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Preparation for laser epilation deep bikini

Bikini laser hair removal

Removal is carried out by a special device that radiates outbreaks of light. A light bundle affects melanin, which is responsible for the color of the hairs. The pigment heats up and destroys the mature hair onion. There is no effect on the surrounding follicle skin. Very little time passes, and there are no traces of the procedure in the zone of exposure. Smooth and delicate skin without hair for a long time. the task is completed! The processing of the bikini zone lasts only 5-10 minutes. For a deep bikini, the time increases to 15-25 minutes. Hair removal with a laser in sensitive intimate places is much more comfortable than using other methods of epilation. Almost painless! In one procedure, the master removes all the hair in the growth phase. After the first session, the skin becomes more smooth. After a couple of months, when other follicles are activated, you will need to come to a specialist again. For a complete effect, you need 6-10 sessions. The laser hair removal of the bikini zone has no unpleasant side effects like ingrown hairs, irritation, inflammation, scars. This is the next advantage of the method over other ways of hair removal.

What is the difference between a bikini and a deep bikini

Before you get rid of vegetation on the body, you should familiarize yourself with what types of epilation of the bikini zone exist.

  • Classic bikini. Only hairs that are visible from under underwear are removed. The rest of the hair is trimmed with a trimmer or scissors on their own. The classic is suitable for women who want to give an intimate area a well.groomed look;
  • Average bikini. Hair is removed on the hips, in the area of ​​the gluteal fold, partially on the pubis;
  • Deep bikini. When choosing this method, they achieve complete removal of vegetation in the groin. on the pubis, labia, as well as in the perineum.

In the first case, a thin strip of vegetation is left on the pubis. Sometimes, instead of a classic strip, a drawing is made. a zigzag, a heart, etc.

preparation, laser, epilation, deep, bikini

The Hollywood version is a total removal of all hairs, including on the border with mucous membranes.

The minus of the procedure is not every woman can overcome internal resistance and stop being shy of the master. Another minus is the price of laser hair removal of a deep bikini is higher than the classic, and the procedure will take more time.

How to prepare for laser hair removal of a deep bikini

Before assigning a date, the cosmetologist will give recommendations on how to prepare for laser hair removal of a deep bikini. Preparation for laser hair removal does not differ from other zones.

How to prepare for laser hair removal of a deep bikini:

  • You can not go to the solarium or sunbathe for 14 days;
  • In three days, it is necessary to remove the grown hairs with a razor, on the procedure the hairs should be no more than 2 mm so that the beam affects the roots, and not on the rod;
  • During the day you can not smear with oily creams, scrub the skin or peeling, as this can lead to soreness and burns.

So that LE was painless, you can not plan a session on critical days. Before the la labia, it is worth making the superficial LE of the intimate zone first to determine the level of sensitivity and the pain threshold.

The more carefully the preparation for LE of the deep bikini, the more effective and painless the procedure will be.

Whether to do laser hair removal of a bikini, everyone decides for himself, but LE is an opportunity to forget about unwanted vegetation in the intimate zone forever. If you decided to complete hair removal from an intimate area, you must pay special attention to preparation for the procedure, as well as follow the advice of a cosmetologist after a session.

Name Price Discount Price from 3 zones
High.hip hair removal from 22100 fifteen% from 1878
Head hair removal from 9000 fifteen% from 7650
Brushell hair removal from 3900 fifteen% from 3315
Equity of the chin from 3900 fifteen% from 3315
Remove the lower third of the face from 6500 fifteen% from 5525
Remove the upper lip from 3900 fifteen% from 3315
Ear shells from 3900 fifteen% from 3315
Equulation of the temporal region from 3900 fifteen% from 3315
Neck hair removal from 5200 fifteen% from 4420
Remove the collar zone from 6500 fifteen% from 5525
Back hair removal (wives.) from 19500 fifteen% from 16575
Back hair removal (husband.) from 22100 fifteen% from 18785
Breast halos hairpieces from 4700 fifteen% from 3995
Breast hair (husband.) from 9100 fifteen% from 7735
Extraction of axillary depressions from 4500 fifteen% from 3825
Breeding the white line of the abdomen from 3900 fifteen% from 3315
Abdomen (wives.) from 9100 fifteen% from 7735
Abdomen (husband.) from 11700 fifteen% from 9945
Bikini hair removal (wives.) from 6500 fifteen% from 5525
Bikini hair removal from 9100 fifteen% from 7735
Bikini hair removal from 10,000 fifteen% from 8500
Paching zone hair removal (husband.) from 10400 fifteen% from 8840
Emergency of the internal surfaces from 6500 fifteen% from 5525
Escaling the area of ​​the buttocks from 9100 fifteen% from 7735
Hard hair removal from 10500 fifteen% from 8925
Hips hair removal from 13000 fifteen% from 11050
Finger hair removal from 3900 fifteen% from 3315
Raising the feet from 3900 fifteen% from 3315
Legs hair removal (hips, lowering, foot) 1010 cm from 3900 fifteen% from 3315
Finger hair removal from 3900 fifteen% from 3315
Brush hair removal from 3900 fifteen% from 3315
Hair removal from brushes to elbow (wives.) from 6500 fifteen% from 5525
Hair removal from hand to elbow (husband.) from 9100 fifteen% from 7735
Shoulder hair removal from 9100 fifteen% from 7735
Hand hair removal (brush, forearm, shoulder (wives.) from 11700 fifteen% from 9945
Hand hair removal (brush, forearm, shoulder (husband.) from 13500 fifteen% from 11475

Do I need anesthesia before laser hair removal?

Not all people equally endure the pain during laser hair removal, especially in such a delicate zone as a bikini. For anesthesia of this area, you can use local anesthetics, for example, acryol. This is a drug created on the basis of two active substances. lidocaine and holocaine 7. Studies show that a two.component composition with such a composition is better apart than one.component, including only lidocaine 23, 26, 62, 80.

Acriol cream formula is well studied and tested, it is considered one of the best in the painkille of the skin and is allowed to use from the first day of life. There are no preservatives in the anesthetic, which reduces the risk of allergies when it is used 7, 26.

Which bikini laser hair removal treatment is right for me?

Acriol Pro is an over.the.counter drug, it can be independently purchased at a pharmacy and stored at home at a temperature of up to 30 ° C 7. This is a plus, since chilled drugs from the refrigerator begin to act more slowly 26.Acriol about begins to act about 60 minutes after application, and the analgesic effect remains up to 2 hours 7. You need to use the cream in accordance with the instructions.

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preparation, laser, epilation, deep, bikini

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How to prepare for hair removal with a diode laser

Before carrying out the procedure, La Chance clinic specialists advise:

  • Refrain from tanning and going to the solarium at least two weeks before the procedure.
  • Abandon other methods of hair removal injuring hair follicle (for example, vaxing and shugaring).
  • Brown hair 1 to 3 days before laser hair removal procedure. This will help the device more effectively affect the follicles.
  • Do not use deodorants, oils, creams and alcohol lotions before the procedure in the processed area. Due to a layer of cosmetics, a special composition, which a specialist applies to the skin before the procedure, may not act or enter into an unplanned reaction with products applied earlier on the skin.
  • The procedure should not be carried out during the use of antibiotics of the tetracycline group.
  • It is not recommended to use the funds for auto.salesman for 7 to 10 days before the session (they contain a pigment that can reduce the effectiveness of the procedure).

It is also important to follow the schedule of sessions assigned by a specialist. The fact is that laser epilation removes only hair in their active growth phase. On the human body there is about 30% in it. The remaining follicles are in the sleeping phase. Gradually they awaken and begin to grow. At this moment, they need to be treated with a laser to get the maximum effect. If you miss this phase for some hairs, you will have to go through a few more additional procedures. Ignoring the requirements described above can reduce the effectiveness of laser hair removal. Also, in some cases, irritation may occur on the skin after processing.

What can not be done

There are several restrictions that must be observed so that the impact of the laser brings the result:

  • To prepare for the first laser hair removal procedure, stop removing hairs in any way in any way that damages their roots (follicles). do not need to be pulled out with tweezers, use shugaring or wax. After all, otherwise the laser impulse has nothing to influence, and the whole meaning of the process will disappear;
  • You should not sunbathe in front of laser hair removal in at least 2-4 weeks both in a natural way and in the solarium. The reason is that the laser impulse, falling on tanned skin, is absorbed by melanin of the skin, which will only lead to burns. Because of the same effect, it is worth being less in the sun, and if there is already a tan on the skin, wait 14 days. Similarly, the car gown is not recommended;
  • Do not expose the skin to irritating the effects of active creams, ointments or lotions;
  • Two weeks before the session, stop taking some drugs (retinoids, antibiotics of a tetracycline group, fluoroquinol.based drugs);
  • Undesirable less than a day before the procedure drink alcohol. The presence of alcohol in the blood will make the process more painful.

Subject to all restrictions, it will be possible to avoid complications and side effects. The epilation course will be comfortable, and its results will please.

How to prepare for laser hair removal of a deep bikini, face, legs and armpits

Shave before the procedure if you intend to remove your hair on your body. You don’t need to shave your hair on your face. You can cut them if they have grown longer than 1 mm.

The fact is that the energy of the laser passes through the hair rod to the hair follicle and heats the surrounding tissues. The laser should “see” the point, that is, the tip of the shaved hair and heat the rod to the base. Hair length should not be more than 1 mm.

If the hair is too long, the energy of the laser does not reach the follicle, it will not heat up and the blood in the vessels that feed the hair will not turn. This means that the hair will continue to get food and grow.

For three days

Chesims of bikini zones

Bikini along the linen line. Hair is removed from the boundary of the inguinal fold up and down 2 cm (only 4 centimeters).

Deep bikini. Hair removal from the pubic zone, including fishing line for trimmer.

preparation, laser, epilation, deep, bikini

Total bikini. Hair removal completely from the intimate area, including the labia and the inter.anniversary zone. Note. a decorative strip left at the request of the client does not affect the cost of the procedure.

Intergian zone.

Bikini along the linen line. Hair is removed from the boundary of the inguinal fold up and down 2 cm (only 4 centimeters).

Deep bikini. Hair removal from the pubic zone, including fishing line for trimmer.

Total bikini. Hair removal completely from the pubic zone, linen lines, including a scrotum (at the request of the client) and the Interonian zone. Note. a decorative strip left at the request of the client does not affect the cost of the procedure.

Intergian zone.

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How to prepare for your first bikini laser hair removal



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