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Refrigerator under the window in Khrushchevka alteration

Refrigerator under the windowsill in Khrushchev. we reduce the cost of alteration

Usually, with the replacement of old windows with beautiful windows of the modern design, the question arises of what to do with the ancient wooden refrigerator under the windowsill in the kitchen. It is certainly possible to remove it and lay the cavity with brick, but irrational, since such a refrigerator is very useful for storing vegetables and pickles. It is best to ennoble him. Options for the manufacture and installation of plastic refrigerators offered by firms are very expensive. Services for the manufacture and installation of plastic doors for such a refrigerator are more than 5 thousand. rubles, and for the interior decoration you will need to pay more than 3 thousand. rubles. However, if you turn on the ingenuity, you can make a beautifully and high.quality refrigerator under the windowsill in Khrushchev with less ten times.

The main share of costs when ordering a refrigerator in a professional company falls on plastic doors, shelves and interior details. To reduce the costs of this, you can go according to a simpler option. All the work can be easily done independently or hired by the master after buying the necessary materials. When dismantling the old refrigerator, you should remove and throw out only doors, which, as a rule, are repainted several times and have not aesthetic appearance. The internal wooden frame in the form of a box and a shelf are usually stored in a normal state. It is advisable to leave them. Dry wood is enough to clean a little and the surface becomes smooth.


The trunk refrigerator is a closed niche, which on the one hand is exposed to kitchen temperatures, and on the other. street temperatures. Special technique allows you to use the space as a refrigerator, and in a simple version there is an opportunity to arrange a cabinet with a reduced temperature. The idea with a refrigerator under the window organically appeared in compact kitchens of Khrushchevs. There was no way to place objects in long lines. For this reason, the designers have an idea about the built.in niche. In some Khrushchev houses, the solution was used, and in the rest, no, but even there it will not be superfluous. In general, the refrigerator under the window will be relevant wherever there is little space for separate household appliances and is a wide space below the windowsill. Ready.made kites of kitchen furniture also have variations on this subject.

How to do it

To equip a space for a refrigerator under the window with your own hands is quite simple. Therefore, even a beginner who does not have skills in construction will cope with such a task. The main thing is to follow the instructions and adhere to the recommendations of specialists.

Wanting to place the refrigerator by the window, first of all, you need to get rid of the old plaster to access the masonry. If necessary, go deeper a little further, do not be afraid of the fact that this is a supporting wall. Above each window there is a special jumper made of concrete, which provides the required strength of the supporting structure.

In the wall of the “Stalinist” kitchen, the principle of well masonry of bricks is involved. It is widely used in the construction of residential buildings. To fill the voids, a slag is used, which acts as a heat insulator. Depending on personal preferences, the niche deepens at the desired distance, which requires dismantling part of the masonry. As a result, the wall is sophisticated about 25-30 cm.

After dismantling the inside of the masonry and removal of transverse bricks, you need to work with the wall in the width of the brick. For plastering of this partition, a cement mortar is used, but without putty, t.to. it has no necessary resistance to water and other important characteristics.

Khrushchyovka UGLIEST Old Soviet Apartment Building?

When performing disassembly, it must be borne in mind that defects or traces of deformations that will begin to pass the liquid after the first precipitation may form on the outer part of the wall. In winter, the drops will turn into ice, expand and exert pressure on the plaster. In order to prevent this, it is enough to apply a layer of cement to areas with cracks and plastered it with suitable finishing material.

Creating a Khrushchev refrigerator with your own hands, it is important to remember one drawback. moisture will appear on the walls that will entail the formation of mold and the progression of putrefactive processes. Similar phenomena are excluded when using modern materials with vapor permeable characteristics.

Insulating the refrigerator chamber under the window in Khrushchevka, it is necessary to place a vapor permeable membrane around the perimeter. It will provide good protection against dampness and allow you to forget about problems such as fungi and mold.

You can finish the refrigerator with ceramic tiles. It is placed on a prepared base with a layer of plaster and fixed with an adhesive composition. For residents of northern regions with harsh winters, it is better to use frost.resistant glue. There are no restrictions in terms of choosing tiles. The main thing is that it has the required protection protection.

Doors manufacturing

If the door of the refrigerator corresponds to the style of the remaining elements of the kitchen facade, or if the headset is made to order, there will be no problems with the design. In addition, you can order the services of the master for the installation of facades and entrust the task for him.

To properly and efficiently fix the doors on an impromptu refrigerator, you will need even edges of the niche with angles of 90 degrees.

To achieve optimal evenness, a wooden frame or ceramic tile is used. The appearance of the frame is made out by the baguette, which makes it natural and stylish.

A suitable temperature regime inside the refrigerator is possible only with a tight fit of the door to each other. This is ensured by competent hanging facades and compliance with installation rules.

Benefit from the winter refrigerator

The design of the refrigerator under the window has its advantages and disadvantages. Before its construction or modernization, it is worth wearing them well. Of the pluses, it is worth noting:

  • the possibility of using a smaller refrigerator;
  • additional place for storage of twist;
  • Electricity savings;
  • simplicity of service;
  • Lack of complex repairs.

The disadvantage of such a decision is the possibility of mold due to the temperature difference. Also, when organizing such a refrigerator, it will be necessary to shift the heating battery from the window. The consequence of this may be a decrease in temperature in the kitchen. This is due to the fact that warm air ceases to be an obstacle to the penetration of the cold. The refrigerator without electricity requires constant care, which consists in removing moisture and hoarfront from it. Not every product is suitable for storage in such a refrigerator, t. to. freezing is not allowed for some.

Design ideas in the interior of the kitchen

A reminder of the growing technology in modern conditions will be transparent doors, simultaneously with saturated lighting inside the chamber. Convenience and practicality at the same time guaranteed. Under a very wide window sill there is a place for a full.fledged refrigerator with a horizontal configuration of freezing and refrigeration compartments. Reminent boxes with a reduced air temperature will be an ergonomically attractive option and a solution for lazy people who do not like to make efforts in searching for the right items. A refrigerator with a single door will not hurt to decorate as an imitation of a hatch. Built.in refrigerators look interesting behind a dividing kitchen counter. In turn, a more designer approach using attractive panel sheathing is used to sliding models of refrigerators.

DIY refrigerator under the window

The space under the window can be used as a cabinet for kitchen utensils.

From the Khrushchev refrigerator it is easy to make a healthy cabinet in which you can store dishes or non.smoked products

In this case, it is necessary to lay a through hole, make another row of brickwork. insulate the walls, hang the shelves and replace the old doors.

To avoid the appearance of condensate in the closet, you need to insulate the niche

The most suitable solution for creating thermal insulation is the installation of a door made of metal.plastic. The box door is very convenient and looks like a natural continuation of the plastic window.

The double.glazed window will provide reliable protection against the penetration of the street cold into the apartment

The heat and sliding sash equipped with a reinforced profile hold well. Such doors when opening, unlike swinging, do not take up much space.

Plastic sliding system works on the principle of a wardrobe

For the interior decoration of the cabinet, the best material is ceramic tiles: it is durable, moreover, it is easily washed.

Wall decoration with ceramic tiles will greatly facilitate the care of the cabinet

Using double-glazed windows with transparent or stained glass glasses for doors, you can turn the box into a mini-bar, giving it a more aesthetic appearance: to clad the walls from the inside with tiles, install glass shelves from glass.

A nondescript box under the kitchen window, if desired, can be turned into a stylish minibar

The cabinet with a backlight made using a 12 volt LED strip looks original.

A wonderful designer technique is to make a backlight inside the cabinet, gluing the LED tape

refrigerator, window, khrushchevka, alteration

Instead of a glass in the doors, you can install mirrors. Using mirror inserts creates a double effect. expanding the space of tiny cuisine and decoration.

This option with mirrors will visually increase the space

In order for the external design of the cabinet to harmonize with the kitchen set, you can make it with the same finish.

The perfect solution is to order doors with a kitchen set

Alternative of the structure with doors. a cabinet with drawers.

Long boxes are very convenient, since in one closet consisting of several sections, you can simultaneously store vegetables, fruits and objects for the kitchen


In the post.war years, the issue of providing the population with housing, and rising at the helm of the USSR Nikita Khrushchev under the motto “Little family, but its own” launched mass construction of small.sized high.rise housing:

Houses grew up immediately with whole microdistricts, including social objects.

  • The dimensions of the rooms were the same:
  • Height up to 2.5 m;
  • Room area 8-16 square meters.m;
  • Kitchen. less than 6 square meters.m;
  • Toilet 1 sq.m., bathroom. 2.2 kV.m.;

In two and three.room apartments, large in the area of ​​the room were passable.

The most important thing. housing was heard for free! Citizens acquired everything else for life themselves.

refrigerator, window, khrushchevka, alteration

The captain evidence informs: in order to fully live in an isolated apartment, the family must take place for storing grocery reserves. And since the industry in those years could not massively establish the release of refrigerators, it was decided to equip a “cold” niche in the kitchen under the window, which served as a refrigerator. True, only 5-6 months a year.

Refrigerator doors under the window

The view of the refrigerator under the window in the kitchen depends on the doors. You can decorate and insulate old sash or order new, modern, combined with the interior of the kitchen.

Replacing old doors with new plastic

Warming and decorating old doors

To keep the coolness inside the refrigerator under the window in the kitchen, the wings must be tightly adjacent, which is possible only with a flat surface and the presence of a seal. The sealing gum can be glued, but the crooked wooden doors are unlikely to be aligned. For insulation of the wings from the refrigerator, you can use foil isonon, and glue the seal in the places of adjacence to the frame.

refrigerator, window, khrushchevka, alteration

To give the old refrigerator doors under the window a new look, they are glued with wallpaper, self.adhesive film, painted with acrylic paints, treated along the edges with patterned wooden or plastic slats.

Metal.plastic structure

A simple way to seal a winter refrigerator under the window and save heat in the kitchen. installing plastic doors. Since the niche is not subjected to temperature changes and other atmospheric influences, you can use not a multi-chamber profile, but a simple sandwich panel. A large selection of colors and textures of PVC panels allows you to find options for any kitchen design.

Installation of laminated wood-cutting stove or wood-fiber slab

So that the view of the refrigerator under the window in the kitchen does not differ from the headset, the door is done with a similar finish.

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With independent installation of doors for a winter refrigerator in the kitchen, you need:

  • To align the corners of the opening with plaster, plasterboard, tiles or make a wooden frame, a wood-piece plate, install it in a niche on the mounting foam and fix the leafs;
  • Attach furniture loops to the door. To do this, you need a special cutter with a diameter of 3.5 cm and an electric drill. The middle of the drilling is at a distance of 2.2 cm from the door edge;
  • After fixing the loops of the sash, you can try on the opening, noting the place of fastening. This is especially important if the niche under the window is laid out with tiles or other material that requires concrete drilling. In a wooden base, it is easy to tighten the self.tapping screw. The loops during fixation are installed in an open position, and the door tightly adjaches the side end to the opening;
  • Adjust the loops using the screws provided for in the design.

Sliding doors

Sliding wings of the refrigerator under the window in the kitchen allow you to significantly maintain a useful space. Three methods are used for implementation:

  • Sliding doors made of metal.plastic profile, which differs from its analogues with a wider outer frame, the opening mechanism and a high price.

Interesting options in the interior

The level of the windowsill is omitted, which will allow it to use it for sitting. The boxes below can be filled at your discretion. Due to the light coloring of the surfaces, the room looks more spacious.

A full.fledged refrigerator installed in a niche looks aesthetically pleasing. The usual such cabinet is also possible to install lighting devices.

The wall under the window looks like a continuation of the headset, without violating the integrity of the design.

Plasterboard partitions give greater freedom in decoration.

The main reason for remaking the refrigeration depression is that now it is rarely needed for its intended purpose, and I do not want to lose a valuable area. Thermal insulation is another reason for the intervention, because if you do not use the area for its intended purpose, it is better to concrete the hole in the wall than to let cold air. A huge selection of building materials and fantasy will help to benefit from the relic of the past.



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