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planetary mixer redmond rfm 5318 review

The 2 best planetary mixers ranked for 2021

The planetary mixer was first produced by the American brand KitchenAid over 100 years ago and for the first three years was only available for commercial use. Unlike the handheld model, it is a stationary device that not only rotates the nozzle around its axis, but also around the radius of the bowl.

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This technology allows you to mix components more thoroughly, leaving no lumps. Besides, the cooks will have an opportunity to free their hands in the process of operation of the device for other tasks.

  • Household. Equipped with a 3 to 5 liter bowl for mixing ingredients.
  • Semi-professional. Equipped with a 15-liter bowl. Used in the hospitality industry.
  • Industrial. Used in confectionery, the bowl volume can be up to 150 liters.

The household unit will be an indispensable assistant for cooks. It is suitable for those who love homemade food, the smell of delicious baked goods and are willing to spend hours in the kitchen to please themselves and their loved ones. You can effortlessly prepare pancake, cake or sponge cake dough, whip cream for cakes and pies much faster, and mousses and omelets will always be puffy.

  • Whisk. Beat egg whites, cream and butter. It helps to prepare soufflés and creams.
  • Mixing nozzle. It can be used for preparing liquid dough, icing, sauces and mincemeat.
  • Hook. Indispensable when kneading thick dough.

What to look for when buying

  • Machine capacity. The higher it is, the faster you get the result you need.
  • Number of speeds. Varying the intensity of the mixing can be useful when whipping cream for creams and mousses.
  • Attachment for attachments. Plastic parts are less durable and can break in use. It is best to give preference to metal designs.
  • Protection mechanism from overheating. This is a must-have feature that will extend the life of your helper.
  • Presence of pulse mode. Used at maximum power, used when mixing dense mixtures.
  • Timer. Allows you to record the time it takes to whip and mix ingredients.
  • The ability to install additional attachments that can turn your mixer into a multifunctional appliance, adding the ability to squeeze juice or make mincemeat, for example.

Also when choosing pay attention to design. If you plan to use the planetary mixer frequently, you can keep it out of the cabinet and out in the open on your kitchen countertop.

We present the rating of planetary mixers 2021. The top 12 models, which were selected by our experts based on user reviews and ratings.

Rating (2021) Prices, ₽ Country
The best budget planetary mixers
1. Redmond RFM-5318 From 5200₽ China
2. Endever SkyLine SM-10 from 4,500₽ China
3. Hyundai HYM-S4451 From 3900₽ China
4. Starwind SPM5185 From 4500₽ China
The best mid-priced planetary mixers
Oberhof Breth C-34 From 9490₽ China
1. Polaris PKM 1002 From 8400₽ China
2. First Austria FA-5259-7 from 7900₽ China
3. Maunfeld MF-431BK, black from 6,700₽ China
4. Kitfort KT-1308-2 from 6200₽ China
The best premium planetary mixers
1. KitchenAid 5KSM150PSENK from 79,000₽ USA
2. KitchenAid 5KSM156EFP from 56,000₽ USA
3. Kitfort KT-1391 from 18000₽ China
4. Kitfort KT-3007 from 11500₽ China

Redmond RFM-5371 planetary mixer review: roomy bowl, sturdy construction, 6 speeds

Redmond‘s RFM-5371 planetary mixer came to us for testing. The appliance looks simple, reliable and neat. It comes with 3 removable attachments hook for kneading dough, whisk, and an attachment for mixing soft foods. We will take a detailed look at the dough mixer in our review, and at the same time we will conduct a series of tests and prepare some suitable dishes with its help.


Contrary to popular misconception, this is not a deadline in which the device is bound to break. However, after this period, the manufacturer is no longer responsible for its performance and has the right to refuse to repair it, even for a fee.

The package

The device arrived in a rectangular black stylized box of medium size. It does not have a handle, although it would not hurt, because otherwise you will have to carry the box with two hands.

On the front we see pictures of the device and the smiling lady, a brief description of the main features of the device, as well as schematic images of the three nozzles included in the kit. On the back of the box there are the same pictures and all the same information in English.

On the top we also see pictures of nozzles and information about them, a nice pancake photo, QR-code for detailed information about the product and indication of its model.

On the left side there is a brief technical description of the mixer in Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh and English, and also there is a QR-code, allowing to install the mobile application “Cooking with Redmond“, where a user can easily find recipes for this particular model of planetary mixer.

On the right side of the box, there is a description of each frother’s capabilities and colorful pictures of the cooking processes and results.

On the bottom of the box is information about the manufacturer and importers in different countries.

  • motor unit
  • bowl
  • protective cover
  • dough hook
  • mixer nozzle
  • whisk
  • instruction manual, service book and flyer

The mixer and all its components are packed in plastic bags and are securely packed in two foam molds on top and bottom.

At a glance

The body of the mixer is made of glossy white plastic, with a metal insert in the top hinged part. The height of our device is 29 cm, the diameter of the bowl is 21,5 cm, the dimensions are quite standard and acceptable for home kitchens of medium to large size.

The design of the device is also classic, a fixed base, with a socket for fixing the bowl, a hinged part with a shaft for fixing attachments, a speed regulator and a button for locking the hinged head in the lower right part of the body.

The hinged part of the case snaps open and does not rise too sharply by about 30-40 when you press the latch button. To lower the hinged part of the case down, you have to press the release button and gently push down on the case, bringing it down until it clicks.

The back of the case has ventilation holes and a power cord outlet.

The cord exit is located right on the bottom, and there is also a compartment for coiling and storing the cord. The center of the second half of the bottom has a label with brief technical information about the appliance.

The corners of the appliance are rounded and each corner has a rubber suction cup. The feet enable the mixer to stand firmly on the table even when applied and it takes some effort to detach it from the surface.

The spindle for attaching the accessories is a metal shaft with two protrusions and a spring on the outside. The standard way of attaching the accessories is to put them on the shaft and twist them as far as they will go.

Three attachments included: whisk for beating, hook for kneading, nozzle for mixing soft food. The whisk has 6 steel arcs, the hook and mixing nozzle are siluminized.

The round bowl has a capacity of 5 liters and is made of stainless steel. It tapers towards the bottom and the resulting staircase has 3 small bulges that can be secured by means of a bayonet fastener at the base of the bowl.

The manufacturer has added a transparent plastic lid with a filling hole to prevent the ingredients from splashing during whipping and mixing. It is attached to the hinged part of the blender also by means of a bayonet connection.


The manual is in a small book of 19 pages, of which the manual in Russian takes up only 4 pages, and another 4 pages of illustrations.

Despite the brevity, the booklet contains all the necessary information about the device (technical specifications, equipment, construction and operation, the rules of operation and maintenance) and is laid out in clear and simple language.


The Redmond RFM-5371 mixer has six normal speed modes and a pulse mode that starts rotation at once at maximum speed.

The tuning knob is at the bottom right and rotates in steps; each time it is operated, you hear a click. To activate the pulse mode, turn the knob to the leftmost position and keep it there. When the knob is released it goes back to 0 off.


Before first use, it is recommended that you thoroughly wash all food contact parts of the appliance and wipe the mixer body with a damp cloth.

This appliance comes with three interchangeable nozzles for different culinary tasks:

  • For whipping. Whisk attachment to make the base for meringues, meringues, mousse, egg whites and custards.
  • For mixing. Mixing utensil to evenly mix chocolate or sugar coating for baked goods, to prepare dough for shortbread cookies and delicate biscuits, to make a thick cream or sauce.
  • For kneading dough. The hook attachment, to quickly and evenly knead stiff dough for homemade loaves, muffins, pizzas or pies.

The Redmond RFM-5371 is very easy to assemble: the bowl slides effortlessly into the socket and locks firmly by turning clockwise. Attach the accessories in the same way and with little effort.

The suction cups hold the mixer well in place, even when working with hard dough. You may feel some slight vibration, but the device does not make any noise or rattle when operating.

When working continuously for longer than 8 minutes, the appliance should be allowed to rest for 10 minutes. During the tests, five minutes or less were enough for us to accomplish any task, be it whipping egg whites or making heavy dough.

The maximum amount of ingredients is 1.2 kg for the hook attachment, 1 kg for the mixer, 700 ml or 10 eggs for the whisk, and it is specified that the bowl must not be filled more than halfway, because during mixing the products may increase in size and spurt out. Minimum set amount of ingredients 3 eggs.

The housing can be wiped down with a damp cloth or sponge if needed. The parts which have come into contact with food should be washed in soapy water. Store the appliance in a clean and dry place. The mixer bowl is the only dishwasher-safe part.

Our measurement

The maximum power was recorded when cooking stiff yeast dough for pizza in the third mode, and was only 163 watts.

The noise level of the Redmond RFM-5371 is 71-73 dBA, which is standard for planetary mixers when working on low speed, and up to 76 dBA when whipping on the 5th-6th speed.

Practical tests

To test the dough hook and ingredient kneading attachment we chose recipes of different difficulty, and to test the whisk, we made a classic test with egg whites.

Mashed potatoes with fried onions

To test the soft ingredient mixing attachment we took to making mashed potatoes with fried onions. For this we pre-cooked and salted 9 medium potatoes and finely chopped 1 onion.

After the potatoes were ready, we drained most of the water, leaving 1 cup for mashing, and transferred the tubers to the bowl. At the same time we fried onions with vegetable oil in a frying pan.

To the boiled potatoes we added 20 grams of butter, and, turning on the mixer, we gradually poured a glass of hot water through a window in the protective cover.

We added the fried onions, already cooked by that time, to the resulting puree and turned on the device again to obtain an evenly mixed garnish.

Cooking took us only 2 minutes 1 minute we mixed the potatoes on the first mode and another 1 minute on the second mode. We could have taken longer to mix it, but then the consistency would have been more homogeneous and liquid, and we like small lumps in the puree.


To test the hook attachment, we set about making our favorite homemade pizza.

For the dough we needed dry yeast, wheat flour, warm water, vegetable oil and salt.

Our instructions called for keeping the dough slightly moist and very soft, but the first time we did this we missed the flour amount by a little and after 3 minutes of kneading on the third mode the dough was too wet.

We added another half cup of flour and kneaded the dough for another 3.5 minutes on the same kneading attachment, this time obtaining the ideal consistency for us, firm but slightly moist and very soft. After that, the dough was covered with cling film and sent to a warm place for an hour.

Next, we rolled out the dough on the board, forming a non-ideal circle for a perfect homemade pizza, laid on the dough toppings of hot tomato sauce of our own making, tomatoes, mozzarella, jalapeño and grated parmesan. Then we transferred the dough piece to a preheated brick oven and baked it for 15 minutes.

The pizza was nicely browned and summoned everyone to the table with its flavor.

The dough turned out quite puffy, soft inside and crispy outside, that is, it succeeded in the glory.

Japanese Minari Dessert

For the second test of the soft stuff attachment we decided to make a sweet cheese cream.

This is the cream used in our beloved Japanese sweet rolls Minari. For its preparation, we need only high-quality curd cheese without additives and powdered sugar; if you want, you can add coconut. We gave up the last ingredient.

We poured into the bowl 200 grams of powdered sugar, which we had ground in a coffee grinder from the regular refined sugar.

We added 600g of cottage cheese to the powdered sugar and started the mixer.

In 1 minute on the second mode, we got tender homogeneous creamy mass.

For further manipulation we needed dry sheets of rice paper.

We also prepared some bananas, kiwi and oranges. We had enough of 1 fruit for 6 servings of Minari. The oranges could have been replaced with strawberries, but we couldn’t find any decent berries in the stores.

Next, we soaked one sheet of rice paper in room temperature water to make them pliable and spread the cream portion on them, spreading it evenly over the entire surface, about 1.5 centimeters from each edge.

For convenience we wrapped a cutting board with clingfilm, so wet sheets of rice paper can be glued to the surface much easier, and then rolls take only a few seconds.

Before we made the rolls, we put some pre-cut and peeled fruit on one side. As it turned out later, the slices of our orange were too big, so the first roll turned out very voluminous.

Starting with the second roll, we used smaller orange slices.

After we roll up, the roll looks like this:

We put the rolls on a plate, leaving some space between them so they don’t stick together.

Then we put the rolls in the freezer for 15 minutes so that the cream would set, the paper would be firmer, and it would be easier to cut the dessert into pieces.

After the allotted time, we took the rolls out of the refrigerator and cut the desired number of servings into pieces. When serving, we garnished them with strawberry sauce and pomegranate seeds.

Such a dessert melts in your mouth and is the star of any celebration. The dough mixer made a great cream, and we didn’t regret the time spent.

Closed cherry pie

The second dough on the hook attachment was the sand dough for the closed cherry pie, made famous by the cult TV series Twin Peaks.

For the dough we needed 200g of butter, 70g of sugar, 500g of flour, 1 egg and 1 egg yolk.

We softened the butter in a water bath and added sugar. Then we kneaded it for a minute on the second mode.

Next we added the egg and egg yolk and turned on the mixer on the second mode for another 1.5 minutes. At the end we added flour and kneaded our dough for 3 minutes on the first setting.

The dough turned out homogeneous, but loose, as the recipe suggested.

We took the dough out and kneaded it by hand for 10 seconds, forming it into a large ball.

We took 500 g of seedless cherries out of the freezer and left them to defrost.

When the cherries had already thawed a little, we started boiling 100 ml of water with 50 grams of sugar over medium heat.

When the water came to a boil, we added the cherries and simmered them for 5 minutes, waiting for the syrup to set.

When the syrup began to appear, we took 2 tablespoons of cornstarch and 2 tablespoons of syrup from the pot and mixed them thoroughly until completely smooth.

We poured the resulting liquid into a pan with the cherries, stirred well and left to simmer on low heat for a few more minutes.

Meanwhile, we divided the dough into two balls and each one rolled out into a rounded shape about 0.5 cm thick and at least 23 cm in diameter, since our pie tin is 21 cm in diameter.

We placed the first layer in the mold, leaving the dough sticking out slightly over the rims.

The cherries in the syrup thickened, we transferred it to a deep bowl with a wide diameter and put it to cool.

When the cherry mass had cooled, we placed it in a mold on top of the dough.

We preheated the oven to 180 degrees and took care of the second layer of dough, moistened it around the edges with water and covered the mold with it.

We cut the edges of the top of the cake with a knife to the contour of the mold.

Then we pressed the top edge to the bottom edge with a fork.

In the middle of the cake we made two crosswise notches.

We put the pie in the preheated oven and let it bake for 45 minutes.

After the right amount of time, we took out the mold and immediately smelled the wonderful smell of shortbread dough and cherries.

Of course, we should have waited for the cake to cool a bit, but the smell was so appetizing that it was impossible to resist cutting a piece. We immediately paid for that with a broken bottom and the contents leaking out.

We included crème brûlée ice cream with the pie.

The taste and smell was amazing. No wonder the pie has become so popular with fans of the show.

After 10-15 minutes we went back to the cake for the second portion, it had already set, so the piece came off without any problem. Still warm, fragrant and with a delicate cherry twist, it won the hearts of all who tasted it.

Even when cold and 24 hours later, the pie did not lose its taste and appearance. We give the dough mixer and the recipe a solid five.

Whipped egg whites

For the whisk attachment test, we took 3 egg whites.

After 2 minutes on the sixth mode, we saw the first nice snow-white foam, but it was still pretty runny, so we continued the whipping process.

After about 3 more minutes on the sixth mode it came out thick and airy, like shaving foam.

Since the whisk rotates simultaneously around its axis and around the circumference of the bowl, it was no problem for the mixer to achieve such an excellent result in such a short time.

Our test subject successfully passed all the tests and proved to be an excellent kitchen helper. Let’s start with the absence of typical disadvantages for planetary mixers: we did not have to hold the body of the device when kneading tight yeast dough and whipping egg whites at maximum speed Redmond RFM-5371 confidently and firmly stands in one place. We also did not smell burnt plastic or grease at peak loads. Thanks to the protective lid, there is no splashing on the work surface. But we got good results pretty quickly with each attachment homogeneous dough and cream, thick and dense egg foam.

The Redmond RFM-5371 is a great option for home baking lovers without the hassle of manually kneading dough. The dough mixer has a soft start mechanism that will save the motor from breakage during peak loads and sudden speed changes/shutdowns. Of course, there is no sense to take it separately for whipping eggs or cream, and a small mixer will cope with it, but in addition to the basic tasks of these features will not be superfluous.

Reviews and ratings for REDMOND RFM-5318 Planetary Mixer (black)

The accompanying photos were provided by the manufacturer, the appearance of the product depends on the screen settings and may differ from the original. The manufacturer may change the design, specifications and accessories of the product without notifying the seller. Check the parameters that are important for you when ordering.

Check delivery terms and availability in stores here.

Advantages: Compact enough, simple. Looks good with all black small kitchen appliances: kettle, toaster, coffee machine, multicooker.

Disadvantages: At first I was horrified by the poor whipping of the sponge cake. Just picked the wrong attachment

Обзор планетарного миксера Redmond RFM-5318

Advantages: Makes dough quickly and with high quality. I even used it to mix minced meat. Convenient removable bowl and nozzles. Holds well on the table (does not bounce) with the help of suction cups

Advantages: Stylish, design, eye and touch quality parts and device. Haven’t used it yet, but I believe that the mixer is a cannon.

Weaknesses: Not detected at the moment.

Review: Prompt delivery, on time, positive person who delivered, also quick payment. The receipt was handed out, went in, opened the box, checked for damage and other things, everything is just fine! The only but, it is a gift for his mother’s birthday, today July 7, and I need to give it to 24, and here arises pressing the question of where to hide a heavy, huge box in a one-room apartment, if it does not even fit in the doorway? I think to wrap a towel and sign a piece of paper: Mom strictly n.

Advantages: Matches the description completely.

Review: I am very happy with my purchase. Got the package and immediately experienced. I made dough for Swiss rolls and it is perfect, smooth and even. It kneads very fast. My hands are clean and I am not tired! I recommend to everyone, you won’t regret it!

Overall great value for money

Review: My most successful purchase. I bake often and I love to bake in general-this kitchen appliance is my wand.It’s a real help, the dough is kneaded perfectly. and a plus.Doesn’t even have to get my hands dirty.

Review: The Redmond RFM-5318 Planetary Mixer has a sleek, stylish look. It does the job, 7 speeds, 3 attachments included, large bowl. I am happy with the product, would recommend it

Advantages: The box came in great condition, everything inside is there, arrived quickly, works well without any flaws

Lots of features: 1000w, 8 speeds, three nozzles, handy, stable, low noise

Review: Kneads dough evenly in any batter, whipped well, didn’t let me down anywhere, I loved it

Review: Fully satisfied, handy whisk, cup, low noise, nothing unnecessary, whipped the whites into a stable foam immediately, made dough for dumplings, happy completely

Review: Whipping is great. Whites whipped to a stiff foam in 3 min. It has suction cups, which is great. The bowl is metal, easy to clean. Noise at high speed, but it is not critical. Generally satisfactory, high quality, quite satisfied

Advantages: compact, powerful, handy tool extensions

Review: The suction cups are strong, the whisk attachment is handy, and the speed is smooth. It is really convinces with its great features and it is well worth the money

Review: I like the powerful 1000 watt device, the whisk attachment is handy, the whipping and mixing results are always great, it doesn’t smudge on the walls, it’s even. The bowl with lid, everything is easy to clean, the speed switches smoothly, nothing to scold at this point, good blender

Review: I bought this mixer for making marshmallows and it was great!! The lack of play, the body is made of hard plastic and is accurate. In the kit 3 nozzles, for whipping, mixing, and kneading dough, all metal, special thanks to the manufacturer for a good quality whisk! The bowl is made of metal with stoppers on the bottom for fixing the bowl in the mixer’s bowl. Smooth motor start, pulse mode. The gap between the h.

Review: It’s beautiful. My dream came true)) 8 speeds as advertised. The whisk reaches all the way to the bottom of the bowl. Do not know how to deal with one egg, in operation have not tried yet. The nozzles inspire confidence. Doesn’t make much noise. My hand-held one is a piece of cake, but when compared to my hand-held one, it’s a piece of cake)) The suction cups on the bottom, stick like a glue, you can barely get them off

Advantages: Sufficient power, quiet operation, high quality attachments

Disadvantages: Flimsy lifting handle, dirty plastic

Review: Bought this unit for the New Year, never once regretted it. The design is great, it comes with three metal nozzles. The power is adjustable but it lacks the pulse action of more expensive mixers. The body is tough, but because it is glossy and black, all the dirt is visible. Performs the function perfectly.

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  • Bowl capacity: 4.5 liters.
  • Size: 29x35x22 cm.
  • Weight: 4.6 kg.
  • Cord length: 1 meter.

The planetary mixer has a standard design for this kind of device. The body has two parts. the top part where you put the attachments and the bottom part where you put the bowl. Lower half has a power control drum to the right. Available only in black. Metal bowl is ideal for processing even hot ingredients. With a capacity of 4.5 liters, it’s perfect for mixing tomato sauce for large pizzas or for making the icing for small batches of eclairs. The lid of the bowl prevents cream, dough and other mixtures from splashing during the whipping. There is a hole in the lid so you can add food while the mixer is running. The legs with suction cups hold the mixer firmly on the work surface: it won’t move around on the table even during intensive use.

Planetary mixer nozzles rotate both around their axis and around the circumference of the bowl at the same time. That way each of the four attachments effectively manage not only the center of the bowl but also the sides, making for quicker and more thorough mixing of ingredients.

  • WhippingHow to whip eggs, egg whites, or cream into a lush froth or sturdy peaks. Use the whisk attachment to make the base for meringues, meringues, mousse, egg whites, or custard.
  • To mixSet the mixing attachment to evenly mix chocolate or sugar frosting for baked goods, or to prepare dough for shortbread cookies and delicate biscuits.
  • For kneadingTight and viscous dough is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process you can now trust the planetary mixer to handle. Attach the hook attachment and the RFM-5318 will knead dough quickly and evenly for your homemade loaf, muffin, or pie.

What the planetary mixer is for

The quality of cooked dishes depends not only on the products used, the abilities of the cook, but also on the equipment used. The main purpose of the planetary mixer is to mix dough. It makes life a lot easier for those who like to bake, and in bakeries and loaf bakeries this device is simply indispensable.

Planetary mixer nozzle rotation diagram

Important! The first planetary mixers were launched by KitchenAid a century ago.

The planetary mixer is a device in which the bowl and nozzle rotate simultaneously and in different directions. This design achieves optimal mixing of dough and other products.

Kneading dough with a planetary mixer

Today there are professional, semi-professional and household appliances.

The Hoffnung planetary mixer

The last category is best for housewives. Not only can they knead dough of any consistency, but depending on the equipment, they can also make sauces, smoothies, beat eggs or cream, and even grind meat. Household devices. less noisy and more compact.

  • ease of use;
  • the ability to prepare homogeneous compositions of the desired consistency;
  • a large number of functions;
  • the possibility of doing other things while preparing a half-finished product in the mixer.

From the disadvantages of planetary mixers can be noted only their high cost (for most models) and some cumbersomeness.

The planetary mixer has many useful functions

What planetary mixer is better to choose?

As mentioned earlier, the question of choosing planetary mixers is open to many. Before making a choice in favor of this or that model, the hostess should decide on the tasks that will face the household appliance.

What criteria should be paid attention to when choosing a planetary mixer?

  • Types of planetary mixers. Originally, this kind of mixer was only used on an industrial scale. As technology advances, it has been possible to build a similarly powerful device, but in a much smaller size Today there are 3 types of planetary mixers: household, semi-professional and industrial.
  • Timer equipment. Almost all models of planetary mixers are equipped with a timer for up to 1 hour, although dough preparation time, for example, in these machines does not exceed 30 minutes. It is better to give preference to models that are equipped not only with a timer, but also with a sound signal that informs you when the food is ready.
  • Power. This criterion directly affects the performance of household appliances and the speed/quality of ingredient processing. For example, the higher the capacity, the higher the speed of food processing. The disadvantages include higher price and higher power consumption. Planetary mixers for regular use are better to buy with a power of at least 900 watts, but for occasional use it will be enough and 600 watts.
  • Materials of construction. The body and the bowl are under increased strain, so they should be made of metal alloys and/or impact-resistant plastic. Some models also use glass in the manufacture.
    • Metal alloys are durable material, resistant to aggressive environmental factors. If the mixer is used properly, the lifespan is significantly longer compared to plastic and glass counterparts. Disadvantages. the lack of transparency of the bowl, a person has no opportunity to observe the process.
    • Plastic is the most popular material because of its low cost. These appliances are lightweight and come in a variety of colors.
    • Glass (for the bowl). environmentally friendly and fairly durable material, as it uses tempered glass.
  • Bowl volume. The tank volume can vary from 1.5 to 6 liters. This parameter will determine how much product can be mixed/whipped in one sitting. To choose the most preferable option, you need to think about what volumes you usually have to deal with and add to it 200-300 ml. This reserve will prevent drips from splashing.
  • Additional accessories. Various attachments may be included with the mixer. The more expensive the model of home appliances, the more accessories, as a rule, are included. As a rule, together with a household planetary mixer, a beater (spatula), hook and whisk are included in the kit.

These are the main parameters to look for when choosing a planetary mixer for domestic use. To make your search easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best planetary mixers in 2022 that will make your search easier.

Ranking the best planetary mixers

Kitfort KT-1343

The second member of our top planetary mixer Kitfort KT-1343 with a stainless steel bowl of 5 liters. There is a special hole in the lid of the mixer cup for convenient addition of ingredients during cooking. The mixer will help to mix ingredients, whip eggs or cream, prepare mashed potatoes, sauce, cream, mousse, knead liquid dough for pancakes, as well as tight dough for dumplings or pies. For this purpose, it comes with a special attachment, consisting of two hooks. The mixer comes with a whisk and a wire-speed whisk attachment. This model has a stepless adjustable speed of mixing. The owner of the mixer can set one of the 6 speeds of rotation, as well as include a pulsed mode of operation. The mixer is available in 3 colors, which allows you to match the device to the interior of your kitchen.

  • Maximum power: 1000W
  • Material of the bowl: metal
  • Bowl capacity: 5 L
  • Bowl lid with hole
  • Smooth start
  • 6 speed pulse mode
  • Attachments: whisk, mixer, dough hooks



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