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Redmond masterchef Lite multicooker how to turn on

REDMOND RMC-28 instruction manual online. page 11

REDMOND RMC-28 manual for your multicooker contains pages in Russian.

You can download a pdf file of this manual: Download PDF

Do not press the buttons on the control panel for a few seconds: the changes-

The changes will be saved automatically. The display will return to show the time

cooking.To protect against overheating when setting a cooking temperature of 150 ° C or higher

The maximum running time of the program will be limited to two hours. Use the recipes in the accompanying cookbook from our professionals-

The temperature of the food can be adjusted to the recommended cooking temperature. correspondingly-

You can also find these recipes at www.redmond.button.

The “Delayed start” function allows you to time the cooking time after which the oven will start or the cooking mode will be automatically reset

After selecting a cooking program, press the “Start delayed” button to save the changes and return to the minute minder. The LED on the display will flash

indicator. The clock value on the display will flash.

Pressing the and buttons. set the desired value of the clock. Changing the cooking mode: Press and hold to change the set value-

To quickly change the setting, press and hold the desired cooking temperature for at least 3 seconds to return to the previous setting-

Press to save changes and return to the minute setting.

Set the minutes in the same way. Do not press the buttons on the control panel

for a few seconds: the changes will be saved. To return to the main menu, press the-

to the clock, press the button again before autosave.This function is not available in all programs (see also “Automatic cooking”). Summary table of programs

During the “Delayed start” function, the LED of the key lights up

of the selected program on the control panel, indicator on the display. Reverse cooking program is running

Delayed start countdown. When the automatic reheat function is active, the Auto Reheat indicator light

and the “REHEAT” indicator light up on the display.

To display the cooking time during the Delay cooking function, the

To activate the “Delayed start” function, press the button: the “Delayed start” indicator will turn off for a few seconds

and the set cooking time is displayed.

Three short beeps are emitted at the end of the delay cooking function, the indicator light

lights off on the display. The selected cooking program will start.

It is not recommended to use the “Delayed start” function if the recipe contains

During the delayed start function, the light on the “Delayed start” button lights up and the “Manual mode” button lights up. д.).

Open up even more opportunities for your cooking with this new function-

The “MASTERSHEF Lite” function! The “MASTERSHIFT Lite” function allows you to change the cooking mode in the-

The settings of the programs can be changed during the cooking process. You can always adjust the temperature

The operation of any program so that it meets your needs.

Soup boils? Milk porridge “Runs Out”? Steamed vegetables take too long to cook? From-

Change the temperature or the cooking time without interrupting the program, as you would do

whatever you are cooking on the hob or in the oven. The “MASTERSHEFF Lite” function allows you to change the cooking time and temperature

During each cooking program except for the “EXPRESS” cooking program.

The “MASTERSHIFT Lite” function can be particularly useful when you cook

complex recipes that require a combination of different cooking programs (e.g. stuffed cabbage, beef stroganoff, soups, pasta, etc.)-

complex recipes that require a combination of different cooking programs (e.g. stuffed cabbage, beef stroganoff, soups, pasta, etc)

Changing the temperature while cooking

Cooking temperature range. from 35 to 170 ° C in increments

While the cooking program is running, press the. The digital value will be stored automatically after the last set point has been reached

The default cooking temperature will flash on the display.

Мультиварка REDMOND MasterFry FM4521. Инструкция пользователя

Pressing the and buttons. Set the temperature to the desired value. For quick

Press and hold down the corresponding button to change the value.

Do not press the buttons on the control panel for a few seconds: the-

The desired time will be saved automatically. The display will return to show the time

cooking.For overheat protection when setting a cooking temperature of 150°C or more

the maximum cooking time will be limited to two hours.

Changing the time during the cooking process

The range and increments of the cooking time depend on the selected program

(refer to. (See summary table of cooking programs).

During the cooking program, press the ” 0 ” pointer button. Setting the hours on the

Press the and buttons to set the. Set the desired value of the clock. Switching the cooking program-

The “MASTERSHEF Lite” function allows you to change the settings before the program starts, then using “MASTERSHEF Lite” you can change the “CONFIGURATION” function-

To save the changes and move to the minutes setting, press the.

Set the minutes value in the same way. Do not press any buttons on the control panel

for a few seconds: the changes will be saved automatically (the

will stop flashing on the display). To return to the clock setting, before autosave-

Press the button again.If you set the cooking time to 00:00, the operation of the program will

stopped.During the “Delayed start” function and the “EXPRESS” program, the

REDMOND RMC-M4510 instruction manual online. Page 15

REDMOND RMC-M4510 manual for your multicooker contains pages in Russian.

You can download a pdf file of this manual: Download PDF

Discover even more cooking possibilities with the new “MASTERSHIFT Lite” function! If the “MULTI” program-

The “TYPESHOP” allows you to set the parameters of the program before it starts, then using the “MASTERSHOP Lite” function you will be able to change the

Adjustments directly in the cooking process.You can always adjust the operation of any program to suit your needs. Soup is boiling out? Milk

The porridge “runs away”? Steamed vegetables are taking too long? Change the temperature or cooking time without interrupting the program,

as if you are cooking on a hob or in an oven.

You can only use the “MASTERSHIFT Lite” function during cooking. When using the “EXPRESS” program,

The “Delayed start” function and the waiting time to reach operating parameters (pg. 28) “MASTERSHIFT Lite” function is not available.

When using the “MASTERSHEFF Lite” function, you can change the temperature in steps of 1 degree Celsius, from 35 to 170 degrees Celsius. Possible

Cooking time range depends on the selected program. Step change in 1 minute.

The “MASTERSHEF Lite” function may be particularly useful if you are cooking complicated recipes, which require a combination of several times-

Individual programs (e.g. stuffed cabbage, beef stroganoff, soup, pasta with different recipes, jam, etc) can be carried out at the desired temperature. д.).

To change the cooking temperature:

Press “Menu” button while the cooking program is running

“Menu” button. The “Temp indicator” on the display will flash.

Set temperature as desired. To increase, press the button

the “Minute/” button to decrease the set value, the “Minute-” button to decrease the set value. For a quick change

Press and hold down the desired button. Once the maximum (minimum) value is reached, the setting will continue from the beginning of the range.

Do not press the buttons on the control panel for 5 seconds. Changes will be saved automatically.

To prevent overheating, if the cooking temperature is set higher than 130°C, the program’s maximum operating time is limited

program (except for the “Baking” program). When using the automatic “YOGURT” program, the temperature change function

While the cooking program is running, press the button twice

“Menu.”. The time value indicator on the display will start flashing.

Set the desired cooking time. To increase the value in 1 hour increments, press the button

“Min/-.”. The hour and minute values change independently of each other. When the maximum value is reached

The setting will continue from the beginning of the range. To quickly change the value, press and hold the desired button.

Do not touch the buttons on the control panel for 5 seconds. The changes will be saved automatically.

If you set the cooking time to 00:00, the program will stop.

Redmond RMC-250 Multicooker

One of Redmond’s top multicookers, the RMC-250, has taken another step toward cooking automation. The user is now allowed to make changes in the algorithm of the programs, which makes it easy to repeat the cooking of dishes for which there is no suitable “standard” program.

redmond, masterchef, lite, multicooker, turn

Technical specifications

General specifications
Manufacturer Redmond
Model Name Redmond RMC-250
Type multicooker
Power Consumption 860W
Case Material plastic
Color of enclosure black, metallic gold
Bowl capacity 4 l (effective volume 2,8 l)
Bowl Material stainless steel
Bowl covering Ceramic non-stick Anato
Manufacturer’s warranty 25 months
Control type electronic
Button type touchscreen
Display LCD with multicolored backlight
Temperature control up to 24 hours
Delayed start Up to 24 hours
Indicators Switching on, heating
Additional Features Multicooker, Chef
Weight and dimensions
Packing (W#xd7;H#xd7;D) 43#xd7;34#xd7;27 cm
Weight with packing 7 kg


The multicooker comes in a cardboard box with a plastic carrying handle. The solid black color instantly gives the impression that inside is a “serious” device that requires respectful treatment. On the box, as it is customary at Redmond, is a picture of a man in futuristic clothes and glasses “from the movies of the future. Also you can see almost all of the features right away and admire the pictures of the finished dishes.

  • the multicooker itself
  • bowl
  • Steam cooker container
  • Steam cooking rack#x301;
  • deep frying basket
  • tongs for removing the bowl
  • measuring cup
  • plastic spoon and ladle
  • spoon holder
  • silicone spatula
  • recipe book
  • service book
  • instructions
  • power cord with an on/off switch

As it is easy to notice, the number of accessories that this model is equipped with is close to the potential maximum. there are also tongs for easy removal of the hot bowl, and even a silicone spatula. in our opinion, a must-have item for those who regularly cook in the multicooker. Particularly noteworthy is the presence of a separate switch on the power cord. With its help, you can completely power off the device without removing the cord from the outlet.

Externally, the multicooker looks like a very high quality device. High quality build, expensive looking plastic, chrome button to open the roof. all this makes up a definitely positive impression. For carrying the multicooker is equipped with a special handle, which is normally folded up and does not interfere in the process of cooking at all.

It is also worth noting the presence of a mechanism by which the lid does not need to be held: it opens by smoothly slowing down. As a result, there is no harsh sound, no “jumping multicooker” effect, well known to owners of cheaper models.

The internal lid is traditionally removable, in this case it is fastened with two latches. The steam release valve in the new model can be removed from the inside, only after removing the internal lid fastened with a latch.

Bowl and other accessories

The bowl included in the set not only looks nice, but also gives an impression of a quality product: the thickened walls and the rather heavy weight (830 g) not only allow for a more even heating, but also smooth temperature drops when the heater is on. Thanks to the ceramic coating, food does not stick to the walls of the bowl (the loaf can be removed without any problem).

The only drawback of this bowl is its small volume: only 4 liters, of which a little less than 3 liters (about 2.8) is available for use. If this volume is exceeded, there is a danger that boiling soup will spurt out through the steam valve.

Practically no additional accessories for this model (almost everything possible is already included). Yogurt pots and bowls are available as options. But you can not use the ham with this model: it simply will not fit inside. In the future the manufacturer promises to release additional models of bowls, but for now only one version is available for purchase, matching the model included in the package.


The multicooker is equipped with an LCD screen with a three-color backlight and is operated by eight touch-sensitive buttons.

  • Preheat/Cancel. switches heating function on/off; interrupts cooking program; resets all settings
  • Delayed start. enabling delayed start time setting; switch to minutes/hour setting; record own cooking program
  • Start/Auto-heat. turns on the selected cooking program; pre-activate the auto-heat function
  • t#x2009;°СС. activation of temperature and cooking time setting mode in automatic programs
  • Menu. to go to the mode of selecting the automatic cooking program; to reset to the factory settings of the selected program; to return to the default settings of all programs
  • #x2212;|. decreasing/increasing the hours and minutes in the clock setting, cooking time setting and delayed start modes; decreasing the temperature value in automatic programs
  • OK. to go to the next step in the mode of selecting the automatic program, setting the cooking time and temperature, the current time

All the buttons, and the screen itself, are much larger than the average one. All the buttons, program names, temperature settings and other important information can be read even by visually impaired persons. In addition, the screen is equipped with three-color backlighting that allows to see at a glance what the multicooker is cooking at the moment. If the screen is red. the cooking process is going on; orange. the cooking has ended, and the multicooker has moved into auto-heat mode; green. the device is ready to work or is waiting for a delayed start.

  • program temperature values
  • cooking process (progress bar with bars)
  • automatic cooking programs
  • Timer / indicator of current time / delayed start time
  • Current time setting mode / delayed start time
  • Timed cooking mode
  • Preheat / reheat function

As we can see, the screen displays almost all information that may be needed when presetting programs or cooking. Inteis also did not disappoint: you can start using the multicooker without even opening the manual (of course, to create programs using the “MasterChef” function, you still have to read the developer’s instructions. this process is far from obvious).

Instruction manual and recipe book

The instruction manual attached to the Redmond RMC-250 contains answers to almost all questions that may arise when using the device. Here you can find the table of temperatures at which it is recommended to cook certain dishes, as well as the table of recommended times for steam cooking#x301;. The manual includes a detailed description of the built-in programs and a table with the temperature modes used (unfortunately, the current temperature is not displayed when running standard programs).

The recipe book contains 200 recipes sorted by type: porridge, soups, second courses, smoking, side dishes, steamed dishes#x301;, salads and appetizers, loaf, fondue, etc.#x2009;e. Each recipe is accompanied by a color photo not only directly on the page with its description, but also in the table of contents, so that you can select the dishes “by picture” directly from the table of contents. Almost every dish has an additional tip: sometimes obvious (serve pea soup with wheat croutons) and sometimes unexpected (calamari in sour cream is best with saffron).

Perhaps the only complaint about the recipes is the mysterious word “spices,” which can be found on every other page. In most cases, it is assumed that you already know which spices need to be added to the pilaf, and which. in stuffed eggplants (in some recipes, however, the recommended spices are listed in the “tips”). Unfortunately, Redmond is in no hurry to please us with new recipes: almost all of the 200 recipes in the book are already familiar to us from the recipe book for the Redmon RMC-M150 multicooker. For an average buyer, this fact will probably go unnoticed, but for us it hints that these models are almost identical in their characteristics.

As for the available temperature modes, they are almost the same: from 35#x2009;°C to 170#x2009;°C for RMC-250 and from 35#x2009;°C to 180#x2009;°C for RMC-M150. Interestingly, it turns out that as far as the maximum temperature is concerned the RMC-250 is even a step back in some respects. the increase in maximum temperature from 170#x2009;°C to 180#x2009;°C was one of the RMC-M150’s main advantages over the even older top-of-the-line Redmond RMC-M90 multicooker.


Before first use, it is a good idea to wash the bowl and boil the multicooker with water and half a lemon to remove the technical smell. The rest of the appliance is fully operational.

  • Stewing
  • Baking
  • Boiling/ Beans
  • Soup
  • Fry
  • Rice/Grouts
  • Macaroni
  • Steam
  • Pilaf
  • Baby food
  • Cottage cheese
  • Yogurt
  • Stewing
  • Game
  • Porridge
  • Deep fryer
  • Pizza
  • loaf
  • Desserts
  • Express

Of those listed, the “Game” program, designed for cooking tough meat and large cuts of meat and poultry at 95#x2009;°C, and then. 85#x2009;°C, as well as the new program “Cottage cheese”, allowing to cook cottage cheese at 95#x2009;°C (after 4 hours. 35#x2009;°C) are of particular interest. The “Deep fryer” mode was transferred to a separate program.

Otherwise, the set of programs is quite standard for modern Redmond multicookers (in this it is easy to see for yourself by comparing the programs that are used in Redmond RMC-M150.

The multicooker allows you to turn off the auto-heat function in advance. The auto-heat also will not turn on when cooking at less than 75 degrees, which makes sense: if you’re going to cook the food at such a low temperature, you’re unlikely to need to reheat it at the end of the program. The “Auto-heat” function will run for 24 hours in the normal mode. The same amount of time can be set for the “Delayed start” function. In this case, the step of setting is 5 minutes.

The delayed start timer allows you to postpone the start of cooking for up to 24 hours. Thanks to the possibility to set the actual time, the user doesn’t have to calculate for himself at what time he should start preparing porridge to have it ready by 9 a.m. Please note: in the RMC-250 it is not necessary to specify the start time of cooking, but the time by which the dish should be ready.

In case of power failures, the multicooker has a non-volatile memory, which guarantees saving all user settings (including the delayed start setting) for 2 hours. If the power supply is restored during this time, the multicooker will continue to work in the preset mode.

The MasterChef function

“The MasterChef function is the very feature that distinguishes RMC-250 from the previous models. The “MasterChef” allows you to replace any of the preset programs (except “Yogurt” and “Express”) with your own program, including up to ten consecutive temperature changes and indication of the cooking time. This option may come in handy when, for example, regularly cooking foods that require a certain sequence of steps. For example, it is possible to create a separate program for soup, which involves pre-frying the onions or vegetables at a high temperature, and then reducing the temperature to the desired level for boiling water.

Unfortunately, the setting of programs with the “MasterChef” function is only possible directly during the cooking process. So set a sequence of numbers like “10 minutes at 150 degrees, then an hour at 110 degrees, and then another 30 minutes at 85 degrees” is not possible. We’ll have to wait for the multicooker to work in the prescribed amount of time.

However, such a method has its own logic: if we cook soup for the first time, we can hardly anticipate to the exact minute how long it will take to fry the onions, and after how long it is time to add water. And if you set the program directly in the cooking process, the result is as similar as if we manually set the temperature and time over and over again with the “multi-cooking” function.

As a hint for the cook, every time we change the operating mode, the multicooker will emit a conditional signal (a characteristic beep). For the same soup, for example, this could mean different cooking stages: frying onions and vegetables, adding water, etc. п. Since the “master chef” allows you to change the temperature in increments of five degrees and the time in increments of one minute, special reminder events can be set by briefly increasing or decreasing the temperature, allowing you to add ingredients to the same soup in time for ingredients that need to be put in 15 minutes before the end of cooking.

Surely you can think of a few more such “tricks” that allow you to use the MasterChef function as a timer with a bell. Since this functionality is relatively new, the World Wide Web does not contain much information about when it is most in demand. So be prepared to improvise. Of course, any program can be reset and reprogrammed at any time.

Caring for your multicooker

Redmond RMC-250 multicooker requires standard care: it is recommended to wipe the body and plastic parts with a damp cloth, bowl, fryer basket and plastic accessories can be washed in the dishwasher (although the bowl in most cases is easier to wash in the sink, as nothing sticks to it during cooking).

Tomato cream soup

In this recipe, chopped tomatoes, onions, bell peppers and ginger, as well as tomato paste, olive oil and ajika are cooked in the “Soup” program for 40 minutes, after which they are blended until smooth. It is quick, easy and tasty. In the summer, when it’s hot outside, this soup can be served cold. In winter it can be reheated for a quick snack when coming in from the cold. The recipe is easily modified and scaled up depending on the amount of vegetables in the house.

The only thing we’d like to point out is the danger of not getting the right amount of ginger and ajika. Our soup was overly spicy and might as well have been called “Mexican.”. But we liked it all the same.

Salmon with white beans and cream

We put canned beans and fresh or frozen broccoli sprouts in a bowl of a multicooker, add grated carrots, and then pour the cream on top of the mixture. Slices of salmon (fillet) are placed on top, and sprinkled with grated cheese.

After 45 minutes on the “Stew” program the dish is ready. As with the soup, it’s just as simple, quick and delicious. It is thanks to such dishes multicookers have become deservedly popular. Think about it: it takes no more than five minutes to grate the carrots and cheese, and no more than five minutes to remove the skin and bones from a piece of fish. A total of ten minutes of pure time. and the excellent main course is ready. The soup from the previous recipe will require no more than.

All in all, just 20 minutes in the kitchen will produce a complete meal.

Casserole with bacon

This dish is cooked in two consecutive cooking modes. First, the pasta is boiled in the program with the same name. During this time you can whip the eggs with milk, salt and spices. Then, after the water is drained, the pasta and sliced bacon are mixed and poured with the milk and egg mixture. The dish will be ready after 30 minutes on the “bake” program. The result was quite predictable: Imagine pasta baked in an omelette. We would recommend increasing the amount of bacon: 150 grams per 200 milliliters of milk, 3 eggs and 150 grams of pasta is still not enough.

loaf of corn

This recipe we have already tried once during the test of the Redmond RMC-M90 multicooker. Then we failed because of a technical discrepancy between the recipe and the multicooker program. In the course of testing Redmond-250 we decided to close this gestalt and after all, we reached the end in the uneasy business of loaf baking. The recipe was the same: 550 grams of wheat flour, 220 grams of corn flour, milk, yeast, vegetable oil, sugar and salt. The dough is kneaded and then placed in the multicooker.

The loaf is baked for three hours, the first hour, according to the “loaf” program, the dough is proofed at a temperature of 35 degrees, and then the baking process proper begins. After the second hour, the loaf needs to be flipped.

Despite the fact that this time the multicooker worked properly, and the loaf baked, the result is still not satisfying. The loaf turned out to be unleavened, too dry inside and with a rather tough crust on the outside.

What was the reason for this. we can not say for sure (too many nuances in the cooking process of dough and baking). Our conclusion, therefore, is that baking in a multicooker should be approached without excessive optimism and remember that making a loaf is far from the basic function of this device.

Sunflower halva

Sunflower halva. perhaps the most interesting for us, although not quite “multicooker” recipe. According to the instructions, 400 grams of sunflower seeds should be fried on the “Fry” program for half an hour, stirring occasionally, and then. crushed to a homogeneous mass in a blender. The next step is frying 150 grams of flour.

After that, in the multicooker syrup is prepared, consisting of an equal amount of sugar, water and butter (100 grams each), with which all ingredients are poured. After re-mixing, the mass is placed in the molds and put in the refrigerator for two hours.

The result is excellent halva, well known to everyone since childhood. The very taste.

Apparently, as far as the electronic stuffing is concerned, Redmond RMC-250 is as close as possible to the ceiling of multicookers capabilities (in the sense in which we are used to perceive them). In just a few years, these devices have evolved from simple steam cookers and rice cookers to quite sophisticated devices that allow the user to first set their own operating modes (multi-cook function) and now create their own programs (MasterChef function).

The next logical step will be the support of Bluetooth communication, so that we can control the process of cooking the device with the help of a mobile app. We will be able to “download recipes” in the literal sense of the word. uploading them to the memory of the device, and the smart kitchen assistant will be able to communicate with us by sending messages to our smartphone that it’s time to add another ingredient to the bowl, or will invite to the table when the dish is ready.

You think it will be a long time before it comes to this? In fact. much faster than many might think. In 2014, the first Bluetooth-enabled multicookers were introduced to the public, and similar devices are likely to be on sale as early as the second quarter of this year.

So, the Redmond RMC-250 can be called a transitional link between classic multicookers and “computerized” multicookers of the future.

Redmond RMC-M22 Multicooker

Main Features: Power 860 watts, 5-liter bowl with ceramic non-stick coating Anato (Korea), LED digital display, delayed start up to 24 hours, heating up to 24 hours, turning off the auto-heat function, 9 automatic programs.

Features: Budget multicooker with Multicooker and MasterChef Lite functions.


Review: Redmond RMC-M22 Multicooker. Another Redmond in the kitchen

Might be a question of. Why one family has two multicookers in the same apartment. But sometimes the presence of a second multicooker is very helpful when the pressure cooker, for example, cooked pilaf and then need to cook porridge for a child. The problem with perpetual shifting is solved, although someone just buys a second more often. But in summer the second multicooker can take to the cottage, which we did.

The redmond rmc-22 multicooker came in a brightly-colored box, and all the necessary minimum information can be read right there.

Multicooker Redmond RMC-M22 is positioned as a budget option with a wide range of functions. I was really impressed with the new multicooker feature set, especially the manual modes MasterChef Lite and multi-cooking.

The Redmond RMC-M22 multicooker design is a classic, large pot with a black lid) There is also a variant with a white lid, who likes what better. Redmond RMC-M22 Power output 860 W.

The multicooker has ten basic modes: broiling. groats. pilaf. steaming. baking. stewing. soup. porridge. yogurt. multicooker.

The Redmond RMC-M22 comes standard with:- 5-liter non-stick bowl. spoon and ladle. recipe book, a handy thing, by the way, always on hand. Bowl for steaming.- measuring cup.

I like the bowl very much it has some kind of super shiny, looks like a brand new.

It’s a pity this multicooker comes with no yogurt pans, but I am willing to pay extra for them. Also the bowl has no handles, many believe that this lack of a big disadvantage, it is hard for me to judge, because I have got used to and got used to get the bowl without handles in the multicooker pressure cooker.

The Redmond RMC-M22 control is electronic, there are no touch buttons, this issue is not crucial for me, I think that there is no need to overpay for a touch control in a multicooker or washing machine.

Advantages of the Redmond RMC-M22 multicooker:

1) The possibility to adjust cooking time and temperature for the programs already pre-set in the multicooker, as sometimes this function is enough for me in my Redmond RMC-M110 pressure cooker. I use the Lite multichef function all the time.

2) Another handy function multicooker, allows you to make up recipes yourself or implement the usual recipes for the stove. The thing is interesting and useful, but the multicooker Lite is not comparable.

3) The valve for steam output, as well as the condenser can be easily removed, washed and put in place. A convenient handle allows you to carry the multicooker and it does not get hot.

4) The presence of standard programs for both cooking and heating, and delayed start.

5) the necessary minimum for a quick start in the multicooker, namely the book of 120 recipes.

Navigation through the book of recipes improved, the book has become much easier to handle.

6) The food itself is delicious and prepared with minimum effort.

1) I guess the non-removable lid is the trouble with all Redmonds, you want to take the lid off and wash it under the tap, but you can only wipe it on the spot. In my first multicooker, I unscrew the inner part of the lid, and this does not even work.

2) the Multicooker does not have the ability to turn off the default Auto-heat, this disease also afflict all Redmond. I don’t need this function by default 90% of the time.

3) I don’t have yogurt function because I have not yet bought the necessary utensils, and there is nothing in the delivery set.

Cooking in the Redmond RMC-M22 multicooker.

I mostly use the Redmond RMC-M22 for preparing milk porridge. In the Redmond RMC-M110 pressure cooker my porridge always burned a bit, in this solution from Redmond, thanks to the multicheflight function this problem is solved.Baking is also great. Rises beautifully and doesn’t take. I was surprised that the cooking time of the same recipes for muffins and casseroles in the recipe books that come with my two devices are different. But then again, there’s the lifesaver Mastercheflight, which allows you to fine-tune the cooking process.I like the steamer in the Redmond RMC-M22 even better than the Redmond RMC-M110, the steaming bowl is firmly fixed in a large non-stick bowl.Sometimes I also stew vegetables and meat, in a pressure cooker no doubt this process is at least twice as fast, but for some people the taste of food cooked without high pressure is different and some members of my family do not like it) I would like to try cooking yogurt, but I do not have a suitable container for this.

Overall I am very satisfied, the two Redmonds complement each other’s shortcomings and make my life easier.

Smart multifunctional multicooker Redmond SkyCooker M226S: a full meal of 4 dishes ready in 1.5 hours

Afternoon. Today in my morning publication smart multifunctional multicooker, REDMOND SkyCooker M226S. For those who like to have tasty meals without spending a lot of time on cooking, or for those who prefer to eat right, I’ll show you this kitchen helper.


Power 860 W
Voltage 220-240 V, 50 Hz
Protection against electric shock class I
Bowl capacity 5 л
Bowl coating non-stick Daikin /td>
Display LED, digital
Steam valve removable
Type of control electronic, remote (Ready for Sky)
Data transfer protocol Bluetooth v4.0
Support on operating systems Android 4.3. JellyBean and above (Google certified devices); iOS 9.0. and higher
Overall dimensions 290 × 270 × 295 mm
Net Weight 2.4 kg ± 3%
Ready for Sky (remote control with smartphone or tablet) it is
“MASTERSHIFT Lite (change temperature and cooking time during the program) available
Cooking temperature maintenance (auto-heating) for up to 12 hours
Preactivated auto-heating there is
Warming foods for up to 12 hours
Delayed start for up to 24 hours
– MULTI-PREPAR (“Sous-vide”)
– “Fry.”
– multicooker with bowl inserted inside
– Steam cooking container
– scoop
– flat spoon
– measuring cup
– power cord
– recipe book
– operating instructions
– service book
Additional functions:
– dough proofing
– Fondue cooking
– deep frying
– Cooking cottage cheese, cheese
– halva cooking
– baby food preparation
– Sterilizing crockery, cutlery
– pasteurizing foods
Warranty 12 months

Packing and delivery set

Of course, the device is packed beautifully and securely. The manufacturer has taken care and placed on the packaging maximum information about the supplied model of multicooker, and meanwhile added info about other products of his company that might interest the buyer. About the multicooker enclosed inside, you will know everything from the cover of the package: its appearance, technical specifications, delivery set. Thanks to the qr code, you will immediately install a specialized application with a lot of recipes and programs, and you will also learn how to obtain an extended warranty on the product.

  • Multicooker
  • Non-stick bowl
  • Steam cooking container
  • Scoop
  • Flat Spoon
  • Measuring cup
  • Power cord
  • Guarantee card
  • The recipe book
  • Instructions for use

Appearance of the device

In front of me a compact multicooker, made in black and gray colors. Many housewives will appreciate this color, because white plastic is known to yellow and lose its marketable appearance even with careful care. So, I like the coloring, the body is not as stained as the body of light shades.

The major part of the body consists of the metal elements. The walls on the outside are made of flexible metal, gray with patterns, the inner walls are painted black.

Looking at the multicooker from above, we see the transport handle and removable steam valve. The handle has a button to unlock the lid. The lid closes tightly with a click.

The inside of the lid is a metal disk with an embossed pattern, around the perimeter with a silicone gasket. Unfortunately, this inner lid panel is not removable. But the silicone is quite flexible, after cooking it is easy to move it away and remove accumulated water and grease under it.

The base, as mentioned before, is also plastic. There are ventilation holes and 4 plastic feet. The plastic does not heat up during cooking.

A metal bowl with non-stick coating and a flat bottom is installed in the multicooker. In the manual, the manufacturer makes an Accent to the care of the coating, for which the hard abrasives are not allowed, but it is acceptable to clean in the dishwasher. I would add that if you follow the instructions for cooking and proper selection of programs, then after removing the cooked food bowl of the multicooker is almost clean, you only need to rinse it with water with the addition of dishwashing liquid.

The bottom inside the multicooker is in the form of a disk with a spring-loaded heating element in the center.

The display and control buttons are located on the front of the device, on a plastic panel protruding from the body by 3-4 mm. There is a digital display, mode indicators and buttons.

To the right of the control panel is a container for condensate. It is small in size. If necessary, it is easy to remove even during operation, but you have to be careful, t.к. the liquid in it is hot.

On the opposite side there is a socket for the power cord, the length of which is less than one meter.


I don’t think there is any need to go into detail about how to operate the device with the buttons. A clear control panel, proper instructions with tips for cooking certain products, errors most commonly made by users, and tables with explanations of the programmed 11 automatic programs will be good helpers.

But it will be useful for newcomers to understand the details of the remote control settings.

As you have already noticed, the new REDMOND appliances have support for proprietary software and are controlled from smart devices. The Ready for sky application allows you to control this multicooker remotely. You can download this program by reading the qr-code, which is difficult not to notice, because it is found several times on the packaging, and on the device itself, and in the instruction. Having installed the application, passed the registration process and made pairing between the device and a mobile device, you get access to the program management of the multicooker. It is worth mentioning that the pairing procedure is carried out when the multicooker is in standby mode (the display backlight is off). During the pairing process, symbols will be displayed on the device display, and when the connection is established, the multicooker will beep and go back to standby mode.

Thanks to this app it is convenient to start the cooking process directly from your smartphone, the interface is intuitive, the device is unconditionally obedient, it is convenient to follow the cooking process, even when you are away from the multicooker, and get a sound signal when the intermediate steps are completed. The distance to which you can move away from the multicooker is 10-15 meters if connected via Bluetooth. And for an apartment it’s enough.

Here it is worth mentioning the additional possibilities of controlling the multicooker over greater distances. The R4S Gateway mobile app allows you to control the device from almost anywhere in the world, as long as the control devices are connected to the Internet. However, the R4S Gateway app doesn’t work on its own, only in conjunction with Ready for Sky.

I will write more details about the functioning and configuration of the R4S Gateway. In order to take advantage of remote launch and cooking, two Smart devices are needed, one of which must be located in the immediate vicinity of the multicooker (no more than 10-15 meters away) with the R4S Gateway installed and, as mentioned above, connected to the Internet, the second device is a control device from which the user will set commands to the appliance. It must have the Ready for Sky app installed and already configured. In order to connect these two devices, you need to log in to both applications under the same account.

It should be remembered that the device can be controlled by several different devices that connect to the Gateway, but the last of the received commands will be executed.

There is another way to configure the remote control function of the multicooker. In this case it is not required to use 2 mobile devices. REDMOND SkyCenter 11S smart home center. this device works as a bridge between your smartphone and Sky series smart appliances. It receives the signal from your smartphone via Wi-Fi and sends it to the smart appliances via Bluetooth. The Smart Home Center communicates with appliances that are within 15 meters of it.

So, Ready for Sky contains not only the description of recipes, but also allows you to start the execution of one or another dish with one click of the “Start” button. When you view recipes through the app, this button becomes available to activate. This is a fairly new and quite convenient function. There is no need to select any programs, to set temperatures and time intervals. If the recipe proposed in the application suits you, just one button will make automatic settings, and the multicooker begins to cook the dish.

Through the mobile app, you can remotely start and stop programs, change the time and temperature settings of any program right in the cooking process, and manage the warming and delayed start functions.

The multicooker is programmed to cook a huge list of dishes fully automatically. Here are these 10 preset programs:

  • Fry program is designed for frying meat, vegetables, poultry and seafood, soup dressings, some side dishes.
  • The “Rice/Crops” program is used to prepare crumbly porridges and side dishes of rice, buckwheat and other kinds of cereals.
  • The “PLOV” program is suitable for cooking different types of pilaff with meat or poultry, vegetarian pilaff with vegetables and fruits, as well as Spanish paella.
  • The “Steaming” program is suitable for preparing dietary steamed dishes, light vegetable side dishes and baby food. The program is also suitable for cooking dumplings and other similar dishes.
  • The “Baking” program is used to prepare biscuits, pies with various fillings, muffins, casseroles, omelets, baked in foil main dishes.
  • Stew program is used for stewing meat, fish, vegetables, stewing jams, cold cuts, hash and other dishes that require long temperature treatment with a gradual lowering of the temperature.
  • The “Soup” program is particularly suitable for preparing filling soups (soups, borscht and rassolnik), cream soups, vegetarian soups, broths and some beverages.
  • The “Dairy porridge” program is designed for cooking dairy porridge made of rice, oatmeal, corn and other kinds of cereals.
  • YOGURT program for preparing natural yoghurt from milk and yoghurt sourdough.
  • EXPRESS” program is intended for cooking rice, buckwheat and other porridges. This program automatically stops the appliance when the liquid in the bowl is boiled out.

over, the SkyCooker M226S has several not less useful functions.

  • FUNCTION”MASTERSHEFF LiteAllows you to adjust the temperature and cooking time settings while the automatic programs are running, so that the food cooked in the multicooker always matches your taste and preferences.
  • Program MULTIPREPAR is designed for cooking food at user-defined temperature and time settings. Temperature and time settings are made before starting the cooking. Temperature setting range: 35-180°C, time. from 2 minutes to 12 hours.

Both of these programs are designed to cook sous-vide dishes. “in vacuum”), implying long (up to several hours) food processing at relatively low temperatures from 60 to 80 ° C.

  • AUTO HEATING Any housewife will appreciate in the multicooker. In this multicooker ready meal will remain warm for 12 hours. Do not over reheat for such a long time, as this may cause the dish to change for the worse.
  • If temperature maintenance is undesirable for some reason, it is easy to turn it off both during cooking and when entering the main program, using the PRE-SWITCH OFF THE AUTO-HEAT.
  • I consider the following functions to be no less useful REHEATING THE PLATE и STARTSTART (for this model up to 24 hours).

It is impossible not to mention the additional features of the device, such as:

  • Cooking baby food;
  • Cooking drinks;
  • Cooking marinades;
  • Cooking fondue;
  • Deep fryer cooking;
  • Cooking cottage cheese, cheese;
  • Cooking halva;
  • Sterilizing;
  • Pasteurization.

In the work

It is certainly recommended that before using the technique to remove all advertising stickers and stickers with instructions from its body, clean the container and run the first program to clean the bowl.

Here’s my example of making a quick lunch with a first course, second course, hot salad and the added bonus of a quick dessert.

The first dish we cooked in the multicooker was

No special recipes were required for me to do this. Products. by eye, the program “Roast” only for frying onions and the program “Soup” with a cooking time of 15 minutes.

The soup was light, not very rich, but it was the idea. Meatballs cooked from pork and chicken were juicy and tender, potatoes and carrots retained their original shape. But as soon as I touched them the potatoes fell apart and the carrots were very soft.

Then we cooked stuffing. Adjapsandali with eggplants, asparagus beans, tomatoes, onions, garlic, herbs, tomato paste and sunflower oil.

The first thing we did in “Fry” mode was to parboil onion until golden brown, add the rest of the vegetables, full “Fry” cycle for 10 minutes with the lid open. Then we started the “Stew” mode for 15 minutes.

This dish is very fast. Can be served both hot and cold. Taste amazing!

Pork rolls with bacon, cheese and French mustard

I didn’t have a special recipe at hand, either. Beat the meat, pepper and salt it, put the stuffing, wrap it and secure it with skewers. And again, a couple of minutes on “Fry” mode, and then. simmering for 15 minutes.

In the end. the meat is juicy, spicy, easy to handle with a knife.

As for the dessert. I should mention that there are no fans of biscuit dough or cottage cheese casseroles in the family. But we often indulge in homemade Chocolate sausage, waffle cakes, Twinkie Rolls, Waffle Rolls.

Because of this preference for dessert we had a cake without baking. Corn sticks cake with buttercream and boiled condensed milk, and the new multicooker is involved, but minimally.

How did the multicooker help me this time? That’s the instant heat of the butter for the custard!

The cake is very tasty, even though it looks so “prickly”.

So, cooking dinner took no more than 2 hours. And that includes waiting for the bowl of the multicooker to cool down for the next meal. In order not to spoil the inner non-stick coating, the bowl cooled down naturally. I was once again tempted to buy an additional pan. Cooking in this way will noticeably reduce the time spent by the hostess in the kitchen.

I have to mention that after almost every dish the bottom of the bowl remained clean. Only while roasting the meat rolls, I had to soak the container for 10-15 minutes for easier cleaning.

Chicken and potatoes with cheese

For this recipe we used two programs, “Fry” and Stew. We fried chicken fillets and onions with the lid open in the multicooker. And then we started the program Stew for 20 minutes. After cooking it automatically started Auto-heat mode, the dish was simmering in the multicooker for 5-10 minutes more.

The dish was very delicious and juicy.


  • The quality of workmanship and appearance;
  • Transport handle;
  • Intuitive controls;
  • The presence of functions of delayed start (select the time after which the user gets the cooked product) and auto-heating mode;
  • The presence of 11 built-in programs;
  • The function Multicooker;
  • Our MasterChef function;
  • The ability to control from a mobile device from anywhere in the world;
  • High-quality recipe book;
  • Presence of an electronic book of recipes;
  • Compatible with a large number of bowls.


If you get used to it, a 3-4-course full meal can be made in one go in the multicooker. A light soup, a meat dish or even a hot salad can be prepared in under 2 hours. This is a time that includes waiting time for the bowl to cool and clean. If I had an extra bowl, this meal would be ready much faster.

The considered model of the multicooker is notable primarily for its functionality, with Multicook, Masterchef, Auto-heat, Delayed start modes, plus all 10 built-in ready-made programs. This device will undoubtedly be of interest to modern hostesses who do not let their smartphone out of their hands. In fact, any cooking program proposed by REDMOND, or a recipe found on the Internet, they can run directly from their smartphone using the proprietary Ready for Sky app. You can adjust the time and even change the program while you are cooking or pre-program the desired settings before you start. Hasty housewives will enjoy starting the multicooker from a distance, and we are talking about considerable distances. Via Internet connection and the R4S Gateway program your meal can be cooked exactly how you want. Another advantage of this model, in my opinion, is the large bowl, with a capacity of 5 liters. You should agree that this is a real gem for a large family and for pickle lovers. When you can prepare more marinade for your casseroles and pasteurize more containers.

The MASTERCHEF function: many questions. only one answer!

In your opinion, which kitchen appliance has become the most popular lately? You are right, of course, the multicooker! The multicooker really manages many tasks and is especially indispensable when you need to free up time.

Different models of multicookers from different manufacturers differ in the number of automatic programs and functions. Their choice is impressive! But in different forums along with rave reviews there are also disappointed ones: some dishes are too dry, others are undercooked, while others, although cooked according to all the rules, still do not taste good. Porridge escapes, soup boils, baked goods burn.

Why do multicookers, designed to free users from kitchen slavery, create so many problems? The thing is that different products require different cooking conditions, and even variants of the same dish can differ markedly in cooking. Here plays a role a variety of factors, not the last individual preferences of family members. often than not, they like exactly the same dish which the hostess used to cook on the stove perfectly, and which the multicooker is not able to cook, because it simply has not been programmed for it.

All the nuances and subtleties of cooking can not be taken into account in the automatic programs. The multicooker is designed to give the user free time and good nutrition, but in the end it cooks not what you like, and the free time is wasted on endless discussions on the Internet and attempts to adjust to the work of the device.

REDMOND engineers have found a way around this complicated situation by developing the revolutionary MASTERSHEF function. This unique ability turns the multicooker into a fully personalized, perfectly controllable appliance.

It’s up to you, not the automatic settings, to decide how your multicooker cooks!

You no longer need to seek answers on forums and websites when a dish doesn’t come out automatically or doesn’t taste the way you like it. Thanks to the innovative MASTERSHEF function, no multicooker is the same: it cooks to your individual tastes and preferences!

How the unique MASTERSHIFT function works?

Simply. You can change the settings of the multicooker to your liking while cooking. All changes will be automatically registered and if you like your meal, you can write your own automatic program in the memory of the multicooker.

Convenient. With MASTERSHIFT you can completely rearrange the automatic programs of the appliance to suit your needs. The new programs will always work according to your rules and cook exactly the way you want, just the way you like.

Precisely. The MASTERSHEF function has a temperature step of 5C. With this precision, you can adjust even the finest settings for complex recipes!

Reliably. No need to worry if all the settings are being saved when you prepare a complex dish. You can store up to 10 cooking steps in the memory of your multicooker! If you or your family members change your cooking preferences, the MASTERSHEFF function also allows you to return to the original factory settings to start all over again.

Flexible. No matter what new products you use, no matter where you travel with the multicooker, no matter how your child’s preferences change with age, your dishes will always turn out delicious. The possibilities are endless: you can record and re-record as many personalized programs as you want.

For large families. As many eaters as there are different tastes, but the MASTERSHEFF function solves this problem. Start cooking with the same settings, change them while the program is running and the second batch will be cooked in a different recipe! Very convenient when you have fried meat and stewed meat.

Families with young children. The baby is growing and his menu needs to be adjusted every month. MASTERSHEF allows you to rewrite the user programs for the new foods your baby needs to develop and stay healthy, as well as his/her changing tastes, as often and as often as necessary.

For beginner cooks. All your guests will love the new food you prepared for the first time? If you created a dream recipe by accident don’t be upset that you didn’t have time to remember the settings. They are automatically registered in the memory of the multicooker and you only need to press a button to record your favorite recipe for the whole family.

Cooking connoisseurs. For those who can capture the subtlest nuances of taste, every nuance of temperature settings is important. MASTERSHIFT with an option to adjust cooking time and temperature in as little as 5°C steps gives true gourmet cooking enthusiasts the freedom to be creative.

For those who are always in a hurry. Save your settings once and you will always have your favorite tastes! No more fiddling with the buttons: Your program will start in one motion and the result will be exactly as you want.

Use the latest technological solution for the convenience and comfort of the multicooker with MASTERSHIFT function. Don’t waste time trying to adjust your multicooker by experimenting with foods. With MASTERSHIFT you cook by your own rules!

The MASTERSHEF function is implemented in the REDMOND 250 and the upgraded M150 multicookers. The REDMOND M22 multicooker has the MASTERSHEF Lite function.



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