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Put the rubber band on the drum of the washing machine

Installing the new sealing rubber

Carefully replace the rubber seal of the hatch. a responsible thing, the serviceability of the further work of the washing machine will depend on it. Especially if the repair is done with my own hands. To replace the old rubber with the new one, you need to match the mark of the collar and the tank. Then put the bent side of the cuff on the grooves lubricated with soap. To do this, you need to take the rubber by the inner side and gently put it on the rim of the tank with your fingers. But when the main part of the rubber is already worn, further insertion of the cuff will be difficult, because the worn side will begin to slip.

An area of the cuff that has not yet been worn can be slipped onto the tank ring with the thumbs facing toward each other. When it was possible to fully replace the rubber, you should finally probe the entire rim of the tank to be sure of the tightness of the fit. The entire washing machine repair should be done very carefully, avoiding the use of sharp objects, so that the new rubber is not torn.

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How to replace?

The first thing to do is to purchase the seal you need. Since the cuffs from other models of machines may not fit yours, even if they look the same, be sure to tell the salesperson when buying the seal the model of washing machine on which you are going to install the cuff. Only after making sure that the purchased cuff is exactly the same as your damaged seal, you can proceed to the replacement, which includes these actions:

  • Clean the edge of the tank of debris (salt, powder, etc.). You’ll need a lukewarm soapy solution for this task. After you have removed all the dirt, do not wash off the film of soapy water from the cuff, as it will help with the installation of the new cuff.
  • Install the sealing rubber on the tank. Note that doing this with a new rubber will not be too easy. Place the top of the lip seal on the tank (its top edge) so that the marks are aligned, then use your two thumbs to pull the cuff taut. To do this, your fingers should slide from the center to the sides. This will ensure that the bottom of the lip seal does not slip and is positioned on top of the lip as a whole.
  • Check if the collar is properly installed. The water drain holes should be strictly on the bottom center and the tab, which is found on most rubber bands, should be at the top. In addition, after the installation of the rubber band should not form any gaps, as due to a loose fit can leak.
  • Tightening the inner clamp. You will need to proceed depending on how the clamp is attached. If it is secured by a tensioned spring, put the spring part of the clamp on the screwdriver (if you have not removed the front wall, slip the screwdriver into the locking hole). That way you can freely stretch the spring and put the clamp in its place. If you tighten the spring with the screw, simply unscrew the screw, replace the clamp and tighten it to the necessary torque. It will be even easier to tighten the plastic clamp held in place by the latches. If you have a wire clamp, gently tighten the ends with needle-nose pliers and then slide the assembly into the recess in the cuff.
  • Put the sealing rubber on the front wall and tighten the second clamp. All manipulations with the second clamp are performed in the same way as with the inner clamp, depending on the peculiarities of its fastening.
  • Check the sealing of the installed cuff. To do this, turn on any short washing program, without loading the laundry in the machine, and make sure that the water does not flow from the bottom of the cuff.

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It also happens that the front panel on the washing machine is not removed. It is not quite convenient to replace the collar. There is a way out of this situation and the following video describes and tells in detail how to replace the sealing collar on these washing machines.

Description of repair

In fact, replacing the cuff is quite realistic for a beginner at home. The work does not require special knowledge and skills. All that is needed from the tools. a minus and plus screwdriver, pliers, you will also need a new rubber, and two clamps for its fixation. The rings can be metal or plastic, it depends on your CMM.

Repair kit must be purchased for a specific model of Indesit washing machine.

Also during the work will need sandpaper, a pair of sponges, liquid soap, rag. This is necessary to prepare the seating for the collar and facilitate its installation. The first step is to remove the deformed rubber band. To do this:

  • Open the hatch door;
  • Bend the edge of the cuff at the bottom until you find the outer collar;
  • Use a slotted screwdriver to pry up its spring;
  • by leading a screwdriver around the perimeter, remove the clamp from its place;
  • tuck the outer part of the gasket inside the drum;
  • Remove the upper cover of the housing by unscrewing the bolts fixing it;
  • Using a plus screwdriver, loosen the bolt securing the cuff from the inside;
  • Remove the inner collar;
  • Remove the sealing rubber from the washer.

Before you place the collar on the tank, you must prepare the seating. Using sandpaper, remove the scale that has formed. Afterwards wash the area with soapy water and a sponge. When the fit is ready, you can tighten the collar.

Carefully examine the new gasket. There is a drain hole at the bottom of the cuff. At the top of the gasket marked arrow, which should be aligned with the mark on the hatch. The next steps are as follows:

  • Lubricate the seating area with liquid soap, paying particular attention to the edges of the hole;
  • also treat the grooves of the rubber cuff with soapy water. It is not necessary to lubricate the entire seal with soap, otherwise it will simply slip out of your hands;
  • observing the top and bottom, tuck the gasket inside the washing machine housing;
  • Pull the upper part of the rubber band over the inner lip of the tank;
  • tuck in the cuff, moving around the circumference of the cuff. This is the most difficult stage of the work, since the “stubborn” rubber usually does not want to be stretched to the inner ledge. Exercise patience. Lubricate the edges of the seal with liquid soap if necessary;
  • place the inner collar, secure it by tightening the mounting bolt;
  • Next, tighten the outer part of the cuff on the housing. The seating can also be additionally treated with liquid soap, this will make the job easier;
  • put the outer retainer ring in place. Hold the clamp’s spring with your finger and thread it into the machine in a circular motion;
  • Replace the top cover.

When you have succeeded in placing the collar on the tank, press the drum door down. There must be nothing to prevent the door from closing. If the door does not close all the way, then there was a mistake when installing the gasket. Check the installation and correct the elements if necessary.

How to fit the seal to the drum of the washing machine

If you removed the drum cuff in order to replace it, or that rubber just came off for some reason, you need to put it back on. The rubber band ensures the door seal, if it moves even 5 mm, the door will leak, and this should not be allowed.

The cuff must be “planted” in place perfectly, but it is not as easy as it seems. In this publication we will try to explain in as much detail as possible how to put on the washing machine drum cuff no worse than it is done by the specialists in the factory.

Performing the removal of the cuff

The algorithm of all actions is as follows.

Removing the clamp

Removing a damaged cuff in two steps. First, it is necessary to detach the external clamp of the spring type. To do this, you will need a thin screwdriver to slightly pull the sealing element, pick up the clamp near the steel spring and gently pull it toward you. In most models of cars from Samsung company clamp metal, equipped with an insert in the form of a solid spring, which should not be stretched much and simultaneously remove rings, without harming the entire structure. There are machines with rings of plastic material. They are held conveniently and simply open latches.

After removing the outer clamp, remove the sealing collar of the boot lid from the outer part of the machine body, wrap the rubber band into the drum so that it does not interfere with us.

Dismantle the rubber and the inner collar

It is necessary to free the rubber band from the other clamp that holds it from the inside. To do this:

  • Remove the upper panel of the machine by unscrewing a couple of bolts,
  • We loosen the steel ring with the tension bolt of the fastener. Unscrewed on DO until the ring is removed without much effort,
  • the drum sealing rubber is taken out together with a ring.

If the cuff was taken out for preventive cleaning, it is thoroughly washed with disinfectants. The space following the notch itself is also cleaned, every recess of the drum previously covered by the gum. As a rule, in such places accumulates scale, which can be removed with detergents.

Removing the front panel of the washing machine Samsung

To replace the Samsung machine sunroof rubber, you will have to remove the front of the device to provide free access inside the drum, where the cuff is fixed. To do this, use an electric screwdriver to remove the fixing screws on the front of the housing. The three at the bottom are easy to remove, but the top is attached by screws hidden in the control panel. it will have to be detached and set aside.

An additional bolt is located under the dispenser tray for detergent. Once all the fasteners are unscrewed, the front panel is removed, revealing the drum in front of your eyes.

Some craftsmen remove the sealing rubber for subsequent replacement without removing the front cover of the machine, which reduces the time needed to perform the repair work. But to install the cuff on a Samsung washing machine from the inside will be much harder.

How to put on a new cuff

At this stage, you should follow the exact sequence of operations to avoid problems with leaks and fluid leakage. The final stage of repair looks as follows:

  • the collar is inserted at the same time as the inner collar in the casing of the machine; it is placed over the drum shell located on the inside of the machine,
  • the gasket and the clamp are carefully tucked in a circle,
  • check that the inner fixing ring that holds the rubbers is set in the recesses over the entire length, then it is possible to tighten the tensioning screw all the way,
  • Insert the outer part of the elastic band along the front of the machine,
  • as soon as you have finished putting on the rubber band, install the outer clamp.

After putting on and fixing the rubber band for the door, proceed to the installation of the front panel and the top cover of the washing machine Samsung. The elements are placed one by one in their former places and fastened with the screws. Replacement of the cuff on the Samsung machine is complete, perform a test wash to check the quality of the work.

How to remove a ruined rubber band?

Almost every washing machine owner can remove the seal from the drum and replace it with a new one. Therefore, noticing that the gasket is damaged, do not get upset and call the master. The gasket can be replaced without overpaying for labor.

The first thing to do is to buy a new door cuff that fully corresponds to the damaged gasket. To do this in the store, you need to name the model and serial number of your Atlant washing machine. It is even better to be guided by the marking on the seal itself.

Before proceeding to dismantle, it is important to de-energize the machine, turn off the water supply tap.

Next, it is desirable to wipe the body of the unit with a dry rag. After that, you can proceed to the removal of the rubber cuff. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Open the hatch door;
  • Feel for the outer and inner fixing clamp. If the ring is made of plastic. find the latch, loosen it with a screwdriver and pull the rim forward. When the clamp is metal, you will have to unscrew the screw and catch the spring with a slotted screwdriver;
  • Remove the fixing rings from the machine;
  • gently pull the front part of the cuff off the housing;
  • find the mounting mark (it indicates the correct position of the rubber against the drum). This is usually indicated by a distinctive protrusion;
  • Use a pencil to mark a similar mark on the housing;
  • Pull the cuff completely out of the recess.

Thus, with your own hands you can remove the old, worn-out lip seal. Before installing a new rubber gasket, it is important to clean the seating area of plaque, accumulated dirt, and powder residue. For this purpose you can use an ordinary sponge with plenty of soap. After cleaning it is not necessary to wipe the lip of the lip dry. the detergent left on the surface will serve as a lubricant and facilitate the installation of the new seal.

Disassembling the rubber band on the drum of an Indesit washing machine

Damage to the cuff is not a reason to replace the washing machine. This kind of repair work is much cheaper than replacement of the control module or faulty electronics, and any owner of the brand can handle it.

First of all, it is necessary to prepare for replacement. Purchased a new rubber band, similar to the damaged one in diameter and marking. The machine is de-energized, wiped inside with a rag, and you can perform the dismantling:

  • clamps are removed. If they are plastic, holding the joints of the pair of latches, pull forward. And if the rims are made of metal, unscrew the screws, or pick up the spring with a flat screwdriver;
  • Carefully slide out the front of the cuff;
  • Find the mark that marks the necessary location of the rubber against the washing machine drum (as a rule, it is a characteristic protrusion);
  • use a marker pen to mark the return mark on the body;
  • To remove the sealing rubber, pull it towards yourself, extracting it from the recess.

After dismantling a damaged seal, do not hurry to replace it with an analogue. First carefully clean the lip of dirt, limescale, and residual detergent.

How to replace a washing machine door seal | Washing Machine Spares & Parts | 0800 0149 636

How to replace the rubber band on a washing machine with your own hands

Almost every owner of a washing machine sooner or later faces the failure of any part. Some damage is better to trust the hands of professionals, but most problems you can solve yourself. For example, it is very easy to replace the failed cuff and thus not overpay for the work of a repairman. Here are recommendations on how to remove and replace the rubber band on the washing machine with their own hands.

Carrying out installation

Installing the cuff on the washing machine. a simple process. Follow our recommendations to quickly finish assembling the machine and change the sealing cuff:

  • Inspect the new part, especially the grooves that will lock into the gutters. If there are burrs, remove them.
  • Turn the rubber band with the right side down. In order not to get confused, be guided by the holes through which the water passes.
  • Use a solution of soap to lubricate the grooves.
  • Put the cuff on the tank.
  • Assemble the outer wire clamp. Tighten it firmly.
  • Put all the panels back on.
  • Put the drain hose back in place, fix the detergent receiver.
  • Lubricate the outside of the sleeve with soap to easily snap it into the groove.

Important! So that the clamp holding the rubber band on the inside is tightened well, press on the part as if it were a lever when tightening the attachment. When it is securely in place, displacement will stop.

All that’s left to do is connect the machine to the utilities and run a test wash to make sure you’ve done everything right and the machine isn’t leaking.



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