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Protection against turning on without water heater

Water heaters with protection system when turning on without water

Operation of storage water heater (boiler) must be safe for the user. Therefore, modern models are necessarily equipped with sensors to prevent the possibility of turning on the device without water. They eliminate the possibility of a short circuit and burnout heating element (heating element).


The Electrolux EWH 30 Centurio IQ 2 cylinder has.0 a number of interesting features:

  • Three levels of power 700W / 1300W / 2000W.
  • Heating water up to 75 C.
  • Economy mode.
  • Anti-freeze.
  • BST system for professional antibacterial water treatment.
  • Timer.

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Anti-freeze mode is activated if the water temperature in the tank falls below 4 C. In this case, the heating element automatically turns on and heats the water to 5 C. Heating is then turned off and the heater goes into standby mode.

BST is a professional antibacterial water treatment system. This is what makes it possible to use the economy mode without having to worry about the purity of the water.

This function automatically heats the water in the tank to 70°C, holding it at this temperature for about 20 minutes. It allows to stop the growth of bacteria in the water, which can happen especially if the water has not been used for some time.

The BST mode must be activated manually (it is simple, but not without instructions). The cleaning function is activated once a week, automatically at 3 a.m. and the corresponding indication on the display is constantly lit at this time.

Interesting and diverse modes of operation.

The THERMEX City 6500 instantaneous water heater

Thermex City. A modern and practical water heater with easy installation and compact dimensions. Thermex City heats water instantaneously and is well suited for use in urban apartments. This flow-through water heater is characterized by its adjustable capacity and ease of use.

Thermex City water heater implements the idea of a clear and functional device with an instantaneous hot water supply and high-quality components. Everything you need for long-lasting comfort.

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Advantages of Thermex City instantaneous water heaters

Stable operation: the boiler heating element is made of high-quality copper. This solution gave Thermex City higher speed of water heating due to the thermal conductivity of copper, which is higher than that of the steel heating element. Copper heating element reduces the risk of scaling, which in turn ensures stable and prolonged operation of the water heater.

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Ergonomic: Thermex City can be easily placed in the bathroom or kitchen of any size and fits perfectly into any interiors of city apartments or country houses. This water heater is conveniently placed over a sink, a basin, a bathtub and serves as a reserve or main instantaneous source of hot water.

Convenient: the Thermex City has three power modes which can be switched by a mechanical regulator on the front panel.

Extended functionality: with the water heater comes a complete set of shower accessories: a watering can, hose, holder and faucet.

Safety: the Thermex City includes all systems for safe operation. The case is equipped with protection against moisture, the heating element itself has double protection against overheating, and the water heater is provided with protection against switching on without water and protection against air s.

The heating capacity is 3500 W for the Thermex City 3500, 5500 W for the Thermex City 5500, 6500 W for the Thermex City 6500

Capacity: from 2 litres/minute for the Thermex City 3500 when heated up to 25°C, up to 3.7 litres/minute for the Thermex City 6500. When heated to 35 ° C from 1.4 l / min for Thermex City 3500 model to 2.7 l / min for Thermex City 6500 model

Water heater is an open type, during operation it is forbidden to close the water outlet by stopcocks (to connect the faucet on the outlet)

Minimum cable cross section for Thermex City 3500. 1,5mm²; for Thermex City 5500. 2,5 mm; for Thermex City 6500. 4 mm²

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Water heater, Boiler Ariston SHP ECO 65 V

Article 12997 Type of equipment Boiler Brand Ariston Model SHP ECO 65 V Country of manufacturer Italy Certificates and Instructions Documentation Ariston Capacity tank 65 l Installation Vertical Type Heating element “Wet” Power 1.8 kW Power 220 V Ariston Service DHW connection diameter 1/2 Time of heating from el.Heating elements from 10 ° C to 60 ° C 150 min Number of heating elements 1 Type of water heater storage Method of heating electrical Functions power indicator, thermometer Protection limitation heating temperature, magnesium anode, overheating protection, safety valve, check valve Installation Vertical, bottom supply, mounting method: wall Mounting maximum temperature of water heating 80 ° C Inlet pressure 0.60. 8 atm. Heating element tubular Water supply method pressure Inside the tank titanium enamel Water resistance degree 5 Rectangular shape Weight 21 kg Diameter 470 mm Width 470 mm Height 686 mm Depth 470 mm Guarantee 5 years Dimensions (WxHxD) 358x941x388 mm

Ariston SHP ECO V wall-mounted electric storage water heater is ideal for installation in summer houses, cottages and apartments, where there are interruptions with hot water supply. A tank of high-strength material ensures an uninterrupted supply of hot water to the sink, washbasin, shower and bath.

Absolut Bodyguard System 2.0 safety system, including ground fault interrupter, active electrical protection and anti-flooding protection, guarantees maximum operational safety.

The ECO function starts an automatic cycle for cleaning the water and the inner surface of the heater from bacteria, during which the optimum water temperature and heating rate is selected.

NANOMIX and BEST Tehnology technologies guarantee a high volume of hot water and the best performance.

How to turn it on

If your apartment or house has a centralized hot water supply, the first step is to turn off the tap that brings hot water into the apartment. This should be done even if there is a non-return valve on the pipe.

  • Open any tap, check that the remaining water has drained out of the system, and then close the tap.
  • Open the tap on the pipe that comes into the boiler and brings cold water into the machine (this tap is usually marked with a blue circle).
  • Open the tap on the pipe that comes out of the boiler and takes out the treated water (this kind of tap usually has a red circle).
  • Wait until all the air that was in the boiler is out (the water jet should be even).
  • Turn off the hot water tap.
  • Plug in the appliance and select the optimal operating mode.

In the following video you can see by example, how to turn on the water heater.

Ignition type

Piezor ignition. the gas is ignited by pressing a button. This method is less convenient than the others, but does not need batteries and has a long service life. Note that the ignition burner never goes out, so the piezo ignition can not be called an economical solution.

Electric ignition (from batteries or mains). gas ignites automatically when you open the faucet. This is more convenient than the piezo igniter, but when powered by batteries, it requires periodical replacement of discharged cells.

Turbine speaker. as in the previous case, the gas is ignited automatically. This type of ignition is used in flow-through appliances.

Do I have to drain the water?

Usually, the remaining water in the boiler is not drained. It remains in the heater until the next ignition, provided the standstill period is short. If you turn off the water heater for several weeks to months, the water must be drained. Otherwise, oxidation or scale formation can occur, which is the cause of reducing the operating life of the water heating equipment.

Be sure to drain the water after the boiler is disconnected from the power grid, it is necessary in poorly heated housing. In a house with low temperatures, water can freeze and rupture the water heater. To remove residual water you should use a check valve. It is located on the body of the equipment.

Using the water heater without water

Without water someone may mistakenly turn on the boiler when they start it up for the first time. However, much more often make this mistake when turning on the boiler in the apartment after a long break. This happens because the water cannot be kept in the boiler for a long time. And when there is hot water at the faucet, the boiler should be kept empty.

It is important not to forget to pre-fill it at the next disconnection of hot water. Before you turn on the boiler this time, you need to make sure that the cold water is getting into it. And then you should open the hot faucet and wait for the water to flow out of it, which means that the boiler is fully filled. To the top!

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