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Playstation local multiplayer games. 10 best PlayStation 4 games with local multiplayer

The Best Local Multiplayer Party Games to Play With Friends

Playing games against your friends in local multiplayer games always brings out the competitive nature in everyone. It’s even better if you can rub it in their face from the comfort of a couch.

As someone who always loves playing split-screen games with friends, I always found it hard to continuously find new games to play. While FIFA, Mario Party, and Super Smash Bros. are great games, they do get a bit repetitive over time.

There are so many local multiplayer games on the market, but here are some certified winners bound to spark controversy with friends.

If you’re looking for a specific game, or like the sound of a particular title, then click on any of these links to be brought directly to their description. The titles are in alphabetical order.

List of Games

This list of multiplayer couch co-op games will constantly be updated, so make sure to check back in regularly to see if any new games have been added. Also, let us know your favourite multiplayer games in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below!

Gang Beasts – PC, Switch, Playstation, Xbox

Gang Beasts is arguably one of the most popular games on the list, and most people have either heard of it or probably played a game or two. However, if you haven’t then you’re in for a treat.

Gang Beasts is an incredibly silly local multiplayer game with characters that are hard to control. Fortunately, that’s half the fun. You’ll take on your friends in brawls across a barrage of ridiculous locations, from the top of a train to two parallel elevators. The game can also be played alone with bots, but it doesn’t quite offer the same experience as seeing your friend’s reaction as they are taken by a giant octopus!

Players: 1-4 players local (up to 8 online), with bots if you want to play solo.

It Takes Two – PC, Switch, Playstation, Xbox

It Takes Two is a narrative-based local multiplayer game that you and a friend can experience in around 10 to 12 hours.

It puts players in the shoes of Cody and May, a married couple who are planning to get a divorce. After informing their daughter, Rose, that they are breaking up, she takes matters into her own hands. Rose takes two hand-made dolls that resemble her parents and wishes upon a relationship therapy book.

Overnight, Cody and May are transformed into dolls by the therapy book-turned-love guru, Dr Hakim, sending them on a rigorous journey in the hope of fixing their relationship.

It Takes Two is a brilliant game that even managed to win Game of the Year in 2021 at The Game Awards. It’s definitely worth checking out!

Players: 1-2 players in local multiplayer

best PlayStation 4 games with local multiplayer

With numerous games being released yearly, finding the best PlayStation 4 games with local multiplayer support isn’t easy. However, there are many great games that fall in that category.

Whether you are looking to play with a spouse or friends, you will definitely enjoy their incredible gameplay and storylines.

These are the best PlayStation 4 couch co-op games for you and your friends to enjoy and play fun together.

Towerfall: Ascension

Towerfall: Ascension is on a different level compared to many other local multiplayer games for Playstation 4.

It is easily the best PlayStation 4 multiplayer game. Even better, the game offers players a variety of multiplayer modes.

As a player, you will enjoy a variety of features ranging from controlling amazingly designed characters to forming teams and shooting arrows.

You’ll only start with three arrows. However, the game gradually increases in tempo, enabling players to enjoy a full-blown symphony of mayhem and destruction.

The orderly chaos achieved by Towerfall: Ascension can easily lead to entertaining couch multiplayer sessions that last for hours.

playstation, local, multiplayer, games

The co-op campaign gives you an excellent feel for the game. It enables you and your friends to enjoy the game’s primary versus mode.

Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 is just an example of how technology is changing the way we live. This video game is not only fun but can also help to improve your cooking skills.

Even though the game will not do a lot to stimulate your taste buds, it will improve your cooking speed. It pits four players among each other inside a variety of themed kitchens.

The goal here is to ensure that you deliver the most orders correctly and as quickly as possible while avoiding the different obstacles, the game throws at you as you do so.

Apart from being one of the best local multiplayer games on PlayStation 4, Overcooked 2 is also one of the best cooking-themed video games one can play today.

A Way Out

While it is easy to ascertain what the game entails from its title A Way Out, it does not show how great it is.

A Way Out is one of the most iconic and entertaining two-player PlayStation 4 games. In the game, the two main characters must work in tandem to escape the prison they are locked in.

Therefore, if players do not work together and form a solid team, it will be impossible for them to see the game through.

This makes A Way Out a game for friends looking for a truly shared experience.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Indeed, Dragon Ball Z fighting games can be disappointing due to their poor design and low-key characters. However, Dragon Ball FighterZ came in to change all that.

The fact that characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ can attain a power level of over 9000 was one of the reasons both Marvel vs Capcom fans and Dragon Ball Z players had waited for the game for quite some time.

Even though the game’s gameplay mechanisms are easy to understand, mastering them is another thing altogether. You need to play the game a lot to master them properly.

However, this should not be a problem as the game’s tag team system allows you to form three teams, enabling you to enjoy it with your friends.


Sports games are some of the best couch co-op games for PlayStation 4. Saying that FIFA 20 is one of the best PlayStation 4 multiplayer games out there will not be an overstatement.

This game can have you spend long hours on the couch competing with your friends and having the time of your lives.

Not only does FIFA 20 provide the best football simulations ever on PlayStation 4, but it also offers a variety of multiplayer options to ensure that players have fun playing the game.

You can select almost any football team on the planet (including clubs and countries) or choose any competitive co-op modes available in the game.

While FIFA 20‘s co-op mode is limited to two players, it offers players a wide range of competitive modes making the game highly entertaining.

Street Fighter V

Any kid of the ’90s certainly remembers the famed Street Fighter II that made our imaginations run wild, wishing we could throw fireballs from our hands while screaming our lungs out.

But unfortunately, characters like Chung Li, Ken, and Ryu got kids stuck to their consoles.

However, this does not mean that kids nowadays cannot enjoy the same fun we did back then. The latest Street Fighter V: The Champions Edition, offers all that and more.

The iconic game offers everything a local multiplayer game should have to ensure you and your friends have a fun time playing the game.

playstation, local, multiplayer, games

From over forty characters, immaculate gameplay mechanisms, new characters, and many stages, Street Fighter V is sure to make your couch the place to be whenever you want to have fun with your friends.

Rocket League

When it comes to PlayStation 4 multiplayer games, Rocket League is the definition of the hectic arcade. Even though the game’s premise is simple, it is entertaining.

In Rocket League, players form two teams and use rocket-powered cars to play various games.

These games range from basketball to football, even one involving breaking floors.

Another fascinating thing about Rocket League is that it is quite an easy game to pick up, meaning even non-gamers can enjoy it too.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

If Crashing Team Racing is one of the best local multiplayer games, its remake, Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is way better.

Even though Crash Team Nitro-Fueled features the same intense kart racing experience as the original game. It includes a variety of new modes that make the game very exciting.

The game’s downside is that most of its new play modes are single-player. However, it has an arcade mode that provides an intense local multiplayer experience on a split-screen.

It also offers a perfect battle mode when you and your friends need extreme fun and friendly competition.

Rock Band 4

Ever had the dream of putting together a rock Band and creating some top hits with a group of your friends but didn’t get to do so?

There is no reason that you cannot live the dream through video games. Rock Band 4 on PlayStation 4 allows you to do so.

Rock Band 4 allows up to four players to select and play any song on the catalog on its Quickplay mode. It also allows players to play a series of pieces in its Shows mode.

However, the most exciting mode of Rock Band 4 is its Band Tour Career Mode, which can make you and your friends feel like rockstars.

Rock Band 4 also allows you to replace a member of your team with a singer online if your singer isn’t good or you do not have one.


If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past decade, then you have heard of Minecraft.

This sandbox game gives players unlimited freedom to explore user-generated worlds, fight enemies and expand their horizons from the first-person point of view.

Even though most people enjoy the games online multiplayer mode, the local multiplayer PlayStation 4 games mode for up to four players is also highly enjoyable when friends want to socialize and enjoy each other’s company.


Playing video games is one of the best ways to pass the time. However, finding an excellent PlayStation 4 game might be much trickier.

The above list outlines some of the best PlayStation 4 multiplayer games available this year. Any of them will get you to have some fun and create some good memories.

best multiplayer games on PS5 (2023): Online couch co-op

Written by Dave McAdam

Best multiplayer PS5 games in 2023


This may seem a bit obvious. and if you’re an older reader, you might be rolling your eyes here. but stick with us. Despite its reputation as being a glorified storefront dedicated to swallowing all of the money of 12-year-olds around the world, Fortnite is genuinely a very fun multiplayer game on PS5.

Dig a little deeper, and you will find a light and enjoyable battle royale game that has come a long way since it began. Fortnite has many new features, with more being added regularly to shake up map traversal, from dirt bikes to climbing and vaulting. Couple that with the bright, fantastic graphics and visual styling showcased on the PS5 (alongside it being free-to-play), and you have a near-perfect game for goofing off with friends in multiplayer.

It Takes Two

For a different kind of multiplayer, It Takes Two is one of the best multiplayer games for two friends to play together on PS5. Created by Hazelight Studios, best known for their two-player, story-driven co-op games, It Takes Two is one of the most heartfelt, creative, and fun games of the last few years.

It Takes Two has you play as Cody and May, a married couple who are having some marital issues. After a wish from their daughter Rose, the couple finds themselves transformed into toys in a cartoonish rendition of their own home and garden, in which they must work together in order to return to their normal selves.

There are few games better for two friends or a couple to play together on PS5, if you are looking for a game to play with a partner, you cannot do better than It Takes Two.

Tekken 7

There aren’t many game franchises more synonymous with multiplayer fun on a Playstation console than Tekken. From the very first game to Tekken 3 being among the best-selling PS1 titles that the console ever saw, its popularity has continued through to the current Tekken 7 (and the upcoming Tekken 8).

The Tekken franchise has been riding high in recent years, and in the wake of Street Fighter 5 underperforming, we saw Tekken 7 rise to the top and become hugely popular. That momentum is carrying the franchise into the highly anticipated Tekken 8, so if there was ever a time to get back into Tekken, or try it for the first time, that time would be now.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a great little PS5 multiplayer game that’s available to play via local co-op with up to four players. Join lovable Sackboy’s grand quest to save the inhabitants of Craftworld and traverse through this charming 3D platform puzzler with friends and family.

As a PS5 staple, the game has full haptic feature support meaning you’ll be able to feel the knitted puzzles in the crafted world around you as you battle against the mean-spirited Vex and his Topsy Turvey device.

Warzone 2.0, DMZ

Battle royale games are all the rage and have been for a number of years now, so it stands to reason that big names like Call of Duty would jump on this particularly profitable bandwagon. Warzone has been around for a while, and now we have Warzone 2.0 and the DMZ mode.

Warzone 2.0 brings the gameplay and quality of Call of Duty into the battle royale space and even does so with no cost for entry. The game is free to play, ensuring everyone can play with their friends.

Overcooked! All You Can Eat

Overcooked! All You Can Eat acts as the series’ ultimate edition, containing both Overcooked! titles and all of its released DLC. making this one of the best PS5 multiplayer titles if you’re a fan of party games. Overcooked! All You Can Eat will certainly test friendships as you try to run a restaurant together in increasingly chaotic environments.

As dishes start to pile up and you face a race against the clock, you’ll soon find out how well you can cope under pressure.

Overcooked! is a fun multiplayer experience that supports both local and online co-op with up to four players.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, the chaotically charming Tiny Tina steps back from the well-known Borderlands franchise into her own story inspired by the popular table-top RPG, Dungeons Dragons.

Fans of Borderlands will be right at home here, featuring the familiar art style and humour that fans have come to love, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands lets you choose from a variety of multi-classes and weapon proficiencies to help you in the quest to destroy the evil Dragon Lord.

The game sticks to its faithful looter shooter roots and offers the choice of solo or multiplayer with a party of up to three friends and the option for local split-screen, making it one of the best choices for PS5 gamers right now.

  • If you’re debating playing Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands but wish to know if you’re getting your money’s worth, check out our guide on how long is Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Those are our choices for the best multiplayer games on the Playstation 5 to play in 2023 for online and couch co-op. For all your gaming news, stick with GGRecon.

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Best PS5 Playstation 5 Local Multiplayer Games: Our Top Picks Ranked

Looking for some local mutiplayer action? Read on as we pick our top choices of this genre for the Playstation 5.

Beanstalk is reader-supported. If you purchase something via one of our links we may earn a small commission. This does not affect our reviews or placement of products on the site.

Local multiplayer games are video games that are designed to be played by multiple people in the same physical location. These games can be played on a single device, such as a console or a computer, or on multiple devices connected to a local network.

They often involve players competing or cooperating with each other in real time, and can include a wide variety of game types, such as sports games, fighting games, racing games, and party games.

These games are often popular for their social aspect and for the fun of playing with friends or family in the same room.

Looking for some local mutiplayer action? Read on as we pick our top choices of this genre for the Playstation 5.


Cuphead is infamous for its controller-breaking challenging, yet rewarding, gameplay. It is a platformer with aesthetics reminiscent of the animation and design of 1930s cartoons, particularly the work of Fleischer Studios, who produced the “Betty Boop” and “Popeye” cartoons. It is number one on this list because misery loves company.

The game’s unique hand-drawn animation style and jazz soundtrack add to its charm. The game’s local multiplayer aspect is where it truly shines, as players can team up with a friend and take on the game’s challenging bosses together.

The game’s co-op mode is well executed and adds a layer of fun to the already enjoyable gameplay. Overall, Cuphead is a must-play for anyone looking for a challenging and satisfying platformer game with a great local multiplayer feature.

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate is a must-have edition for all fans of this krazy, kruel, and kallous fighting game franchise as it is, as of this writing, for a long while now, the only fighting game from NetherRealm since 2019. Ed Boon still teases a lot of things instead of the actual game announcements, whether it be Mortal Kombat 12 or Injustice 3, or any other fighting game.

This is an up-port of the Playstation 4 game with lots of improvement, the 4K dynamic resolution, improved graphics, and reduced loading times, and includes all characters, the Aftermath scenario for the Story mode, and all DLCs released so far on old-gen.

As a local multiplayer game, you have to fight to the death with your friends, or family members and hopefully, the unfiltered violence stays in-game.

NBA 2K23

Whether you’re playing with friends on the same couch or challenging your family members to a friendly one-on-one game, the local multiplayer mode in NBA 2K23 offers a thrilling and engaging experience that will keep players of all skill levels entertained.

One of the key features of the local multiplayer mode in NBA 2K23 is the ability to customize your own team, allowing you to select your favorite players and create the ultimate roster to take on opponents. Players can also choose from a variety of game modes, including standard five-on-five matches, three-on-three games, and even one-on-one battles.

Another great aspect of the local multiplayer mode in NBA 2K23 is the variety of different courts available. Players can choose from classic arenas like Crypto.com Arena and FTX Arena (now Miami-Dade Arena), as well as street courts and other unique locations. This adds an extra layer of realism and excitement to the experience and allows players to feel like they’re really on the court.


EA Sports FIFA series may have come to an end, but FIFA 23 is still a must-have for football fans naming changes aside for future titles. With gameplay tweaks, new teams, and exciting new features, this latest installment is the perfect way to end the series. One of the biggest changes this year is the inclusion of fully realized versions of the women’s game, with teams from the WSL league now available to play. Up to four (4) players can play in local multiplayer in this game.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a 3D platformer game developed by Sumo Digital and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game features the iconic Sackboy character as the main protagonist, and players must guide him through a variety of different levels, using his abilities to jump, grab, and swing to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies. The game has a strong emphasis on creativity, with players able to customize their own Sackboy character and levels using the in-game tools. The game also features a variety of different game modes, including a story mode, a challenge mode, and a level creator.

One of the key features of the game is it’s local multiplayer, allowing players to play together in the same room, taking on the challenges and obstacles of the game together. The local multiplayer mode allows players to work together to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and collect items, making it a fun and enjoyable experience for players of all ages. The local multiplayer mode also includes a split-screen, which allows players to play side-by-side on the same screen, making it easier to communicate and work together.

It Takes Two

It Takes Two is a must-have for fans of co-op games, directed by the mastermind behind the successful Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and A Way Out. The game follows the story of a couple, May and Cody, who are transformed into dolls and must navigate a fantastical world filled with a variety of challenges and mini-games. The game seamlessly blends genres, including elements of romantic comedy.

One of the standout features of It Takes Two is its diverse and enjoyable mini-games and level design, which keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. It also deals with the theme of marriage and the problems that couples face, adding an extra layer of depth to the story.

As for the local multiplayer aspect, the game is designed for two players only, and it’s meant to be played together with a partner, it’s a great way to bond, and it’s a unique experience that’s hard to find in other games. With the split-screen feature, players can enjoy the game together and work as a team to solve puzzles and overcome challenges. It’s a great experience for couples (as it may repair the near-divorce marital status, or it may give one or both of them the idea), friends, or family members looking for a fun and engaging co-op game to play together.

Diablo 3 Eternal Collection

One of the most notable changes in the PS5 version of the game (well, the console versions to be precise) is the introduction of local multiplayer. This allows players to team up and take on the game’s challenging enemies together, either in split-screen mode or through online play. This feature is a great addition to the game, as it allows players to experience the game’s fast-paced combat and loot-gathering in a whole new way. In addition to local multiplayer, the PS5 version of the game also includes a number of other enhancements, such as improved graphics and faster loading times. The game also supports 4K resolution and HDR, which makes the game’s environments and characters look more detailed and vibrant than ever before.


Haven is a game that is built around the concept of co-op play. Players take on the role of two characters, Yu and Kay, who have fled their home planet and landed on a distant and abandoned planet called Source. The game follows their journey as they explore the planet, fix their ship, and rebuild their lives together.

One of the most unique aspects of Haven is that the game is designed to be played in local co-op mode. This means that players will need to work together in order to progress through the game, as they control both characters at once and must navigate the game’s various challenges and obstacles together.

The gameplay in Haven is centered around exploring the world of Source, and players will have to work together to find resources, clean up red rust, and complete various tasks and mini-games. The game also includes light combat, in which players will need to stun and purify infected animals in order to progress. It is weird if the game tries to be a pacifist kid-friendly game when there are significant instances of risqué dialogue.

Overcooked All You Can Eat

We have Gordon Ramsays over here!

Overcooked is a cooking simulation game that is best played with friends in local co-op mode. The game tasks players with working together to cook and serve dishes to hungry customers in a variety of wacky kitchens. Each level presents new challenges and obstacles that players must navigate, such as kitchen fires, moving platforms, and even haunted kitchens.

The game’s co-op mode can be played with up to four players, and each player is assigned a different role in the kitchen such as chopping ingredients, cooking dishes, and washing dishes. This allows players to work together and divide tasks efficiently, making the gameplay experience more seamless and enjoyable.

The Ascent

The Ascent is a cyberpunk game with a map of a dense futuristic city. It’s a local couch co-op game with up to four players. The gameplay is great, with a detailed loot system, cool weapon variations, and a wealth of amazing enemies to fight. The graphics are impressive, with ray tracing and reflections. The game is comparable to Helldivers and Destiny. The couch co-op mode is convenient and enjoyable.

For those who want to play with friends, The Ascent offers two options for local and online co-op. The Couch Co-op mode allows players to play together in the same physical location, while the Online Co-op mode allows players to play with friends or strangers over the internet. It’s worth noting that the two modes cannot be mixed, so players must choose one or the other.

Children of Morta

In Children of Morta, players take on the role of members of the Bergsons, a family of warriors who are tasked with defending their home and the surrounding lands from an ancient evil. The game features a unique blend of action RPG and rogue-like elements and offers both a single-player campaign and local co-op mode.

playstation, local, multiplayer, games

The local co-op mode in Children of Morta allows players to team up with a friend and take on the game’s challenging dungeons and bosses together. The game’s tight controls and fast-paced combat make it a great option for players looking for a fun and challenging co-op experience. The game also features a wide variety of characters, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles, which adds even more replayability.

Dirt 5

Dirt 5 is a high-octane racing game that is sure to get your heart pumping. One of the best things about the game is its local co-op mode. You and a friend can team up and race against each other in split-screen mode. This makes for a fun and competitive experience, as you both try to beat each other’s times and come out on top.

The game also features a wide variety of tracks and cars to choose from, so there’s always something new to discover. The graphics are also top-notch, making for a truly immersive experience. Overall, if you’re looking for a thrilling racing game with a local co-op, Dirt 5 is definitely worth checking out.

MLB The Show 22

In addition to the immersive single-player experience, MLB The Show 22 also offers a fun and engaging local co-op mode. Players can team up with a friend and take on the role of different players on the same team, working together to strategize and execute plays. Whether it’s taking turns at bat or working together to make a game-winning catch, the local co-op mode adds an extra layer of excitement and camaraderie to the already thrilling gameplay. Overall, MLB The Show 22 is a must-have for baseball fans, and the local co-op mode only enhances the already enjoyable experience.

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2

Puyo Puyo Tetris for PS5 is a must-have for fans of both the Puyo Puyo and Tetris franchises. The game offers an exciting local co-op mode that allows you to team up with a friend and take on opponents in a variety of challenges. The game features both classic and new game modes, including the popular Swap mode where players switch between Puyo Puyo and Tetris boards mid-match.

Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat is a physics-based puzzle platformer game that can be played in both single-player and local co-op modes. In local co-op mode, players can team up with a friend to control two characters, Bob and Bob, simultaneously to complete the game’s levels and puzzles. The game’s unique physics-based mechanics and wacky characters make for a fun and entertaining experience for players of all ages. The game’s levels are designed to be challenging, yet satisfying to complete and the game’s local co-op mode adds an extra layer of fun as players work together to navigate through the levels and solve puzzles.

Jasper Nikki De La Cruz is a video game enthusiast and has written for various gaming outlets: He was webmaster of PSPMinis.com, the editor of Science Times, and a game guide/newswriter for the rebranded Xfire. Currently, he is a contributing writer at Beanstalk.

Top Best Offline Multiplayer Games for PlayStation 4

Looking for Offline Multiplayer Games for PlayStation 4? Here are the Best Co-Op Couch Games to Play on PlayStation 4 Single Gaming Console.

Gaming is more fun when you are playing with your friends. Most gamers have their group of friends with whom they play regularly. Playing together towards a common goal or against a common enemy is called co-operative gameplay or co-op gameplay. Co-op games can also be played to build a bond between players and instill team values in everyone.

In these games, players may or may not share a screen or a network. You can play them with your family too! The possibilities are endless, especially when you are spoilt for choice. There are different games for different people, from traditional games to quirky games. Choose one from many and let the fun begin.

This list talks about co-op games on the Playstation 4. Playstation 4 has loads of co-op games but we will talk about only offline co-op games.

List of Best Offline Co-op Multiplayer Games for PlayStation 4

  • Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls
  • Moving Out
  • Everybody’s Golf
  • Guacamelee! 2
  • Rocket League
  • Overcooked
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • Borderlands: The Handsome Collection
  • Rayman Legends
  • The Sword of Ditto: Mormo’s Curse
  • Minecraft
  • Lovers in a dangerous spacetime
  • Towerfall: Ascension
  • LittleBig Planet 3
  • The Last of Us Remastered

Best Offline Co-Op Games on PlayStation 4

Here are the Best Offline Multiplayer PlayStation 4 Co-op Games to Enjoy the Gaming with Friends and Family

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

Diablo 3 is a roleplaying game from Blizzard Entertainment. This action game is a hack and slash game. Players loot and fight, go on quests, learn new skills, and develop their character. It is one of the wildly popular multiplayer games that can be played on the PlayStation 4. Although it can be played solo, it is more fun when you play with friends. This game can also be played on a PC. It might get a little complicated but that is the beauty of it.

Moving Out

Moving out is a crazy but fun game that you can play with your friends. At first, it sounds boring. Packing and moving furniture is a tedious job so a game based on it should also be boring, right? Wrong!! This game is a strategy game that requires the player to use their brains to the fullest. It is also a management game that has players racing against time to finish levels.

If you think it is going to be easy then you are mistaken. Moving Out has extremely challenging levels that will leave you and your friends scratching your heads. It was launched this year so it is quite new. This game is perfect for parties and family functions as it is completely family-friendly.

Everybody’s Golf

Speaking of family-friendly games, here is another one. Everybody’s Golf is a simple multiplayer golf game. With cute graphics, awesome golfer avatars, and multiple golf courses, this co-op game is winning in all aspects. And the best part is, you can play it even you have never played golf! It is easy to play but very entertaining.

You can go fishing and karting too. Available in both offline and online modes with more than 60 challenges, Everybody’s golf is a great co-op game that can be played by everyone.


Guacamelee! 2 is a Mexican themed game that is as fun as it is colorful. It follows the adventures of Juan who needs to fight evil and save the day. It is a very lighthearted and funny game that will leave players amazed by its visuals. Battling the enemy in combat has never been more fun. Needless to say, this vibrant game should not be missed.

Rocket League

Rocket league is for the speed lovers out there. This racing game is extremely satisfying to play. Players can customize their cars, and experience the madness. 4 players can play football with their cars in teams of two. This game focusses on the magic of physics and lets players defy it with speed! You can live out the fantasy of driving recklessly and flipping a car through this game. It is also suitable for playing with kids.


Overcooked is a cooking co-op game that requires players to become pro chefs. They have to create dishes in a time limit while avoiding the obstacles and hazards that come their way. Ever heard the saying,” Too many cooks spoil the broth?”, this game tries to prove it wrong! This game can be played by up to players, so play with your friends to become master chefs and the kingdom!

Divinity: Original Sin 2

This fantasy roleplaying game has many intricate details. Demanding levels, challenging combat fights, and numerous characters to play with make it a good game. In this fantasy game, you can become an elf, lizard, dwarf and so much more. It is beyond your imagination.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is a shooter game that is set in the magical world of pandora. This is a typical shoot and loot game that has a ton of collectibles. The handsome collection comes in a bundle with its prequel. This game will require a lot of your time but it will be worth it.

Rayman Legends

This game is a visual treat for all. It is a beautiful side-scrolling game that has straightforward controls and delightful levels. This co-op game is perfect for playing with your kids. Go head to head against dragons, toads, and other mythical creatures in this cute game. It is one of the oldest games on this list as it was launched in 2013 however it is still enjoyable.

The Sword of Ditto: Mormo’s curse

The Sword of Ditto: Mormo’s Curse is an RPG that is full of puzzles and action. It is a true co-op game as it is designed to force players to work together to clear levels. The sword of ditto has players fighting monsters in a fast-paced setup. It looks so attractive that it is sure to pull you in.


This list would have been incomplete without Minecraft. Minecraft is a cult favorite game whose popularity does not seem to die down anytime soon. This game is very fun to play, especially with a friend. Players can explore different areas, build their houses, and swim in the sea. This adventure game is therapeutic for many. Do try this, you might become obsessed with it!

Lovers in a dangerous spacetime

The game Lovers in a dangerous spacetime has players explore space in a battleship of their own. This co-op game requires players to work together as a team to complete their missions and defeat the villain Anti Love. Players can customize their spaceship and take control of different weapons to use them to their advantage.

Towerfall: Ascension

Towerfall: Ascension is a combat game. It is a shooting game where players use arrows, loot treasures, and retrieve arrows once they run out. It is extremely competitive and we warn you, you may lose friends over the game! This co-op game is easy to play however the challenges are not easy.

LittleBig Planet 3

LittleBig Planet 3 is a platform game where players solve puzzles and jump, grab, run, and interact with elements. It lets players design and upload levels for others to play. The game also has collectibles that players can collect. The game allows 4 players to play offline while there is also an online mode.

The Last of Us Remastered

This co-op game is set in a dystopian world where two characters; Joel and Ellie come together to save the USA. This survival game has eight maps that players can explore. This adventure game was appreciated for its strong female characters who stole the show. It is not a lighthearted game but it is a game that is full of life due to its engaging plot and realistic visuals.

Honorary Mentions – Games that did not make it into the list are A way out, Lara Croft, and the temple of Osiris, Call of Duty Zombies. These are fun too and must be tried.


Thus, the Best Co-op games that can be played offline are listed above. All of them can be played on the PlayStation4.

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