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Redmond rcm 1521 coffee maker how to use

Branded technology and features

Most Redmond coffee makers have a standard set of features common to a certain type (drip, carob). But in the budget price segment, only Redmond makes smart coffee makers. Our review includes two similar devices at once: SkyCoffee M1505S with a built-in coffee grinder and SkyCoffee M1519S.

To traditional drip coffee makers added a module that allows you to control the device remotely using a smartphone. You need to install the Ready for Sky mobile app, from where such functions are already activated:

  • the start of coffee preparation;
  • grind time (for SkyCoffee M1505S);
  • inclusion of heating of the finished drink;
  • Delayed start up to 24 hours;
  • Strength setting;
  • putting the device into silent mode;
  • control panel lock.

App communicates with the device via Bluetooth. To make the connection stable, the smartphone must be away from the coffee maker at a distance of no more than 15 meters.

REDMOND RCM-1521, black reviews

Comment: Yes, you should not expect anything unreal from such a budget device. But the machine does its job on 4.Very easy to use, quite silent in operation, not a bad cup of coffee. It sits like a piece of cake on the table. Parts fit tightly, the assembly is excellent. nothing flickers or shakes.But the cappuccinator. That’s not so good. Junk made of unknown to science metal or plastic with chrome plating. Accidentally hit awkwardly. It’ll break the hell out of it.

Advantages: Beautiful, small (just for a small kitchen) easy to use (admittedly this is our first coffee maker, so there is nothing to compare it with), makes a very tasty cappuccino.

Disadvantages: There are two disadvantages: 1. There is no visible indicator to understand that the steam is ready and can be used, we turn it on at random.2. Can’t tell how much water is in the tank (although that’s probably true of all coffee makers).

Comment: the most important thing. It was impossible to buy on the market: Yandex, what’s the matter!? The item was in the cart but when we tried to select a method of pickup it didn’t give us any of the options available. Bought from a competitor.

Disadvantages: the horn knocked out twice. Explosive

Кофеварка Redmond RCM-1521.Какую кофеварку лучше купить.Недорогая кофеварка

Comment: this is a negative review of the REDMOND-RCM-1521 Carob Coffee Maker I bought in the company store in MEGA-PARNAS.We bought it 02.06.21. I used it a few times, it seemed everything was fine, but then it literally exploded: went a lot of steam and the horn broke and the glass jug shattered. Everything was in coffee grounds mixed with glass. Very scared, Called for service, wanted to take. We washed it and put it back. But then we decided to check if it worked or not. The same thing happened, the jug was replaced with a drip coffee maker. Everything exploded again. This time the shards hit my legs, my neck to the blood. Husband had a scalded foot, still has the stain. Again, everything was in the dirt and glass, even got on the ceiling and these stains did not wash off. 18.07.21. We gave it back to the store but 23.08.21. received the answer that the coffee maker is fine, allegedly the horn was installed incorrectly. Always had the horn checked several times and after the first incident even more so. Consider that this coffee maker is just technically defective and dangerous. I guess we’re out of luck. But you don’t get two rounds in one funnel. And it blew up 2 times. The store categorically does not want to refund our money, citing the act of technical inspection. Yes, this is a negative review, but maybe it will help someone

Advantages:Price, build quality, ease of use, appearance.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев:I have been using it since June 2021, 2 months later everything is working. Very convenient and easy to use. It makes coffee, whips the milk.

Redmond RCM-1521 coffee maker

Delivery of the goods is from 9:00 till 22:00. You can choose a convenient time interval from 9:00 to 14:00; 14:00 to 18:00; 18:00 to 22:00.

District Delivery days Over 10000 Less than 10000
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8 March Monday, Wednesday 350 600
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Dzerzhinsky (excluding streets)
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Nevelskogo, Kolhidskaya, Port-Arturskaya, Fasadnaya, Khalturina, Zabalueva, Stantsionnaya, Klubnaya and the entire Western residential area.

Vybornaya, m-n Klyuch-Kamyshenskoe plateau. Delivery Monday, Thursday and Saturday (9:00-18:00).

Aviastroiteley, Lazarev, Respublikanskaya, O.Dundicha, D.Delivery on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays (00.00.00): St. Davydova, 25 let Oktyabrya, Novaya Zarya, Tricotazhnaya, Uchitelskaya and Teatralnaya. Delivery Tuesday (from 14:00-22:00), Friday and Saturday (from 9:00-18:00).


When receiving the goods the buyer must examine the outside and inside appearance of the goods for mechanical damage, check the completeness of goods.

If there are no Комментарии и мнения владельцев, the buyer signs the delivery ticket, and complaints about the completeness, appearance, availability of documents (instruction manual, warranty card) are not accepted after the transfer of goods.

The buyer has the right to refuse the goods of proper quality within seven (7) days after their transfer. A consumer may not refuse a product of proper quality that has individually specific characteristics, if the product can only be used by the consumer who is buying it.

Return of the goods of proper quality is possible if the preserved form, consumer properties, and a document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of the goods. The absence of this document does not deprive the buyer of the opportunity to refer to other evidence of the purchase of goods.

Goods of proper quality can be returned to the address: c.Novosibirsk, Ul.16, Fabrichnaya St., Sales Department tel. 255-25-65, daily from 9-00 hours to 17-45 hours, except Saturdays and Sundays, by filing an application for return.

After returning the goods within a period not exceeding 10 (ten) days from the date of the buyer’s demand for a refund, the amount paid for the goods is returned to him, except for the seller’s expenses for delivery of returned goods from the buyer.

The specified sum is returned to the buyer during working hours at the cash desk of the store at the address: 3.Novosibirsk, ul.16, Fabrichnaya Street, upon presentation of payment documents, a receipt for the return of goods and an identity document (passport).

I have read the terms and conditions for returning goods purchased remotely.

The information stipulated by Art.Testimonials and Para. 4 Art.26.Consumer Rights Protection Act, I have been fully provided with.


Reliable and convenient, as described by the manufacturers, the coffee machine among users has a mixed reputation. Not least this is due to the contrivance of the model, to understand which many, obviously, do not have enough patience.

Users share their experiences with the Redmond RCM-1503, noting the obvious benefits of the machine, such as aesthetics and compact design, quick and easy use and maintenance, good build quality, easy programming, great taste of the drink, and a real value for money.

Among the disadvantages are: unreliability, lack of mesh on the horn, small coffee portions, the insufficient beverage temperature, poor performance of the cappuccinator, high volume.

Some people don’t have a relationship with this machine at all.

This coffee maker is very stylish, the black color gives it a business-like pompousness. However, the technique for making coffee in this coffee maker is very simple. This coffee maker has everything you need to make delicious and flavorful coffee. On top there is a special tray for heating mugs. By the way, cups come with the coffee maker. The surface for heating is framed with a special rim that protects the mugs from falling. There is a water tank next to the heating surface. It closes very tightly, so when you open it, you hear the distinctive whistling of escaping air.

Water is poured through a measuring cup. The flask has measures, by which it is very convenient to measure the right amount of water. But there is another way to measure the water. Pour into the cup the desired amount of water, which is desirable for making coffee, then pour this amount into the flask, and from the flask into the tank. The coffee maker is turned on by a switch on the side of the machine. It has 3 positions. on/off/nozzle (for cappuccino). Not only can you make cappuccino, as you might think when you first look at it, but you can also make espresso. If the appliance is plugged in, if it is in the “off” position, the light on the appliance itself will be inactive. If the switch is in the “on” position, the coffee machine begins making espresso.

If you want to drink cappuccino, made with delicious foam, then, accordingly, you need to turn the switch to the division “nozzle”. In addition to pouring water into the coffee maker, you also need to put the required amount of ground coffee. The coffee filter is for this purpose. it is located in the front in the form of a horn. The first thing to do is to take the filter out of its grooves. There is coffee inside the filter. The filter itself has divisions on the inside that allow you to measure the amount of coffee you need, either for one cup or for several cups of coffee. The filter is then pushed in place until you hear it click into place. Very convenient, the filter can be fixed with a specially designed clamp on top.

Comes with a special nozzle for two coffees. If necessary, it can be easily put on the filter and coffee will not come in one cup or flask, but in two stylish cups, kindly provided in the kit.

You can pour the coffee not only into the cup but also into the coffee flask which is included in the set. The flask has a very handy lid that prevents coffee from spilling out. The flask itself is made of heat-resistant glass, but it is only for coffee, and must not be used in the microwave or on other heating surfaces. The mug or flask is placed on the tray. This tray is made in such a way that any drop that falls past the mug will simply flow into a special reservoir for these unexpected droplets. If necessary, the drip tray can be easily pulled out, rinsed and put back in.

On the other side of the switch there is a steam and water nozzle. To turn it on you need to turn the switch to the desired position. To create the foam, you need milk and a large glass, as the foam made with the nozzle, compared to the volume of milk will triple. The crema of the creamy milk is best of all. Thus, making coffee in the morning with the simple and handy Redmond RCM 1502 is only a pleasure. Delicious, fragrant coffee is succeeded without any effort.

Cleaning the coffee maker is very simple and easy. The flask is washable in any case. You need to wait a little while for the filter to cool down, then you can take it out of the groove and rinse it, which is very easy. Periodically wash the pan. The only thing is that the coffee maker itself should never be washed under running water. It needs to be cleaned gently with a wet cloth.

A review of the Redmond RCM-1507 drip coffee maker

A little over half a year ago I purchased a Redmond coffee machine of another model (RCM-1501) in Online Trading and now I just can’t imagine my morning without a cup of hot, freshly brewed coffee. But then a problem arose, with the beginning of the summer season, I spend almost half the time at the cottage and I faced a choice: either carry a coffee machine with you every time, or send it to the cottage and buy a new one at home. I chose the second option.

When I bought my second machine, my model was already out of stock, so I went for a model from the same company that had absolutely similar characteristics.

Since the characteristics of coffee machines are similar, I thought that there would not be much difference between them, and the only difference would be the design. However, when I unpacked my new machine, I was totally surprised by its size. With the same characteristics (except that the volume of the coffee pot is 50 ml less than the new one) it was much smaller in size. It was a pleasant surprise for me. 600 ml of coffee for 2 cups is more than enough, but the space in the kitchen is very important. In addition, the new coffee maker fits perfectly on the shelf, where the old coffee maker could not be placed even if I really wanted to, I had to store it on the table.

A photo of two coffee makers (RCM-1507 on the left, RCM-1501 on the right)

Let’s talk directly about the Redmond RCM-1507 coffee maker.

The box looks like this. There is a handle for easy transportation.

On the front of the box is a picture of the coffee maker and basic information about it.

This is how the coffee maker was packed. The coffee maker is wrapped in bubble wrap and cardboard. The body of the coffee maker is packed in a plastic bag. The lid of the coffee pot was fixed with a special adhesive tape.

Instructions, warranty card, recipe book, refillable filter and measuring spoon.

The water tank of this coffee machine has the same volume as the coffee pot, which is very convenient. In the previous model, the volume of the water tank was about 150-200 ml less than the coffee pot, and in order to make a full pot of coffee, you had to refill it while brewing.

I also want to note that you can not only make coffee in the coffee maker, but also make tea.

The body of the coffee machine is made of glossy black plastic and decorated with metal inserts, it looks very nice.

Now I’ll tell you about the process of making coffee.

The first thing to do, of course, is to plug in the coffee maker and open the lid.

Then we put in a reusable filter or a disposable paper filter. I prefer to use paper filters. First of all, it is more hygienic. Secondly, you don’t have to wash it all the time, brew it and throw it away.

After that, using a measuring spoon, pour the ground coffee into the filter.

Do not forget to turn the so-called “shower” on the filter, otherwise nothing will brew.

Now pour water into the water tank, the maximum amount is 600ml. I recommend you use bottled water, so you don’t have to descale the machine later.

For convenience, there is a scale that shows how much water is in the tank. I filled it up to 600 ml.

After that we close the lid and put the coffee pot on the heater.

Press the power button on the bottom of the body.

Now we wait for about 5 minutes with a pleasant coffee aroma.

When the water in the tank runs out, the coffee maker begins to make typical squelching noises. At this point, you can either turn off the coffee maker or leave it on, then it will automatically maintain the temperature of the brewed coffee.

It is advisable to wait a few seconds to let the residual coffee from the filter drain into the coffee pot. But it’s okay if you remove the pot right away, because the coffee maker has an “Anti-drip” system.

And now the best part. enjoy aromatic freshly brewed coffee!

The Redmond RCM-1507 gives me only positive emotions. I can strongly recommend it!

Review: Redmond RCM Coffee Maker. M1513. The morning starts with a cup of cappuccino! I love my coffee maker! It’s perfect!

My mornings start with a cup of coffee from the machine. This coffee maker makes delicious, flavorful coffee! The coffee maker has a surface for heating cups, it heats up as soon as you turn it on.

Along with the coffee maker, we got a book of coffee recipes, and of course the manual, where everything is described in detail and clearly described how to use the coffee maker.

You can easily prepare a variety of refreshments with this book, and thus surprise your guests.

It has two spouts and a measuring spoon so you can adjust the strength of the beverage.

It has a handy filter holder, where you can insert the spouts.

Pour with a measuring spoon and smooth it out.

Done! Coffee in spout, spout in filter holder.

You can store coffee cups on the coffee maker.

Don’t forget to fill the water tank on time.

Maximum and minimum settings are marked on the water tank itself.

The button for espresso is lit, 2 cups. Factory setting, but you can adjust yourself, to do this, you need to press and hold the button until it flashes. The brewing process will start, press the button again when the desired amount of coffee has been reached. It stops brewing, the next cup will be just as you made it.

Cappuccino maker.

The steam dispenser needs to be immersed in one-third of the milk for the milk froth.

Frothy milk is added to the cup with the espresso you brewed.

The dispenser looks like this after making coffee!

I like to start my morning with a cup of cappuccino! I love my coffee maker!

I am so glad I bought this coffee maker. Modern design, thanks to the cappuccinator you can make cappuccino. This is my favorite coffee. The coffee maker is not expensive, I bought it for ten thousand, which is much cheaper than a coffee machine. The coffee has a good and full flavor, the service is really easy. My Redmont coffee maker stands on the table and decorate it, you can store coffee cups on it, by the way and it does not take much space.

Review: Redmond RCM-1512. Automatic preparation of a delicious cappuccino in two minutes)

Good day to all reading this review. Coffee is the beverage without which I cannot normally exist. I drink it every day and more than once. My house has already changed a few coffee machines, at work I also constantly use such a machine, and my parents were given as a gift. Therefore, I can make a pretty definite opinion about what is most important to me in a coffee machine.Today I’m going to talk about my new Redmond CRV 1512 coffee maker. My husband and I bought it a few months ago, more precisely in April of this year. And today I want to talk about all its advantages and disadvantages in my opinion.

A coffee machine is such a wonderful device, thanks to which you can drink your favorite coffee of good quality, not only in a restaurant, but also at home. This coffee machine has a standard for home coffee machines, the steam pressure is 15 bar, so you get a coffee which is very close in quality to the coffee made in a professional coffee machine.

The REDMOND RCM-1512 espresso, latte macchiato and classic cappuccino can be made with this coffee maker.The machine can make two cups of coffee at once, but only if it is espresso. You can’t do that with coffee drinks that include milk, only one cup at a time. This coffee maker belongs to the carob type of coffee maker, which uses only ground coffee

redmond, 1521, coffee, maker

This machine has an electronic control system, a very convenient and useful feature.Another interesting feature of the coffee machine RCM-1512 is the ability to set certain settings for making coffee of a certain volume. You can enter these settings into the memory, and then the machine just makes the right amount of coffee for you.And the most important thing for me, in general, why I decided to smoke this particular model of coffee machine is the automatic cappuccinatorThe function of automatic cappuccinator is to whip milk, which is poured into a special container, into a thick steady foam, which is needed to make cappuccinos and lattes. I can tell you from experience that this is a big plus. I compared the DeLonghi semi-automatic coffee machine and this version of Redmond coffee machine, and it was the presence of automatic cappuccino preparation that was decisive for me. When I had a machine with a cappuccino maker and I had to pour the milk into a cup and manually whisk it, then pour it into the espresso, it was very annoying. Firstly, because of the amount of action and time it takes to make a cappuccino, and secondly, the foam is not always as thick as we would like it to be. In the end, after about two weeks of using a simple carpulcher, I gave up using it and just poured milk into the coffee if I wanted to. It takes too long to make a cappuccino.

The automatic cappuccinator also has a special regulator that can adjust the milk to foam ratio. That’s up to you, depending on your personal taste. The foam is very thick and dense, like in professional coffee machines. If you want a cappuccino with more milk and less milk froth, just turn the cappuccino maker knob on the side. It’s as simple as that.

The REDMOND RCM-1512 has a special surface on which you can heat cups. A warm cup makes a much more aromatic coffee drink. I usually do not use this function because I have no time for it. And this table heats up not very fast. Probably only after making the first cup of coffee. So, I just use this surface as a place to store two cups of coffee.

The care of the coffee machine is also very easy and convenient. This appliance has a built-in self-cleaning system, and the water flow removes all internal impurities from the coffee machine. There is an option of self-cleaning just the milk tank with the cappuccinator, if full self-cleaning, when you wash both the coffee machine inside and the cappuccinator. This system is activated on the electronic display by pressing a button.All removable parts can be cleaned both normally and in the dishwasher. It also has an auto shut off function. The machine shuts off automatically if you don’t use it for thirty minutes.

Now I will tell you what is included in the kit itself. The first is of course the machine itself. The second is the cone in which you put the ground coffee. It comes with two attachments. For one or two cups of coffee. The third is a special spoon for pouring and cramming coffee into the cone. Milk tank with a cappuccinator, plus an extra long tube to it. And the warranty and the instruction book.

On the technical characteristics, I can note the capacity of the water tank. it holds 1.4 liters, which is enough for about four or five cups of coffee. And the volume of the milk tank. it’s 0.4 liters. It is enough for me for two cups of cappuccino.

Although the material is plastic, but it is high quality and looks great. The controls on this model are electronic. There’s a special display on the body of the appliance.

The drip tray is removable. This one’s weird. I pour out the drops after each cup of coffee, but there appears a very large amount of water. It’s so big that it’s pouring out over the edge onto the table. I don’t understand where that water comes from! Either that condensation from making cappuccino, or something else. In general, with this point I still do not understand. Just pour the water out of this tray after each use of the coffee machine.

There is also a tilting holder for small cups, but we removed it because we do not use it. Standard cord length.one meter.Standard warranty on the coffee machine is 12 months.

The machine can make 4 types of coffee: espresso, double espresso, cappuccino and latte. You can also make just milk foam. There is a separate program for this.So. Making espresso or double espresso To start, we need to put the ground coffee into the cone. This is done with a special measuring spoon. Choose the size of the tray in the cone, based on how many cups of coffee you want to make. Gently tamp the ground coffee and put the pod in the correct position.Then, Fix the cone on the coffee maker to the desired mark.Pour water into the water tank if the water is not there. It is better to use filtered water. Less residue on the tank and more enjoyable.Then we put the cup under the cone and turn on the coffee maker. The power button is on the display. Wait for one or two minutes until the display stops flashing and the control panel lights up. Press the button with the desired program, and the espresso is done.With a cappuccino or latte click action add more milk in the tank and again the desired program

I am insanely happy with this coffee maker. The coffee tastes great, better than in restaurants, especially if you choose a good bean and tasty milk. Right now, of the five coffee makers I’ve used, this one is the best. And for convenience, and cost, and the taste of coffee and the appearanceDefinitely recommend to buy))

Redmond RCM-1512 Carob Coffee Maker. Instructions for use and overview of the device

The Redmond RCM-1512 will easily brew you a cup of coffee, whether it’s a latte, cappuccino or espresso. The machine can make two cups of coffee at once, which is an advantage for a family breakfast and a good start to the day. And thanks to the electronic control system, the device will remember your preferences and make the perfect portion of an invigorating beverage.

Redmond RCM-1512 coffee maker. a worthy representative of his brand. The design of the device uses advanced technology.

The price corresponds to the quality. Design is stylish, light and unobtrusive, fits almost any interior. Here is a detailed overview of the device and instructions for use.



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