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Refrigerator No Frost Pros and Cons

Which is better: drip refrigerator or no frost

For several years, the owners of the refrigerators break the spears in an attempt to answer the question: which cooling system to choose. drip or know.free. And one and the other have their pros and cons, both an impressive mythology has developed around both, both protect the refrigerator from terrible ice fur coats. Let’s try to figure it out.

In another affectionate called “crying”. The principle of operation: behind the back wall of the camera is a small device. evaporator. It distributes cooling over the entire surface of the wall, while condensate is formed due to the temperature difference-small droplets of water.

Drops flow down the grooves and fall into the pallet, from where they simply evaporate, and a thick “ice fur coat” does not appear in the refrigerator chamber. Only if the capacitor works “full” droplets can freeze into separate ice.

In this case, the rest of the refrigerator walls remain dry.

Advantages and disadvantages

Refrigerators with a drip cooling system have a number of really significant advantages:

  • They are cheaper.
  • They consume less electricity (about 30% compared to No Frost, it all depends on the model).
  • A wide range of models.
  • They work quietly, although there are noisy models, before buying it is worth reading reviews.
  • Products do not need to be additionally packaged. They are much slower and do not “dry out”.
  • They do not have a fan, as in the No Frost system, due to this camera more.

True, there are also disadvantages that can complicate your life and take a bunch of free time:

  • The drip system works only in the refrigerator. The freezer will still be overgrown with ice.
  • They will still have to defrost. You need to do this every few months. There are two reasons: remove the ice from the freezer and “remove” the frozen droplets of condensate from the back wall of the refrigerator.
  • After defrosting, the unit will “return” to the desired temperatures for a long time.
  • Temperature “migration”. The drip system (or rather, the evaporator) does not distribute the cold over the entire back wall perfectly evenly. The temperature of the lower part from the upper will differ by 7-8 s °.
  • You can not clean hot dishes in the refrigerator. Because of them, a “fur coat” may form, the compressor will also receive additional load (if it is not powerful enough, it may break).

If you decide to buy a refrigerator with a drop system, be sure to read user reviews and technical passports of devices. So you will find out if the unit will be too noisy, how well it “freezes”, how often it breaks, how much electricity consumes and so on.

Atlant Hmm 4423-000 N

The model costs two times cheaper than foreign products. The height of the refrigerator is 196.5 cm, which made it possible to create a total volume of 320 liters, of which 186 is a refrigerator in the upper part.

  • Beautiful design with long silver handles, for which it is convenient to take users with different growth.
  • Depending on the arrangement of furniture in the kitchen, the door can be outweighed to any direction.
  • Energy consumption of class A will help save on electricity.
  • It is convenient to control the temperature in both departments by internal display.
  • The shelves have a large installation height range.
  • It is allowed to put back to another furniture, because the heat exchanger is carried back, and not into the side walls.
  • The dimensions of the refrigerator allow you to deliver it to the floor in a small passenger elevator.
  • In some models there is a factory shortage. there is no thread on the loop side (closed by a plug) in case the door is outweighed (you have to cut it yourself).
  • High work 43 dB. the apartment is clearly audible when the compressor is buzzing.
  • When the temperature changes, the new value set for some time is not displayed on the screen, which confuses (the device works or not)-it will appear only after the specified number of degrees reaches.
  • Handles are strongly bulging and you can catch on clothes about them.

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Conclusion. This refrigerator is the best for people who love to stock up on frozen products for a long time: meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, herbs. For this, four compartments in the freezer are implemented in the model at once. The total volume of the freezer is 134 liters and there is a function of super.commercial that helps preserve delicate products without deformations.

Samsung RB-33 J3200WW

Beautiful model with electronic control and external display. The total volume of cameras is 328 liters. In terms of dimensions, the device occupies 59.5×66.8×185 cm. During the day, the device is able to freeze up to 12 kg of fresh products.

  • Energy consumption class a.
  • The quiet operation of the inverter compressor is 37 dB, which is rare in such models.
  • Simple settings panel. there is nothing superfluous.
  • Heat exchange grilles are built into the side, so the case is allowed to put close to the wall, and it is easier to wipe the dust.
  • There are no bulging handles.
  • Strong boxes inside, and to get them, the door can only be opened by 90 degrees.
  • There is no smell of plastic after purchase.
  • On some models there is a crookedly inserted display. one side is drowned deeper than the second.
  • A quiet sound signal of the open door-you can quit and not hear because of the sound of rustling packaging in your hands.
  • To put a three.liter jar, you will definitely have to remove one of the shelves.
  • Glass shelves are quickly cuffed. droplets of spilled liquid, fingerprints are immediately visible.
  • There is no backlight in the freezer.
  • 5 cm is necessary on the sides of the free space for cooling.

Conclusion. This is the best two.chamber refrigerator with No Frost, the PI KOLKU it has an inverter compressor that provides less electricity consumption. 280 kWh/year. of its walls are well isolated, which helps to maintain a low temperature when the electricity is turned off for 20 hours. The model is perfect for places where frequent power outages.

Indesit EF 18

Refrigerator with two cameras and a total volume of 298 liters, of which 75 is a freezer. It has three sliding tiers for freezing and 5 shelves in the refrigerator. Equipped with an additional superstar mode regime.

The principle of operation of the Knou Frost system

Function but Frost in the refrigerator and what it is, now a little clear, it remains to figure out how it works. Since cold air constantly circulates in the chambers, defrosting occurs in automatic mode.

Air is supplied with fans and then enters the evaporator. A small amount of moisture, which is converted into hooks, also goes to the evaporator. But he does not linger there for long. The heater is turned on, which turns thin ice into water.

The resulting water enters a special tray under the refrigerator, and then evaporates.

In order for cold air evenly diverges through the chambers, fans must operate in constant mode.

Comparison of the drip and know.the Frost system

Household manufacturers do not stop there, and seek to create more convenient and practical devices for their customers. The next improvement of the refrigerator was the No Frost system, which confidently claims leadership in the household refrigeration industry. Let’s compare both systems.

The principle of operation No Frost is similar to drip, cooling inside is achieved due to the injection of the refrigerant into the evaporator. But such a refrigerator is additionally equipped with a fan, which is responsible for the uniform distribution of temperatures inside the refrigerator. Due to the moving air, the ice on the walls of the chamber is almost not going, therefore, and you need to defrost less often. In addition, you will not hear the sound of falling drops, and the drainage system clogs many times less. However, such a system is technically more complicated, therefore, if you came across an unscrupulous manufacturer, then get ready for frequent and expensive repairs of your household appliance.

If you compare both the refrigerator systems among themselves, you can see both the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. If you are forced to choose between the drip system and No Frost, then consider the following factors.

  • periodic cleaning of the drainage system;
  • manual defrosting of freezers;
  • The difference in temperature in the upper and lower parts of the chamber.
  • minimum care during operation;
  • uniform temperature distribution;
  • lack of an ice layer on the walls of the camera;
  • rapid recovery of low temperature after defrosting.

Compared to No Frost models, “crying” refrigerators are more powerful and spacious. you can choose a huge model for a large family and a built.in device for your kitchen furniture. And also, products in units with a drip system are not weathered due to constant air flows, which are pumped up by built-in fans in the No Frost devices. But you can simply carefully monitor the safety of the packages or wrap the foods with cling film. then the weathing will not happen.

As you can see, there is no obvious advantage of one system over another. your choice depends solely on your preferences and wishes. Before buying, it is worth reading the opinions of experts, pay attention to reviews and various ratings. However, the final choice should be based on the ratio of all the advantages and disadvantages of each specific model of the refrigerator.

Attention to the manufacturer of technology

Modifications of units without defrosting are included in the assortment of almost all large manufacturers of refrigeration equipment. Let’s call only a few of them.

South Korean giant LG Electronics

For 60 years, the South Korean company has been producing electronic devices and home equipment, the supply of which is carried out in 95 countries of the world.

The assortment presents the most diverse products, including high.quality and reliable refrigerated units. Among them you can find products with the upper and lower arrangement of the freezer, as well as two.door models.

LG technology is characterized by the use of high.tech solutions. Units made of quality materials are characterized by functionality and stylish design

In recent developments related to the energy class A class, a linear inverter compressor is used, which is at least noise.

Innovative technology. Total No Frost. allows you to effectively organize the movement of air inside the chambers, ensuring the rapid cooling of products. About the best brand models

SHARP innovative technique

The Japanese company, which has more than a century, is considered one of the leaders in the production of household appliances. The assortment has a variety of types of household appliances, including refrigerators, most of which are equipped with the No Frost system.

In the manufacture of units, the ionization technology, which eliminates the colonies of bacteria and mold fungi, as well as destroying unpleasant odors, is used in the manufacture of units.

In the latest Sharp models, an inverter compressor is used, which is able to automatically select the functioning mode depending on the load of the refrigerator, temperature and humidity

The manufacturer actively applies innovations, regularly updating the model range. Even budget modifications are distinguished by silent reliable work with low electricity consumption.

Beko. quality at a budget price

Turkish company specializing in the release of home technology. Products are quite in demand thanks to a combination of pleasant design, good working characteristics and affordable prices.

The units often use an effective version of the “without ice” system, which provides for the isolated operation of the freezer and the refrigerator, using two circuits of ventilation, which contributes to better safety of products and allows you to extend the working hours without defrosting.

The assortment of the Beko brand is quite wide. The lineup includes both compact devices and overall models

Another advantage is the simplicity of repairs: if necessary, you can use not only original spare parts, but also details of other brands of a similar class.

Household and professional devices Liebherr

The famous German company Liebherr is producing all kinds of refrigeration equipment. The products presented in a huge assortment belongs to the premium class segment, while the for individual models are quite affordable.

Liebherr pays special attention to the production of built.in technology. The catalogs represent the products of this type of product that have various dimensional parameters

Models are characterized by an ergonomic solution of space with a comfortable arrangement of compartments and departments. The manufacturer finds advanced technological solutions that provide fast high.quality freezing and silent work.

Samsung style and ergonomics

In the catalogs of the famous South Korean brand, the refrigerators No Frost occupy a place of honor. The technique of this brand is characterized by a frequent update of the model range, optimal use of internal space, stylish design.

During development, new technologies are widely used aimed at improving the microclimate in the cells and the extension of the freshness of stored products.

Samsung technology is characterized by a stylish design, ergonomic device, high technology and functionality. The disadvantages include too high prices, especially on the models providing an expanded set of options

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One of the new products of the company is the camera in which you can set the temperature range from.23 to 2 ° C. This allows you to use the compartment both for freezing products and for their cooling.

We examined the best models of this manufacturer in detail in this article.

Ariston is an excellent technique at a good price

The manufacturer offers a large model range of units, including bulky Frenchdoor and Side-by-Side, the cost of which is much lower than in similar technology of other brands.

The brand models are characterized by practicality, functionality, pleasant classic design. The disadvantages include a fairly high level of noise inherent in individual representatives

refrigerator, frost, pros, cons

Devices with a high energy efficiency class A, A, are equipped with improved Total No Frost technology. Active oxygen system is also provided using a natural ozone to eliminate bacteria and odors.

The best brand models can be read here.

Reliable classic of Bosch

In the assortment of this brand you can find both elite models, for the manufacture of which the latest developments and exclusive materials are used, and attractive budgetary. comfortable, silent and economical.

What is the No Frost system

Refrigerators with the No Frost system appeared relatively recently and became powerful competitors to all other types. From English, the name of the system translates as “without hoarfrost”. If in the drip type of defrosting users can see at what stage the device is now located (there is an irrigation of the flowing water on the back wall), then these processes are hidden from the user in the know.toou Frost.

NO Frost refrigerators device

Refrigerators with a defrosting system of the know.free Frost have a slightly different set of key nodes. They are supplemented by a fan with an engine and heating.

The main nodes of refrigerators with the No Frost system:

  • The evaporator taking heat and collecting moisture is located not in the rear panel of the camera, but behind it.
  • Even the device of such a refrigerator includes many channels in the rear and side walls to transmit chilled air along the entire area of ​​the chamber.
  • Since moisture is condensed not on the back wall, but only on the evaporator, the sewage is also included in the refrigerator design, also hidden in the refrigerator wall.
  • Ten. ensuring thawing hoarfrost.

The refrigerator condenser with the No Frost system.

The principle of operation of the refrigerator with the NOU Frost system

What is the know.Frost system, it becomes clear after considering the principle of its work. Like other models, the main active substance is a refrigerant, compressed to a liquid state and absorbing heat from chambers. But the cold air is carried through the entire inner area thanks to one or more fans and the system of channels that ensure the passage of cold air flows.

Due to this, a uniform distribution of temperature occurs, regardless of which shelf is on the shelf. But what about moisture? She, being in the air, condenses on the coil of the evaporator hidden inside. Then, due to the timer with which the No Frost system is equipped, at a certain moment the heater is launched and the process of thawing occurs.

The water on the drain enters a special container installed on the compressor and evaporates outside. This gives constantly dry walls of the refrigerator chambers and regularly removes moisture from it.

Condensate tray.

How to care for a refrigerator with such a system

Although manufacturers of devices without “ice” promise that you do not have to defrost it, you should not take their word. Still, you should conduct defrosting at least once a year. And the point here is not at all in eliminating ice and hoarfrost. The device must be washed elementary to destroy all microbes and bacteria accumulated in it. And for this you will have to temporarily turn it off from the network, otherwise, due to a large load, it risks breaking.

Knou Frost refrigerators must be cleaned 1-2 times a month.

For those who have not yet encountered such a system, we suggest that they familiarize themselves with the basic rules for the care of the refrigerator No Frost. How to wash the refrigerator correctly:

  • Disconnect from the network. Previously setting the temperature regime on 0.
  • Take out all the contents. Wait until the temperature of the cameras becomes the same as in the room.
  • Remove all shelves and boxes. Rinse them under a stream of cold or warm water, but in no case is hot.
  • After you have washed everything, wipe all the details with a dry microfiber. It is possible with another fabric, the main thing is that there is no pile on it.
  • The internal walls of the chambers are best washed with soda solution, in the proportions of 1st.l per 1 liter.
  • For hard.to.reach places, a toothbrush with soft bristles is suitable.
  • Leave the cameras for 15 minutes, and then rinse again with water at room temperature.
  • Place all the details back only when they are completely dried up.
  • Now you can turn on the refrigerator. Когда в камерах установится оптимальный температурный режим, поместите туда все продукты.

There are no difficulties in the process of washing the refrigerator. The main thing is to do everything according to the instructions, so as not to spoil the device.

A wet cloth or sponge is suitable for washing the refrigerator.

refrigerator, frost, pros, cons

Advantages and disadvantages

The indisputable advantages of refrigerators with No Frost:

  • lack of ice on the walls, details of the case;
  • dryness and purity inside;
  • uniform temperature distribution in compartments;
  • rapid restoration of the temperature regime after closing/opening the door;
  • forced ventilation, so the products remain fresh for a long time;
  • Dry freezing function in some models of freezers with No Frost.
  • Due to the presence of fans, some models of refrigerators with know.how technology Frost are noisy, however, manufacturers provide high.quality soundproofing;
  • more energy consumption;
  • the internal volume is slightly smaller than that of drip analogues;
  • Forced ventilation dries and “bent” products. The use of hermetic containers or food film solves the problem;
  • This technique is more expensive than “crying” models.

Useful tips

What to pay attention to when choosing a refrigerator: expert opinion

refrigerator, frost, pros, cons

Typically, there are stickers on the doors that indicate the level of noise published by the technique. The value of the optimal level of noise should not exceed 40 decibels. If the value is greater, it says this poor quality of sound insulation in the apparatus. Economy. Models with increased energy efficiency are preferred. They have class A. If the cheap model consumes a lot of electricity, then its purchase does not justify itself. At the same time, many models of the middle and highest price category consume much less electricity, saving the family budget. The presence of two fans will change the temperature in different compartments of the camera. This makes it possible to create a “freshness zone” for storing fruits and vegetables for a longer period. Read the instructions carefully. Some budget models are not defrosting automatically

refrigerator, frost, pros, cons

Therefore, this must be done at least once a year. It is desirable that the device is equipped with a special compartment where products can be stored without packaging. Pay attention to the internal volume of cameras. Outside, the refrigerator seems more than it is actually. The number of compressors and their variety

If there are any. When damage, the compressor is not subject to repair, and it can only be replaced. Additional functions. Dear models are equipped with a number of additional functions, the number of which includes door blocking. This is very relevant for families with young children. Color, design, configuration. The stores present a wide range of various models. They are distinguished by color, the inner location of the shelves, the volume of chambers, etc.D.

When buying a refrigerator, you need to carefully read the instructions and functions.



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