and the distance from the floor to the rack.

A dishwasher can be at the same height with the working surface of the kitchen. Then the only option is to remove the upper part of the dishwasher. This will lower the cabinet 2-3 cm and enter it into the design space.

Unfortunately, not all separate models are removed the upper part. This is not necessary, since the built.in devices are already available without investments. Therefore, carefully choose the device.

If you have not yet made a decision, it is recommended to purchase a built.in model. In separate dishwashers, the roof can be easily removed, but for this it may be necessary to insulate the inside, which can be damaged by moisture.

Isn’t it too low? Try to adjust or lengthen the legs of the device.

If the car deliberately issued the wrong code, you should send it for repairs or consider the possibility of buying a new code. Like all equipment, kitchen devices have a limited service life.

Direction of the dishwasher directly

First you need to remove the lower decorative panel (for the built.in this item is passed). It is held by latch and easily removed with your hands. We see a metal bar under it. Unscrew the mounting screws, remove it and put it to the side. Then we remove the soundproofing material. These actions will open access to the terminal box and water bay valve.

At the next stage, open the door of the dishwasher. And on its inner side we find and unscrew those screws with which the front wall is attached. The built.in models are attached to the protective wall, on which the furniture facade lies. Remove the front panel. We get access to the internal elements of the door and the control panel of the dishwasher.

We remove the screws on which the control panel holds. Carefully separate the panel from the door. Before you turn off the contact pads, it is better to photograph their correct location on the phone. This will help to conduct the reverse assembly process without errors. Now remove the wires and separate the screen and the lock from the panel. At the end we unscrew the screws and remove the control board.

Now we take off the door. Open it and unscrew the screws on the bar connected to the hinges. There are springs near the loops. They need to be carefully pulled up and remove. After that, the door can be removed completely. Including wires are removed. Now, if necessary, you can easily dismantle ventilation and drying elements. the fan and the duct itself. The dispenser of the detergent and rinseum is no less easily removed. The door of the dishwasher is completely disassembled.

To access the main components of the dishwasher, you will need to remove its base. But, before that, it is necessary to remove the sprayer in the washing chamber, remove the filters and unscrew the screws that fix the spray pipe.

Next, the screws of the bracket of the pallet are unscrewed. All other screws and supports are removed. After all these manipulations, we remove the thermal insulation and the side walls from the bottom of the dishwasher from the body of the dishwasher. But now, carefully turn the dishwasher up the bottom up.

You need to understand that at the same time water will certainly come out. You need to prepare for this. The most cunning home masters sometimes put the car with the upper part in the bath. Here someone is more convenient. It is important that moisture does not get to electronics.

Here, various dishwashers can have small differences in the design. For example, in Siemens or Bosch, the base is simply attached in the corners of four screws. In others, in order to dismantle the base, you will first have to unscrew the lower cover and remove the water bay valve.

And only then can you remove the base by unscrewing it from the frame. And, for example, Beko has a lower cover and has a base. And she is a pallet of a float for protection against leakage. But this is a special case. And we will continue to consider how the base is removed in most dishwashers.

So, in order to remove the base, you need to separate the circulation pump assembly with the pallet (or separately, depends on the model). She holds on elastic bands. They are easily removed. And now the base can be removed.

All those components that can be repaired or changed to new. The drain pump is removed using a latch and rotation clockwise. It is necessary to remove the drain pipe. As mentioned above, the circulation pump is easily separated from the base body by removing the pipe and disconnecting the elastic bands from the housing.

There is also the heater in direct sight. The heating element is removed by turning off the wires and unscrewing the bolt or screws. After that it is pulled out of the pallet. Ten can be standard or flowing.

If Bosch or Siemens is disassembled, only running water heaters are always installed in them. Eliminating the Pressostate is also not a problem. unscrew and disconnect the phone. In general, here is the whole disassembly. Unless it is worth noting that the same dishwashers produced by the B/S/H concern, a flat plastic container of 3 liters is installed on one of the side walls.

It is intended for heat transfer with the wall of the washing chamber and is involved in the process of condensation drying. It can also be separated from the body (if necessary). It remains only to report that the assembly will need to do the same, only the other way around. It is important that there are no details left with this assembly. There is nothing superfluous in modern dishwashers.

Here is such a universal excursion into the device of dishwashers. Of course, different brands have their own certain features of disassembly. But, understanding the basic principles of this process, it is easy to deal with the device of any machine.

It is only important to have an idea of ​​working with various equipment and good hands. Well, if it is dating doubt, it is better not to invent anything and invite specialists from the service center.

What to do when damage?

If the water drain program does not work, and the machine itself does not dump water, it is better not to use the forced method. Of course, the dishwasher can also be tilted to the right side, only in the absence of a general drain regime will not save any rags, since the entire stream of water will pour into the floor.

In addition, in this case, the water will flood the power fee. But there is a way out. Consider how to act in case of breakdown.

Disconnect the dishwasher from the sewage system, water supply system, de.energize the unit.

Open the door, remove the lower pallet (basket) and pull out the garbage filter.

Unscrew the cork from the compartment where the salt is filled up.

Then you will need a basin, a tube from a dropper system and the most ordinary syringe (preferably larger). At one end, the tube is attached to the syringe, the other is introduced into the tank where salt is stored.

A syringe is needed only to start to start the water drainage process. Then it must be removed from the tube, lower the end of the tube into the pelvis, where water should be poured out of the tank of the ion exchanger.

Next, we do the same procedure at the location of the garbage filter. We lower one end of the tube into the niche, where the filter is located, and pump out moisture from there.

With the help of medical equipment (syringe and tube from a dropper), it is possible to remove all the water. But it is still better to leave the unit open, only after a day to start its repair or transportation.

But you should not always resort to forced water drain. First you must diagnose and find out the cause of this malfunction. Often the “home assistant” fails due to clogging of the garbage filter.

When the owners of the Bosch dishwasher neglect the rules for using equipment, load dishes with food residues after eating, the filter is quickly clogged, circulation stops, and drain is impossible. In this case, having rolled up the hand, you need to open the car, get to the filter, remove and rinse it, and also clean the mesh plate. Elements are cleaned with a detergent under running water brush. Then check the sprayers, they can also be clogged. if so, then clean them and them.

Make sure that there are no residues of food in the dishwasher and its elements, another dirt.

Set the elements in place and turn on the drain mode. If the water leaves the washing chamber, then only droplets will have to dry. But if the dishwasher does not work after the “general cleaning” of the filter, then the breakdown is more serious, and you will have to call the master.

In this case, water circulation may not occur due to problems with pumping, the water flow sensor, as well as the control module and the failure of the pump responsible for the circulation. Self.repair without experience is not a guarantee of correction of the situation, it is better to trust your “assistant” to professionals.

That is, it is one thing to carry out forced drain in order to repair, move to another place or preserve for the winter, another. intervene in the work of the structure.

It is better to give the latter to specialists of their business, masters who specialize in eliminating problems in automated household appliances.

Is it possible to remove the lid from the dishwasher?

There are various models of dishwashers, and of course, not every of them, due to the technical and structural features, boasts the withdrawal lid. In theory, to find out about whether your model has a dishwasher, you can remove the lid, even by brand. This is usually possible in the following brands:

If everything is clear with the stamps, then it may not be entirely clear why and why you need to remove the lid. Therefore, it is worth clarifying this situation.

How to remove the lid from the dishwasher?


If you are a happy owner of a dishwasher of another brand, carefully inspect the body. Latches or fixing bolts are usually in a prominent place. If the fasteners are not found and not a word about them, you will have to mount the car taking into account its full height or install separately. Successful work!

Gathered to install equipment under the countertop, but the height of the case does not allow? This happens if the device is built into an unprepared headset. In this case, you can remove the top cover of the dishwasher. How to do this correctly at home, read below.

Fill valve breakdown. from 1900

The inlet valve is responsible for the gulf of water in the dishwasher. Normally, the electromagnetic coil opens the lining-membrane at the signal from the control board, and the water is typed in the car. When the coil burned or damaged the valve membrane, the dishwasher stops working as it should. In rare cases, the valve body itself cracks: this can happen if the PMM was in an unheated room.

If an electromagnetic valve coil has failed, then it does not open, and Bosch dishwasher does not gain water. When the valve membrane is damaged, the situation is the opposite. the dishwasher constantly floods the water, even in the turned off state, and the protection sensor from leaks can be triggered. In Bosch models with a screen, the valve breakdown can be accompanied by the following errors: E3 (F3), E5 (F5), E14 (F14), E16 (F16), E17 (F17) or E18 (F18).

The faulty filling valve must be replaced with a new.

only for the work of the master, the new fill valve is paid separately.

The main malfunctions of the PMM

The reasons for the failure of the dishwasher are associated with its constructive elements.

Water does not heat up

The absence of water heating can be caused by problems:

Violation in power supply can be caused by failure of a socket, network filter, electroshnuer. The cause of the breakdown is the surge in the network. The failure of the tubular electric heater occurs due to the main element-a metal spiral, the service life of which has ended or there is a poor-quality material. Ten on the signal of the temperature sensor, the breakdown of which makes heating impossible. The failure in the ECU program is one of the reasons for the termination of the work of the PPM.

The machine beats the current

If from the body of the dishwasher, its metal parts beats with electric shock, then this means a breakdown of insulation in the electrical wire, pump, electric heater.

Overheating of water

The electronic control unit and the heating sensor are responsible for the temperature regime. Exceeding the degrees provided for by the program means a failure in controllers and program.

Lack of plum

The drain system can fail for several reasons:

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The failure of the drain system will lead to pouring water from PMM to the floor in the kitchen.

There is no water set

The insufficient volume of water in the dishwasher is connected:

  • with poor water supply;
  • clogging filters;
  • failure of the electromagnetic inlet valve;
  • fail in the operation of the sensor about the water level (press start).

The work of PPM with a lack of water will be unsatisfactory: food pollution and detergent will not be completely removed.

Water shimmers

One of the malfunctions of the dishwasher is premature termination due to the operation of the protection sensor from leaks. Some models have pallets in which water is drained in the case of a blockage in the hose.

Removing Top of BOSCH Dishwasher

The safety tank is equipped with a float. When filling the pallet with water to a certain level, the float pops up, a closing circuit that turns off the PPM.

Causes of the defect in the work of the dishwasher:

  • installation is not horizontal, overflowing over the edge;
  • an excess of detergent, the foam of which distorts the water level;
  • Due to the malfunction of the water level sensor, excess volume is pumped and dumped into the pallet;
  • breakage of the float that jammed it in the upper position;
  • bursting hose;
  • crack in the bottom of the tank.

If the dishwasher is not equipped with a protective pallet, then any reason will cause water flowing to the floor, which can cause a flooding of neighbors.

Doesn’t wash the dishes

Dishwasher. a complex device that needs to be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. It indicates the norm, the loading scheme, the amount of detergent. Ignoring these requirements will affect the quality of the sink.

To clean the surfaces from contaminants, hot water is required under strong pressure. If a scale is formed on the electric heater tube due to hard water, then the water will not heat up to the required temperature. Lime rack has low thermal conductivity, which makes the work of the heater ineffective. Narrowing of the diameter of the nozzles due to contamination reduces the supply of water to the basket of dishes, which is why it is laundered worse.

Damage to the ECU

The electronic control unit is responsible for the coherence of the operations performed. Each PPM model provides its own module specified in the instructions. When it output it, it is impossible to reanimate the unit. The cause of the breakdown may be a voltage drop, condensation.

Why can it be necessary to remove the cover?

Removing the upper cover may be required in several common cases, namely:

Consider in more detail each of the reasons. In many ways, the first reason may occur with hasty choice. Not correctly measured distance from the cabinet to the cabinet, as well as heights and all the dishwasher no longer fits into the kitchen set.

remove, cover, dishwasher, bosch

Of course, you can solve this problem only if you remove the upper cover of the dishwasher. But it may not be decided if the lid is not removed. Therefore, take care of the choice and parameters, but this is a completely different story. But it should be noted that if the dishwasher does not fit in height, then you can simply twist the height of the headset legs.

With the second case, everything is also clear, because when when repairing it is necessary to replace some part, then it is necessary to get it first. Of course, by pike command, it itself will not be replaced, and to get it, that we need special skills. Firstly, it is necessary to remove the lid, which is about.

Stages of disassembly

After we qualitatively prepared for the disassembly of the “dishwasher” Bosch, you can start work with a calm conscience with a calm conscience.

In order, without missing anything, we perform the following actions:

  • We catch with a flat screwdriver and remove the lower panel of the dishwasher.
  • Open the door “dishwasher” and unscrew the fasteners located on the sides.
  • Close the door, take your fingers behind its front panel and, pressing down, remove.
  • Now open the door again and twist the screws from its upper end. It becomes possible to remove the control panel block.
  • Unscrew the metal plate, which is located exactly under the door of the dishwasher.
  • We remove the soundproofing material from under the door of the dishwasher, and then unscrew 4 fasteners connecting the base with the main part of the case.
  • We take out baskets for dishes from the tank “dishwasher”.
  • Remove the rotating flat bar with holes. this is a sprayer.
  • We unscrew the garbage filter, rotating it counterclockwise.
  • Remove the filter of thin cleaning (flat metal mesh).
  • 4 screws seemed to us, which hold the base of the lower sprayer, they certainly need to be unscrewed.

Important! By twisting the screws from the pallet of the dishwasher, get ready that a little water will result from it, but since we lay rags and cellophanes in advance, nothing terrible will happen.

  • We remove thermal insulation material and side walls of the dishwasher.
  • Turn the dishwasher up the pallet with the pallet. On the side between the pallet and the case you will see a pipe pipe, unhook the clamps and remove it.
  • Clutch the pallet with both hands and carefully pull it up. The main thing is not to tear the wires, so it is better to remove them in advance.
  • In the middle of the pallet you will see a large plastic case of the circulation pump, on which a pump (side) is installed, it must be removed. Disconnect the supply wire, and then turn the pump counterclockwise and remove.
  • Now we remove the circulation pump itself. To do this, we need to disconnect the rubber mounts from below, then remove the drain hose from the circulation of the circulation pump and disconnect the pump itself. Here is a disassembly and completed!

If you manage to disassemble the dishwasher to the stage of dismantling the circulation pump, then you can independently replace any broken part. Reverse assembly must be carried out in strictly reverse order without forgetting anything, then everything will pass well.

Note that disassembling a dishwasher is a fairly simple process. Almost anyone can master such work, the main thing is not to forget to screw all the fasteners and connect all the supply wires. Good luck!


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The main nuances of the installation

In order not to have to install again, you need to carefully choose the facade. The wrong product will need to be driven to the required size or buy a new. Be sure to check the correctness of the marking of fasteners, otherwise the wings will be poorly shut. When installing, they use a ruler or roulette, and do not need to be done approximately, only then with an accuracy of mm can you determine the fasteners. Shurups should be so long that the panels and doors are reliably fastened, but so that they do not stick out. To perform proper markup, they use a stencil.

It is necessary to take into account the fasteners of the handles that are needed to open the facade panel. They are installed at the same level with a fittings nearby cabinets.

Manufacturers produce different types of PMM. The built.in dishwasher is particularly popular with how to fix the facade on it is interested in many.

Determine the dimensions of the decorative panel

The final result of the work depends on how correctly the size of the facade panel will be selected and its type. To do this, take into account the dimensions of the car itself. The standard width of the device is 60 cm, the width of narrow models is 45 cm. The height of such household appliances is in the range of 80-85 cm, although there are specimens with a height of not more than 50 cm. As a rule, such compact devices are chosen by owners of small kitchen rooms.

Experts emphasize the importance of choosing a facade panel corresponding to the height of the machine. The upper part of the lining should be at a level with a countertop, a deviation of a few centimeters is allowed so that the structure looks organically with the facades of a nearby cabinet. In this case, you need to make sure that the doors openly open, and the rest of this does not interfere.

There are models of devices whose dimensions are very different from the accepted standards. Therefore, equipping a niche for equipment or buying a new kitchen set is better after purchasing a machine. Only in this case you can make sure that the technique will be perfectly installed and fixed in the box. If the height of the panel is slightly larger, it is not worth cutting it, because after removing the protective film, the moisture will get inside the material and provoke a quick damage. It should be noted that the height of the legs of the dish can be adjusted. This allows you to change the height of the equipment by a couple of millimeters.

Often, in order to determine the optimal dimensions of the decorating panel, you just need to familiarize yourself with the instructions. It is here that the information that can be useful in choosing the panel is indicated. The manufacturer clarifies the desired width, thickness, length and allowances of the product in order to appropriately approach the device. This is very convenient, since there is no need to make any calculations or measurements.

How to install yourself?

Installation of the facade on the Bosch dishwasher occurs according to a certain scheme. Installation can be carried out in different methods, it all depends on whether there will be a technique in the headset or separately. If we are talking about the first option, you will need to hang the door. This is a simple manipulation, especially with equipment from such a popular brand. Often all stages are prescribed in the instructions.

So that the facade’s hitch is successful, use the next algorithm. First, the equipment is installed to the desired height using special screws. If you use built.in technique, then it is already equipped with a finished template, so there will be no problems. Elements need to be screwed into special grooves, which are located on the aggregate case. After that, the screws used by the manufacturer must be replaced with long fittings with nuts. This will make the panel more durable.

The facade is attached in another way. Before its fixation, you can glue a double.sided tape. It will be useful to stock up on a cable with a section of 1.5 mm. A socket is required to ground. Adhering to all recommendations, you can easily install a decorative door with minimal temporary and cash costs. The facade is a panel element that is made of furniture materials.

Thanks to it, you can hide the dishwasher so as not to spoil the interior.

The panel for units with a depth of 45 and 65 cm has its advantages. First of all, you do not need to select the color of the technique, the buttons are invisible, therefore they are protected from random pressing by children. In this case, the facade can perform the function of sound insulation, and during operation the noise is not so heard, and this is already a plus. A wood.fiber slab is often used as a material, in which the average density indicator. The standard thickness is about 1.6 cm, and the film repeats the texture, color and texture of the kitchen set.

Useful recommendations

Sometimes the facade may not coincide in size, so you have to fit it a little. Take measurements, after which we will drink a part that does not allow the dishwasher to open. Sometimes you need to rearrange the mount so that the door is perfect. After the cut, the lower part and legs of the equipment will be noticeable, so the gap can ruin the composition of the interior. You need to saw off carefully so that chips do not form.

Use the sandpaper so that the surface is smooth. If the facade has a pattern or pattern, this method is not suitable. To solve the problem with the print, you do not need to throw away the sawn part. Use the loops that you can hang a piece. He will hang free on the bottom of the panel, covering it. Thus, the appearance will be preserved, and the door will open without obstacles. To avoid other errors, use a roulette or ruler that will allow you to carefully measure everything.

It is important to choose the right screw length so that it does not stick out from the back of the panel, but at the same time it fixed it tightly. Fasten the handle at the same height as in the rest of the cabinets the headset. As you can see, you will need a set of screws, the door itself, as well as the tool to install the decorative panel, as well as the tool to do everything right and start the operation of the dishwasher.



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