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Poured an induction stove what to do

DIY portable induction stove repair

Induction slabs can be considered one of the most effective food for cooking. Their high efficiency is due to the fact that when exposed to the electromagnetic field, only dishes are heated, not air and plate under it. Also, these stoves are compact and have a little weight. The advantages of such devices are undeniable, but they also have weaknesses. They will be discussed in this article.

The base of the furnace is an electronic filling, which is a high frequency generator with a powerful output transistor, the load of which is an inductive coil. For the operation of the generator and the output transistor, a constant voltage is necessary, which provides a powerful diode bridge in the form of a module with four conclusions.

The diode bridge and the output transistor operate in extreme heat mode, and if you add improper operation here, we get a non.working furnace. So what to do if the stove still stops working. You can not “bother” and buy a new device, but you can not rush and try to make a do.it.yourself portable induction stove repair.

Portable induction plate

The photo has an induction stove that does not show signs of life. Manipulation of its control buttons did not lead to anything. The screen does not glow, sound signals are not heard.

The induction stove button does not turn on

induction, stove

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In this case, the network voltage was supplied to it. I immediately want to note that the name of the model does not play a special role.

By design of the slab of this format are practically identical. Therefore, the method of searching for a malfunction and repair is also suitable for other models. Let’s try to find out what’s wrong with her. To do this, you need to disassemble it.

We divide its body into two, turning the stove into the bottom, and unscrew all the screws along the perimeter of the bottom.

Unscrew the screws

Then putting the oven, remove its upper part.

Remove the upper part of the induction stove

The first thing that catches your eye is inductance coil. It is made of aluminum wire painted in copper color.In more expensive and high-quality models, this wire is truly copper.

Also, you can notice a fan of the heat sill. In general, this fan cools not only the elements on the radiator, but also the coil itself and everything that is inside the case.

The fan of the heat of the heat sink

Therefore, cooling should work in any case, otherwise overheating and failure of power elements are inevitable. Still inside is the main board and control board, which is attached to the upper part of the case.

All boards are connected by flexible loops on the connectors.

induction, stove

A thermoresistor is installed on the coil in the center. It is covered with a thermal, which improves his contact with a ceramic stove.


The resistance of this device in a cold state should be about 50 kOhm. But sometimes, in different models this indicator may differ. In any case, he should not be in the “cliff”.

You should also pay attention to the coil power wires. They can be worn by a thermal power, inside which the fuse can be hidden.

There was no in this model, but more often there is a fuse and it can not be seen immediately. If he turned out to be, he needs to “call” him, and if he is faulty, replace him with a new. Otherwise the stove will not work. All fuse data are depicted on its case. It is a voltage, current, and the temperature at which it works.

For further repair, remove the inductance coil. She holds on three screws under the cross screwdriver. Gently raising it, you can see the main board and elements on it.

Raise the inductance coil

A network fuse is installed on the board. Usually it is in a glass case, but at the same time the case itself can be closed by a chlorwinyl tube, as in the photo.

Fruster on the board

With the help of any device that can show the chain, we “call” it. As expected, there is no chain, which means that the fuse is burned out.

We call the fuse

We remove the fee for a more detailed inspection.

wtf is ‘induction’ cooking?

Remove the fee

Unscrew all the screws around the perimeter, including the one that holds the radiator.

Unscrew the radiator screws

To make it convenient to work with a board, we disconnect the train from it.

What will the flooding lead to

The worst thing that can happen if the water flooded the burner of a gas stove is the distribution of gas through the room. This happens when the device does not have gas control, or it stopped working.

If the turned on the turned on the turned on the gas is found, it is necessary to immediately block the gas supply, open the ventilation window. Lighting fire, turning on light or using the device it will become possible after the smell of gas completely disappears. Non.compliance with this requirement can lead to ignition or explosion.

Protective shutdown. security guarantee

All household appliances operating from electricity carry a potential danger for users. Therefore, a separate section in the instructions is always assigned the rules for connecting and operating. In addition, the manufacturer is obliged to equip the equipment with security systems.

SMEG induction hobs are automatically disconnected in case of overheating, for example, if the water in the container on the burner completely boils. The operation of the device is stopped automatically if for a certain time he does not receive commands from the user. The control panel can be blocked. in this case, the child will not be able to independently turn on the hob or change the installed settings.

To ensure the safety of operation are the indicators of residual heat. They burn until the park of the surface of the burners, heated from the bottom of the dishes, will not cool. Additionally, some models use a cooling fan.

SMEG specialists have developed another security function. Induction hobs are automatically disconnected when spilling fluids onto the control panel. In this case, an error code appears on the display of the device. The disconnection occurs in the case when any extraneous object (cutlery, napkins, etc. gets on the sensory elements. D.).

The ingress of water or fat to the surface of the touch control panel is extremely undesirable. Despite the fact that the sensors are closed with a protective glass, the danger of a short circuit is maintained. The liquid can disable an electronic module, the repair of which is very expensive.

If the hob suddenly turned off during operation, immediately check the condition of the control panel and clean it if necessary. Try to prevent liquids from entering sensory elements.

Available for the entire range of SMEG induction hobs, as well as favorable delivery conditions in Russia, can offer you our online store. Go to the catalog to choose a model and place an order. The manufacturer’s warranty applies to the equipment.

Hob Smeg PGF32I-1

What to do?

Unfortunately, if the induction stove poorly heats the dishes, then most likely you will encounter expensive repairs or the need to purchase a new device. The only situation when the problem can be solved independently. This is a selection of incorrect dishes. For the repair of the slab, it is best to contact certified specialists. into a repair workshop. It is not worth resorting to the services of private masters, since they very often install poor.quality spare parts and do not provide a guarantee for work performed. We recommend that we consult with an understanding specialist and choose the model of an induction stove that will quickly heat the dishes and have an increased level of reliability.

SMEG is one of the world leaders in the production of premium household appliances for home and kitchen. Thanks to many years of history and the experience of engineers, all induction slabs “Smeg” have a phenomenal level of reliability. In their production, exclusively high.quality components are used, which makes it possible to significantly extend the life of the devices. In addition to high reliability and rich functionality, SMEG plates have an excellent design that has been gaining prestigious awards for many years. All these factors allow SMEG slabs to fit perfectly into any interior and become a place of attraction of attention in the kitchen.

Frequent malfunctions

Most often, the consumer is faced with the fact that one or more firewood does not turn on, the stove makes strange sounds, warms up poorly or stops working independently. The essence of the most common situation is that the stove does not warm well. This can not even be called a breakdown, because the problem arises if the bottom of the capacity used has shifted relative to the center, or its diameter was much smaller than the hob.

If one or more firewood has stopped working, then it is necessary to check whether their nutrition is preserved, since several details can fail when overheating. Insufficient warming can occur due to the incorrect inclusion sequence.

As a rule, to launch an induction stove, you must first select the used burner using the sensors, and then configure the required power on it.

If the order is violated, then nothing will work. When the sensory surface does not respond to touch, the problem may be in banal pollution. Cleaning, it is necessary to check again. if it has not helped, then it is worth examining the connecting loops that combine the inducer circuit and the control panel.

When the temperature of the hob is stopped displaying, difficulty can be in a broken thermal attewer. Sometimes breakdowns occur in a fan, the main task of which is to cool. The solution may be the repair of the temperature sensor. If the ventilation system stopped working at all, then this could happen either because of the blown-up engine, or due to the fact that the control circuit broke.

Sometimes the hob is turned off itself. This can happen when using irregular dishes. from a material that does not have a note “for induction plates”. It is worth mentioning that you should not use all the containers made of non.magnetic materials, that is, aluminum, copper alloys, as well as stainless steel.

Heaters can independently disconnect for several reasons specified in the instructions. For example, at the signal of the timer or to reach a two.hour operation period. Also, the burners will stop working if not a single further action occurred 10 seconds after their inclusion.

The induction stove is noisy when the device is activated in the device, the heater power is activated or the cooking is carried out in the unsuitable dish. For example, noise appears when the bottom of the pan is too thick or thin or has too small diameter.

When the fuse burns, the hob becomes impossible to activate. This happens either if he could not cope with the load, or the transistors were injective. Overheating of the hob can be caused either by its contamination or an excess fluid. The winding is overheated when the entire structure is not placed on a solid surface, and the subsidence of the equipment begins under the weight of the dishes used.

If the induction stove clicks during cooking, then you should first study the instructions. for some models, such a “accompanying effect” is considered the norm. You should also not worry if the device is buzzing, cracking or squeaking. these sounds make induction coils, interacting with dishes. Когда сильно нагревается поверхность индукционной плиты, а также то, что под ней, стоит проверить, не разместились ли в шкафчиках металлические предметы, например, столовые приборы.

Finally, if the machine is knocked out when starting, then first of all you should check its condition. Otherwise, the problem will be either in the connection or in the heating element.

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The hob does not turn on

In order to repair induction hobs with your own hands in this case, first of all, it is necessary to check the fuse. In case of breakdown, it is necessary to replace it with a new. The reasons why the fuse could fail can be several:

To verify transistors for a closure, follow the following actions:

induction, stove
  • disassemble the induction stove and disconnect the fee;
  • carry out the “call” of transistors and the diode bridge using a special multimeter device;
  • If the resistance is detected in the chain areas, replace the broken elements;
  • Collect the system and re.”call” the chain.

Important: if you do not have at least initial skills in the field of electronics, contact a specialized workshop in which you will provide professional assistance.

In order to avoid problems with induction panels, you should follow the rules of their operation.

What to do if the induction stove does not see the dishes

First of all, diagnostics should be carried out to determine the cause of this phenomenon. At home, you can try other dishes, attach a magnet and clean the surface of the stove. It is not recommended to disassemble the device yourself. The plate can have special diagnostic modes and programs to determine the malfunction. But, such programs are not in all devices, so you need to focus on the instructions from performance.

You can perform the following actions yourself:

  • Check the dishes for compliance with the above requirements. Perhaps damage appeared on the case, as a result of which the container became unsuitable for operation with an induction stove. There is a special designation on high.quality dishes confirming the possibility of use with such plates;
  • If the module adjoins not tight enough, it is necessary to adjust by means of springs;
  • replace the thermal attemptor, since it is often the cause of the malfunction.

It is not worth making more complex repairs at home, this entails safety risks. Therefore, if it is impossible to independently eliminate the malfunction, you should contact the appropriate service center.

The right pair of fireprokes does not work

In search of a malfunction in the Bosch induction hob or the same plate of another company, you should check the contacts located in the terminal box, as well as the condition of the fuse of the coil unit. When burning the fuse, it must be replaced, with a new one, with the same marking. In the absence of changes in the positive direction, conduct a check, as described above, for the left pair of hobs.

induction, stove

Also on the LCD display, an error code “E6” may appear. This error means that the induction hob is out of order. It is recommended to turn off the unit from the network for 30 seconds, and then turn on again. With repeated error codes, you will need to replace the control panel.

Councils of specialists

Masters advise adhere to the following recommendations:

  • If the furnace does not work completely and does not respond to voltage drops, then this does not yet indicate a serious breakdown, eliminating which you will have to be pretty financially. Often the problem is in mechanical damage, which are easily eliminated: tears, excesses, wirewitterness. Less common cases of cable breakdown. This option implies the only possible way out. the replacement of a faulty wire with a working.
  • If the cable check has not detected malfunctions, it is necessary to dismantle the hob from the surface of the countertop. To do this, unscrew the mounting strips, gently lift the panel, disconnect all the wires. This action will help to carefully remove the stove, and then delicately install it in place.
  • If the induction stove clicks during cooking, then you should first study the instructions. For some models, such “sound accompaniment” is the norm, and its absence, on the contrary, indicates a possible malfunction. You should also not worry if the device is buzzing, cracking or squeaking. With a strong heating of the surface, it is worth checking the absence of foreign objects on the stove, for example, spoons to stir the dish.
  • Contacts, cable and fuses are evaluated by a multimeter. Identification of the resistance on the segment of the wire indicates its 100% malfunction. In this case, you need to replace the spirals of induction coils. The tool is checked by the permissible temperature. It is also important to test the wiring coming from the induction coil to the generator. Check with a regular powerful bulb and magnifier. These tools will show if there are cracks on the control board. The latter provoke a gap of paths conducting current.
  • To repair the induction stove, it is necessary to prepare tools for diagnosis, soldering iron and soldering devices. The reason is either improper operation, or factory marriage, or fluid getting into the body.

The failure of Pita makes the owners think about whether it is possible to carry out repairs on their own without bothering the transportation of equipment to the service center. On our site you will find the advice of our experts on how to repair the timer, glass, the doors of the oven, the electrical appliance with the ceramic and glass.ceramic surface, the gas stove and the oven, as well as the oven of the electric stove.

With your own hands, everyone can repair the induction plate. But any repair begins with the study of the instructions. Following strictly according to a given plan, you can find the cause of the malfunction and replace the damaged details with workers.



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